Do Crocs Shrink in Freezer?

No, Crocs do not shrink at cold temperatures, instead, the synthetic-like Crocs material called Croslite is capable of shrinking when exposed to extreme heat conditions.

The chillness of my freezer does not shrink it, instead, there are tendencies that it might expand it.

Does Crocs Shrink in Freezer

They possess antimicrobial properties and closed cells which enable them to be very easy to clean, and practically odorless. Croc footwears like Crocband Clogs are one of the most trendy footwear in the fashion world today and it is no wonder why this is so.

My shrunk crocs lost about a size or two when I accidentally exposed to direct sunlight for some hours. The heat warps the texture and my shoes felt smaller.

How do Crocs shrink in size?

About 100 °C or 212 °F of heat is required for crocs shoes to change shape and also to complete the drying cycle.

I left my crocs in the garden and under direct sunlight for a few days, the result was staggering. I noticed that my toes were now touching the top end and all my feet could not just fit in anymore.

My croc shoes obey the laws of negative thermal expansion and high levels of temperature can make them change their shape. Most materials such as wood, concrete, rubber, or plastic naturally swell or implode in size with time.

These materials employ the normal thermal expansion which results in cracks, but the Croslite on my crocs shoes behaves rather opposite. They shrink instead of expanding thereby causing a reduction in size.

All croc shoes possess open-foam surfaces like LiteRide Pacer don’t absorb water, which is good for anti-bacteria. When exposes to heat and moisture (the fundamentals of crocs shrinkage), the body compresses together. The Croslite material also releases mechanical tension during this process as well.

Like many other weird materials, Croslite will still maintain its cubic structure even though it shrinks so instead of my crocs shoes to change shape, it just simply reduces. It is no wonder why the Croslite material is revered as revolutionary and futuristic because of its uniquely rare qualities.

Different ways you can shrink your Crocs

Does Crocs Shrink in Freezer

Since heat is the most active agent of shrinking crocs, I can only boast of a few homemade methods to shrink croc shoes that are simple, safe, and very effective.

It is important to use your socks for testing due to the heat. This is in case you need to do more shrinking.

By using hot water

More sternly; boiling water. Do not worry about your shoes getting damaged. The material of your croc shoes, Croslite like I made mention earlier does pretty well in extreme temperatures.

I simply immerse my shoes into a boiling pot of water for about 5 minutes while using a steel spoon or spatula to readjust so that every part of my shoe gets the heat.

This is important to avoid an uneven result. Another important thing is washing your pot and spoon thoroughly after use.

By exposing your crocs to direct sunlight

Simply placing my shoes under direct and intense sunlight has been able to work some magic. I lost about an inch or two afterward and my shoes feel instantly tighter and more comfortable.

Although this method isn’t as effective as using boiling water, it also provides some really good results. The reason why I tried this just once and not willing to try it again is because of the absence of moisture.

While shrinking your crocs, it will need some moisture so as to make it a little more pliable.

The cloth dryer

Yes of course. My cloth dryer is another source of heat for shrinking my croc shoes. I simply set the cloth dryer to medium heat or lesser for about 10 minutes.

Use a towel to run this process as it will moisturize the Croslite material. Also, try to be very cautious by supervising this method carefully so as to know when the heat becomes too much.

The hairdryer

This is yet another home device that can conduct a good amount of heat required for taking your crocs to a flexible level for shrinking. The shrinking and unshrinking process is anything but challenging and this method happens to be one of the easiest on my list.

Hairdryers emit consistent moisturized heat which you can use for shrinking. I got this particular method from a DIY hack and it is as effective as the rest.

Turn on your dryer and keep blowing for about three minutes. The croc material will continue to become smaller until the desired size is achieved.

Why you should shrink your crocs?

There are times when we buy a new pair and it turns out that they actually bigger despite you have made sure all the measurements are correct. I am pretty sure that you will agree with me when I say crocs feel way better when they are tighter and clinging to our feet than loose.

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This doesn’t only bring about the optimized comfort we desire from these wonderful shoes, but it also feels more secured all the time. Believe me, crocs shoes are very easy to be misplaced, just ask a 5-year-old.

Especially with the brands that have no straps, some compactness is so much needed to ensure comfort and security.

Also, there are other unique reasons why people shrink their croc shoes and for me, it is mostly an issue of size. My ankles are a little small compared to many and I don’t feel too comfortable with my croc shoes especially in outdoor situations where I need to be more active and zesty.

When I successfully reduce the size of my crocs, it feels a whole lot tighter and firm on my feet as there is more contact with my ankles and the problem is solved.

When I discover that my croc shoes still feel dangly on my feet, I simply go over the process again so as to achieve my desired taste.

Fixing shrunken crocs is needed due to over-shrinking issues. After I tested and realized that my girlfriend’s Freesail Clogs have become too small, there was no need to panic because there is another way to unshrink them. Voila! It is nearly the same process.

You will need some amount of hot water to get it back to a flexible condition and then you can easily reshape it to your size. What I mean is once the Croslite material of my crocs shoes is made flexible from the heat, I quickly use a pair of socks to shape the size to mine by simply walking around the house for a while.

By the time it gets cooler and more solid, the right size of my shoes is achieved and the shrunken is fixed in a few minutes. It is one of the many wonderful things about croc shoes.

There was another amazing method I found on a DIY video a while back which also worked as efficiently. The process only involved a pair of thick stockings and my hairdryer.

After I found out that I had over-shrunk my shoes and wasn’t able to wear them anymore as my toes kept clogging at the other end, I just couldn’t dispose of them because they were cute. I had to find a solution and I did.

The video taught me how to fix my shrunk crocs in a matter of minutes! After stuffing my croc shoes with the thick stockings, I grabbed my hairdryer and blew some hot air with high-temperature settings.

There is some amount of moisture in the air coming out of hairdryers along with sufficient heat in order to complete this experiment.

Do this for about 2-3 minutes, depending on the degree you wish to stretch the crocs back. If it is too small, add more heat.

Remember that the heat is required to take the croc shoes to a more flexible state where you can be able to stretch with your hand until it has expanded to your preferred taste.

In conclusion

Crocs are very important shoe wears and it is only the lots who own a pair or two that can attest. They consist of materials that help me level the load-bearing in my foot while I walk and make me completely comfortable at all times.

Not many types of foam or leather in other kinds of shoes can boast of this.

They are good at absorbing good amounts of shocks too than other shoes. My Shiftwater Wave crocs shoes also have certified ergonomists with their fine combination of closed and open-cell foam which makes them both comfortable and protective at the same time.

Finally, we have been able to discover that the Croslite material on my croc shoes is shrinkable and expandable to any size of your choice, putting away any more doubts that croc footwears are one of the best you can find out there.

When you discover that your croc shoes are over or undersized, simply apply some heat and moisture to re-adjust without taking anything away from its sheer quality and comfort.

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