Red Tape vs Woodland: Comparison

The difference between both brands is clear. The Red Tape Brand makes more luxury footwear while the Woodland brand, on the other hand, is more of a heavy-duty shoe manufacturing brand.

Red Tape vs Woodland

Red Tape footwears are fashionable and will leave you looking sleek, they are what you wear with casual wear to complete the casual look, the

The Woodland is easily converted to serve as casual footwear so they are also versatile in areas that the Red Tape cannot serve and in a real sense the Red Tape cannot withstand heavy duties as they are not built for such kinds of activities.

First Glance

Red Tape

  • Synthetic Sole
  • Textile Lining
  • Adjustable shoelace
  • Padded insoles for maximum comfort
  • Texture outsole for maximum grip

This is a lace-up version of the Ormond shoe that is made especially for men. With the Red Tape collection, there is a pair for everyone including some beautiful and amazing shoes made for women.

All you have to do is to look them up on amazon to make a selection of one that suits your taste.

The Red Tape shoes are made with synthetic material, from the upper to the sole.

They offer maximum comfortability and outsole grip that gives you just enough traction that you need to stay gallant on your feet.


  • Composite safety toe
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Hydro guard waterproof lining
  • Porone Midsole
  • Full-Grain Leather

The Woodland safety boot has been keeping workers of different dimensions safe from the industrial working place.

They are strong and of top quality, they are long-lasting and very comfortable.

This brand started off manufacturing leather shoes but eventually adapted to the crafting of safety and protective footwear after understanding the high demand for such kinds of shoes in the market.

Today, the Woodland brand is known for the quality protective footwear they manufacture all around the globe, and for all its worth they are affordable which means anyone can own a pair.

Red Tape vs Woodland: Comparison

In this part of the article, we will review both brands and also compare their products to fully understand their differences.

Hopefully, after this comparison, we must have helped you decide on the one that will serve you better in cases and situations you must be lacking.

The purpose of this comparison is to help you understand the simple, critical, and technical differences that both brand and their products share.

Let’s get down to comparison!!

Comparison Red Tape Woodland
Stitching Less Durable More Durable
Leather Less Quality More Quality
Price Less Expensive Expensive
Build Quality Less Quality More Quality
Insole Draw Draw
Outsole Less durable More Durable
Fit and Sizing Draw Draw
Style Stylish Stylish

Red Tape vs Woodland: Stitching

The stitching of the Red Tape shoes is uniquely done; the beautiful pattern is achieved using two needles at once.

This does not only make the whole process fast; it contributes to how beautiful the exterior of the Red Tape shoes look therefore adding to how sleek you are bound to look when you rock them.

This method of stitching also enhances the durability of the shoes in the sense that it holds them together.

Just like the Red Tape shoes, some of the Woodland shoes are also stitched using two needles who work accordingly drawing a fine pattern as they hold the shoe together.

The only difference both shoes share in the sense of their stitching is probably the kind of thread they use in stitching since both are made to serve different purposes.


The stitching of both shoes is great and will make them durable, however, I am picking the Woodland shoes to be the best since they are made to serve heavy-duty therefore their stitching will be much tough and more durable compared to Red Tape.

Red Tape vs Woodland: Leather

The Red Tape shoes are in most cases manufactured using Full-grain leather which is classified to be one of the best leathers in the world today.

They are known to be long-lasting, breathable, and very strong as the case may be.

The texture of the full-grain leather is very soft and natural; it gives you that natural feel when you walk in Red Tape shoes and it doesn’t take time to break in.

The Woodland manufacturers use crazy horse full-grain leather in manufacturing their shoes. No doubt this is the strongest leather in the world.

It is gotten from full-grain cowhide, and then a coating of natural wax is added to the leather to boost its durability and also longevity.

The leather itself is made by skillful craftsmen.


Both are made with full-grain leather, nevertheless, the Woodland manufacturers put more work into their own full-grain leather from the cutting to the coating with wax to boost durability and comfortability.

Red Tape vs Woodland: Price

The Red Tape shoes are not that expensive, if anything they are made affordable for everyone’s availability.

They cost a little below $100, it however depends on the store you are getting yours.

You are however going to get them cheaper on Amazon, so you should probably keep an eye out.

The Woodland Shoes cost $110.


The Red Tape is less expensive in this part of the comparison. Although they are both cheaper when compared to other brands that manufacture shoes more identical to them.

Red Tape vs Woodland: Build Quality

The build quality of the Red Tape shoes is great. They are durable in their own way and with consideration to how often you use them.

When I say the build quality is great, I mean they have good insoles and great arch support, they are breathable and lightweight which makes them convenient for long hours of use.

They are simply made with good quality as expected from the Red Tape Manufacturers.

Woodland has great build quality than most of the shoes in the market today within the specification of the price attached to it.

They are strong, of good quality and most models come as waterproof.

