12 Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots (Reviewed in 2023)

You need to understand that making use of shoe trees helps you maintain the shape of your shoe, remove and prevent creases, and generally, increase their lifespan.

The best shoe trees to use – and this is not just my opinion – are cedar shoe trees. They absorb more moisture from shoes no matter the material.

They are sturdy and durable. They also have a great scent, something you will not get from other shoe trees. Today I have for you the best cedar shoe trees for your boots. Ready?

12 top cedar shoe trees for boots

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

Here is a table with a list of cedar shoe trees and their categories:

Shoe tree Category
Stratton Boss Aromatic Cedar Boot Tree Best overall
Cobbler’s Choice Cedar Boot Tree Best for heel
Rochester Cedar Western Boot Tree Best for boots with a high vamp
FootFitter Split Toe Boot Tree Best split toe
Western Cedar Boot Tree Best for all materials
Woodlore Women’s Adjustable Shoe Trees Beat for women boots
Stratton Cowboy Style Cedar Boot Tree Most sturdy boot tree
Red Wing Heritage Cedar Boot Tree Best for absorbency
Aromatic Cedar Best Boot Best for long boots
M&F Western Cedar Boot Tree Best for narrow boots
Western Square Toe Cedar Boot Tree Best for square boots
CONSDAN Cedar shoe Trees Most adjustable

Stratton Boss Aromatic Cedar Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

These are our overall best and I will tell you why. Made with the aromatic cedarwood proudly grown in the USA, these boot trees are made of top quality to fit into any boot.

They protect and remove creases from all parts of the boots, stitches to fabric, leaving it looking brand new. They would also easily fill out and maintain the shape of your boots without ruining any parts of them.

They are also great because of the high heel. It will not only fill out the ankles and heel counter but the entire shaft height.

The cedar wood with its long-lasting aroma is great for deodorizing your boots after long sweaty days, leaving it with a refreshing scent.

No need to worry about smelly boots. For sizing, these boots trees have a spring coil that adjusts itself to fit into any boot’s height and width, and with light pressure, easily fill out and take the shape of your shoes.

They not only easily absorb moisture from the shoe but also evaporate it and any bad smells. Also, these boots are not picky so they are great for any material of boots; leather, suede, and what have you.

The red color of these shoe trees adds to its aesthetic look and no, they won’t dye your boots. They come in many sizes, from small fit to extra large, each with a size range.

Despite the size, keep the length and height of boots in mind, you will easily figure out the width with the size ranges.


  • Great height to match that of the boots
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Great for any material
  • Adjustable so it can fit into any boot
  • Full fore and rear to fill out the shape of the shoes

Cobbler’s Choice Cedar Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

These are made with natural cedar and so have a lot of benefits. They repel bugs and absorb harmful moisture in your shoes among a bunch of others.

They have a split toe which allows you to extend them horizontally. This is not a feature that all boot trees have. These however touch all the edges of the toe box and prevent it from the wear and tear that leather shoes are prone to.

It has a solid wood shaft that allows it to maintain the shape of the shoes including the height. For ease, while removing, you have a brushed brass handle that is well fixed into the boot trees.

They are of great quality and the smell from them not only repels bugs but gives your boots a crisp new smell. Downside? Yes, they run small. I won’t advise following their sizing table.

You should buy these two or three above the size of the boots you want to put them in.


  • Great quality
  • Well constructed
  • Tall shaft height for boots
  • Made of natural cedar wood
  • Great for leather shoes


  • The boot trees have a strong smell at first
  • They run small
  • They are quite expensive
  • If your boots have a wide toe box, some edges might be touched by the boot trees

Rochester Cedar Western Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

They look just like your regular shoe trees, and it is easy to think of them as just that because they don’t have a high shaft, but they are made for boots.

However, what they lack in height they have in support. These will work in any boot because they come in not just different sizes but in different widths.

They are great for boots with a high vamp. No need to get boot trees and still stuff with the paper if you have these. Also, they have a full rear piece so they will feel out the back well.

They are spring-loaded so all you have to do is put them gently into your boots and let the spring do its work since you can’t adjust the height.

They are made from cedar trees planted in the USA. They have a leather loop for pulling them out and small holes at the side that allows them to absorb moisture.

They come in pairs and are available in men’s sizes. These are available in small sizes (6 to 8), medium (8 to 10), large (10 to 12), and x-large (12 to 14).

These would be a bad idea if your boots don’t have a high vamp because they will stretch the upper and make it bulge out oddly.


