Nike Crocs: Is There Anything Like It?

Yes, Nike Crocs do exist. Nike just unveiled its latest edition of Air Force sneakers which comes with a unique style like that of the Crocs.

Nike Crocs

Just like the Crocs, this edition of Air-Force-Sneakers has a strap behind the heel to ensure a safe and perfect grip.

This singular twist among other interesting features that the Nike Air Force Sneakers possess which are similar to that of the crocs confirms the existence of a Nike Crocs.

The Nike Air Force has a soft interior and although a bit thicker, it comes with a rubber sole also.

Do Nike Sell Crocs?

Nike does not sell Crocs, the only Croc-related design or model that Nike sells is the Nike Crocs.

Nike is a brand on its own, I do not see the need for them to promote or market another brand’s footwear.

However, since the Nike Crocs seems more like a collaboration in design from both brands, one can overlook the differences and zero out formalities and just assume that Nike does sell Crocs Shoes and this will be in regards to the Nike Crocs that is a new edition released by Nike in 2019.

What brought about the Nike Crocs?

The whole idea of creating a Nike Crocs is more like a freestyle idea. There isn’t any specific reason behind the creation of the Nike Crocs apart from the fact that it was created to test out new ideas and have a look at what images would look like.

Since everything is now a slipper, the Nike manufacturers found it appropriate and interesting to manufacture a Nike croc that will have the feature of a Crocs and can also serve as a slipper when the need arises.

Speaking from my own perspective, now that I’ve actually seen what the Nike Crocs look like and also how it feels, I must say that it is one of the most bizarre and least expected designs that Nike has released so far.

I least expected that this will be as comfortable as it is at the moment and one interesting feature is that it doesn’t wear out after a few years of activities.

Their versatility feature is another thing to look into, they are very functional. They were initially made to serve as indoor shoes but then for the fact that they are actually strong and very comfortable, I believe you can use them for other things like activities that are outdoor-related.

Personally, I feel the creation of the Nike Crocs was a test of marketing strategy, more like the brand wanted to see how people will react to the new development before they can further the production.

Maybe the Nike Manufacturers decided to the Nike Crocs in the market to see whether it will make the record first and then decide if such designs are worth producing in mass and sold out or not.

This theory kind of explains why there has only been one edition of the Nike Crocs since 2019.

How Much is the Nike Crocs?

The Nike Crocs is selling at a retail price of $90.

They are pretty much available now and can be gotten via the Nike official website.

This design features an amazing twist in the sense that the Swoosh that most Nike shoes come with is in this model serving as a strap around the heel to ensure a perfect fit and also as an assurance that your shoes won’t go slipping off when you walk in them.

I think what people don’t understand is, that the availability of the swoosh serving as a strap makes it entirely possible for you to be able to use these shoes as outdoor shoes.

Where can one buy the Nike Crocs?

Nike sells their products on their website and in retail stores. Although you can get the Nike Crocs on many other platforms like Amazon and the rest.

This is a marketing strategy that most popular brands make use of in making sure they distribute their products globally.

The thing about this is that platforms like Amazon get products made by these brands at a retail price or wholesale and in turn advertise and sell it and make their own profits while making the brands’ products available for customers around the globe.

Nike has a channel and strategy for how they distribute their products, they have three major schemes which they make use of.

The first one is by selling products at wholesale prices just like we have talked about to wholesalers in the USA and other international organizations and markets in general, also by selling directly to their customers which is something we have talked about since they have a store where all these activities take place too.

The third channel is by selling to global brands for the purpose of establishing a friendly market relationship in the sense of growing the popularity of those brands involved.

Why you should own the Nike Crocs?

There are many reasons why you should own the Nike Crocs. The question here is rather why shouldn’t you own the Nike Crocs in the sense that they have everything sneakers have and even more.

With these claims, I’d like to further define my reasons for saying there is absolutely no reason for you not to own the Nike Crocs.

The thing is, when we talk about a good sneaker that is made by Nike Inc. we talk about arch support, moderate heel height, how stylish the vamp is made and then we consider the sole if it has good traction or not and if the shoe is waterproof or water-resistant or not.

These among others are what we consider credible features that make up a good sneaker.

Now, with the Nike Crocs edition, I feel this also possesses everything a regular sneaker does and in some sense even outperforms most of the sneakers done these days.

For instance, the Nike Crocs has an open back and a strap that features the looks of Crocs. This design has two things attached to it.

The first one is the fact that the swoosh is customized to serve as the strap and then to top it all, the strap is a bit stretchy which makes it possible for a customized fit.

