Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects Shoes – Which One Is Better?

In this article, we’ll compare two popular shoe brands: Diemme Veneto and Common Projects.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects Shoes

Both Diemme Veneto and Common Projects both make sneakers designed for comfort and style. They are both perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re running errands or dressing up for a night out.

The major difference between Diemme Veneto and Common Projects is that The Veneto has a soft, supple leather upper that molds to your foot, while the Common Projects has a sleek, minimalist design that is both comfortable and stylish.

In this article, We’ll discuss their differences in style, price, and quality. By the end of this article, you’ll know which brand is right for you.

First Glance/Overview

The initial glimpse at a pair of shoes should provide you with enough information to determine if they’re a suitable fit for you, taking into account the shoe’s entire look, feel, and style.

This provides you with an immediate assessment of the shoe, which is extremely essential.

Let’s see what our initial impressions of Diemme Veneto and Common Projects are

Diemme Veneto

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects Shoes

  • Elegant and stylish
  • Leather upper
  • Made from high-quality leather
  • No breaking-in period

The first impression of Diemme Veneto shoes is elegant and stylish. The color, the shape, and the material all contribute to this impression.

The shape is classic, with a round toe, low heel, and laces across the instep. The material is leather on the upper, which gives it a nice soft feel on your feet and makes it very durable.

The only thing I don’t like about them is that there isn’t an option for a burnished toe cap (which is what I would have preferred). But these are still great shoes.

They are made from high-quality leather that conforms to your foot as you wear them and molds to your foot shape over time so they become more comfortable over time as well.

This makes them great for wearing every day at work or at home if you want something more casual than dress shoes but don’t want to go barefoot either.”

The next thing I noticed was how comfortable they were as soon as I put them on.

There is no breaking-in period with these shoes – you can wear them straight away and know that they will not hurt your feet at all during your day-to-day activities.

The last thing to consider about these shoes is their style; they really do look good with anything from jeans to suits.

Common Projects

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects Shoes

  • Classic style
  • Leather upper
  • No grip on the bottom
  • Has a sleek and professional look

Common Projects is a brand that has gained a lot of attention over the last few years.

They have been making high-quality products for quite some time, but are now gaining even more popularity due to their association with celebrities such as Kanye West.

They have a classic style that will go with almost anything and they look great with jeans or khakis. They also feature leather lining, rubber soles, and gold eyelets on the sides that give them an extra touch of class.

The packaging is very nice and it feels like you are getting a premium product. The shoes come in a sturdy box, with a branded dust bag, polishing cloth, and shoehorn.

The shoes themselves look great, they have a unique shape, but they look very sleek and professional at the same time.

They feel very comfortable on your feet, the leather upper molds to the shape of my foot and feels like it should last for years to come.

The soles are made from super durable rubber which makes them very comfortable to walk in compared to other similar types of shoes that I have worn before.

I’ve been wearing them for about two weeks now and I’m very impressed with how comfortable they are.

The leather is soft yet durable, and the soles are really flexible. These shoes can be worn in the rain without getting ruined!

The only downside is that the Common Projects Achilles Low I have has no grip on the bottom.

So, if you’re walking on slippery surfaces like marble floors or wet grass, you might have some trouble keeping your balance.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Let’s Compare

Feature Diemme Veneto Common Projects
Construction Goodyear welt construction Good year welt construction
Stitching Intricate and detailed double stitching All-round lockstitch
Leather Veneto Diemme shoes are made from fine Italian calfskin leather Cowhide leather
Price Around $271 to $600 Around $300 to $700
Build quality High build quality with cowhide leather and leather and cork insoles Made with great attention to detail and durable stitching
Insole Cushioned insoles and shoe liners for added comfort and support EVA foam insoles
Outsole Rubber TPU outsole Rubber anti-slip outsoles
Fit and sizing Designed with various sizes in mind, they are also true to size They are also designed for various sizes, similarly, they are true to size
Style Comfortable, soft leather with intricate details and adequate support Minimalist designs, and comfortable leather

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Construction

Diemme Veneto uses a process called Goodyear welting, which is a method of construction that has been around for centuries.

This type of construction involves stitching the sole of the shoe to the upper, which creates a strong and durable bond.

Common Projects shoes are also constructed using the same process as Diemme Veneto shoes.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Stitching

The stitching that is used in this type of Diemme Veneto construction is very intricate and detailed.

They often use double stitching on key areas of the shoe, such as the toe box and heel counter. This helps to further increase the durability of their shoes.

Common Projects are typically made with an all-around stitch, in which the seam is stitched around the shoe.

The common stitch for these shoes is a lockstitch, which is a straight stitch followed by a zigzag stitch to close the stitching and hold it tight.

Lockstitch stitching is commonly used for shoes because it is durable, strong, and does not unravel easily.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Leather

The calfskin leather they use in Diemme Veneto shoes is tanned with vegetable extracts and chromium salts, which are obtained from natural sources. It is dyed with natural dye and then treated with natural oils

There are many types of leather used in Common Projects shoes. The most popular type of leather is cowhide.

It is durable and has a natural resistance to water. It’s not as durable as calfskin leather.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Price

Diemme Veneto cost far less than Common Projects shoes. Diemme Veneto starts from around $271 but Common Projects start from $300 above.

They are both expensive but Common Projects cost more.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Build quality

The build quality of Diemme Veneto shoes is fairly high. Diemme Veneto shoes are made with genuine leather.

