Axel Arigato vs Common Projects Sneakers: Which Is Better?

Axel Arigato and Common Projects are types of sneakers that are created to be comfortable and versatile for work and casual outings.

When looking for a good pair of sneakers we tend to look at the material used in the production of the shoes, the comfortability, durability, and a good fit.

Conflict can arise when looking for the right pair of sneakers, this article would help to guide you on your choice between the Axel Arigato and the Common Projects.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects

Both Axel Arigato and Common Projects are built for comfort and versatility in styling.

In this article, we would be looking at these two sneaker brands Axel Arigato, and Common Projects which provide these features and more.

The difference between both sneakers is that the Axel Arigato sneakers are a Swedish brand that produces a hundred percent leather sneakers gotten from the hides of animals, while the Common Projects is a luxury sneaker brand that is produced with a hundred percent leather in Italy and hand-stitched in Portugal.

Axel Arigato sneakers have a round toe which allows the foot to relax in the fitting of the shoes without any discomfort, these sneakers cannot be machine washed as it is made from animal hides.

In order to take care of these shoes, minimal washing should be used in gentle or delicate hand washing or the use of wipes.

Overview/First glance

Axel Arigato

  • Looks like a classic loafers
  • Good leather material
  • Couture style
  • Round mouth
  • Affordable

Axel Arigato is a Swedish brand known for its simplicity or couture-like designs of sneakers.

Axel Arigato sneakers have got very unique designs and details, their designs are inspired by art, architecture, and music.

This sneaker is made of a hundred percent premium leather gotten from hides, there is little contrast in the color or appearance of these shoes because of the hides or natural process of the making.

These little imperfections are what make the sneakers to be true to their production. The great news is that the Axel Arigato sneakers are affordable.

The sneakers have a round toe shape which speaks more comfort for the feet, it has a front lace for fastening and a flat rubber sole.

Axel Arigato has a variety of sneakers ranging from classic minimalist designs to chunky soles and running shoes.

A first glimpse of the Axel Arigato sneakers gives us a clear view of simple yet classic and elegant sneakers which has great styling when paired right either with jeans, plain trousers, or gowns.

Common Projects

  • Hand-stitched
  • Sleek & Clean
  • Luxurious contemporary styles
  • Long and narrow
  • Expensive

Common Projects is a luxury footwear brand that is produced in Italy and hand-stitched in Portugal.

They specialize in making luxury hand-stitched sneakers. When looking for classic white clean sneakers, look no further as the Common Projects is here for you. The Common Projects is known for its clean, sleek, and minimal look.

The Common Projects sneakers are known for their softness and durability, these sneakers look like very elevated tennis shoes.

Common Projects have a long and narrow shape and are flattering to the body; the Common Projects signature is a rubber cup-sole, embroidery, and signature.

Comparison between Axel Arigato and Common Projects

Feature Axel Arigato Common Projects
Construction Solid construction  build Flexible design
Leather Vegan materials are used to manufacture shoes and 100% leather. Calfskin leather
Price 270$ 420$
Build quality Simple,well-streamlined look  The build is luxurious with a sleek outline
Insole Plush insole Soft comfortable insoles
Outsole Rubber outsole Rubber crepe outsole
Fit and sizing True to size Runs a little wide
Style Versatile style Sleek, simple design

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Construction

The construction design employed in the Axel Arigato shoes is ergonomic in nature, especially on some chunkier designs.

Other popular models incorporate the sleek, crisp design structure, giving it a sleek design and lightweight nature.

While with Common Project shoes it’s classically streamlined and sleek. The edges are soft and they appear to be light by looking at them, featuring a long narrow design that flatters you.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Stitching

The Axel Arigato shoes are either hand or machine sewn depending on the design that is being achieved. A mixture of both can be seen on some models giving it curves and desired edges.

While with Common Projects shoes, you get hand-stitched shoes with attention to detail in their thread.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Leather

The Axel Arigato footwear produces its merchandise with a hundred percent quality leather in some collections. Others are made with complete vegan materials; this contributes to a more sustainable environment. 

While the Common Projects brand uses high-quality leather made from calf hides. They are attractive and durable to last long and also hold their own in versatile use.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Pricing

The Common Projects shoes are more expensive when compared to the Axel Arigato sneakers.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Build Quality

Axel Arigato brand of shoes is uniquely designed with its superior leather that matches the luxurious feel and style.

They are comfortable to wear and also easy to wear. Their durable build is one feature to admire about this brand, fitting into different uses and applications; from gym wear to casual everyday looks.

