Rockport vs Skechers: Comparison

The Major difference between Rockport shoes and Skechers is clearly written or rather displayed all on the appearance of both shoes.

The Rockport has an elegant appearance that blends with class and style, apart from that, one thing that is noticeable and can be used as a determinant to distinguish between both shoes is the material used in making them.

Rockport vs Skechers

The Rockport shoes are made with more quality material compared to the Skechers. Therefore, the durability of both shoes is another form of factor that can be used to differentiate both shoes.

Rockport is more expensive also!!

World of Rockport

Rockport is a well-recognized brand that comes with a lot of recommendations and I can say they truly live up to the expectations bestowed on them.

In this part of the article, we will be reviewing some of the popular Rockport models.

Rockport Oxford Plain Toe

Rockport vs Skechers

These model of Rockport shoes are the ideal footwear for the office environment.

If you need a break from the regular skin, you can take a break with this and the experience will remain exquisite.

Rockport Colle-Tie Sneaker

Rockport vs Skechers

There is no better footwear to match your casual lifestyle than this.

Rockport Waterproof Boot

Rockport vs Skechers

These are waterproof Boots to match your jeans and are convenient for everyday use.

Rockport Mil pro-walker

Rockport vs Skechers

These pair of Sneakers are convenient for long walks and they offer you deserved comfort as you go about your day.

Rockport Darwyn Sandal

Rockport vs Skechers

Sandals are good for receiving natural air after a busy day at work, this model of the Rockport is convenient for after-work walks.

The shoes discussed here are models of Rockport, they stand as representatives of the shoes you can get under the Rockport collection, keep an eye out!!

World of Skechers

These days we see many of the Skechers Models on the legs of many pedestrians and riders in general, one can say the Skechers models are vast and popular and people love them.

Let’s check out some of the Skechers models:

Skechers Lace-up Sneaker

Rockport vs Skechers

These are convenient for everyday use, they are well cushioned and offer good arch support to you.

Skechers Impeccable Walking Shoe

Rockport vs Skechers

This is the Skechers Goga Mat model, they are convenient for athletes and are built to withstand heavy use as they maintain their form and durability.       

Skechers Ruffneck Boot

Rockport vs Skechers

This is a Skechers Model of work boots, they are protective and durable, perfect for long day work.

Skechers Service Shoe

Rockport vs Skechers

This Model of the Skechers Shoes was made with the welfare of service providers in mind, they are comfy and light, perfect for long and comfortable motion use.

Skechers Slide Sandal

Rockport vs Skechers

Unlike most of the sandals you will come across, this particular model is made with a rubber sole which guarantees good traction and durability.

They also have good stability so you won’t feel like falling when on them.

Any notable similarities between Rockport and Skechers?

Yes, there are notable similarities between Rockport and Skechers shoes. In this part of the article, we will review some of these similarities and see how they affect our lives when we wear either of the shoes reviewed here.

  • Appearance
  • Quality
  • Arch support
  • Versatility


If there is one thing that both brands share in manufacturing their products, then it should be sighted from their appearance.

Regardless of the fact that they are both different brands making different models of shoes, their appearance is similar, they both make shoes that come with laces for a customized fitting and also make slip-on shoes.

Keeping brand aside, sometimes it is hard to even differentiate both shoe’s models if you are not considering brand’s name.


No doubt both shoes are made with good quality in mind. They are strong and will last you a while with shuffle use.

Arch support

There are models of the Rockport shoes and Skechers that are recommended to be use for long hour use, and this is because of the arch support they come with.

If they are not having arch support they won’t be recommended for such kind of activity.


Rockport shoes and Skecher are very versatile, and I believe this is something we can all agree on, they literally have shoe for any adventure or purpose you can think of.

Comparison between Rockport and Skechers

We have seen their similarities and have checked out some of the models under both brands.

This time we are going to compare them and see which one offers whatever it is they are offering and what I am sure you are expecting when you get yourself a pair.

Let’s get into comparison!!

Features Rockport Skechers
Slip resistance Draw Draw
Comfortability Less Comfortable More Comfortable
Waterproof/Water-Resistant Less Waterproof More Waterproof
Longevity Less Durable More Durable
Popularity Less Popular More Popular
Lightweight Weigh More Weigh less

Rockport vs Skechers: Slip resistance

The Rockport shoes are made with EVA midsole and rubber soles, which contributes to shock absorption, and to answer your question, this also contributes to them being anti-slippery.

They are made with good traction below, which is quite expected for the fact that there are models of the Rockport shoes that are actually used for heavy-duty and athletic purposes.

This is one brand that makes models of shoes you can wear anywhere and any location at all without having to fear slipping out of balance or into an injury.

