How Long Do Vans Last?

How long your Vans shoes will last solely depends on how frequently you wear them and what you wear the Vans for. Averagely though, Vans are very strong shoes that can last you for a minimum of two years when worn right.

Vans are originally made to last super long for you, that is why it is possible for you to make use of your Vans for as long as two years.

How Long Do Vans Last

As long as you are using the Vans with care and you are not mal-handling it, the vans can last for two years for you. Two years is a great deal of time and you are literally going to enjoy making use of your Vans for as long as two years.

Despite the fact that It has been established that Vans can last for two years, this does not mean that you should go about using your Vans in a rough manner. Vans are naturally designed for skateboarding, that is why they are this durable.

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How to make Vans last longer

As strong as Vans are, it is also important you take good care of them so that they can last longer for you.

There are various ways that you can make your Vans last longer, that is exactly what I am going to share with you in this segment of the article.

  • Use a shoe horn
  • Store them in dry places
  • Invest in quality Vans shoes
  • Wear it once in two days
  • Clean it regularly

Use a shoe horn

There are some situations where your shoe may be too tight for you to wear. When you continue to struggle to wear them without appropriately using a shoehorn, it could gradually make the shoe deteriorate.

The more you struggle to wear the shoe and keep on pressing it, the more the body starts to shrink and this could distort the looks of the shoes. If you are doing this often it could cause the shoes not to last as long as it’s supposed to.

That is why I recommend making use of a shoehorn (like this one on Amazon) when next you want to wear shoes that are tight.

Store them in dry places

Vans shoes are not supposed to be exposed to water all the time, that is why it is important you store them in dry places.

Vans are built for skating which makes them really durable, they are not built to be used in water or even to be stored in wet places.

If you want your Vans to last long for you, you should endeavor to store them in dry places like a closet like this to ensure that water does not get into them too much.

Storing them in dry places will only do you good. You should have this in mind all the time. Do not think that your Vans are strong enough to be.

Invest in quality Vans shoes

As much as you want your Vans shoes to last long for you, you should do your own part by investing in quality Vans shoes. You cannot buy low-quality Vans shoes and expect it to last long for you.

Play your part by investing in high-quality Vans shoes, when you do that you are going to enjoy the Vans shoes and it will equally last long for you.

Wear it once in as many days

I know that your Vans shoes are so attractive and you want to wear them daily so that you can flaunt them. But take a pause, you cannot wear your Vans shoes daily and expect it to last long for you.

What I advise is that if at all you want to wear it frequently, you should wear them once in two days, if you wear it today, you should leave it outside so that it can get dried under the sun.

Once that is done you can wear it the next day. This is a better way to do it, you can go as far as even having more than a pair of Vans.

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Clean regularly

Anything that you do not clean regularly tends to deteriorate with time. This could make it not last as long as it is supposed to. That is why you need to clean your Vans regularly to enable it to last long for you.

When you are cleaning your Vans, ensure that you do it gently with a soft damp cloth, so that you will be able to remove all the dirt that is hidden in the Vans. Once the Vans is always clean, it will last longer for you.

Reasons why Vans age quickly

How Long Do Vans Last

There are several reasons why your Vans will age quickly, that is what I will be explaining in this segment of this article.

These reasons are :

  • Frequent exposure to water
  • Wearing it everyday
  • Exposure to moisture
  • Not cleaning it regularly

Frequent exposure to water

Vans are not to be used in the water, they are not waterproof shoes, Vans are shoes that are supposed to be used for skating, when you frequently expose your Vans to water it is going to cause it to age quickly.

Even if it has not lasted for long, the fact that you keep exposing it to water will make it deteriorate quickly.

Wearing it everyday

It is advisable that you get yourself about two pairs of Vans shoes so that you do not wear one pair every day.

When you wear your Vans every day and you do not give it enough time to dry under the sun, you are gradually letting it deteriorate and it is going to age quickly.

Exposure to moisture

After wearing Vans all through the day, what you are supposed to do is that you are supposed to let it dry under the sun so as to let all the moisture dry.

When you expose your Vans to moisture all the time it is going to hasten the rate at which Vans age. Too much moisture could make your vans age too quickly.

