Do I Need Shoe Trees For Boots?

Yes, you do. So long you want your Boots to last and serve you for years, then you need to invest in the most ideal shoe tree for boots you can find on the market.

Ideally, you need to have a Shoe Tree for every boot or shoe you own because after wearing them you need to place the Shoe Tree back into the boots.

When buying new boots, the one thing we keep in mind besides style choice and price is the durability and longevity of the boots.

You don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money on new boots and have them start to wear and tear after just a couple of months, do you?

That would just be a waste of money and a pair of amazing boots, with the right care, however, your boots can last a lifetime.

That’s why you need to invest in a great pair of shoe trees for your boots, you see how I used the term “Invest†right? Because that’s what Shoe Tree is.

Do I Need Shoe Trees For Boots?

Why are shoe trees important for your boots?

In other to get a kick out of your boots (Pun intended), you need to learn to maintain them, and a shoe tree is an ideal and practical way to maintain your shoes.

So why shoe tree you may ask?

Helps Prevent Cracks

The human feet sweat a lot (up to half a pint) whether it is a humid day or not, and when your feet are in your shoes they absorb all the sweat from your feet.

I know it sounds a bit grotesque but it is important to have this piece of information because that’s what you will use to tackle problems that may result from moisture in your Shoes.

Whenever you wear your boots, your feet produce sweat and a lot of it, and when it is not dried properly after each wear, the moisture gradually affects the leather of your boots, and this will weaken the material and will eventually begin to produce cracks.

Cracks are an irreversible condition, once they form, your Boots are permanently damaged and will never be the same. After you have spent so much money buying expensive boots, why not invest a little more to maintain them and get your money’s worth?

Maintains the shape of your boots

Given the shoes of the material are made of whether it’s leather or some other synthetic material, the one thing they all have in common is flexibility. Shoes are typically made from flexible materials to maximize comfort and ease movement.

Imagine having shoes made out of wood or metal, those would be the most uncomfortable pairs of footwear ever, however, the flexibility also has some negatives, especially when it comes to contact with moisture.

Whenever you wear your shoes, you’re flexing through the ball of the foot bending and perspiring and this softens the leather.

When the shoe dries it memories the bent shape of the bowed shoe, using a shoe tree helps prevent that, as Shoe Tree absorb moisture from your wet shoe and keeps it in the custom condition

Wrinkling and Crease prevention

If you live in an environment that is humid with constant rainfall or you typically just sweat a lot whenever you wear shoes, your shoes come in contact with the moisture frequently and are not dried properly, this will eventually begin to affect the shape, condition, and quality of your shoes.

The best way to preserve the quality is by flexing and stretching the leather of the shoes as they dry. Since you can’t just wear them and have them dry on your feet, you need a device that mimics the feet and that is what Shoe Tree is for. The Shoe Tree will help with the drying process by absorbing the moisture.

Creasing is caused when you have worn your boots all day and it has absorbed moisture, the leather becomes flexible and loose, which makes it susceptible to folds and wrinkling.

The creases set when the shoe dries, and the fact is that when your shoes begin to form creases it is extremely difficult to get rid of, that’s why it is best to prevent them from forming in the first place.

When you put in Shoe Tree immediately after you wear them, the Shoe Tree mimics the shoe shape and when it dries.

The creases disappear before they have a chance to settle, and it is advised to always allow the Shoe Tree at least 24 hours in your boots to have a chance to absorb all the moisture in your Boots before the next use.

Odour Prevention

Odour is a bad and unpleasant smell, and no matter the form or type of odor we can all agree that it can be really embarrassing.

Imagine taking your shoes off in a public space and you fill the whole room with the odor from your shoes, that is definitely the stuff nightmares are made of.

Not only will you be humiliated, but your confidence will also take a hit. There is a misconception that once you wear socks while putting on your shoes that it automatically prevents odor in your shoes.

This is inaccurate because there are several factors that can lead to odor in your Shoes.

When you sweat in your shoes after the sweat dries, if the shoes are not aerated properly, it can lead to your shoes smelling funky and unpleasant. The shoe absorbs the sweat and sweat even after sun and air drying after a while the mucky smell may come back.

The best way to remedy this situation is to get an Ideal Shoe Tree and there are certain brands of Shoe Tree that are made from a special Aromatic wood that has a natural pheasant scent to it, and when you put the Shoe Tree in your boots it dries the shoes and leaves your boots smelling fresh and nice.

