Are Crocs Meant to be Loose?

Wondering whether Crocs meant to be loose? Crocs shoes are built to hug tightly to our feet without causing discomfort and this is usually possible because of the Croslite material which is soft, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and shock-absorbent. I fell in love with Crocs shoes mainly for the sheer comfort and when it feels loose, it … Read more

Can I Eat My Crocs Shoes?

Why would you want to eat your Crocs shoes? Haha! Well, let us get into the real meat of seeing whether Crocs are really edible. Although Crocs shoes are made of a non-toxic material called Croslite and are edible, I wouldn’t advise you to consume them. It is crocs, a shoe! Hey, I’m not a … Read more

Do Crocs Make Your Feet Sweat?

The non-porous material with which the Crocs is made enables your feet to sweat more, and not only that, it also traps the sweat in the shoes and makes your feet and the Crocs slippery. To find a way to counteract the sweaty feet, Crocs added holes to allow air into your legs and dry … Read more

How Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake

There are two major things I love crocs for – Comfort and support. And these are actually the factors that make Crocs a popular brand of lightweight foam sandals. Crocs, over the years, are worn by basically anyone who spends the most time on their feet with the inclusion of beachgoers, doctors, and nurses. Original … Read more

Do Crocs Shrink in Freezer?

No, Crocs do not shrink at cold temperatures, instead, the synthetic-like Crocs material called Croslite is capable of shrinking when exposed to extreme heat conditions. The chillness of my freezer does not shrink it, instead, there are tendencies that it might expand it. They possess antimicrobial properties and closed cells which enable them to be … Read more