Are Ultraboost Shoes Comfortable?

Launched in 2015 by giant sportswear company, Adidas, the Ultraboost shoe series is a shoe collection with a long list of very comfortable shoes.

Unquestionably, it is hard to say anything bad about Ultraboost shoes because they offer such a great feeling to your feet that makes you want to have them on forever.

From the Ultraboost 4.0 to the Ultraboost 20 down to the Ultraboost 22, every shoe in its collection portrays the true definition of footwear excellence and perfect workmanship.

It is without a doubt one of Adidas’ greatest inventions and presently one of the most comfortable sneakers in the market.

What Makes Ultraboost Comfortable?

Are Ultra Boost Shoes Comfortable?

The check done on the Ultraboost shoe series by Adidas using the Aramis system before its launch in 2015 was a clear indication that the German company was looking to solve a lot of problems with it including uneasiness in the feet when shoes are worn.

For this reason, they included exceptional features and technologies in each shoe in this collection to solve this problem.

Let’s take a look at the features which make them so comfy.

  • Excellent build-up
  • Lightweight
  • Breathability
  • Primeknit upper
  • Sockliner inner
  • Trademark boost technology
  • Soft insole
  • trademark continental rubber outsole

Build Up

Ultraboost shoes are built with a very tough structure that has a high level of density. This structure makes them hard-to-crack and ensures their durability. They are well-balanced, stable, and also well-cushioned.

Furthermore, they are firmly padded and retain energy adequately. The stylish inclusion of the customary three strides of Adidas to it is a valid addition to its already classic and decent appearance, which makes them very versatile.


They are as light as a feather and weigh from 10.07 oz to 12.0 oz for men and from 9.40 oz to 9.60 oz for women.

They also offer neutral support for your arch.


Ultraboost shoes have a wide forefoot design and are very stretchable offering a great room for relaxation. This stretchability makes it great for you if you have wide feet because it prevents the shoes from being tight even if they order a true-to-fit size.


With Ultraboost shoes, you don’t have to worry about your feet being sweaty when you have them on for a long while. This breathable feature also prevents it from having a disgusting smell.


Its uppers are made with a sock-like prime knit design that offers a great grip to your feet. They are also very supportive and enhance the flexibility of the feet.

Inner Structure

The inner build-up of Ultraboost shoes is one of the major reasons behind the warm and soft feeling they provide when worn.

They feature a great sock line and a back heel design that covers the heel up to the Achilles and offers a great neutral feeling.

It also has an exceptional lace cage design which gives the feet much room for relaxation.

Furthermore, they are built with an easy to slip on and slip off design which makes the putting on and pulling off process a stress-free one.

They also have laces which allows you to adjust them to fit if they aren’t and reduce their tightness to prevent pains in the feet.


Undoubtedly, the major highlight of the Ultraboost shoe series is its midsole which is made with the trademark BOOST technology.

Also launched in 2015, the Adidas BOOST technology consists of at least 3,000 energy capsules in them which enhances a remarkable energy return and offers a level of comfort that is beyond explanation.

They also enhance feet’ warmth and makes the shoe more bouncy.

Nevertheless, despite the huge impact that this technology has had on the Adidas brand and its shoes over the years, the role of German chemical company Badische Anilin & Soda Fabrik (BASF) cannot be overlooked, as it is the real manufacturers of this technology.

The company launched this material in 2007 but had little or no use for it until their scientists discovered that it could be of great use if utilized on a shoe due to its extremely bouncy nature.

They then sent a word to Adidas’ who were more than willing to do business which them when they found that it was a greater alternative to EVA foams which were used on its midsole at that time. The rest they say is history.


Every shoe in its series is built with a very soft insole that offers all-day comfort and no pain or soreness in your feet after being worn for a long while.


Ultraboost outsoles are made with either a special thermostatic polyurethane (TPU) material or a trademark continental rubber. Both of these materials are highly elastic, supportive, and stretch webbed.

They are breathable and can withstand any weather condition and the floor surface.

Furthermore, its soft nature enables your feet to enjoy the full impact of the BOOST material in its midsole.

Are Ultraboost supposed to be tight?

Ultraboost shoes are known for the freedom and comfort it offers to the feet so it shouldn’t be tight. Its snug design, its back heel design, the space it offers in its toe region, and its wide forefoot design are proofs of that.

However, what tends to be the reason behind the tightness of these shoes on your feet is the wrong choice of sizing.

Before choosing a size for an Ultraboost shoe, you must note that its sizes go up half the size for those with wide feet and goes down half the size for those with narrower feet and those who are looking for a perfect fit.

Wearing tight shoes is never a good idea no matter the brand because it cause lead to blisters between your feet, soreness of your feet, numbness, deformation of your feet, bunions amongst others.

What is Ultraboost great for?

From its features and build-up, it is safe to say that Ultraboost shoes are great for running.

Its BOOST midsole technology that provides a bouncy feeling on every step is a great feature that every runner will enjoy. This technology makes your midsole very responsive which is perfect for fast runs.

