Common Projects vs Greats: Which Is A Better Sneaker?

Sneakers are fashionable shoes that have gained relevance for their versatility. These shoes have become a staple as they can take you almost anywhere.

From the office to a casual gathering and just a walk on the street. As these shoes are everywhere in the market, choosing the right one for you may pose a challenge.

Common Projects and Greats are popular sneaker brands and you may want to know more about them.

One of the major differences between these two brands is in their price. Common Projects is a luxury brand with its Achilles sneakers a whopping $400+ while Greats comes at a lower price.

Common Projects vs Greats

The Grants are a bit pricey but are more affordable than the Common Projects.

Also, the Common Projects are machine-made with hand-stitching while the Greats sneakers are completely handmade.

Let’s find out more about these shoes as we dive into their comparison. First, let’s know what the first glance says about these shoes.

First Glance

Common Projects

  • Clean design
  • Leather upper
  • Stitching
  • Shoelaces
  • Margom outsole
  • Round toes
  • Streamlined

Common Projects is a luxury brand that focuses on quality, style, and comfort. This brand meticulously designs its sneakers with high-quality materials to produce sleek, comfortable sneakers.

These shoes are versatile and easily matched with your jeans and formal wear. Common Projects have a clean design, free from the company’s logo or any other marking.

The only marking you would see is the gold stamp on the outside heel which is the size, style, and color of the shoes. The clean look of these shoes gives them a unique and beautiful appearance.

The upper is made of high-quality natural leather. These clean leather are comfortable and breathable. The shoes have a slim, round toe, which gives them a better appearance.

However, they will take a while to break in and may not be good for wide feet. The outsoles are durable and non-slip. You should buy the Common Projects if you want high-quality sneakers.


  • Clean design
  • Leather, suede, and knit upper
  • Stitching
  • Rubber outsole
  • Shoelaces
  • Round toes

The Greats sneakers are closer in look and design to the Common Projects. They combine quality materials with first-rate Italian craftsmanship and a stylish appearance.

The outcome is a durable, comfortable, and classy sneaker that is good for the streets as well as the office.

The Greats Royale is the most common and comes in different designs and colors. They have high-top sneakers if you wish for better ankle protection.

Greats also have a clean design that enhances their appeal. However, some product designs have the company’s logo on the tongue. The upper is made of full-grain leather that looks better with age.

The Greats also have sneakers made with complete suede and also knit material. These different materials are high-quality and offer premium comfort to the feet.

The rubber outsole is durable and slip-resistant, the brand’s name is imprinted on the sole.

What Are The Comparisons Between Common Projects And Greats? 

We will be drawing a comparison between these two shoes with the following features:

Features Common Projects Greats
Construction Leather upper with all-round construction with the sole Hand made shoes made of leather, knit, suede, and mesh upper with all-round construction with the sole
Stitching Clean and hand-stitched to the outsole Clean and hand-stitched to the outsole
Leather Durable Nappa leather with a shiny appearance Durable full-grain leather
Price Highly expensive. You can get them in this price range $249-$500 Moderately priced shoes. You can get them in this price range $111-$200
Build quality Well-built with durable Nappa leather and Margom sole Well built with natural leather and rubber outsole
Insole Not removable. They have a little layer of cushion Removable OrthoLite insoles
Outsole Made of margom rubber Made of durable natural rubber
Fit and sizing They make use of only European sizes. Fit true to size. Do not come in half size Fit true to size. Runs a half-size larger than  Brannock standard measurements
Style Versatile fashion sneakers with a minimalist design Versatile fashion sneakers

Common Projects vs Greats: Construction

The Common Projects are constructed with careful detailing. The shoes are made in the factories and result in fine, durable sneakers.

They are made with high-quality leather and suede to give these shoes the toughness it needs and a clean texture.

The shoes are made with a non-marking design apart from the gold stamp at the heel that shows the size, style, and color of the shoes.

There is the heel tab that split the leather at the heel and helps to easily put on these shoes.

They also protect your Achilles’ tendon. The Common Projects Retro low-top sneakers have a contrasting heel tab.

The inside of these shoes has a soft leather lining that helps your feet relax well in these shoes.

The inside of the heel is lined with suede which is softer and increases traction between the rearfoot and the shoes. These shoes feature an all-around construction with the margom sole.

The Greats sneakers are completely handmade and constructed with the best Italian workmanship. They employ quality materials in their construction.

They are made with full-grain leather that is long-lasting. Mesh is also employed in some of their products for better breathability.

They also have shoes constructed with suede that gives a smooth and finer texture. The Greats Royale knit sneakers employ the use of a knit upper

They are made with yarn recycled from plastics. They are very comfortable and breathable. The Royale plaid has a wool upper. They also have a clean design that gives them a sleek and more appealing appearance.

There is a heel tab to make wearing these shoes easier. The Royale knit sneakers have contrasting heel tabs. The inside of Greats is lined with soft, breathable leather that keeps your feet dry all day.

The cotton laces are 100% waxed and can be easily adjusted to better secure the feet. The round toe design is great and protects the toes

The Greats also make high-top sneakers. These sneakers will provide extra protection for the ankle.

The Common Projects and the Greats are well constructed, each providing a good level of comfort.

Common Projects vs Greats: Stitching

The Common Projects are well stitched to ensure there is no tearing. Although the shoes are machine-made, they are hand-stitched. The upper is stitched to the outsole, ensuring you get no holes in your shoes.

This improves the durability of these shoes, giving them an upper hand among brands. They are also glued as well.

