Can Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better?

It can be an absolute mess for you to get new shoes and then find out that the pair you have gotten are too loose and uncomfortable for you to wear.

Some of your old shoes too might have this problem and this can be a bummer for you if there are still nice enough for you to wear.

Can Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better

So, can your insoles make your shoes fit better? Cushioned insoles can definitely make your loose-fitting shoes wrap around your feet better and become more comfortable for you to wear.

When your shoes are too big in either length or width, the proper kind of insoles will surely make them fit you better once you put them on.

How do insoles make your shoes fit better?

Some of the ways that insoles can make your shoes fit better are:

  • Insoles make the shoes fit tighter
  • Leg pains and aches are reduced with the use of insoles
  • Increased flexibility
  • Insoles have heel cradles that give extra support and shock absorption

Insoles make the shoes fit better

Great insoles come with structures and designs that significantly help the padding of the shoes to fit an individual’s foot in a better way.

Comfy insoles wrap around your feet in a snug way that keeps the shoe firm but flexible.

It is no secret that cushioned insoles wrap around the feet well enough to make wearing your shoes comfortable.

If your shoes are oversized, insoles can definitely help to cover some of that extra space in your shoes so that they can fit you better.

When the structure and design of your chosen insole meet the desired setting of your shoes, they will surely fit you better.

The important thing is for you to calculate and estimate just what kind of insole will fit your pair of shoes better.

When you get cushioned insoles with the right size for your shoes and feet, your shoes will fit you in a much more efficient way.

Leg pains and aches are reduced with the use of insoles

Most of the cushioned insoles that are sold these days are professional-grade insoles that are referred to as Orthotic.

The term “Orthotic” simply refers to the insole’s ability to reduce the leg pains and aches of people who suffer from such ailments.

Leg/Feet pains such as fasciitis, blisters, heel pain, sores, itchy foot, athlete’s foot, etc. are prevented and/or alleviated when proper insoles are worn.

Medical-grade insoles are rampant in the market these days, and they come at really affordable prices (these insoles can be easily replaced).

Cushioned Insoles can help to ease the feet from the brunt of aches and pains. For most of the time, these pains usually need some cushioning and warmth just so that they can heal up faster.

This is the reason why physicians will urge you to rest up a bit after you have had an injury of some sort. That resting time is to ensure that you heal that injury/ailment appropriately.

Therefore, if you have pains on your legs, or aches, or sores, or any kind of ailment, you should employ the use of cushioned insoles so that you get the right kind of comfort that your leg ailments need to heal.

Without this extra insole cushioning lined in your shoes, you run the risk of aggravating your injuries and worsening the situation.

Increased flexibility

With the cushioning and comfort gotten from the right kind of insoles for your shoes, your movement in your footwear will become more stable and flexible.

Shoes that used to slip off the back of your heels will begin to cling onto your feet in a snug way that ensures that you move more fluidly.

It’s really annoying when your ill-fitting shoes mess up your rhythm as you walk; insoles can solve this problem for you quite easily if you get the right ones.

Increased flexibility and traction-power from your insoles will give any of your shoes more balance as you walk in them.

Do you need that extra flex when you wear your shoes? Then you should go and get yourself some properly – fitting cushioned insoles so that your shoes will hug your feet tighter and give you that extra bounce in your steps.

Insoles have heels cradles for shock absorption and more support

All cushioned insoles come with comfy heel cradles that are specifically designed to give you that arch support and comfort that you need for your heels and general heel areas.

For many people around the world, the heel area is one of the most discomfited parts of their feet when they are wearing shoes that fit them badly.

If you are putting on pairs of shoes that are either too tight or loosely fitted, you are bound to face some pains and chaffing in your heels.

This chaffing might cause some serious damage to your feet as a whole if you don’t attend to the matter quickly. Cushioned insoles help you to manage this situation better by softening the feel of the shoes against your feet.

The truth is, even with shoes that fit you well enough, you can employ the use of insoles in order to get that extra comfort that you need in your heel area.

Even properly-fitting pairs of shoes can chaff your heels and ankles too. This can be easily solved when you use cushioned insoles that fit your shoes and feet very well.

The added benefit of this is that these heel cradles also absorb the shock that occurs as your feet bounce off the ground.

Other ways to make your shoe fit better

Can Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better

If you have shoes that are badly fitted because they are loose around your feet, there is no need for you to worry about it at all. There are many ways for you to make your shoes fit you better as you carry on wearing them.

Apart from the use of the cushioned insoles, some of the other ways you can make your shoes fit you much better are:

  • Shoe Inserts
  • Wear Thick Socks and/or additional pairs of socks
  • Heel liners (Gel, Fabric and Special Latex-Free materials)
  • Employ the Services of a Professional

Shoe inserts

Shoe inserts have long been used to fill up the gaps caused by loosely fitting shoes.

From stuffing the shoes with old newspapers or unused thick clothing, people have always been using all kinds of shoe inserts to get their shoes to suit them adequately.

These days, however, you don’t need to stuff your shoes with old newspapers before they fit you comfortably.

Doing that is not really the best option for you because that could really get itchy and uncomfortable.