  • Great for shoes with a high vamp
  • Leather loop for pulling them out of shoes
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Keeps your boots smelling fresh
  • Spring-loaded so they enter easily


  • Available in men’s sizes so women will have to size down

FootFitter Split Toe Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

Usually, these changes don’t seem to do much but they do. A split toe cedar boot tree like FootFitter can fit into more shoes than any full lasted boot tree will.

Why? You don’t think they just look more human, do you? Well yes, they seem closer to the human foot with the split too but there is a mechanism between the gap of the split toe that helps you increase or reduce the width of the boot tree.

With these, people with wide, narrow, and regular boots don’t need to get different boot trees. By adjusting them gey can also fill out the sizes easily, and you won’t have to worry about finding a perfect width to match your boots.

Another mechanism is the spring centerpiece. Since the length of a shoe tree can’t be adjusted, the spring allows it to slip easily in and out of the shoe without ruining them.

They also have a leather loop that serves as a handle to pull them out. The size range is small to large, that cover size 6.5 to 11.5.


  • Split toe allows to fill out sides
  • Great for a variety of shoe sizes
  • Spring-loaded
  • Leather loop handle for ease when removing

FootFitter Western Cedar Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

For your cowboy boots, or well, your amazing leather boots, suede boots, synthetic boots, and whatever your boots are made of, I give you FootFitter Western Cedar Boot Tree made of the finest cedar wood from Tennessee.

They are great for all materials, from fabric to leather. You would notice right away (from the picture) that the fore part is full and larger than the other part of the boot trees.

This modern design will fill out the shape of your boots, and maintain the shape. The shape and structure of these boot trees will also help them absorb moisture, especially in places like the toe box that narrows a bit.

For the back, it is not as full or big as the front but it has a tall shaft for the height of the heel and is just effective. It features a leather loop for easy removal and a brass spring at the center that helps you to insert them easily.

Each is labeled so you don’t misshape or struggle with them. For sizing, they come in women’s and men’s sizes. Then you have them ranging from small to large.


  • Great for all boot materials
  • Labeled to avoid struggling with them
  • Loop handle for easy removal
  • Modern design to fit into your boots
  • Has a bit of height to fit into your tall boots

Woodlore Women’s Adjustable Shoe Trees

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

I know it says shoe in the name but woodlore produces these for both shoes and boots. Aside from their boss boot trees, these are great boot trees for your boots.

They are made of the best red heartwood cedar grown in Arkansas and Missouri Ozarks, USA. With constant use, these will help you maintain the shape of your work boots.

There won’t be a single crease, wrinkle, or crack that these can’t prevent. What makes these shoe trees a part of our list is that it is specifically for women’s boots.

Men’s boots are larger than women’s boots so you are sure that by using women’s boots or shoe trees, you are not ruining your boots with large boot trees, or making do with them.

Another thing about these boot trees is that their red heartwood, completely absorbs moisture, sweat, and even odor and then deodorizes your shoes with its fresh aromatic scent.

On the inside of the front part, there are letter representations so you know which is left, L, and which is right, R. They also have great purchases because you get two pairs in one order.

They come in small (size range 5 to 7.5), medium (size range 8 to 9.5 ), and large (size range 10 to 11.5).

Also, Woodlore is a division of Allen Edmonds. If you trust their shoes, then get these.


  • Great for women boots and shoes
  • Sturdy redwood
  • Aromatic Cedar eliminates odor
  • Absorbs moisture

Stratton Cowboy Style Cedar Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

Yes, we have Stratton yet again. These are the most sturdy boot trees on our list. They are made from proudly-grown USA cedarwood, and they offer the best care for cowboy boots.

From the soles to the stitches, every part of your boots is guaranteed freedom from creases and wrinkles. They are a great boot shaper for your boots as they fill out the shape of your boots just fine.

This will help it maintain the structure too. They are best for boots with a low shaft as they are not as high as your regular boot’s height.

They are great for eliminating odor too with their wonderful aroma. Also, they are great for keeping rodents and insects away since they don’t like the smell.

With these, your boots are protected. You will notice that the rear part of these boot trees has a curve.  Well, that is to serve as a handle, something to hold, when removing them from your boots.

One small hitch though. I won’t recommend these if the toe box of your boots is very narrow or small. They will push your boots a tad up and well with time, the shoe will be slightly altered.

Aside from that, you have nothing to worry about. These high-quality boot trees are what you need.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Great for keeping rodents and insects away
  • The curved rear serves as a handle
  • Labeled for easy use


  • They are not good for boots with a narrow or small toe box

Red Wing Heritage Cedar Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, these boot trees are what you need. They have the most moisture absorbency on our list. They also have the most wood on them.