Before its creation and launch in 2015, Adidas used the motion capture of the Aramis system also used by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other industries to analyze details such as the movement of the feet, when it changes width, how it changes shape during different phases of the race and how well the Ultraboost can adapt to it.

To achieve this, the foot was filmed at 500 frames per second.

The knowledge gained from this process helped the company to build its flexible sock-like prime knit upper design which can adapt to foot change and prevents the feet from sustaining injuries like chafe when friction occurs while running.

It also hugs your feet perfectly enhancing the flexibility of your feet when having them on.

Furthermore, its breathable insole prevents sweat from accumulating in your feet and causing your discomfort while you race.

Its structure is also very lightweight, stable, and balanced.

Its trademark continental rubber and TPU-made outsole is very soft and ensures maximum energy return and bounce on every step you take, making your running experience a smooth and delightful one.

In addition to this, their stylish and classic design, color appearance, and versatility can be great for casual wear and lifestyle too.

White and Black Ultraboost shoes have been the most styled in recent times due to their versatility but there are several other colors that are also versatile and several that ways of styling this shoe model.

What can you style with Ultraboost

So, let us at how to style the Ultraboost shoes.

With jean trousers


You can pair your Ultraboost shoes with your jean trousers. As earlier stated, a white or black Ultraboost shoe will fit perfectly with either black, blue, or grey jeans due to their versatility.

But you can also try out blue Ultraboost with black trousers or grey Ultraboost with grey trousers while wearing a hoodie, t-shirt, or long-sleeved shirt.

With Chinos

Chinos trousers come in a wide range of colors that the jeans do not have. So, you can make use of this advantage and style them with various colors or styles of Ultraboost shoes. You can try red, brown, blue, or green chinos with white Ultraboost.

If you are a lady, you can try out a blue, black, or white-colored Ultraboost with an all-black, or all-white dress.

With joggers

Joggers are also a great outfit to style an Ultraboost with, it shouldn’t necessarily be when you are going out to do your exercises. You can style them and take a walk.

You can also put on a pair of socks while styling them to complete your looks, but you must be selective in the color of socks you use, lest it appears odd and spoils your looks.

There are several other ways by which you can style your Ultraboost, just make sure the colors ain’t contradicting each other.

My Top 3 Ultraboost you should have in your closet

In no particular order, these are my top Ultraboost shoes which you should definitely have in your closet.

Adidas Ultraboost 21

Are Ultraboost Shoes Comfortable

Released in early 2021, the Adidas Ultraboost 21 serves as a sequel to the Ultraboost 20. It is a very comfortable pair of shoes with one of the best cushioning on the market.

It has added temperature resistance and added percentage of BOOST materials in its midsole making it more comfortable.

Its upper which is made from a sock-like prime knit design is very stretchy, soft, and supportive and covers the feet without stress or friction.

It has a plastic midfoot cage design and frame and is made with Primebue, a recyclable material that is gotten from the ocean.

Its heel-to-toe design stretches as long as 1.0 mm and has extra pads for extra comfort.

Its arch is equipped with additional support while Its outsole is made with a stretch web design, thick continental rubber material, and a polyamide LEP plate which prevents it from twisting and enhances the stability of your feet. It is also durable and grips the feet well.

Its build-up is eco-friendly, lightweight, very stable, and wearable for a whole day without feeling an atom of discomfort.

However, they are very heavy, weighing between 390 to 415 grams.

Adidas Ultraboost 20

Are Ultraboost Shoes Comfortable

The Adidas Ultraboost 20 is a dual-purpose shoe that can be used for lifestyle and sports. It has a firmly padded build-up that keeps your feet locked down and is very durable so you won’t have to worry about them getting spoiled any time soon.

It retains the use of the trademark BOOST material in its midsole but has an added percentage that makes it firmer and more responsive.

Its heel counter is stiffer and wider so if you have small heels or ankles, you will need to tie up the lace properly or wear thick socks to

prevent your feet from slipping out of it.

Its heel counter also has a neoprene which is an improvement to the mesh used in the previous edition.

It has much more room in its toe region and is true to size.

It is made with prime blue recycled material and its snuggly upper retains the sock-like, Prime knit upper design used in its previous edition. Its outsole also retains the use of continental rubber material.

It comes in 15 different colorways, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

Adidas Ultraboost 4.0 DNA

Are Ultraboost Shoes Comfortable

The Ultraboost 4.0 DNA is undoubtedly one of the best sneakers in the Ultraboost shoe series.

It has a stretchable upper which is made with a prime knit design and is very breathable, preventing your feet from being sweaty when you have them on.

Its midsole is bouncy, all thanks to the BOOST technology used in it. Its midsole also relieves pressure off the ankle and knees.

It hugs your ankles and holds them in place with its fitted padding and great cushioning.

Its soft insole makes it very comfortable and its heel design makes it very easy to slip on and off.

In addition, its appearance is stylish and its build-up is both classic and performance-enhancing.

Its trademark continental rubber sole ensures its firm grip on your feet.

They are sold for an average of $180 which might seem very expensive but is worth every penny.

You don’t have to worry about them being tight or oversized while ordering them though cause they are true to size.

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