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Not cleaning it regularly

This applies to not just your Vans, anything that you do not clean regularly could start to deteriorate quickly.

When the dirt gets too much and it begins to clog in your Vans without you having to clean it, you will notice how fast it will begin to age.

I am sure that you want your Vans to last long for you, if you do not want it to age quickly, you should endeavor to clean it regularly.

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Top three Vans that last long

The Vans Atwood shoes


This shoe is made for skating, Vans shoes are also known as skating shoes, that is why they are built to be very durable for you when you buy them.

You are not going to have any issues with this shoe if you decide to get one for yourself. You can be completely satisfied with these Vans because of how durable they are when you wear them.

I have listed this shoe as one of the Vans that will last long for you. The rubber sole is very durable as well.


  • Rubber sole
  • Cotton material
  • Variety of colors


  • Sizes may not be accurate

Final verdict

I will recommend this Vans shoes anything as one of the Vans does that will last long for you. Cotton material is also a durable one, and this adds to the durability of the shoe.

If you wear this shoe with caution and you do not expose it to water all the time, be rest assured that it is going to last long for you.

Remember that you should also take good care of your Vans shoe so that it can last long for you.

Vans unisex Rainbow shoes


The rubber sole that this shoe comes with is a very durable one, you can make use of it for long and not have any issues with it at all.

I like the attractive body design it comes with, it may not be very easy to maintain, but once you can maintain it you will see how long it is going to last for you.

It fits you so well, it is very durable because it is a skating shoe. They are always built to be very durable.


  • Shock-absorbing comfort sole
  • Rubber sole
  • Upper padded collar
  • True to size
  • Durable


  • Might hurt at first usage

Final verdict

When you get this shoe for yourself, you are not going to have anything to worry about because it is so durable and long-lasting.

The more you care for this shoe the more it is going to last really long for you. This shoe will serve you well, you should consider getting one for yourself or someone else.

Vans unisex authentic skating shoes


The outer material of this shoe is made with canvas, this is a durable material that can last long for you. That is why I added this shoe to the list of Vans that last long.

The sole is made with long-lasting materials like leather, suede & rubber. The more you take good care of this shoe the longer it will last for you, that is why it’s important you get one of these long-lasting shoes for yourself.

You’re not going to regret it at all.


  • Durable
  • Authentic
  • Versatile color
  • Vulcanized sold construction
  • Colorful checkerboard print


  • It runs wide

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a highly durable Vans shoe that you can wear out, this very one is going to serve you so well, that is why I recommend you get this one.

You will also like how it is designed, the design is a checkerboard that looks super attractive when you rock it with your favorite outfit. If you are looking for durable Vans that last long, this is it.

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Can you wear Vans all day?

How Long Do Vans Last

Yes, you can wear Vans all day. Vans shoes are not only durable and sturdy, but they are also very stylish and when you wear them with the best of your outfit. 

You need to know that wearing Vans every day can reduce the lifespan of your favorite shoe.

Vans are very comfortable to wear and will not cause any harm to your feet when you wear them for too long.

Vans do not look so sporty, it has the look of a sneaker, that is why when you wear it for your regular occasion, you are also going to look so good and attractive.

You can wear Vans all day and nothing will happen at all. If you have a pair of Vans that you have not worn for a while, you should bring them out and start to rock them with your best outfit.

If you want to travel or embark on a journey, Vans shoes are a very good option for you to go for, they fit you so well and the sturdy rubber sole will keep this shoe fit and it will not hurt you at all when you wear it for long.

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How Long Do Vans Last

Vans can last for two years, this is something I have already mentioned at the beginning of this article. They are naturally built to be very durable because they are built specifically for skating, shoes built for skating are known to be so strong and durable.

As long as the shoe is durable does not mean that you should handle it anyhow you want, you should still take good care of it so that your shoe can last for as long as it is supposed to.

No one wants to spend a good amount of money on Vans and only end up using it for a few months. This is not cool at all. You should take good care of your Vans by following the tips I shared earlier.

I also showed you some of the Vans shoes that can last long for you, it is your choice to decide which one you want to go for, each one comes with a different design. I can assure you that anyone you pick will serve you well and will also last so long for you.

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