The insole is made of leather or cork. Diemme Veneto shoes are made with a rubber sole. The laces are made of cotton.

The leather used in Diemme Veneto shoes is high-quality calfskin that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The shoes are sturdy, but lightweight and still worn by celebrities as well as regular people.

Common projects shoes are made with the finest quality materials and they are put together with the best craftsmanship.

They have the best attention to detail and there is no detail left unimagined. They offer minimalistic, comfortable shoes with a modern take on the classics.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Insole

Diemme Veneto uses cushioned insoles. The company also uses a type of insole called shoe liners.

Shoe liners are generally thinner than insoles and are more lightweight. Liners provide extra support for the foot’s arch and heel.

Common Projects use an EVA foam insole. EVA foam insoles are the most common, affordable, and easily available insoles.

They provide good support for your feet and can be easily fitted into any kind of shoe. The only drawback is that these insoles do not last long, so you will have to replace them after some time.

They are not as durable as the Diemme Veneto cushioned insoles and shoe liners blend

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Outsole

The outsole of Diemme Veneto shoes is made of a rubber compound that is resistant to high temperatures and wears.

The rubber compound is called TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). it lasts longer than ordinary rubber outsoles

The outsole of Common Projects shoes is made from rubber. The rubber is smooth and flexible, which allows for a comfortable fit and a sturdy grip.

The outsole also features an anti-slip design, which gives you added traction for safety.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Fit and sizing

Both shoes are similar in this category. They are both designed in various sizes and they both fit true to size.

Diemme Veneto vs Common Projects: Build quality

The build quality of Diemme Veneto shoes is absolutely excellent.

The leather is soft and has a nice natural crease in it, which makes for a very comfortable fit. The sole is very thick and sturdy, and the stitching looks excellent.

The sole also has a nice beveled edge on both sides so it won’t catch on things as easily as some other shoes with thick soles do.

Common Projects sneakers are famous for their minimalist design and clean lines. They are usually made from high-quality leather with a very low profile.

This makes them perfect for casual use, but they can also be worn with more formal outfits if desired.

Pros and Cons of Diemme Veneto shoes

Diemme Veneto shoes are a great investment if you want to look stylish and feel comfortable.

These shoes are made with the finest leather and the best materials. They will keep your feet comfortable and protected all day long. You can wear them in a suit or even jeans.

Here are some of the pros of Diemme Veneto shoes

They are hand made to fit every foot shape perfectly

Diemme Veneto shoes have been designed to fit your feet like a glove. They use special techniques that allow them to create shoes that fit every person perfectly.

This means that no matter what size shoe you buy from their collection, it will fit like a glove!

The only thing you have to do is measure your foot correctly before ordering online so that you get the right size for your foot type and shape.

They come in different colors and styles

If you don’t know what color or style of shoe would look good on you, then don’t worry because Diemme has plenty of options for both men and women.

They offer a wide range of colors for both men’s and women’s footwear including red, white, black, brown, and more

They’re well-made with durable stitching and construction methods that last

They can last for years of wear and tear from daily use or just being worn as part of an outfit for special occasions or events where you need to look good with your clothes on your feet as well as off them


  1. They are very expensive
  2. They might not be as durable when compared to other brands

Pros and Cons of Common Projects shoes

Pros of Common Projects shoes

They’re comfortable

Most people who have tried these shoes will tell you that they are very comfortable to wear.

The soles of the shoes are made of rubber and they have a soft cushioning that makes you feel good when you walk.

This is because the sole of the shoe is flat and doesn’t have any bumps or ridges that might make your feet uncomfortable when you walk or run.

They’re stylish

The design of this type of shoe is such that it is attractive and can be worn with almost any type of clothing.

They come in a variety of colors and designs so you can easily find one that matches your style or personality.

You can choose from something simple like a black pair, or go for something more elaborate like a red pair that has both a heel and toe cap on it.

They’re easy to maintain

You don’t have to worry about cleaning these shoes because they’re machine washable! Just throw them in the washer with your other clothes and you’ll have clean shoes again!

This makes it very convenient for those who don’t want to spend too much time cleaning their clothes by hand every day!

Cons of Common Projects shoes

The brand is often associated with hip-hop culture, which makes it difficult for people who don’t fit into this category (read: old people) to wear them without looking out of place.

They lack variety

You will find that most designs are similar and the only way to differentiate yourself is by choosing a different color scheme or material options available in their catalogs.

Gets easily damaged

The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather, which can be easily damaged by water, heat, and other external factors.

My Overall Verdict

The Diemme Veneto has a more luxurious feel to it. The Common Projects are more of a high-end sneaker.

So, if you’re looking for something that’s going to last a long time and be very durable, then the Diemme Veneto is going to be better for you.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to look great but not necessarily be as durable, then go with the Common Projects.

But for me, the clear winner in this battle is the Diemme Veneto.

Both shoes are expensive but Diemme Veneto happens to cost a little bit less. Offering a higher lifespan and widespread usage.

Both shoes might be very similar but Diemme Veneto shoes make more durable shoes. Their stitching, construction, and overall finishing give them an advantage.


We’ve finally come to the end of the long comparison between these two popular sneaker brands and I’ve come to a conclusion that Diemme Veneto shoes are better than Common Projects shoes.

I’m sure you should also feel the same looking at the comparison above. I hope this helps.


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