7 Best Skate Shoes for MTB (in 2023)

To fully enjoy the thrill of mountain biking with shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and offer the best grip and protection to your feet might seem like a tough choice, so listed below are some of the best skate mountain bike shoes.

Top 7 Skate Shoes for Mountain Biking

Skate MTB Features Ratings
Vans old skool pro
  • Excellent pedal feel
  • Very comfortable
  • Classic design
Five ten sleuth DLX
  • Top grip level
  • Good design


Ride concept vice
  • D30 insole prevent shock
Nike SB zoom Stefan Janoski RM
  • Good style
  • Good traction
Five ten men’s freerider bike shoe
  • Synthetic and leather uppers
  • Rubber outsole
  • Sticky sole increases pedal grip
DC men’s pure Action sport sneaker
  • Leather canvass
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • Collar padding
Globe men’s motely mid skate shoe
  • Durable canvass
  • Elevated heel

Vans old skool pro


Vans old skool pro is legendary footwear among extreme sports enthusiasts around the world. They have been in existence for some decades now being the most sought-after shoe for high-performance cavity or sport.

One factor that contributes to this is that they appear stylish and perform according to expectations. Originally manufactured for pro skaters, the features it possesses make it ideal for a mountain biking adventure.

Vans old skool pro comes with a new ultraCush sole that upgrades it from its predecessor0, providing increased comfort and protection against shock and impacts. The outsole is also reinforced so that they don’t wear easily.

One notable feature is the way it grips the pedal firmly as you ride, this is due to the unique waffle sole and a diamond-shaped tread pattern that guarantees a strong grip.

They produce the right amount of traction with your pedals allowing you to ride without fear of slipping. There exist a wide variety of colors for you to choose from, mixing forward fashion with high performance.

Five ten sleuth DLX


If the grip is your concern in footwear, then five-ten sleuth is the best choice for you. This shoe model is produced with a unique ‘’stealth’’ sticky rubber technology that puts it as the leader in traction control and slips resisting ability.

This sleuth features a classical design and provides a high level of pedal traction no matter the circumstances. If you are good with tricks and jumps then this footwear is the best choice for you, with its grip next to none in the market.

Present in the design Is a stiff sole that offers comfort and protection from impacts and shocks when landing and efficiently transfers power from your foot to the pedals.

Ride concept vice


This shoe is attractive and one of the best looking performing shoes in the market today. Ride concept designed a shoe that chooses pedal feel and performance over other features in a shoe.

A very unique shoe that is suitable for men, women and even has youth options available among its production line.

Its upper is made from suede with ventilation holes that make it breathable allowing your feet to be cool always.

A TPU toe protector prevents injury to your toe in cases of accident or falls protecting your toes from harm.

One attractive feature is the insole technology, with parts of D30 impact-absorbing foam carefully stitched to its inside to reduce shock from harsh compressions as you seek more thrills on your mountain trails.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski RM


Originally designed for skaters this Nike brand has seen increased use in mountain biking sport. One reason is that they are good-looking and attractive and can be worn as regular shoes.

Its design is simple and features a soft sock liner in its insoles with no bedding required, combined with the flexible outsole gives riders an intimate feeling with the pedals you ride.

It also comes in various sizes that can fit a wide range of feet out there.

Five ten men’s freerider bike shoe


This is a popular shoe among BMX riders known for its sleek design, durability, and excellent fit it provides. Theirs is also no compromise on comfort as it feels great on your feet all day long.

ten free-rider is manufactured to conquer extreme sport like rock climbing, bike racing, kayaking, etc., performing way beyond expectations.

Its most unique feature is that it’s very durable, and this I due to its combination of upper leather and synthetic structure.

Whenever a tough situation is marked on your calendar the five-ten free rider is there for you, allowing you to enjoy long hours of comfort while doing tough sports activities.

It features a rubber outsole design that is slip-resistant and grips the pedal well, sticking firmly to the pedal like glue and increasing traction as you burn through your mountain trail.

The shoes are true to size and have a lace system that improves the fit, hugging your feet perfectly.

DC men’s pure Action sport sneaker


Dc sports sneakers are stylishly designed and you can rest assured of their performance ability as well. Its stylish design doesn’t interfere with the premium features that make it a good choice among sports professionals.

It has a quality leather upper that is durable and perfect for a long duration of use. The outsole features a sticky rubber that significantly increases grip with the pedal propelling you faster and easily over any terrain. Also note that the outsole is 100% abrasion-resistant, this accounts for a longer lifespan.

It is very comfortable with its tongue and collar offering cushioning effect for your feet enabling you to ride longer and effectively without discomfort. Its canvass is well ventilated offering proper air circulation to remove sweat and keep your feet cool all the time.