There are many high-grade shoe inserts in the market today that are specially designed with your comfort in mind.

Like insoles, once they are placed inside the shoes, they close the gap between the feet and the shoes, and thereby make the shoes fit the wearer in a more suitable way.

The difference between shoe inserts and insoles is that while many insoles these days come with a design that appropriately covers all the parts of a shoe, shoe inserts only usually focus on closing the gap in one part of the shoes you are wearing.

These are the best shoe inserts for you to buy

Wear thick socks and/or additional pairs of socks

When thick pairs of socks (like this one on Amazon) are worn before you put on your shoes, the gap between your feet and the loose-fitting shoes should be covered up in a significant way.

You should get thick socks that make the feet feel snug and warm so that you don’t experience any discomfort as you move around.

Your thick socks should be made of cotton or wool because these are the best kind of socks to make your shoes fit you better.

Cotton and/or Woolen socks will close up that extra space in your shoes and make them cling to your feet in a balanced way.

You might need to wear as many as two or three pairs of thick woolen/cotton socks before you get the desired effect; this all depends on how much of a gap you are trying to close up in the shoes that fit you poorly.

Heels liners

Heel liners and grips are very important in shoes that don’t fit you well enough. The heel area of the shoes is a problem area for many people who desire to properly size up or size down their shoes.

If shoes don’t fit well enough, the heels will be one of the most affected parts of the leg once the discomfort starts.

To avoid this, cushioned heel liners and/or padded heel grips should be used in order to make that area more secure and firm.

Cushioned heel liners are small specially-designed cushion materials/foam that are used to close the gap between your feet and the shoes in the heel area.

The extra cushioning gotten from these heel liners make the shoes more comfortable and fitting to wear.

These are the heel liners for you to get:

Employ the services of a professional

When in doubt, you should ask questions from the right source. Professionals like shoemakers, cobblers, etc. are experienced in these matters.

They will help you to find a solution that is adequate for your shoes so that they fit you in a much better way.

They have all the materials and equipment that are required to do a good job.

Once you give them the correct measurements and appraisal of the situation concerning your shoes and feet, they can really help you to fix your shoes up for comfortable use.

Best insoles to make your shoes fit better

There are many kinds of insoles in the market today, as earlier stated, and all of them come in different sizes, measurements, specifications, designs, and brands that are duly designed to make the wearing of shoes more comfortable for people.

The right insoles for your shoes will definitely make them fit you better and give you that extra flex you need to enjoy your steps.

Shoes with a bad fit will surely hurt your foot if you don’t attend to them quickly with quick but effective solutions like the use of cushioned insoles.

Cushioned insoles really make your pair of shoes have the right fit that you require.

When in the market for some new insoles, these are some of the things you should be looking out for before you make any purchases:

  • Size of the Cushioned Insoles.
  • Arch height of the Cushioned Insoles.
  • The rigidity of the Cushioned insoles.
  • Ability to add attachments like metatarsal pads.

With the above in mind, you should be able to get cushioned insoles that will fit your shoes and feet perfectly. Let us now get into our best picks of insoles in the market today:

Superfeet green insoles

Can Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better

The Superfeet Green Insoles are really great for the feet because they work to allow your high arches to absorb the shock of landing.

This shock absorption quality by these insoles makes them be one of the best fits for your heels as you wear your shoes.

These insoles come with cushion pads at the back of the heel that prevents shoes that are too big from slipping off.

They are most likely the perfect fit for your shoes and feet once you get them in the proper sizes you need.

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer insoles

Can Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better

For flat feet and/or feet that are accustomed to high-impact activities, The Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles are one of the best insoles you can get out there today.

These insoles are proper for athletes and sportsmen who frequently use their feet to keep most of their activities going.

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles come with a four-way stretch fabric that is designed to keep the feet comfortable while successfully adapting to the changes in pressure that are experienced as the feet moves.

Shoe and Heel Insoles with Assorted Shoe Inserts (3 pairs)

Can Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better

These really affordable insoles are awesome for everyone’s use at any time for any activity.

Plus, they come with extra shoe inserts like sponge shoes pads and heel grip inserts which gives your shoes a more fitting and comfortable feel.

Scholl’s Comfort & Energy Massaging Gel Insoles

Can Insoles Make Shoes Fit Better

The ample and sufficient arch support provided by Dr. Scholl’s Comfort & Energy Massaging Gel Insoles can appropriately serve your feet well as they make your loose shoes fit better.

The gel technology used to design these insoles makes them easily be one of the best insoles that you can get on the market today.


There are several kinds of insoles online and offline today; therefore, you are not short of options, but you should however be very careful to make the correct estimations before you make any orders or purchases.

If you own pairs of shoes that wrap loosely around your feet, and frequently slip off and chaff the heels and ankles, you should add some more cushioning to your shoes by getting the right kind of insoles that will make your feet more comfortable.

Cushioned Insoles are also beneficial because they help to cut down the odor that occurs when you wear shoes for a long time.

When the right kind of cushioned insoles is placed on your shoes, your shoes will definitely become a better fit for you.

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