Koio vs Svensson: Which Is A Better Sneaker?

Sneakers are loved by almost everyone for their versatility, style, and comfort they provide. These shoes are a must-have in every wardrobe.

If you are one of the sneakers lovers, then you probably would have heard of Koio and Svensson. These are one of the popular Italy handmade shoes.

They have very similar construction and this might leave you confused about which is best for you.

One of the differences between these shoes is in their leather upper. While Koio makes use of Cow leather, Svensson makes use of full-grain calf leather.

Koio vs Svensson

The Koio leather has a softer feel than that of Svensson. Also, Koio finishes their sneakers with hand-painted edges. Koio Sneakers have slightly streamlined toes while Svensson’s toes are wide.

We will be comparing these two sneakers brands to help you make your choice.

What Does The First Glance Say About These Shoes?

At the first sight of a shoe, the look would appeal to you and you should be able to tell if you would go for it or not.

However, since the Koio and Svensson are of similar build with a subtle difference, at first glance you might find it difficult to make a choice.

Even a passerby won’t be able to tell what shoes you have on your feet, for you won’t find any visible branding.

At first glance:


Koio vs Svensson

  • Clean-cut design
  • Minimalist design
  • Leather
  • Stitching
  • Margom outsole
  • Round toes
  • Waxed Cotton shoelaces
  • Hand Painted finishing

Koio Sneakers are luxury shoes that incorporate quality, style, and comfort in their shoes.

The Koio brand pays attention to bringing out the best to meet their customers’ needs with the high-quality materials they use and the best Italian artisanship they employ.

They use a minimalist design for their sneakers giving you the feeling of walking barefoot as you walk in them. Their high-top sneakers have this minimal structure.

The shoes have a clean-cut design with no visible branding except on the outsole, the insole, and the underside of the tongue.

This simple yet stylish look is one of the these that keep them trendy.

The leather is made of Cow leather, this leather is soft and flexible, and it doesn’t take long to break in. They are also durable and will last you a long time, looking better as it ages.

Their stitching is nice and clean. Their round toes are attractive and the margom sole is very durable. These Sneakers have handpainted finishing on the edges.

You should go for the Koio sneakers if you don’t mind spending little extra bucks. The quality will wow you.


Koio vs Svensson

  • Clean-cut design
  • Minimalist design
  • Leather
  • Stitching
  • Shoelaces
  • Round toe
  • Margom outsole

The Svenssons are lovely and classy Sneakers that bring, fashion, comfort, and versatility together.

They also make high-top sneakers with the same blend. These shoes are also handmade in Italy with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Their upper is made of full-grain calf leather which is a very durable leather, that gets prettier with time.

The minimalist and round-toe design make them comfortable to walk in. These shoes are ready to take you almost anywhere in your casual or business outfit.

These shoes are clean with no marking or branding except on the insole and underside of the tongue.

The margom outsole is durable and comfortable and the stitching is neat. The Svensson shoes are nice and quality-made, you should check them out.

What Are The Comparisons Between Koio and Svensson

We will be drawing a comparison on the following:

Features Koio Svensson
Construction Cow leather upper with Stroebel construction Full-grain calf leather upper with Stroebel construction
Stitching Clean and tightly stitched for water resistance Clean stitching.
Leather Soft and durable cow leather Durable full-grain calf leather
Price You can get these shoes within $240-$350 price range You can get these shoes within $170-$300 price range
Build quality Well-built with high-quality Italian materials and artisanship Well-built with first-rate Italian materials and craftsmanship
Insole Well-cushioned, removable OrthoLite insole Well-cushioned, removable leather insole
Outsole High-traction Margom outsole High-traction Margom outsole
Size and fitting No half-sizes Doesn’t fit true to size
Style Versatile and fashionable with a clean-cut and minimalist design Versatile and fashionable with clean and minimalist design

Koio vs Svensson: Construction

The Koio sneakers are handmade in Italy with the finest materials to give you the comfort you need and the style you desire.

They use the Stroebel construction that stitches and glues the upper to the sole to enhance durability. They are constructed with Cow leather and a rubber outsole.

This leather from Cow is very durable and long-lasting. One unique feature of the Koio’s leather is that it is very soft and flexible.

There is the suede ascent at the heel for a softer feel. They also make shoes with suede upper.

The heel tab is well cushioned to allow for easy wearing. The Capri pride has a rainbow logo on the heel tab. There is a leather lining around the collar and tongue to prevent blisters.

The inside is lined with cow leather for extra comfort. The heel counter is lined with suede to keep your heel from slipping out. The edges are hand-painted for a better aesthetic.

The Svensson sneakers are also handmade in Italy. These shoes are cut out of high-quality and durable materials to make sure comfort is obtained.

They are constructed from full-grain calf leather and rubber outsole. Calf leather is usually softer,  but the Svensson leather appears a little stiff. These enhance the performance of these shoes.

They will last long with the leather getting better with time. They also have sneakers with suede upper.

The heel tab is soft and will make it easier to put on these shoes. They will protect your heel from blisters. The soft and thick tongue will provide comfort at the midfoot.

These shoes have an inner leather lining. The padded tongue and color with the linning all bring a softer and relaxed feel to your foot all day.

The Koio and Svensson sneakers are both excellently constructed with the best materials to provide enough comfort all day.

