How to Make Converse Not Hurt

Needless to say, Converse is among the most recognizable shoe brands in the world. It is very easy and predictable for anyone who wants to buy a pair of shoes to consider converse and its all-embracing design. Not only because they are easy to wear but also because they are customizable.

While the all-glorifying Converse sneakers are always a go-to option, they can hurt your leg when you wear them.

This does not go to say they are not comfy or do not look great, there are many factors that can make your converse sneakers hurt. in this post, I am going to show you various ways you can make your converse not hurt.

Choosing to rock Converse sneakers is a very good choice, but the account of other people’s experience of wearing the shoe may want to discourage you.

There are ways you can prevent and solve converse from hurting.

What are these ways?

Steps to make my converse not hurt when wearing

In a highlight, here are a few solutions to how to stop converse from hurting your feet when wearing it.

Some of these options are practical and instant, while some will require time to take effect.

  • Put on a pair of thick socks before wearing your converse sneakers
  • You can apply roll-on or stick deodorant to friction areas of your leg
  • The use of classic Band-Aids on friction zones
  • Push a clean potato inside the covers and leave overnight to enlarge the shoe
  • Sprinkle some powder of Talcum powder on your feet before you put on your converse
  • Ultimately visit a local cobbler if none of the above works for you

How to Make Converse Not Hurt

So, guys, there are as many ways to stop a converse from hurting as the factors that make your shoe hurt whenever you wear it.

Most people will be quick to tell you that the only solution to make your converse not hurt when wearing is to enlarge it.

Well, yes, not wearing the right converse sneakers for your shoe size can cause tightness which can, in turn, make your leg hurt when wearing the sneakers.

But what about friction, blisters, and toe pains?

How do you solve or prevent these?

This is why you need to go through the guide we have put here in this post, showing you how to make your converse not hurt, regardless of the factors that cause the hurting.

The above are my recommendations on the different ways you can make your converse shoe not hurt when wearing it. But how do you go about it?

Read on to know about the steps involved in each of these ways.

Putting on thick socks

How to Make Converse Not Hurt

When you put on a pair of thick socks before wearing your converse it expands the material from which the sneakers were made from the heat.

This, in turn, will make the shoe more soft and flexible. When you do this, try walking around in the shoes repeatedly until it is cool.

Applying Roll-on or stick deodorant to friction areas of your leg

How to Make Converse Not Hurt

Another way you can make your converse not hurt is to get some roll-on or stick deodorant and apply it on the most commonly affected areas of your leg that hurts when you wear the shoe. These areas may be the lateral border of your foot, the heel bone, or the toes.

It helps to get rid of the friction that emanates between the shoe and your foot, causing it to be pain-free when you wear it.

A deodorant that I love and I know works excellently well in this regard is the MANSCAPED Foot Deodorant Spray. You should try it out too.

Use classic Band-Aids on friction zones

How to Make Converse Not Hurt

This is another common method that most people use, it helps in eliminating pain from wearing shoes in general.

Apart from the hurt your get from wearing your converse sneakers, applying the band-aid on friction zones prevents rubbing, eliminates friction, and thus eliminates blisters or pain.

The use of potatoes

Get a decent cut of clean potato and push it inside the converse shoe, leave it there overnight. don’t worry, it will not produce any smell, but make sure you use a damp cloth to remove the potato so that there are no remains inside of the shoe.

This is an uncommon trick, but it widens your new converse shoe and makes it comfier and pain-free.

Sprinkling some powder of Talcum powder on your feet

The secret behind this method is that the frictional force on the surface of the foot that brings about the hurting is absolutely reduced with the Talcum powder applied on the feet. My favorite is the IMPERIAL talcum powder.

If you find this method preferable,  before you put on your converse, all you need to do is sprinkle some powder on your feet.

And you want to make sure your feet are dry if at all you are going to wear socks.

What about the help of a local cobbler?

How to Make Converse Not Hurt

If you do not want to go through any stress, and you want a very reliable option, I recommend you seek the assistance of any local cobbler.

Since most of them are equipped with the required devices that can help modify your converse according to your request, they are among the best options to consider when thinking of how to make your converse not hurt.

They have the right tools to effortlessly stretch your converse so that it does not hurt anymore, and these are tools you will most likely not have.

Another way you can make your converse, not just when wearing it is using silicone insoles on affected areas which can be easily gotten in pharmacies, orthopedic stores, and even online.

Alternatively, you can fill a plastic bag with water, and put it inside your shoes. Afterward, freeze it overnight to make the shoe a bit wider as the water must have turned into ice.

If you have been experiencing hurt while working with your converse sneakers, trying any of these methods will allow you to walk without discomfort.