They have good soles that offer good traction and also comfortability even on uneven terrains so you feel nothing out of the ordinary when you walk with them.


I love the fact that the Woodland shoes are easily convertible compared to the Red Tape.

The Woodland shoes can be worn with casual wear and can also be used to engage in other adventures, they are built to withstand a change in use and still maintain their form and serve you appropriately.

Red Tape vs Woodland: Insole

The Red Tape manufacturers inserted an EVA memory foam insole that is well cushioned and supportive to the wearer.

The insoles of these shoes are removable which makes it easier for you to change them when they no longer serve the purpose they are installed for in the first place, the company also manufactures insoles; so getting one that suits your taste will not be complex at all.

The models of the Woodland shoes come with well-formed and comfortable insoles that meet up with some certain medical certifications in the sense of the well-fare of the foot.

The insoles of the Woodland shoes are not only removable, but they can also serve as Orthopedic footbeds which is perfect for people who have trouble walking with heavy-duty shoes and their legs in general.


Both shoes are having remarkable insoles, the fact that they can be removed and replaced places you at a vantage point of being able to change them whenever you feel like it.

Red Tape vs Woodland: Outsole

The Red Tape sole is the type that breaks in easily, it is made from high-quality rubber which provides you the wearer with excellent traction and comfort.

This sole is quite durable and convenient for everyday wear.

The Woodland sole is made to provide maximum protection and comfortability for when you walk even on uneven terrain.

The sole is made with rubber, this makes it possible for you to take on rough terrains, they have excellent traction and are durable.

The sole contributes to making you comfortable in everyday use, they are convenient for the shoe’s purpose of being versatile.


The sole of the Red Tape is said to fall apart with regular use, they will last longer if you shuffle it with other footwear.

The sole of the Woodland on the other hand is convenient for everyday use and heavy-duty, this makes the Woodland outsole better.

Red Tape vs Woodland: Fit and Sizing

The Red Tape shoes are made in different sizes in an attempt to make sure everyone gets a pair of their desired comfort and convenient wear.

Reviews left on them, however, insist they run small so it is advisable to order half a size up in order to not have them running small with limited time of use.

These footwear has a true-to-size fitting, you can order your regular size and everything should be perfect.

However, there are other models of Woodland shoes that might fit half a size smaller, you are advised to look up the size chart for a proper understanding of how the sizing of the shoe is before making your order.


The sizing of both shoes in some models is true to size while for some models they fit differently, you are advised to look up individual size charts for a proper understanding of the size you are to order.

Red Tape vs Woodland: Style

Red Tape shoes are made for the purpose of fashion and not for heavy-duty like the Woodland shoes.

Any attempt to make the Red Tape duty shoes, heavy-duty for that matter might damage them even before you get to enjoy the money you spent on them.

The Red Tape shoes are easy to style with casual dresses, they are sleek and comfortable pairs that come with enough conveniences for everyday wear in a friendly environment.

Woodland shoes on the other hand will leave you looking rugged and Badass.

With designs like that of the military footwear, padded heel side, and composite toe area, they are highly protective and classic.

You might not feel comfortable wearing this to some places but I assure you, they style pretty much like classic shoes.


The styling of each shoe totally depends on the area it is been used, the Red Tape is the kind of shoe you wear with a suit and tie, and the Woodland on the other hand is the one you wear with jeans.

This is however arguable and totally depends on your fashion preferences.

Pros of Red Tape

  • Adjustable shoe opening
  • Ankle level height
  • Shoelace adjusting system
  • Versatile
  • They are water-resistant

Cons of Red Tape

  • Most models are not waterproof
  • They have no guarantee

These are the pros and cons of some models, probably the majority of footwear made by Red Tape manufacturers.

They are lightweight and convenient for daily use and with their water-resistant feature, they will last you longer if you shuffle them. they are having an adjustable fitting system and are extremely versatile in their own way.

Pros of Woodland shoes

  • They are made with rubber sole
  • They are waterproof and breathable
  • They have reflex foam
  • They offer superior comfort
  • They are versatile

Cons of Woodland shoes

  • Some find these particular models to be poor quality shoes
  • They are not fashionable
  • A lot of reviews say they are not living up to their “Waterproof” feature


The Woodland has made a lot of footwear, some are living up to the brand’s name and expectations while others are not.

The majority of their products are waterproof and come with a rubber outsole which makes them durable and convenient for different kinds of adventures.

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Takeaway Brand

For this article, I don’t think we will be taking one brand over the other with regards to the fact that both brands have footwears that can serve in completely different aspects and areas of life.

Most of the Red Tape shoes are shoes you can wear to the office, work in casual style, and all.

The Woodland shoes on the other hand are shoes you wear to go hiking and engage in heavy-duty activities.

You can get a pair or two from both brands to use at your convenience, the Red Tape for when you are going casual and then Woodland for when duty calls.


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