The Greats shoes also employ meticulous hand-stitching. The upper is stitched to the outsole, ensuring the durability of these shoes.

Both shoes are well stitched, employing the all-round stitching with the upper.

Common Projects vs Greats: Leather

The Common Projects are made of a special kind of leather called Nappa leather. This type of full-grain leather is used on most couches.

They are soft, pliable, and sturdy. This high-quality Italian leather is treated a little bit to give it a shiny appearance.

This leather is very durable and breathable. This leather may need a period of a break-in as the shoes run narrow.

The Greats Royales are made with full-grain leather that offers very good durability. These shoes look better with age, they are resistant to wear and cracks. They are premium-quality materials that are long-lasting.

Both shoes are made with full-grain leather. They are tough and durable. I feel the Common Projects leather is better as it is treated to give it a shiny appearance. This makes it softer and more flexible.

Common Projects vs Greats: Price

The Common projects are highly expensive shoes, but what you sacrifice for the price you get in quality.

From the leather to the stitching and the high-quality outsole, these shoes will hold for a very long time.

You can get the Common Projects within the price range of $249-$500. The Achilles sneakers are the most expensive.

Greats are higher in price than the average sneakers but the price is nowhere near that of Common Projects.

Greats prices are worth it, with the quality products they make. You can get Greats products within the price range of $111-$200. The Royale is the most expensive, having a minimum price of $179.

Common Projects vs Greats: Build quality

Common Projects are well-built shoes. They make use of top-notch materials and techniques that give them a long life span.

The all-round construction of the shoes with the outsole makes them more durable and not easily worn out. The hand-stitching employed adds to the durability.

The shoe’s tongue is well padded and gives a nice grip to the midfoot. The heel gives a good cushioning for the feet. The insole also cushions the feet, offering comfort all day.

The shoe makes use of a margom cup-sole making them better built and more durable.

Greats are also well-built with quality materials. They make use of different materials for their uppers; from leather, suede, and knit to mesh, each offering a good level of comfort and breathability.

The upper is hand-stitched to the outsole, enhancing its durability. They make use of premium OrthoLite footbeds with anti-microbial properties that keep microbes and odor away. These insoles are well-cushioned and removable.

The outsole is made of high-quality rubber that offers enough traction on any surface. The Greats Court sneakers are vulcanized to increase their performance.

The Common Projects and Greats shoes are well-built with excellent materials that offer support for the feet.

However, I feel the Great shoes are better with the removable insoles. The Common Projects insoles are flattened with the shoes with just a little layer of cushioning.

Common Projects vs Greats: Insoles

The Common Projects shoes don’t have removable insoles. Their insoles are flat and connected to the sole.

They have a little layering of cushioning which may not be comfortable enough for some people. They have the made-in-Italy logo imprinted on them.

The Greats OrthoLite insoles are comfortable with extra cushioning. Their footbeds have antimicrobial properties which keep bacteria away.

Common Projects vs Greats: Outsole

The Common Projects employ the use of a margom cup-sole on the outsole. This type of rubber is very durable and thick and offers quality traction.

They can take you from a dry to slippery surface, keeping you firmly on your feet. This sole is attached to the upper with a Stroebel construction that is a mixture of glue and stitching. Stitching is the major method of attachment.

This makes these shoes super durable. The sole can be restitched anytime giving them a longer-lasting span.

The Greats sneakers also make use of Gum sole. This is the natural rubber that is sticky and has a very firm grip on any surface.

There is the Greats tread pattern on the surface that increases the traction. The outsole is also sewn to the upper making them super durable.

Common Projects vs Greats: Fit And Sizing

The Common Projects generally fit true to size, but some people feel they run wide in size while some advise you order a size down if you wear a half-size.

They make use of European sizes and do not come in half sizes. These shoes do not have a wide width, so most people with wide feet may find it hard to get their size. I advise you to order a size up if you wear a half-size.

The Greats sneakers fit true to size, but they are about a half-size larger than standard Brannock measurements.

You should order a half-size down from your normal sneakers. The shoes come only in average width which may be a challenge for those with wider feet.

Common Projects vs Greats: Style

The Common Projects are versatile shoes. Their minimalist design, round toes, and clean-cut design give them an appealing look.

The gold stamp on the heel makes these shoes stand out in their simplicity and that is what is more attractive. They are very good fashion sneakers that can also be used on formal occasions.

They come in a few colors which is another good tactic to draw the right attention to them.

The Greats are also stylish sneakers that are versatile. The round toes and clean design are a plus to these shoes. They will fit almost any outfit.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of These Shoes?

Common Projects Pros

  • Cool sneakers with an attractive look
  • Are good for any outfit
  • Sole stitched to the upper
  • Durable Italian Nappa leather
  • High-quality traction with margom outsole
  • Easy to clean

Common Projects Cons

  • Highly expensive shoes
  • The toe box is quite narrow
  • Sizing can be tricky
  • Can be stuffy in hot weather
  • A little bit heavy

You can get Common Projects shoes here

Greats Sneakers Pros

  • High-quality full-grain leather
  • Highly durable
  • Are good for any outfit
  • The sole is stitched to the upper
  • The rubber outsole provides excellent traction
  • Moderately priced

Greats Sneakers Cons

  • A bit heavy
  • The average width is the maximum width you can find

You can purchase Great Sneakers here


The Common Projects and Greats are great shoes. Both are cut out of quality materials that offer comfort all day.

However, I feel the Greats are much better with their moderate price with the quality still maintained.

You can opt for Common Projects if you wish for a luxury brand and if the price won’t cut your neck.


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