Red Tape vs Nike: Which Are Better Running Shoes

Running shoes are sought every day. Not only are they useful for runners, but they are also in need by those who engage in exercise and wish to keep fit.

When it comes to choosing the best running shoes, many go for the Nike brand over the Red tape shoes. Nike is very popular and makes one of the best sports shoes.

The Red tape is also making its way fast into sporting footwear and also makes shoes good for running. Although not popular as the Nike running shoes, the Red tape possesses good qualities that will serve runners.

The major difference between these shoes is that Red tape shoes are made of Mesh and PU uppers while Nike is made of Nike Flyknit upper.

Red Tape vs Nike

Also, the Red tape makes use of lightweight EVA foam on the outsole that enhances flexibility and speed while the Nike shoes are made with rubber.

Let’s find out more about their similarities and differences.

What Does The First Glance Say?

The first glance at a shoe would leave a good or bad impression. You should be able to tell if you want it or not.

When you look at the Red tape and Nike shoes, you should be able to tell which shoe appeals to you more.

Red Tape Running Shoes

  • Premium Mesh and PU Uppers
  • Shoelaces
  • Brand’s logo and name
  • Half-air Eva soles

The Red tape running shoes are Indian-made shoes that employ the use of quality and suitable materials to provide good shoes to satisfy their customers.

These shoes are made breathable and lightweight to enhance performance while providing comfort.

They are not only comfortable, but they are also versatile and can be used as working shoes or for other fitness activities.

The upper is made from quality mesh materials that are highly breathable. Mesh is soft and the vents in-between allow enough air circulation to keep your feet always dry and cool.

Red tape also uses a combination of mesh and PU for its uppers. The brand’s logo can be found on the side of the vamp for easy identification. The brand’s name is imprinted on the tongue and also on the insole.

The shoelaces help provide additional fit.

The Red tape uses half-air EVA foam for its outsole. This gives your feet a better relaxed and stable feel while enhancing good speed.

Nike Running Shoes

  • Nike Flyknit upper
  • Brand’s name and logo
  • Shoelaces
  • Rubber outsole

Nike running shoes are some of the most versatile and dominant on the market. These shoes are designed to meet the different needs of runners.

From the Carbon-fiber plated shoes to the everyday training shoes, runners are sure to find what suits them. Nike running shoes are comfy and breathable and will give the right response on the track.

Nike employs the use of their special Flyknit fabric for their uppers.

You will find the famous Nike logo on the side vamp, and on the insole, the brand’s name is also imprinted.

The shoelaces ensure a more suitable fit. The outsole is made of rubber that absorbs shock.

Comparisons Between Red Tape And Nike Running Shoes

Let’s look at the comparisons between these shoes on the following features:

Features Red Tape Nike
Construction Quality mesh and PU uppers with EVA outsole Quality Flyknit, Atomknit, and Vaporweave upper with well-cushioned EVA foam midsole and rubber outsole
Stitching Neatly done Stitching A computerized system with a single piece of fabric
Leather No leather-made shoes Nike Men’s Todos are made of full-grain leather and mesh upper
Price You can get them for prices that range from between $35-$51 You can them for prices that range from between $58-$250
Build quality Well-built with quality mesh and PU uppers with slip-resistant EVA outsole Well-built with a high-quality knit upper with a highly durable rubber outsole
Insole Well-cushioned memory foam insole Well-cushioned EVA foam insole
Outsole Lightweight Half-air EVA sole Thick rubber outsole
Fit and sizing They come true to size. No half-sizes are available They come true to size. Some shoes run narrow. Half-sizes are available
Style Fashionable and versatile shoes Fashionable and versatile

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Construction

Red Tape running shoes are well constructed with the right materials to ensure comfort and good performance for runners. The upper is made with mesh and PU.

These quality materials ensure the flexibility and lightweight of these shoes. Your feet won’t get tired in these shoes. Mesh fabrics enhance adequate breathability, there are openings for air to get in and circulate.

They mold to the forefoot while allowing you to flex your feet and toes. PU enhances the durability and its resistance to wear. The toe is round and there is a rubber toe cap for extra protection against impact and wear.

The soft tongue of these shoes protects the midfoot and allows for easy wearing and putting off of these shoes. The heel tab is smooth and well-cushioned to protect the heel against blisters and to make it easy to put on and take off.

The midsole ensures adequate cushioning and shock absorption. The insole is made of memory foam that adapts to the shape of the foot.

The Nike shoes are constructed with quality materials to ensure they are long-lasting. These US-made running shoes are made with the right blend of materials to bring the much-needed comfort the foot needs and adequate balance for runners.

The upper is made with Flyknit fabric.

They are lightweight, breathable and comfortable. This material is also durable. The fibers are strong without being heavy and are woven as a one-piece upper with a very soft feel.

The upper may have a tighter weave for firmer support to the feet and some have a looser weave for flexibility depending on the shoe’s model.

