Are Crocs Meant to be Loose?

Wondering whether Crocs meant to be loose? Crocs shoes are built to hug tightly to our feet without causing discomfort and this is usually possible because of the Croslite material which is soft, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and shock-absorbent. I fell in love with Crocs shoes mainly for the sheer comfort and when it feels loose, it is no longer comfortable.

Are Crocs Meant to be loose

What I am trying to say here is that when Crocs are loose, even with the straps, it becomes clumsy to work with and the next thing is the eagerness to pull it off.

In comparison, my gait feels very sharp and comfortable when they are hugging my feet.  The best way to enjoy the ergonomics of your Crocs is when they feel tighter.

What can I do if my Crocs are too loose?

The only thing to do when your Crocs begin to feel lose over time is to look for methods to tighten them back. This is especially when you prefer them hugging your heels and feeling almost non-existent due to the incredible lightweight and comfort.

Crocs, like any other footwear, will begin to slacken with time because of overuse, especially old Crocs. Although Crocs is built to last for up to 6 years, there will be signs of slacks after two years, depending on the type.

Another issue might be with the straps. It might be broken or needs to be replaced.

My Fuzzy Slipper Crocs did not show any signs of slacks until after three years. I was tempted to go for replacements until I realized I loved them too much.

They were on my feet for almost 50% of the day and I had already gotten attached to them. I wear them to work, to the gym, to pick the kids from school, in my garden, and whenever I am indoors. Sometimes I use them for a quick jog!

I am not saying they should be too tight to the point of unbearable. Crocs are not meant to be as tight as sneakers and your feet mustn’t fill the whole orifice. I am just stressing the fact that they should still feel compact rather than too loose; somewhere in between.

Many people simply dispose of their Crocs and they start thinking of getting a new pair when they start to feel loose on the feet.

They do this maybe because the shoes are cheap but there are so many methods to tighten up your old favorite Crocs rather than replacing them.

Although there are some people that might find this loose state a good thing. This always depends on personal preference. For me, all my shoes have to feel a bit tighter than my actual feet size to make it compact for my gait to be freer than ever.

I know of some friends who prefer their shoes loose so their feet can jiggle inside, the same thing with their Crocs shoes. But there will come a time that it will become too loose to be worn and solutions will be required.

Can I tighten my Crocs?

Yes, I can and I can do that almost effortlessly. Croslite material has already made this possible with its flexible texture where I will need to reshape the size a little smaller so it will fit in perfectly with my feet.

I earlier talked about the straps and how a loose strap might be the cause of it all so I will start from there. In most cases, straps are the part that is most stretched and the tendencies of slacking over time are very high and it becomes the first to show signs of it.

This is mainly because the density of my straps is not the same as the rest of the shoes so it easily becomes the first to start slackening. It is also the first thing I usually look out for when thinking of tightening back my Crocs shoes.

I sometimes find out that the rivets are broken and need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the scenario. You can fix your Crocs rivets with some Chicago bolts to make everything more compact or you can simply replace the straps.

Chicago bolts

This brings us to the Crocs Turbo Straps?

Every true Crocs user must have heard of this. Although Crocs do not sell replacement straps in their online stores or shops, you can get these turbo straps from 3rd party stores like eBay and if you can’t, simply repair/tighten them.

I have also recommended detachable shoe straps. They are very much capable of doing the job of tightening your Crocs shoes. They are cheap and very durable too.

Why do Crocs have two sizes?

Are Crocs Meant to be loose

Simply put, Crocs usually come in two sizes because of both men’s and women’s sizing. In this case, you will find out that each Crocs shoes have either an M, W, or both (unisex) inscribed underneath.

This is because their styles can be worn by both men and women on most occasions and the different sizes are then inscribed on the product.

Every gender would then know whether this particular Crocs shoe is his/her size by merely looking at the label. E.g. If a Crocs shoe has M7 and W9 label on the same shoe, it means it will fit a man for size 7 but not a woman for size 7 but that of 9.

I must be able to have a very good idea of how I want my Crocs experience to be if I want to buy a new pair. It becomes surprisingly tricky to choose the right size for Crocs shoes and that is why most people tend to be left with either oversize or undersized ones.

Maybe this is so because of the nature of the Croslite material and its ability to expand and shrink almost very easily.

Also, they do have various types of fit; the relaxed, the standard, and the room modes. It is safe to say I fall into the standard mode category because they are built for professionalism, in other words; tightness.

I mentioned I sometimes wear my Crocs to jog or even to my workplace. I prefer them secured so they would easily sleep from my feet.

