Are Feiyue Shoes Comfortable?

Feiyue shoes are very comfortable. This amazing brand has gained a widespread reputation among other shoes as one of the most flexible and comfortable shoes for athletes.

Although, when compared to your typical and normal day sneakers and shoes, it does not offer as much comfort compared to them.

The additional padding on the inside of those sneakers might make them a little bit more comfortable than Feiyue.

It might also be a little bit difficult to fully adapt to this amazing shoe if you are wearing it for the first time. However, once your feet fully adjust to Feiyue, then you would realize how comfortable it is.

Feiyue shoes are very comfortable because it is meant to adapt to your feet and make you feel like you are not wearing anything on your feet.

It is probably one of the most lightweight shoes you would ever find in the market today. If you are looking for a shoe that is easy to walk around in, then this brand would do the perfect job for you.

It is breathable and makes your feet and toes dry. A comfortable shoe that keeps your feet moist and full of odor is not a good option for me.

I would prefer to go for a shoe with a breathable feature. This is exactly what the Feiyue brand offers. It makes walking around super easy.

The sole is also very light and flexible which makes it easy for you to bend in any position without bothering about affecting the overall quality of the shoe.

Feiyue shoes are very comfortable because they are not as heavy as other typical shoes and sneakers and they have a good breathable feature that keeps your feet and toes cool and dry.

However, Feiyue shoes might not be a good choice of shoes if you need protection against shocks while walking.

It does not have a cushion that serves as a shock absorber and this might be a little problem and disadvantage of this shoe.

However, it is still very comfortable for running and performing other athletic activities.

How long do Feiyue shoes last for

From my experience, Feiyue shoes can last for 1-2 years under normal usage circumstances. However, if you want to use it for extreme activities, then I would suggest that you get 2-3 pairs in order to make them last very long.

Feiyue brand of shoe can last up to 11 months under extreme usage. This is why I always advise that 2-3 pairs of Feiyue shoes are great if you want them to last longer. They come at a cheap price which makes it very easy to buy all over again.

When compared to other shoes, Feiyue runs short on durability.

Feiyue shoes are made with high-quality rubber material. However, because of its frail image, it lacks the strength to survive harsh conditions of usage.

The Feiyue shoes are not very sturdy and you would realize that it loses its grip very easily when you subject it to intense and heavy pressure.

However, one advantage of this amazing shoe is how inexpensive it is. It comes at a cheap price that no other sneakers or shoes come in. This makes it very easy for you to replace it with another one.

Is Feiyue a good brand?

Feiyue is a good brand that makes comfortable shoes.

Feiyue is a brand from China that produces one of the cheapest shoes in the world that is strong and comfortable. 

Below are a few reasons why Feiuye is a good brand:

  • The brand has been in existence since the 1920s and has delivered consistently excellent services to its customers all over the world. The quality that comes from every Feiyue shoe has not dwindled or reduced. This has given the Feiyue brand a wide and broad acceptance all over the globe.
  • Fieyue brand is known to be a producer of one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Feiyue shoes are lightweight and comfortable to aid you while walking. This is one of the reasons why this brand is a good brand. Everyone looking for comfort finds solace in the Feiyue brand of shoes.
  • Feiyue brand is a good brand because it produces the cheapest shoes ever. I am a shoe collector and the Feiyue brand is one the brand that produces the cheapest shoes you can ever find. This makes the Feiyue brand good. The brand makes good shoes at a minimal cost.

There are two sections of the Feiyue brand. The original Chinese brand and a French brand. Both of these sections make good and quality shoes that come at a cheap and affordable price.

Feiyue is a good brand of comfortable shoe.

Are Feiyue shoes Minimalist?

Feiyue shoes are minimalist. They have a lot of similar qualities to a minimalist shoe which makes them fall into this category.

There is nothing confusing to this fact most especially when it comes to the Feiyue brand. Below are the reasons why Feiyue shoes are minimalist:

  • Feiyue shoes offer little or no arch support which is a feature that is found in a minimalist shoe.
  • Feiyue shoes have reduced cushioning. This is why the comfort they offer is not as much as the comfort you would get from wearing a sneaker. Feiyue shoes does not have a lot of cushioning. In fact, your feet would feel little or no cushioned effect when you wear them. This feature is found in a minimalist shoe as well.
  • Feiyue shoes are of lighter weight than every other typical running shoes or sneakers. This is one of the distinct feature of the Feiyue brand of shoes. Their shoes are extremely lightweight. Wearing the Feiyue brand of shoes is like walking barefoot. They are not heavy and they do not place pressure on your feet and toes while walking or running with it. This is one of the features of a minimalist shoe and a reason why Feiyue shoes are minimalist.
  • Feiyue shoes have a wide toe box which is good for everyone. A wide toe box will ensure that your toes are kept in the perfect shape while walking or running. This is also another feature of Feiyues shoes that makes them minimalist. I have seen a lot of reviews from people who claim that Feiyue shoes runs a little bit narrow at the top. However, the toe box is pretty big enough. Although, this also depends on the size and shape of your feet. However, Feiyue shoes have a wide toe box which makes them minimalist.
  • Feiyue shoes have a thin sole that literally makes you feel like walking barefoot whenever you walk in them. This is also a feature of minimalist shoes. A minimalist shoe is known to have thin sole which gives you the feeling of walking barefoot.
  • Feiyue shoes come in a very simple design that is not too elaborate or flashy.

The points mentioned above are the reasons why Feiyue shoes are minimalist. This could be the best minimalist shoe you have been searching for:

Does Feiyue run big or small?

From my experience with Feiyue shoes, they run small. I would also love to say that this assertion is based on the width and length of my feet and it might differ from your experience.

There has been a lot of debate over the past years about the sizing of Feiyue shoes. A lot of people have said different opposing views which has kept many people in ignorance and indecision.

However, one important fact to note is that your foot measurement determines a lot when it comes to your experience from wearing a shoe. I had to place a second order when I realized that my Feiyue shoe runs a little bit tight. I ordered a size up and it fits perfectly till now.

The FEIYUE men’s HERITAGE shoe is an example for men while the FEIYUE women’s AUTHENTIC HERITAGE shoe is an example for women.

From my experience, Feiyue shoes run small and in order to achieve a perfect fit, you must order for a size up.

What are Feiyue shoes good for?

Feiyue shoes are good performance shoes because of their comfort and flexible soles. Feiyue shoes are not good for everyday walking.

I would not advise that you wear Feiyue shoes to work on a daily basis. They don’t offer good arch support which might lead to severe foot conditions if used consistently.

Furthermore, the thin sole is not good enough for everyday walking.

Feiyue shoes are known to be good for martial artists mostly because of how light it is and how flexible the sole is.

Below are the suitable purposes and uses of Feiyue shoes:

  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo
  • Acrobats
  • Dancing
  • Shaolin monks
  • Parkour activities including leaping, walking, running, jumping vaulting, climbing, and other acrobatic activities.

These are the main uses of Feiyue shoes. The sole quality is what makes it suitable for these categories of people.

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