10 Best Etnies for BMX (in 2023)

Shoes that are suitable for BMX have to have a grippy sole that ensures a strong grip with the pedals is a must. While riding you need shoes that can support you in performing tricks and stays glued to your feet.

Recommended shoes for BMX would have important characteristics such as comfort, and reinforced heel for support.

Our recommended Etnies shoes great for BMX

You might find it difficult to decide on a particular choice, so, we came up with a list of the best Etnies shoes for you to enjoy riding all day.

Shoes Feature Rating 1-5
Etnies Jameson SLW
  • Water-Resistant
  • Quick-drying
Etnies Metal Mushila Fader
  • Thick rubber outsole
  • EVA Midsole
Etnies Joslin
  • Reinforced rubber outsole
  • Elastic strap and tongue
Etnies Li Cut II LS
  • Strong rubber outsole
  • Triple stitched sole
  • Low cut
Etnies Barge LS
  • Good grip
  • Strong lace hole
  • Vulcanized rubber
Etnies Scout
  • Soft foam insoles
  • Breathable mesh
  • High impact absorption
  • Strong egg crate structure
  • Nubuck design
  • Good arch
  • Support ankles
  • Firm outsoles
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Good shock absorber
Jameson 2 Eco
  • Plush foam insoles
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Stylish design

BMX has become a very popular sport in recent years among street culture and this also led to BMX shoes becoming famous as well. This increase in popularity has even gone on to affect ordinary individuals bin buying and rocking a pair of skate shoes.

With this in mind, many companies have been developing over the years, proper footwear that meets the demand of BMXing.

With so many choices from the different brand today in the market it would be difficult to make a definite choice on the right shoe that fit the demand of the sport.

Let’s get to the proper review of our Etnies.

Jameson SLW


This particular model of Etnies is outstanding when it comes to its renowned design technology. Its construction prevents damage from rainy or icy situations making it suitable for extremely cold conditions.

It has a great lugging structure that gives improved traction and grip in variable conditions and the suede is waterproof to keep your feet dry always.

One good feature is the presence of about 3mm of insulating material that gives warmth to your feet in colder climate conditions.

The lugging under this shoe is superior in design, its grip is excellent even in icy conditions with a low freezing point that ensures adequate traction and support.

The insoles are also beautifully crafted, lined with fleece material to enable quick drying of your feet this footwear is a top choice for those who love an ingenious product.


  • Waterproof suede covering
  • Lug tread outsole
  • Good padding
  • Dries quickly


  • Fits snugly

Metal mushila fader


Known for its stylish and graphically pattern design, the fader model from Etnies is iconic footwear to have.

It retains the top qualities known in the fader production models, present is 300 NBS outsole that gives an excellent grip and sticky feature for increased traction.

An EVA-lined midsoles give additional support and comfort as you go about riding.

The shock from impacts is reduced greatly with STI foam technology present in the footbed offering a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort and safety.

You can choose from a range of colors n design patterns, making you appear stylish and still keeping function for optimum performance.

It’s a footwear that always makes a statement everywhere it goes.


  • 300 NBS outsole
  • Footbed laid with STI foam
  • Unique design pattern
  • EVA midsole
  • Vulcanized construction


  • Weak stitching



To successfully select footwear for an extreme sport such as BMX, skateboarding, etc. is to follow sport professionals in wearing shoes they also wear as you are certain they would give you the required performance.

Named after a pro skater, this model is designed to give the best user experience any sports enthusiast would find satisfying.

The rubber outsole gives increased support while performing tricks and keeping your feet stuck to your pedals, this is due to its superior grip design.

The outsole absorbs shocks adequately, a quality that is ideal for red9ucing shock from impacts as you perform your tricks and maneuverers.

Padding present in the collar and tongue keeps your feet locked in a proper position while providing comfort, and the strap system is elastic giving you flexibility while remaining firm as you move.

It’s also a great choice for those who want to combine stylish fashion designs with the functionality of performance.


    • Hidden extended toe-cap
    • Michelin reinforced rubber sole


  • Tongue straps are elastic
  • Foam midsole


  • Narrow size

Lo cut ii LS


These shoes are ideal for those who love classic old-school designs when performing on the bike or doing tricks. It has a range of features that makes it a definite choice for you.

As you ride around the yard or game yard this shoe model has you covered. It features a footbed that is lined with STI foam technology for improved comfort and cushioning ability.

The ankle is exposed for additional maneuverability and freedom as you perform around the court.

The rubber outsole is constructed with 400NBS material for all-round traction and grip with the pedals as you blaze along your trails.

When riding, it important to note that flexibility is a key component of any shoe, as it allows you to effectively move your feet and obtain maximum energy transfer.

The cut design exposes your ankles which enables you to move your foot without any obstruction.

The toe box is secured with a triple stitched toe that supports the structure of the shoe, but its most unique quality is the classic appearance and aesthetic look.

It is also available in a wide range of colors for you to choose from.


  • The rubber outsole has a 400NBS feature
  • Triple stitched sole
  • Low cut
  • STI foam in the midsole


  • Different size

Barge LS


In an effort to join the world in going green and saving the environment, while also being socially responsible this shoe was crafted using recycled materials. The product is stylish and also a good fit.

It has a vulcanized rubber outsole that is superior to many other with increased strength and grip for optimum pedal contact.

The external fabric is durable, with double stitching and additional layers for reinforcement. Its construction is flexible and lightweight.

It fits well with its narrow design hugging your feet and providing adequate support.

The heels are elevated slightly for stamina; an armored collar for when things get intense.

It features a PU insole that offers premium comfort with a footbed that molds after the shape of your feet allowing for extra support.


