Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?

Nike huaraches run small and might be a bit tight when you buy them at first. This is why it is important that you keep wearing it till it breaks in and expands to a comfort level. Nike huaraches are lightweight and extremely comfortable footwear that is fit.

The trademark of Nike huaraches is a “snug feel†to your feet which means that they are designed to really look fit on your feet just like you hug your friend.

Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?

Most especially, if you have wide feet, Nike huaraches might be very tight for you when you buy them at first and this might be uncomfortable for you at first.

Do Nike Huaraches run true to size?

Nike huaraches do not run true to size. Due to its make-up, if you order for your direct size, it would run extremely small and you might find it impossible to wear.

Nike huaraches have a small body build with an elastic material that is meant to expand as you wear them.

To get an exact size that would be comfortable, you should order for half your size up and not more in order to prevent buying loose-fit footwear.

The Nike-Air-Huarache-Triple-White is an example of Nike huaraches that runs small. If you are going to purchase this amazing footwear which is exquisitely designed for any purpose, you should order half a size up.

There are a lot of Nike Huaraches that are comfortable, designed classically, and is for every purpose from casual to athletic.  However, the Nike-Air-Huarache-Triple-White fits properly and is lightweight.

Generally, Nike Huaraches are known to be small and lightweight. If you are going to be ordering for the Nike-Air-Huarache-Triple-White, ensure you don’t order your exact size to prevent extreme pain to your feet and toes when wearing them.

I ordered 46 instead of 46 in order to feel extremely comfortable. I remembered an experience I had with the Nike-Air-Huarache-Triple-White some years ago. I bought my exact size and had to abandon it after a little while.

It was until I carried out extensive research I realized my mistake. Don’t make the mistake of ordering your true size for Nike Huaraches, go a little bit higher for comfort because Nike Huaraches run small and are lightweight.

Do Nike Huaraches Stretch Out?

Nike huaraches are made of flexible material and they stretch out after a while of consistent wearing. If you have wider feet, Nike huaraches stretch out faster compared to others with less wide feet.

Nike huaraches are made to be small so that they can mold to the exact shape of our feet before they begin to stretch out. This is why they are always tight when you buy them.

Whenever you buy Nike Huaraches, don’t worry if they look tight at first, just keep wearing them. They are made of a very flexible and lightweight material that stretches out over time as you continue to wear them.

It is expected that Nike Huaraches would spread out due to the sock element of the shoe.

The NIKE Huarache white platinum shoe is one of Nike Huarache’s shoes that stretch out faster. This footwear is very fit and comfortable. Don’t get carried away by the outlook of this amazing footwear. It is extremely lightweight and makes walking comfortable.

Furthermore, if you are an athlete, this is the best fit for you. They stretch out pretty faster than most Nike Huaraches because of it is made up of a very flexible material.

It has additional padding on the inside that provides extreme comfort for your feet. This footwear stretches out faster than other Nike Huaraches footwears around.

The only reason why Nike Huaraches would not stretch out well for your feet is if you have ordered a size that is way too low for you. This is why I recommended in the previous section of this article that you go for a size higher than your current size in order to prevent being uncomfortable while wearing it.

The NIKE Huaraches white platinum shoe fits perfectly for your feet; just ensure you order for the right size.

Best ways to break in Nike Huaraches

Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?

You don’t need to do anything to Nike Huaraches in order to make it stretch out. The make-up of Nike Huaraches would make it stretch out just by wearing it.

However, if it gets to the point where it becomes extremely inconvenient for you and you feel like breaking it in quickly, then, there are few things you have to do to achieve this.

Walking around

The first method is mechanical. You don’t need to do anything to change the make-up of your Nike Huaraches. All you need to do is walking around in it.

You can put it on in the morning for taking a walk, jogging, and dancing. Putting extreme pressure on your Nike Huaraches makes it break in faster.

If you continue to wear your Nike Huaraches at different intervals like twice a week or so, it would take a long time before your Nike Huaraches break in or stretches out. In order to stop feeling uncomfortable, start out by wearing your Nike Huaraches daily.

If you wear it consistently for 7 days with a minimum of 3 – 4 hours, you would break in your Nike Huaraches faster than others. This is a very effective way and means of breaking in your Nike Huaraches without any stress.

Buy a shoe stretcher

Furthermore, there is another method that would perform the trick, but it would take longer than the first method. Another means of breaking in your Nike Huaraches is to buy a wooden shoe stretcher.

Buying a wooden or plastic wooden stretcher would stretch your Nike Huaraches in order to take away the pain it causes to your feet and toes. The simplest method to do this is to put the wooden or plastic stretcher into your Nike Huaraches and leave it there overnight.