This customized fitting allows people with different heel sizes to actually have a perfect fitting in the sense that the strap will stretch no matter how little a way possible to ensure it fits you.

Now the thing about having a little bit stretchy strap is that no matter what the size of your heel is once your legs are strapped in, it doesn’t really have matter how wide they are the strap will give a firm grip.

Not too much and tight but just perfect enough for a comfortable fit.

The second aspect where the Nike Crocs having an open back is a greater advantage compared to other sneakers is all about breathability.

Most people take the breathability of their sneakers very seriously, which is where the Nike Crocs come in.

The open back that the Nike Crocs have makes it look like Crocs and also like Sandals and also like a slipper makes room for enough breathability.

You will have air coming in and out of your footwear making it impossible for your feet to smell. Giving this a thought makes the Nike Crocs much preferable footwear compared to other sneakers.

The Nike Crocs has arch support; the toe box is considerably supported to ensure safety for indoor activities.

Water is mostly lying around in our houses so it is a factual statement if I say the Nike Crocs possess an anti-slippery sole with just enough traction lugs to entertain water spills and not make the wearer slip.

Just like I said, there are many reasons why you should get yourself a pair of Nike Crocs.

Differences between the Nike Crocs and Crocs Classic

The major difference between the Nike Crocs and the Crocs Classic is very clear.

I feel mere looking at both shoes you can tell that they have a lot that differs. Nevertheless, I will take the remedy of stating some of the most visible and credible differences in the sense of which one performs better and under which condition plus which one is more recommended than the other.

Comparison Nike Crocs Crocs Classic
First glance Good Good
Manufacturers Nike Inc. Crocs Inc.
Price $90 $49
Weight Heavier Lighter
Versatility More versatile Moderately versatile

First glance

Nike Crocs

Nike Crocs

  • Nike Swoosh
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Closed-cell EVA Foam and Rubber sole
  • Adjustable fit
  • Versatile

The Nike Crocs features a lot of things compared to the Crocs Classic, some of which we will review here as the article progresses.

One unique thing about the Nike Crocs is its functionality, these shoes can be converted to serve in other fields, for instance, they can be used as office shoes and also as walking shoes.

Crocs Unisex

Nike Crocs

  • Perfect display of Croslite foam
  • Croslite Sole
  • Breathable
  • Strap for an adjustable fit
  • Water shoes

The Crocs Classic on the other hand can be used as water shoes. This is one of the features it possesses that outperforms the Nike Crocs.

In the sense that you can actually submerge the Crocs Classic but you cannot do that with the Nike Crocs since it is made with a certain percentage of leather which makes it vulnerable to water damage.


As we all know the manufacturers of both shoes are not the same, these are shoes from two different brands.


In this case, the Crocs Classic is less expensive compared to the Nike Crocs which is expected due to the fact that one is made with sneaker traits and the other is not.

The Crocs Classic goes for a price of $49 or so, while the Nike Crocs start off at $90.


The Crocs Classic is much lighter than the Nike Crocs, this is so because the Nike Crocs is made with Recycled materials for more durability.


The versatility level of both shoes is totally different although kind of relating in some aspects.

What I mean is, you can use the Nike Crocs as work shoes and for other adventures that you may feel less sleek if you had turned up in Crocs Classic.

Will there be any future collaboration between Nike and the Crocs Company?

Judging from personal research and then with a contribution to the fact that both brands are great at staying through to their brand proposition, I doubt if there is ever going to be a future collaboration between both brands, Nike and Crocs.

My reason for saying this is that, in regards to the fact that the Nike Crocs was a blast, I am sure a lot of people love it with me inclusive. I do believe that Crocs should be  Crocs and a sneaker should be a sneaker.

The outcome of the first collaboration was a mad hit but then there are a lot of things that just didn’t cut out at all, for instance talking about the weight.

The weight of the Nike Crocs is not like the regular Crocs design even though the design is like that of the Crocs.

With this trait, you can’t help but feel like you are wearing Crocs even though what you are wearing feels a bit heavier than the Crocs.

This will end up giving you some mixed reactions since you are not sure of the feeling, you are having two things in mind, Crocs and a sneaker.


Just like I said, the Nike Crocs is one of the most amazing designs ever made by Nike, I’m sure a lot of people will be stunned by the feeling they get when they actually have a fit of this edition.

The fact still remains the fact which is that both brands are better off doing their own thing. The Crocs should be Crocs and the sneaker should be a sneaker.

I for one can’t wait to see the outcome of any future collaboration of both brands, I just hope it will be better than the Nike Crocs.


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