The round toe gives room for you to wiggle your toes. Nike uses Nike React technology for their midsoles. This gives the shoe plenty of cushioning without taking on much weight and the effective response is still maintained.

The foam is soft and pillow-like and springs back to its original form when squeezed. This shows the energy return it offers.

Some of the running shoes are made with carbon-fiber plates, though not common, they produce a smooth and responsive ride. There is a high-resiliency sock liner that conforms to the shape of the foot for extra support.

Both shoes are well constructed to ensure maximum response for runners. However, Nike shoes have better construction than the Red tape shoes.

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Stitching

The Red tape has neatly done stitching to prevent unnecessary wear and to keep the shoe long-lasting.

Nike uses a new kind of stitching that allows the upper of the shoes to be stitched to the outsole with a computerized system that uses one piece of fabric.

The fabric is lightweight and nearly invisible. This reduces the weight of the shoes and enhances speed and comfort.

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Leather

The Red tape running shoes are not made with leather. Only the use of mesh and PU are employed for their uppers.

Nike shoes have very few running shoes made with leather. These shoes are usually combined with leather and mesh to enhance durability.

The Nike Men’s Todos running shoes are made with full-grain leather and mesh.

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Price

The Red tape running shoes are very affordable. They can be gotten for prices that range from between $35-$51.

The Nike shoes are higher in price than the Red tape shoes. They can be gotten for prices that range from between $58-$250

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Build quality

The Red tape shoes are well-built shoes of good quality. The materials used are to ensure maximum comfort for runners.

The premium mesh uppers are lightweight and flexible. They are not harsh to the feet, they give room for the forefoot to be flexed. This material, though lightweight, is very durable. They do not easily tear. The toe cap provides extra protection.

The PU added to the uppers is resistant to compression and enhances their durability. The outsole is made of Half-air EVA which is slip-resistant and durable.

The Nike running shoes have a very nice build with high-quality materials that ensures durability. The Flyknit uppers are soft and breathable and provide the needed comfort.

There is also the AtomKnit material on the Alphafly Next%. It’s gotten by stretching and steaming Flyknit fabric, resulting in a lighter upper.

Nike also uses Vaporweave, a blend of TPU and nylon that’s lighter than Flyknit and doesn’t let in moisture. The midsole is made with closed-cell EVA foam.

Air-Sole design, an air-filled bag was introduced in the midsole for extra shock absorption and now Zoom air technology is in use in the Nike Air Zoom for extra cushioning.

The collar and tongue are well padded to ease discomfort. Their rubber outsole is resistant to slip and wear.

Both shoes are well-built running shoes with the Nike shoes having the better build.

Nike continues to evolve and recreate running shoes that meet the demands of customers. They have shoes for everyday training, stability, overpronators, neutral runners e.t.c.

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Insole

The insole of Red tape is made of memory foam that creates a snug fit for your feet and ensures you perform with ease. They provide enough cushioning for the feet and keep you comfortable all day.

The Nike footbeds are made with closed-cell EVA foam and “crystalized” PU foam that is great for the feet and provides excellent cushioning.

The insoles are slightly glued to the shoes, but they can be removed and replaced.

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Outsole

The outsole of the Red tape shoes is made with half-air EVA. This makes them lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and durable. They are slip-resistant and their lightweight increases the speed of runners.

Nike shoes use a thick rubber outsole like the latest version of the Vaporfly 4%. This version has deep grooves that help channel water.

They are very good on wet surfaces. Their sole is slip-resistant and provides great balance as you run in the shoes. They are also highly durable.

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Fit And Sizing

The Red tape shoes come true to size. Their shoes might feel tight at first, but with time they stretch and fit your feet perfectly.

The Nike shoes come true to size, however, some of them tend to run small. There are not many options for wide feet. You should order a size up if you have wide feet. There are options for half-sizes.

Red Tape vs Nike Running Shoes: Style

Red Tape shoes are fashionable. These shoes have a killer feel. They can be also used as daily sneakers for walks, fitness training, an evening night out, or other casual occasions.

Nike shoes are highly fashionable and versatile shoes. Their shoes come in different colors and styles and will give you a classy look on your jeans or any casual wear.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of These Shoes?

Pros of Red tape

  • Durable mesh and PU upper
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Very breathable
  • Their memory foam insole provides adequate cushioning
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Very affordable

Cons of Red Tape

  • Their outsole is not as durable as rubber

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Pros of Nike

  • Durable knit uppers
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Very breathable
  • The midsole provides adequate support and shock absorption
  • Their rubber outsole is durable and provides excellent traction
  • They come in different designs

Cons of Nike

  • Not very cheap
  • Some run narrow and are not good for wide feet

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The Red tape and Nike are both good running shoes that will offer a good level of comfort and durability. They are both versatile and can be used to style up your look.

However, if you want a more durable shoe with different technologies for support and comfort, then the Nike shoes are the best for you. They have very large options for you to choose from.

If you want lesser-priced shoes, then the Red tape shoes are good to go.

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