Many who seek a more lose experience with their Crocs shoes always look out for the relaxed or room mode.

These ones are usually not as tight as the standard design and are worn more casually but in my own casual occasions (indoors) like I said, I still prefer them compact and secured.

You should check out the different Crocs sizes here on the Crocs website.

How to choose the size of the right Crocs for you

The first thing you need to know is that they come in different sizes that are for kids, women, and men. How I chose the right size for me basically depends on the type of product I buy or which country I reside in when ordering.

It is always easier when you have an old pair before and you simply use the size to order a new one. But when you are buying for the first time, simply use your regular shoe size, bearing in mind your sex, type of brand, and then location.

For my kids, the sizes of US and UK locations are the same. For me, I simply remove one size from the US size to get mine and it always fits perfectly and for women, it is always two sizes.

The Unisex category seems quite confusing but it isn’t at all. M and W are usually inscribed and all you need to do is apply the same logic.

Another important thing to understand is that I usually buy the exact size for myself because of my preference for tighter experience knowing that with time, it is going to expand. But for those who seek a more loose base, it is advisable to order one size bigger for a better fit.

Croc sizes do not read as 35, 46, or 49 unlike our regular shoes but in M7, W6, C11, and J4. For a better understanding of picking the right Crocs size for you, you need to know what these inscriptions mean in the first place.

I will be leaving a small table for you. You are welcome.

Men M
Women W
Unisex M + W
Juvenile J
Children C

Hacks on how to enjoy using your Crocs?

Buying a new pair of Crocs shoes already boasts of a lot of benefits in the unending world of comfort but knowing a few hacks and how to apply them takes everything to a whole new level! Let’s take a look at some of the hacks applied successfully.

Dashboard polish

I first discovered this hack when I was using the Crocband Platform. It was white in color and attracts so much dirt in such a short while.

Unlike normal shoe polish, my dashboard polish brings out the shine in Croslite material and in synthetic as well.

After thorough washing with soap, sponge, and water, and applied a small amount of dashboard polish, I did not wash that thoroughly again for a very long time.

My Crocs shoes were always sparkling like new and the surface no longer attracted dust particles like before. All I had to do was clean with a dry towel and it was shiny again.


Yes, Jibbitz! Or charms. Nowadays, Crocs shoes aren’t complete without the super-touch of Jibbitz. In fact, Jibbitz increases the outlook quality of Crocs shoes by a mile. They are very cheap too.

You can also customize your name with Jibbitz for as low as $30. Customization is really cheap with Crocs as all you need is glue and darts (for the Crocs with holes) like the Classic Graphic Clogs.

Protector sprays

This hack works like magic. They work really well for all kinds of white-colored shoes and by also coating the Croslite cells for protection against wearing and tearing.

I applied protector spray for my Bistro Black and I didn’t discover any tearing or wearing for over two years.

Wearing hack

This does not involve any tools but simple wearing sensitization. For you to enjoy wearing your Crocs shoes to the max and also maintaining them, try to get a suitable size that will prevent your toes from hitting the top end.

Trust me this will make you uncomfortable at all times. Also, your heels should align with the curve at the back and not on top so as to avoid dents over time.

What should I do to keep my Crocs in great working conditions?

Are Crocs Meant to be loose

Keeping my Crocs shoes in the best condition is not as difficult as keeping up with my regular shoes. Crocs are not only made to be cool and comfortable but also very easy to maintain. Below are some tips for quality maintenance.

  • Crocs do not hold moisture which makes them easy to clean/wash and dry. Drying is one thing and leaving it under the sun for a very long time is another. Exposing your Crocs shoes to direct sunlight especially for long periods will lead to shrinking or warping.
  • In order to maintain the lifespan of your Crocs shoes by a year or two, simply adhere to sing colder water and a little amount of soap.
  • There are some leather crocs like Yukon Vista Clogs which do not require thorough washing. It is advisable to use a softer sponge or a damp rag for washing/cleaning.
  • Avoid using solvent cleaning products because they have a high tendency of rendering the glues of your Crocs and this can damage them earlier than expected.


Now that the Crocs shoes are back trending and bigger than ever, the company has successfully introduced new varieties for fans to bask in. We now have suede Crocs, canvas styles, leather, and wool Crocs with heels and wedges.

No matter the make, they are all made of Croslite material and compared to regular ones, have the same reactive effects to shrinking, denting, and whatnot.

They all have their lifespan and while some will stretch or become loose over time, you need to know the causes of this and how you can solve it.

It is important to understand the various modes and then know how to buy them by picking the right size and product that will work for you. The world of Crocs is expanding and our knowledge about it has to as well.

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