Globe men’s motley mid skate shoe


A very uniquely crafted shoe, Globe men’s mid-skate shoe should top your list when it comes to protecting your feet. Its style is simple, with a mid-height ankle design for additional support for your ankles while you riding. It is also very durable.

With a smooth suede upper and a toe area that is seamless this shoe has the capacity to last a long time. Any footwear or shoe you intend to use for mountain biking should have a good grip and globe mid-skate shoes have you covered.

The outsole is made with vulcanized rubber and the tread is designed in a herringbone pattern. This gives birth to increased traction with the pedals, the grip is so efficient it boosts your pedaling performance.

The canvass is made with a breathable fabric lining that keeps air circulating, keeping you comfortable. The fitting is good, with a lace-up system that ensures they hug your feet the right way.

An additional feature that guarantees a measure of comfort is the padded tongue and collar providing comfort as you pedal through the mountains.

Mountain biking is a fun and sport activity that is loved by folks around the world. It creates endurance, strength, and stamina. With thousands of professionals around the world using skate shoes as their most preferred choice of footwear.

Things to note about mountain biking

Anyone actively involved in mountain biking is advised biking to wear skate shoes when going mountain biking especially if their pedals are flat.

The reason skate shoes are most preferred is that their sole is made from quality rubber that is stiff and tacky, allowing the metal pins in the pedals to grip them effectively proving excellent traction and firmness as you ride in direct mountain terrain.

Bicycles that have clipless pedals need shoes that can clip into the pedals and secure your feet until you free them from their restraint.

Riding flats is the most common type of feature available to new riders and it would take experimenting with both flat and clipless pedals to know which is best suited for your mountain biking adventure.

When your feet touch the pedals and attempt to propel the bicycle forward multiple forces are acting at this very moment, with your shoes attempting to fold over the pedals from pressure gotten from standing on the pedals, leaning from the seat, or go riding downhill on a trail where your weight and rapidly changing terrain conditions combined with obstacles to send put you off course at any moment.

You have to keep in mind the type of trail and duration of ridging you intend to achieve because, for a ten-minute ride, you might not experience to fatigue that comes with mountain biking unless you engage in riding for hours over rugged mountain terrain.

When selecting appropriate shoes for mountain biking, do not attempt to use running shoes with a cut-out sole as this would not grip well with the square surface area of the pedals and is grip metal pins. Once there is no adequate grip between your feet and the pedals this would put you at risk of a foot injury and fatigue.

When riding fast or navigating through uneven mountain terrain it’s essential to have your foot stuck to the pedal, anything else is hazardous to your riding experience.

Features of mountain bike shoes

There are physical similarities present in regular shoes and mountain bike shoes, these include an outsole, a midsole, and an upper however their structure is designed to offer more protection in the rugged mountain terrain.

  • Their midsoles are usually constructed using carbon fiber, which is a lighter and stronger material. A good midsole design is stiff and less flexible to prevent loss of power when you blaze along the mountain path.
  • Their insoles have EVA ready to ride foam covering. This offers comfort without adding more weight to the shoe design and structure securing your feet and also providing comfort and preventing bruises that occur from feet rubbing.
  • Outsoles are constructed from various materials that offer traction and reduces impact from external pressure or impact. Overall their design is done in a way that there is a balance between traction, durability, power transfer, and weight all in an effort to give an optimized experience when going mountain biking.

Can I ride a mountain bike in regular shoes?

Yes, you can experience a wonderful thrilling time mountain biking with your normal shoes. However, there are physical drawbacks involved when you don’t use the proper recommended shoes for mountain biking.

The effect or drawback is parallel to the amount of time spent riding, the type of shoes worn while riding, your skill level, and the type of terrain you find yourself in. firstly, you have to understand that some shoes have more features to support your mountain biking activities than others.

Also, your skill level as a rider is another important factor. If you’re a pro at mountain biking, you would depend less on the limitations of wearing standard shoes.

Mountain biking is an extreme sport that has expensive gears and takes a reasonable amount from your coffers, therefore save up when picking your gears like a bike, helmet, etc., and select shoes that are appropriate for you.

On a final note, you should be aware that the terrain type you ride also affects your decision of riding shoes. This is because mountain biking activity is very hard on shoes and when the terrain is applied daily or often they, in turn, shorten the lifespan of your biking shoes.

The pins on the pedals of mountain bike tend to shred the underside of most shoes during regular mountain biking activity, so always be sure to obtain regular mountain biking shoes.

Why should I buy skate shoes for mountain biking?

The advantages of having proper footwear when going mountain biking cannot be overemphasized. Mountain bike shoes increase your skill level when you ride and ensures you are confident as you navigate through trails of mountains and their harsh terrain. Some of the benefits are listed below;


The sole of a good biking shoe has to be stiff. If you compare the flexibility between a regular shoe and a mountain biking shoe you will notice that those meant for mountain biking have more stiffness than your regular shoes.