While Common Projects shoes aimed to produce white design footwear that incorporates the Italian marks of luxury, quality, and durability.

All this is achieved by using premium materials in its build and structure. They appeal excellently with different clothing choices pairing and accentuating your appearance smoothly and aesthetically.

Professional stitching ensures its properly fitted and has no loose corners or edges.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Insole

Axel Arigato has cushioned insole foam inlaid in its footbed that promotes comfort and protects the arch of the feet for long periods. This makes this footwear one that can be comfortable to wear for long periods and different events.

As for Common Projects shoes, their insoles provide maximum comfort, with a relaxed feel to the arch of the foot at all times. It’s well-padded to give a floating lightweight experience never tiring your foot from wearing them all day.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Outsole

Axel Arigato outsoles are crafted with high-quality rubber. These outsoles are slightly elevated when compared to Common Projects footwear.

They offer sturdy ground for the feet as you move. They are also slip-resistant ensuring you remain upright always.

The outsole of the Common Projects is best known for its firm flexible rubber design which offers significant traction when walking keeping your feet balanced always.

The outsole is rigid but offers no resistance to the foot arch.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Fitting and Sizing

Both shoes perform excellently when it comes to how they fit. They fit snuggly and allow room for toes to wiggle giving extra comfort and balance.

Axel Arigato shoes are true to size, therefore selecting a suitable fitting pair should be simple when making choices. By sticking to your correct sizes you will have the proper balance and comfort.

While Common Projects shoes come only in European sizes and are also slightly wide. Make use of a sizing chart when deciding on the best fit.

Axel Arigato vs Common Projects: Style

Axel Arigato brand has a reputation for having different designs in their collection. Some models of Axel Arigato were designed to resemble trainers and others were sleek long and narrow.

These designs come in multiple colors and various shapes with contours.

The Common Projects shoes are constructed to be sleek, and stylish with a long narrow outline.

Brilliant white is the signature color that is identifiable with this footwear. They are very fashionable and go well with many clothing choices.

Pros and cons of Axel Arigato


Good leather

Axel Arigato sneakers are made from a hundred percent leather and the soles are made of rubber, which makes them durable so that you can walk in them for a pretty long time.

Colour options

One big edge of Axel Arigato is that it comes in different types of neutral colors, when shopping you have a variety of neutral colors to choose from.

Different types of sneakers

Axel Arigato is known for producing 3 different types of shoes which are sports shoes, classic sneakers, and chunky soles.

The sport sneakers have a light chunky cushioned sole that is comfortable on the feet and great for exercises and other sports activities

The classic version of the Axel Arigato is the most popular design of this brand, as the styles are classy yet simple and elegant,

Chunky soles are back in sneaker fashion and Axel Arigato is not found wanting on this trend too.

True sizing

Axel Arigato is true to sizing, this is an important aspect when ordering sneakers as some sneakers run a size downward or upward, but in the case of Axel Arigato is true to size


Chunky soles

The soles of Axel Arigato are made of rubber which makes them feel a little chunky when walking around

the leather on axle arigato tends to flare up when kept in bad temperature, proper care of shoes should be adhered to enable the shoes to live up to their true nature.

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Pros and Cons of Common Projects



Common Projects is Hand stitched and carefully crafted with care and utmost perfection.


The Common Projects is made from high-quality leather and is comfortable to wear all day long

Sleek & Clean

The Common Projects is known for its sleek and clean minimalist designs, this design gives the footwear or sneakers a polished minimalist look that  fans love and wants, the sleek look makes the sneakers great for styling



Common Projects is a luxurious sneaker brand that produces luxurious sneakers, since this is a luxury brand it is a bit on the high side and is twice or thrice the amount of the Axel Arigato

Long and narrow toe space

The long and narrow design of the shoe makes the toes uncomfortable but only in that area.

Overall Verdict

After all said and done in this careful research, it can be seen from the listed above information that Axel Arigato is a better sneaker than the Common Projects because of the points listed below.

One great thing about the Axel Arigato is that it is affordable and that’s a win for me as getting these sneakers will last a while because of the quality of leather and the double craftsmanship used in the production of the sneakers.

With this utmost care taken in production, it is only evident that your Axel Arigato sneaker will last you a while saving you some money back.

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In conclusion, Axel Arigato is a good sneaker brand known for its simple yet luxurious feel.

I hope you agree with me that they are better than Common Projects.


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