The manufacturers made sure of that.

I can tell you that the Skechers have soles that are made with rubber and then memory foam as well.

This is to boost their comfort and protection for when you walk on watery environments that are supposed to leave you slipping into an injury or even out of balance.


Both brands have good soles that offer slip-resistant features, so in this comparison, it is a draw.

Rockport vs Skechers: Comfortability

The Rockport shoes are very comfortable. If not for formalities this is something both brands share.  

The Rockport however take a long time to break-in. This is because the Rockport manufacturers use a cement construction that is common for shoes within their price range.

If the Rockport shoes eventually break in with time, they are one of the best you must have gotten as they are durable and the insoles that these shoes are made with are well cushioned to offer you well deserved support so yes, this brand makes shoes that are very comfortable.

Without doubt, the Skechers shoes are recommended for standing and walking in them all day.

This is because of the fact that they are extremely comfortable, they are comfortable more than the Rockport shoes, and probably more comfortable than most of the shoes you must have come across in your entire life.

They don’t take time to break in and their insoles are made with Goga mat which is convenient for athletes and then Memory foam insoles too which makes them convenient for all-day use.

Rockport vs Skechers: Waterproof/Water-resistant

Although not all Rockport Shoes Are Waterproof, there is however a collection of the Rockport shoes that are made waterproof.

A number of shoes made by Rockport are water-resistant, they can hold up water for a limited time, it is advisable for you not to go diving in puddles in order to let them last long.

You can check the Amazon store for the Rockport collection that is made waterproof, I am sure you can and will get a nice pair for a decent price.

Skechers on the other hand, are waterproof shoes. They are ideal for engaging new terrains that include watery environments as the case may be.

The Skechers are convenient shoes that go with the atmosphere, you are always good to go with your foot in a Skechers.

You don’t have to worry about where your work will lead you, if you are having the appropriate shoes on for the weather or if your shoes will get damaged by water.


The Skechers are more waterproof shoes compared to the Rockport shoes.

They are made with materials that ensure they are water-sealed enough to keep them in form even after walking or dipping them in water.

Rockport vs Skechers: Longevity

Rockport shoes are considered to last longer than Skechers and this is because Skechers are mostly made with cheaper material, the materials used in making Skechers fall apart in some rare cases with just a few days of use.

However, with the recent development in the manufacturing process of the Rockport shoes, the manufacturers drastically reduced the quality of their materials in order to increase their profit which now stands as a major setback as most of their shoes are not known to last long like they used to.

Skechers shoes are known to last up to four years with proper maintenance and if you shuffle them with other footwear.


In this part of the comparison, it is safe to say this is a draw because initially, the Rockport shoes had the stage in lasting longer than Skechers.

But, along the line, they managed to lose that spot and give Skechers a fighting chance because of the fact that they reduced the quality of their material, so with consideration to this, we have a draw.

Rockport vs Skechers: Popularity

With regards to which brand is more popular, the Rockport shoes are quite known by people who find them interesting and comforting.

Nevertheless, Skechers are considered the most popular brand here, it is safe to say that people find the Skechers shoes more of an option compared to the Rockport shoes.

This is because they are convenient and affordable and their quality has not changed one bit when compared to the Rockport shoes which have managed to downgrade the quality of their products, with the intention of raising the income gotten from the sale of their products.

Rockport vs Skechers: Lightweight


  • 11 ounces

The Rockport shoes have every reason to be heavier than the Skechers shoes.

A review said they weigh about 1.6 pounds each and this is understood because of the material they are made with.

Leather can be heavy sometimes even though it is necessary to make them convenient and durable too.

The Rockport shoes are only considered heavy when compared with the Skechers, am sure there are shoes out there that the Rockport is lighter than.


  • 8 ounces

The Skechers shoes are lightweight compared to the Rockport shoes. They weigh half a pound which makes them convenient for all-day use.

This is one of the reasons people prefer the Skechers shoes, they are made with breathable materials which makes them weigh lesser and then comfortable and also supportive.


The Skechers are more lightweight compared to the Rockport shoes.

This is why they are recommended, and loved by most people, people like to not feel their footwear holding them down being heavy and draggy so, in this part of the comparison, the Skechers weigh less.

Which is better between Rockport and Skechers

Choosing which one is better I believe depends on one’s preferences. Both Rockport and Skechers are credible and organized brands that make quality production of footwear that have over the years managed to win the hearts of people.

Some may prefer the Rockport shoes over the Skechers due to some personal reasons and likewise for those who prefer the Skechers over the Rockport.

The fact is, however, that shoes from both brands are cool to have in your wardrobe whenever you decide to get a new set of shoes.


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