Stiff shoes allow for the transfer of almost 100% energy from your feet to the pedals and it’s essential when you go on those long mountain trails with high inclines.

This makes your effort to bean efficient and in turn, makes your riding experience more comfortable. The stiff midsole keeps your foot to be properly aligned with the pedals, preventing discomfort or energy loss from having your foot twist or turn as you make that important climb.


This quality is very essential when selecting shoes of your choice. The rigors of mountain biking sadly destroy regular shoes easily, this is caused by the metal pins and grooves biting into the soles of your shoes.

The grooves enable your feet to stay stuck to the pedals at all times.

Regular shoes don’t have this durability so before going out on your next mountain biking adventure make sure you invest in proper mountain biking shoes.

Traction and grip

Once you are involved in regular mountain biking you will discover that pedaling in rugged and uneven terrain demands that you put your foot through some awkward positions, that you are not familiar with.

Mountain biking shoes have stiff midsoles that help keep your feet centered and in place.

They are manufactured using high-quality rubber that offers maximum grip due to their sticky nature. The grooves and metal pins on the pedals do not eat into the soles of mountain bikes when compared to regular shoes.

Mountain biking shoes have a harder and thicker upper canvass that provides a firm structure as you pedal, this gives you extra protection for your feet against sharp rocks surfaces or trees you may encounter on your trails.

You cannot underestimate the need for good and durable shoes because they offer the best protection from accidental slips and falls.

Clipless pedals

Another important factor you should take into account when purchasing a pair of mountain bike shoes is that your pedals might be clipless. Some folks go the extra mile to purchase clipped pedals before they go riding.

But this mustn’t be the case, if you have good pair of mountain biking shoes as they would stay stuck to your pedals effectively, giving you the confidence you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Advantages of skate mountain bike shoes

Maximum protection

Regular running or tennis shoes cannot give you the protection you deserve when you go mountain biking.

When you cover your mountain trail, you expose your feet to a dangerous situation and you wouldn’t want anything that doesn’t offer you the best of protection to your feet.

You need to have shoes that have a thick toe box and also protect your ankles from harm, giving you more time to enjoy your biking adventure.

Some shoes have a synthetic canvass that offers increased protection to your ankles and also keeps dirt and small stones out of your shoes as you cycle.

Their midsoles offer strong protection against foot fatigue and bruises that reduces the experience. More importantly, they have a significant water-resistant property, repelling mud and liquids that soaks and damages your shoe in the long run.

Give support

Although mountain bike shoes might have the appearance of regular shoes, they do not possess the same features. Some of these qualities only become noticeable when you have them on, like the stiffness of the midsoles.

Any footwear with stiff midsoles helps to relieve stress encountered when you pedal by increasing your energy efficiency as you pedal, enabling your foot to work less while giving maximum output.

You will find this most helpful when you engage in long rides or difficult ascent trails. Mountain biking shoes offer significant support for your feet allowing you to enjoy a fun-filled day in the mountain trails and your feet would definitely appreciate the added support.

Efficient power transfer

Proper mountain biking shoes allow you to transfer all your energy efficiently from your feet to your pedals.

Regular shoes have a loss of energy when you use them for hard riding because their cushioned midsoles absorb some amount of force before transferring the rest to your pedals, but the stiff soles allow you to effectively transfer all your power to your pedals without any loss.

Also, mountain bikes with clipless pedals assist you in harnessing more power by enabling you to push or pull on the pedals.

Grip and traction

One very important advantage of mountain bike shoes is that they offer excellent traction and grip. When riding on hard trails and terrain you will want to make sure that you don’t suffer from the loss of energy that arises from your shoes slipping off your pedals.

This loss can only be mitigated when your shoes have proper grip and traction. Mountain bike shoes are produced with this feature engraved in their whole structure, with their tread patterns designed exclusively to stick firmly to your pedals.

Where there is lack of proper grip can lead to accident and safety issues, and it’s not ideal to have your shoes slipping off when riding hard up or down the trails.


Everyone wants to make purchases that save you money over a long period of time and this also applies to mountain bike shoes.

Using regular shoes for mountain biking isn’t cost-effective because they damage pretty quickly making you buy shoes frequently.

When you buy recommended mountain bike shoes you discover that they’re more durable and last long against elements of wearing and tearing.

So, always be sure to buy them as they save you cost while giving you the satisfaction you require.


When you go mountain biking always have the right shoes on to avoid injury to your feet. Proper biking shoes ensure that you do not waste energy riding up and down the mountain trail.

You need shoes that are comfortable, durable, and offer the very best protection. Regular shoes are not ideal for mounting biking because they cannot handle the extreme conditions of the mountain terrain, this causes them to wear out quickly.

Purchase shoes that are durable and have stuff midsoles for an efficient ride.

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