I feel the Koio has better construction with its more flexible upper. Also, the suede ascent at the heel makes it all the better.

Koio vs Svensson: Stitching

The Koio sneakers have good stitching that improves the appearance of these shoes. The upper is hand-stitched neatly to the outsole. They are tightly stitched for water resistance.

This makes these shoes more solid and long-lasting. You will wear them for a long time before they start wearing out.

The Svensson also employs the same stitching style. The upper is stitched to the sole and this will give you long-lasting sneakers.

Both shoes are well-stiched with careful attention paid to detail.

Koio vs Svensson: Leather

The Koio shoes are made of cow leather. This leather is soft and more flexible and has a better feel. The leather grain is tight and the creasing is just right, gentle, and subtle.

They are also durable and ages beautifully. They are breathable and offer comfort all day.

The Svensson shoes make use of full-grain calf leather to make their sneakers. This is a very high-quality leather that can only get better with time. The leather is breathable and a little stiffer.

Though the leather is a little stiff, it is as well comfortable and doesn’t get wrinkles quickly. The creasing too isn’t bad.

The Koio and Svensson sneakers are both made with high-quality leather. However, I feel the Svensson brand does much better with the full-grain leather as they are tougher and better resistant to cracks.

Koio vs Svensson: Price

The Koio sneakers come at a higher price than other average sneakers. But they come at a better price than competitors like Common projects and their quality matches theirs. The Koio sneakers are sold within the range of $240-$350.

The Svensson sneakers price is also on the high end, but their shoes start at $170. You can get them within the $170-$300 price range.

Koio vs Svensson: Build Quality

The Koio are standardly built shoes with first-class materials that will impress you. The comfort level is just great. These sneakers are of the best minimalist sneakers cut right out from the best Italian craftsmanship.

The all-round construction stitches the leather upper to the outsole and this improves the strength. The collar and the heel have enough padding to make you comfortable

The heel has extra leather for extra support. The shoe tongue is a little thin and is held in place by the shoelace. It has a leather lining for easy wearing.

The midsole is made from EVA and helps provide support all day for the feet. The shoelaces are waxed cotton and maintain their shape in all weather.

The Svensson is nicely built as well with standard materials for optimum comfort and durability. They also use the all-round construction to attach the upper to the outsole.

The collar and tongue are well padded to protect the foot. The tongue is thick. The shoe’s mouth has an extra layer of leather to prevent blisters. Their flat laces can be adjusted for a better fit.

Both shoes have a quality build. The Svensson does better with the thicker tongue and their leather stays put for a longer time.

Koio vs Svensson: Insole

The insole of the Koio sneakers is made from open-cell polyurethane. The soft OrthoLite foam gives a springy feel and better shock absorption.

They wick moisture and optimize breathability. They are lined with leather. The insoles offer enough cushioning for the feet and can be removed.

The leather insole of the Svensson is also well-cushioned and offers comfort all day. They are removable.

Koio vs Svensson: Outsole

The outsole of Koio is made of margom rubber. This rubber has a slight elastic quality which moves with your foot as you walk.

They are one of the most durable rubber and offer quality traction. The upper is attached to the outsole with stitching and glue, this enhances its strength.

Svensson sneakers also make use of the same sole. Which makes them very durable, providing excellent grip on any surface. The outsole is stitched and glued to the upper as well.

Koio vs Svensson: Size/Fitting

The Koio says their sneakers run a little large. Some customers have problems with the sizing. Many say they find it hard to get the size that fits them. These shoes have a slim silhouette.

They don’t come in half-sizes and there are not many options for a wider foot. The Koio advises you to go half-size down if you wear half-sizes. This may not work for everyone as well.

The Svensson sneakers on the other hand do not come true to size. These shoes run a size bigger. You should order a size down. The Svensson sneakers have a wider toe and will fit those with a wide foot.

Koio vs Svensson: Style

The Koio sneaker features a minimalist design. It is a low-profile, slim shoe. These sneakers are versatile and will suit many occasions. The minimalist design makes it easier to wear.

The slim, round toe gives it a nice appearance. These shoes have a clean-cut design, giving them a simple, yet sleek appearance.

They also have high-top sneakers that are versatile as well and give extra protection to the ankle.

The Svensson sneakers are stylish and versatile. These shoes have a minimalist design, round toes, and a very clean appearance. They are highly fashionable sneakers and can be worn in a formal outfit.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of These Shoes?

Pros of Koio shoes

  • Clean and cool appearance
  • Soft and durable leather
  • Stroebel construction
  • High-quality margom outsole with excellent traction
  • Are good for any occasion

Cons of Koio shoes

  • Some find it difficult to get the right size
  • No half-sizes

Pros of Svensson shoes

  • Clean-cut design
  • Durable leather
  • The upper is stitched to the sole
  • High-quality margom outsole with excellent grip
  • It will suit your every occasion

Cons of Svensson shoes

  • Not true to size


The Koio and Svensson are both luxury sneakers with optimum versatility. They have the right blend of fashion and comfort. Their prices are quite good and not too expensive like the common projects. It is difficult to say which is better.

However, Svensson did it for me. I love their full-grain calf leather and the thick tongue of the shoes. And they come at a slightly lower price than the Koio sneakers.


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