If it does not expand as much as you want it to, you can always repeat the process every other day until you get the desired result.

Use thick damp socks or newspaper

Another method of ensuring your Nike Huaraches breaks in faster is to use thick damp socks or newspaper. Once you have dampened your sock or newspaper with the desired moisture, crumple it inside your Nike Huaraches and leave it for a considerable amount of time (say 4-5 hours).

During this period, the Huaraches would stretch out the leather. Using this method would also help you get the desired result and fit that is comfortable for your feet and toes.

Use the heat from a dryer

Using heat is one of the most effective and quickest methods of stretching out your Nike Huaraches faster. Leathers are very malleable when it comes to heat. You can do this by placing your dryer into your Nike Huaraches. Doing this makes the leather loose thereby allowing it to stretch out easily.

Once you are done with that process, you can allow it to cool down before trying it on. Once you try it on and the desired effect is not seen, repeat the process all over again till the desired outcome is achieved.

Visit a shoe specialist

Finally, you can visit a professional. Visit a shoe repair specialist that provides a breaking-in shoe service. In order for this to happen, you should allow about 2-3 days for the specialist to perform his work.

If you carry out one of these processes, you won’t have to go through the stress of having to feel uncomfortable while wearing your Nike Huaraches.

Are there other Nike shoes that run small?

NIKE Air Max 90 casual shoes

Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?

This is one of the Nike Shoes that run small other than Nike Huaraches. It has a synthetic sole that makes walking easier and comfortable. It has a tough, waffle-style outsole that gives superb traction. It has an amazing external design that adds class to your outlook.

Its padded collar supports your ankle even as it makes you comfortable. Furthermore, it is lightweight and has a small fit size. When ordering this footwear, order a little bit half size up for comfort. Its midsole ensures daylong comfort.

With this footwear, you don’t have to bother about having sores after wearing it for a long time. However, it is good to note that wearing it for the first few days might be uncomfortable for a little while before it begins to break in.

If you can’t endure the pain, try out the techniques I listed above to allow your NIKE Air Max 90 casual shoes to break in faster and quicker.

NIKE Kyrie 6 shoe

Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?

Apart from Nike Huaraches, the NIKE Kyrie 6 shoe is another footwear that runs small in size. It is quite expensive compared to other Nike footwear, but it is comfortable, safe, and reliable.

It is also very durable and lasts long. It is not as lightweight as the NIKE Air Max 90 casual shoes, but it is very easy and comfortable to walk in.

It has an adjustable strap that covers over the lace to keep your foot stable over your footbed. It has a lightweight foam midsole that is soft, supportive and helps to smoothen the heel-toe transition.

When ordering for the size to buy, ensure your order for a little higher than your actual size in order to prevent pains and sores on your feet and toes which would arise as a result of extremely tight shoes.


This footwear has a lower foam density that lets your feet get connected to the ground. It has a rubber sole that has a firm grip which makes it stable.

It also has a small fit just like the NIKE Air Max 90 casual shoes and NIKE Kyrie 6 shoe. It is affordable compared to the other footwear I have listed in this section.

It is comfortable and durable which makes it an amazing choice. This is one of the Nike sneakers that run small apart from the Nike Huaraches.


Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?

The Nike ZOOM FLY sneakers also run small. It has a rubber sole that is strong and lightweight. Furthermore, it has a breathable feature that keeps your feet cool and comfortable while wearing it for a long time.

The NIKE ZOOM FLY SNEAKERS for women is the women’s version of this amazing footwear while the NIKE ZOOM FLY SNEAKERS for men is the male version of this footwear.

They are durable and last longer. Furthermore, they are multipurpose and can be used for several occasions ranging from casual to athletic.

Apart from the Nike Huaraches, the above-listed footwears also run small. Nike has a list of footwear that run small.

However, I have listed the best out of them to aid your selection just in case you are looking for Nike shoes that run small which are not Nike Huaraches. The selections above would suit your preference and taste.

Do Nike stil sell Huaraches?

Nike Huaraches are still sold in the market. You can get your Nike Huaraches on the NIKE WEBSITE. Nike Huaraches are in different forms and variants.

You must ensure to carefully select what fits best for you before you make your choice and also consider the cost-effectiveness of each Nike Huaraches.

Nike Huaraches are available in the market and you can order them on the NIKE WEBSITE.

Who wears Nike Huaraches?

Nike Huaraches can be worn by everyone. There is no specific class of people who should wear Nike Huaraches.

Nike Huaraches can be worn by sportsmen and it can be worn by employees, students, and so on. Nike Huaraches can be used as a casual outfit to visit the club or other entertainment centers.

Nike Huaraches can be worn by everyone.

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