With their height and solid heel, they would keep your boots looking brand new much longer.

They would easily do the job in any pair of boots you put them in. For a handle, they have metal handles that look a lot like tiny doorknobs making it easy to pull them out when you want to wear them.

They come in only large and extra-large sizes so it is great if you own and wear wide boots.


  • They absorb a lot of moisture
  • The spring centerpiece and spreader plate allow it to be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
  • They have a high shaft


  • Not as sturdy as they look
  • They are expensive
  • They only come in sizes that are extra large

Aromatic Cedar Best Boot

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

FootFitter has got you covered for your long boots. These are not the usual toe to heel boot trees. They are for the shaft so that they keep the long boots standing straight till you want to wear them.

They are also made from cedar wood, having the aromatic smell to absorb moisture completely, quell any odor and give a fresh scent.

They are like big Hs. Two long pieces of sturdy cedar wood are connected by a spring coil that allows you to adjust them. With the spring coil, you can increase and reduce the width so they fit into your boots easily.


  • Great for the high shaft of boots
  • Gives it a refreshing smell
  • Absorbs moisture

M&F Western Men’s Cedar Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

These boot trees are exceptional and are highly recommended for narrow shoes. Most boot trees and Sven shoe trees feature the split toe so that you can easily use them for many shoes by adjusting the width.

These however are different and are best for narrow shoes. Made with sturdy and firm cedar work, they can easily fit into any narrow boot and maintain the shape from the toes to the end of the shaft.

These are also great if the boots have a pointed toe. The toes of these boot trees are long and narrow enough to fill out the pointed toe box. Also, unlike most boot trees, the sides fill out without gaps or undue pressure.

This way the shape of your boots is maintained. They are great for high boots and even if your boots are not high but are narrow enough, you can use these.

Both the toe and heel absorb moisture from your boots easily leaving them cool and dry. It has a rawhide loop handle for pulling out of the shoes.

They range from small to extra large but they run narrow so you might want to look for large widths. They are great for any type of boots.


  • Great for boots with pointed toes
  • Great for narrow boots
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Fills out the sides


  • They run a bit narrow even for narrow boots

Western Square Toe Cedar Boot Tree

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

I love M&F for being exceptional. First narrow boot trees with a pointed toe for your boots that have pointed toes and now you have boot stress for square toes.

This is a relief for many people who have used boot trees with a rounded toe that doesn’t get to the edges. With time that part will start to look different, older, and suffer from wear and tear especially if it is leather.

It doesn’t matter how good your boot tree works on the rest of your boots. These are made for natural cedar wood with a great aroma that gives your boots a fresh scent after use.

They are great for absorbing moisture in your shoes after a day’s wear. The shape of these boots trees helps you retain the shape of your boots.

With these boot trees, your square toes boots will still look like square toe boots for many months. It has a rawhide leather loop that makes it easy to pull them out of your boots.

These boots also have a high vamp so you have to be careful the type of boots you will put them in so they do not disfigure your boots.

One con though is that they run small. Try to be sure of the size before you order them.


  • Square toe
  • Aromatic Cedarwood for a great smell
  • Absorbs moisture
  • High vamp
  • Rawhide loop for easy removal


  • Runs small

CONSDAN Cedar Shoe Trees

Best Cedar Shoe Trees for Boots

This list has specific shoe trees in it. Now we have looked at split-toe shoe trees but a split toe and an adjustable length… That’s amazing.

CONSDAN Cedar Shoe Tree uses USA-grown cedar. It can be adjusted lengthwise and breadthwise which is very uncommon for shoe trees.

This feature means you can use it for various boots even if they are not the original size of your shoes. They are great for people who have long and wide boots.

The split toe allows the width extension while the spring centerpiece allows the length extension. It has gold knobs for easy removal and for carrying them about.

They are durable, and they will keep the creases and cracks away from your shoes for as long as you use them. They have holes at the sides of the air.

They come in two sizes – medium and large – and because they are divided into men and women, there are different sizes under them.

Please note that despite the extension feature, you should keep the size and shape of your shoes in mind so you don’t ruin your shoes.


  • Allows extension both length and widthwise
  • USA grown Cedar
  • Aromatic scent
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Two pairs in one order


Whether they are shoe trees or boot trees be sure of the size. Most of them run small or narrow so you will have to size up to avoid returns.

Also, make sure that whichever one buy is returnable and you can get a refund.


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