When purchasing a Shoe Tree it is important to get the sizing right, you do not want to purchase a Shoe Tree that is too small for your boots, as it wouldn’t convey adequate tension across your Boots.

Therefore, always double-check the size of your boots and the brand (because brands have different sizing standards for shoes for some reason I’ll never understand).

When you know the size of your Boots, you will use that to find out the most Ideal pair of Shoe Tree for your Boots.

Shoe Trees are made from different materials, ranging from Plastic to Metal and Wood. We have scowled the net and done some Reviews and found that although all Shoe Tree help in maintaining the shape of our shoes.

When it comes to Sweat and Moisture absorption the ideal material is wood, and amongst the Wooden materials, we find Aromatic Cedar to be the most advantageous.

Great Shoe Trees for Boots

Below is a detailed list of the best and most affordable Brands of Cedar Shoes Trees for your Boots;

The ideal Shoe Tree has to meet certain criteria to be considered good enough, some of those criteria are:

  • The Shoe Tree has to be made from a material that is moisture absorbent
  • It has to be made with flexible joints to allow it to spread evenly in the shoes, and its material has to have an appealing Aroma to it
  • The Shoe Tree material that fits the bill is usually wood, and the best and most popular kind used is Cedar.

Cedar thrives in damp conditions, enabling it to be Moisture absorbent. Cedar doesn’t shrink, swell, warp, or rot even after absorbing sweat from your Boot, which makes it such an ideal choice for a Shoe Tree.

Cedar is a porous wood, which gives it the ability to absorb moisture more than most alternatives.

CedarFresh Cedar Wood Shoe Tree

The Twin tube design provides more efficient tension that allows the Shoe Tree to stand in the boots more firmly from the Toes to the Heels.

Since Cedar is highly moisture absorbent, the toe block has two components which are connected by two tubes and spring so you can adjust the width and spread the boots more evenly.

It has a knob to help remove the Shoe Tree from the Boots effectively.

The wide heels are designed to fit the heels of your boots perfectly and give your Boots the adequate tension they need from the toes to the heels, leaving no part unaffected.

Woodlore Men’s Cedar Wood Shoe Tree

These pairs of Natural Aromatic Cedar Shoe Tree are true to size, in the sense that even though the length of the Shoe Tree can be adjusted, the width is not.

They are vented toes, and the vents help allow airflow through and out of the Boots more effectively.

The brass spring tube connector gives you the ability to stretch the shoe providing tension to flatten it and maintaining the original shape of your Boots.

The Aromatic Cedar keeps your Boots Odor-free. This model is very affordable and worth the investment to make your Boots last.

The hook-shaped headpiece at the heels makes removal of the Shoe Tree from your Boots super easy.

Woodlore Women’s Shoe Tree

With a stainless steel adjustable tube and spring that connects the Shoe Tree, this model gives your Boots a flawlessly tensioned effect across the toes to the heels.

The split toes help apply pressure across the width of the front of the Boots.

The Aromatic Cedar wood will not only keep your Boots dry after every use but also leave its signature pleasant scent in your shoes keeping them fresh till the next time you put them on.

The one drawback to these pair of Shoe Tree is the narrow heels, they do not fit the heels of your shoes completely and may cause stretching down the middle of the heel, but what they lack in width of the heels they make up for in price.

They are very affordable and still very useful.

Stratton Adjustable split toe Cedar Shoe Tree

The condition, quality, and durability of your Boots increase exponentially when you utilize an exemplar Shoe Tree.

The adjustable spring coil centerpiece keeps your Boot length intact.

The Foot heel maintains the shape of your Boots’ heel and an overhang that looks like a hook to ease removal of Shoe Tree from boots all while absorbing sweat.


For your Boots to stand the test of time, maintenance is required.

You ought to Invest your Time, Money, and Effort, and take the necessary steps to extend the shelf life of your boots.

One of the most effective ways of accomplishing that is to Invest in the most adequate Shoe Tree on the market.

Shoe Trees are ideal when it comes to shoe maintenance. Although you may find it a bit pricey to get the best fit, it is going to be worth it because it will keep your Boots in premium condition.

We highly recommend you purchase Cedar Wood Shoe Tree because of its qualities. It is the best in the market when it comes to moisture absorption after sweating in your shoes all day.

Since Cedar has an Aromatic smell to it when you use the Shoe Tree in your Boots, then imprint the pleasant smell in them, keeping your Boots nice and fresh.

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