  • Excellent grip
  • Vulcanized rubber sole
  • Metal lace holes
  • Reinforced lace holes


  • Flat insole
  • Narrow fit



The recent rise in sneaker demand among youth and outdoor enthusiasts has seen shoe companies producing footwear that sleek and also easy to wear.

Today’s fashion requirement wants designs that are trendy and also performs, with the ability to be worn both for sport or casual event.

The product design is plush with an insole that molds to the shape of your foot allowing for a springy forward motion as you walk.

The mesh fabric is very breathable to keep your foot cool as you cycle through hot days. The interior is lined with spandex and lycra providing extra strength and comfort for you.


  • The heel strap is elastic
  • Plush foam interior
  • Breathable mesh
  • Very lightweight





  • Thin outsole



Widely known for its pop-culture design and colors. The performance of this model of Etnies is rivaled by none.

It has a very unique fit and a midsole foam that molds with the shape of your feet and securing it firmly.

Its fabric structure is very breathable with distinctive grip qualities suitable for long hours of riding.

The rubber outsole is fitted with 300 NBS with increased flexibility and premium grip.

The insoles have a unique cell PU technology offering advanced shock absorption qualities.

This gives you confidence as you ride around different terrain and perform jumps and tricks.

The collars and tongue come padded for extra comfort and support.


  • Superior shock absorption
  • Protective egg-crate structure
  • 360-degree cushioning


  • Inconsistent sizing



Standing true to its name kingpin this model of footgear is designed for kings. Extreme sports lovers who love intense riding should make this their shoe of choice.

When riding hard, lots of pressure is applied to the feet, therefore proper footgear should offer top comfort and support features included in their design.

The grip is excellent in this model with the padded accent providing support for your ankles.

Kingpin utilizes 100% Nubuck synthetic material which reduces the chances of wear and tear.

The rubber sole features the 400 NBS traction which gives it excellent grip and flexibility isn’t lost on the design.

Padded collar and tongues help to absorb shocks from hard riding while keeping you comfortable.

Their fabric is soft and feels smooth on the skin, as you pedal through obstacles.


  • Nubuck design
  • Excellent arch support
  • 400 NBS Rubber
  • Supportive ankle cushioning


  • Bulky appearance
  • Low durability



This production model comes with an ingenious design. The footwear is stylish and comes in various attractive colors.

The outsole is forged with Michelin rubber which gives it a superior strength to handle and pressure placed on it. You can rest assured that it will grip your pedals perfectly.

The stitching in the canvass gives it a durable quality that performs in the hardest of conditions creating a long last experience.

In deciding the best shoes for your riding experience, you have to take notice of some features that make them comfortable and also durable.

The rubber grip on the sole is outstanding sticking deep into your pedals. The outsole isn’t just glued to the canvass but stitched directly to the canvass this provides a more improved hold.

The toe box region is reinforced for better toe protection, and the midsole is lined with polyurethane technology providing significant shock absorption and protection for your ankles and joints.


  • Sturdy firm outsole
  • Injected toe cap
  • High shock absorbing midsole.
  • Padded tongue and collar


  • Limited lace protection

Jameson 2 Eco


The shoe has an incredibly stylish appearance and still functions wonderfully as a sports shoe.

As you ride up and down obstacle courses, you need this Jameson 2 eco for firmness always.

You need to prevent foot fatigue and injury from occurring during riding so comfortable footwear should be worn at all times.

Jameson 2 has a wraparound midsole that gives plush comfort to your feet. The fabric is stitched to the outsole for extra cushioning and firmness.

The toe box is vulcanized for more protection, the laces are strengthened with metal to keep from ripping off.


  • Soft foam insole
  • Durable rubber
  • Enhanced metal lacing
  • Stylish design


  • Canvas is weak
  • Short durability

Criteria for choosing the best Etnies for BMX


Any footwear that is expected to perform or be used for BMX must be able to withstand immense pressure.

It must possess certain qualities that make it possible to last a long time. Firstly, the outside should not be glued to the canvas but double stitched.

An outsole that is glued can’t stand the pressure of riding and would fall off over time.

Firmness is another needed addition, with a good lacing system accompanied with metal lace holes makes sure it never becomes loose as you do high-intensity riding.

The rubber on the outsole should be vulcanized flexible rubber.

The material fabric of the shoes also matters with leather and suede lasting longer than most other materials out there, with better resistance to mud and dirt.

We all know BMX is intense and expends a lot of pressure so good and comfortable shoes are vital.

Shock absorption

Recommended shoes for biking activities should possess adequate shock-absorbing quality.

This is needed to prevent injury to your feet from jumping and hard landing encountered on the track.

This pressure generated from these impacts goes straight to your ankles and knees if no pressure is absorbed.

The outsole should have a durable rubber and thick sole to reduce shocks from impact.

The midsole is should be padded with soft or forged foam technology for comfort and extra support to your feet.

An EVA or cell PU midsole is a favorable choice to absorb shock and adding a springy motion to your steps as you move.

This feature makes it possible for you to have an enjoyable experience and also perform at a much longer duration.


Flexibility usually depends on the kind of material used for the production of the shoes. A narrow midsole would restrict airflow and cause sweat to build up in the shoes.

The upper should not be rigid enough not to allow movement of your foot especially to wiggle around.

The rubber outsole should be constructed with a material that is both sturdy and still flexible enough to allow easy movement.

The material should also be lightweight and not restrict movement by being bulky.

Other qualities include; protection and comfort.

As you hit the tracks soon be sure to out there in your best footgear, taking your best pick out of our Etnies reviews and making a statement on the track. Cheers!!!

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