But that is not all, have you for once wondered why your feed hurt particularly when you put on your converse shoe?

Frequently Asked Questions on Hurting Converse

Why do my feet hurt when I wear converse?

As I have mentioned earlier, there are a number of possible reasons why your feet hurt when you wear converse.

This can be a very terrible experience especially when you have a long distance to cover and you can not go barefoot, but if you can identify the reasons why feet hurt when in converse shoes, then you can prepare ahead or take the measures shared above.

So below are the possible reasons why your feet hurt when you wear converse shoe

  • You are walking around with a type of converse that is not ideal for the job I.e jogging
  • You have maybe chosen your workout or running converse shoes based on appearance
  • You break in a converse shoe wrongly (I will show you the proper way in this post)
  • You go barefoot immediately you get home from wearing the converse all-day
  • Maybe the converse shoe is too old, perhaps, since 2010!

Why does converse hurt my little toe?

The top edge is too narrow.

When it comes to wearing shoes, know that pointy-toed shoes crush the toes. Now if you look at some of the designs of converse shoes, the edge is somewhat pointy, in the sense that the width of your foot top may not be fit for the width of the top edge of the shoe.

So feeling pain in your little toe is one of the most common foot problems from converse shoes, especially ones that are too narrow.

So my advice will be to always look at the front of your foot, the shape of it, and then look at the shoe that you’re about to buy.

There are some converse shoe designs that are coming to a point like a pump. Wearing these kinds of shoes will push your toes from both sides and eventually allowing your little toe to hurt while you work with the shoe.

Is converse comfortable for walking?

The short answer is yes.

But the comfort you derive from walking with converse is determined by the consideration you have deliberated on before choosing that converse.

As long as the shoe compliments your style, size, and leg shape, it will definitely be comfortable.

I am categorically saying this because there are actually various types and designs of the iconic Canvas available.

Converse shoes are made of a stitched upper portion, a cap that is usually white rubber, and usually a brown rubber sole.

The Chuck Taylors designs (like this one on Amazon) are made of different materials like leather and cotton canvas.

The build-up and structural material of the shoe assures great comfort, provided you are wearing one that is ideally your shoe size.

My converse gives me blisters on my heel, what do I do?

So I first saw this question on an online forum and I was tempted to include it in my post because I have had to deal with blisters on my heel rocking my converse in time past.

First of all, the major reason for blisters on your heel is either because you wear poorly fitted socks, or your converse shoes are not the correct size.

Also, if your socks are rubbing your feet, It can lead to hot spots, and rubbing of the skin, which eventually leads to blisters.

It also happens with wearing other types of shoes too. Not only with converse sneakers.

So, here is what I did to eliminate it, and I hope it works for you too

First, I had to make sure that I was wearing a converse that fit properly with no pinching or squeezing. Then, I realized I needed to change the material of the shoe I wore.

Material is indeed key, you want to go for one that breathes.

And you can refer back to the place in this post where we looked into the ways to make your converse shoe not hurt. Some of those methods I shared up there, as indicated, can help in solving the problem of blisters when wearing converse shoes.

How to break in the back of converse

I know of that interesting feeling when you buy a new pair of converse shoes, but what about when you find out that it kills your feet. You don’t need to consider it as a waste of money.

You can go about the situation by breaking the converse shoe-in, this means, you are getting them used to your feet – not literally breaking them.

So how do you do this?

I will take you through three practical steps that work great!

Step one: Wear around your house

Try wearing the converse around your house before you think of going out with them.

You can put it on, and use it to walk the staris, play with the kids, in the kitchen, and walking to the dining room. It is very effective because it is more or less the easiest way to lightly breaking in your new converse

Step two: Minimalism is important

Minimize the way you wear them at first. Chances are you have been walking with bare feet before you bought the new converse in. So do not wear it at home too often to avoid pain in the leg.

You can wear the shoes early, but, say,  10 minutes at a time in the beginning. As times goes on, you will gradually begin to get more comfortable with whatever design the converse shoe is while wearing it.

Step three: Start to wear to work

This is when you now begin to get in the cousious habit of having the new converse on your feet. To this end, you can take it to work, then whenever you sit, change from your old shoes to the convers.

In that way, you break in your converse easily and still be productive.


And that brings us to the end of this post. At this point, I must mention that wearing a new pair of shoes is almost always a painful experience.

While this is widely relatable because we all wear shoes at one point or the other, I hope this post has been able to put an end to the discomfort caused by our favorite converse.

And ultimately, I hope this post has given you the assistance you need in wearing your favorite convers and still maintaining a big smile on your face.

If you have any other concerns about wearing a converse shoe that I have not covered in this post, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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