Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

The answer to that question is YES! You can wear Vans even though you do not skate. The reason being that Vans are a very good multi-purpose shoe.

Asides from skating, Vans are excellent shoes for fashion and style. Whether you are a minimalist or someone who is heavy on colors and style, Vans is the go-to multipurpose shoe you should have in your closet.

If you do not have a skateboard or you do not skate at all, you can go ahead to get a good Vans for yourself. It is very good you are aware of this so that if you want to head to a shoe store looking for a good Vans to buy and wear for your casual outing, you do not have to bother whether you skate or not.

Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

You can wear your good clothes and rock them with cool Vans shoes that will make you look so good.

Why do skaters prefer Vans as a skating shoe?

The reason why skaters prefer Vans as a skating shoe is because vans are specifically designed for skating. Vans are built especially means that they are built with soles that are very grippy.

What this means is that when you wear Vans shoes you will hardly fall and the same thing applies to when you use them for skating. If you are into skateboarding, or you watch a lot of people skateboarding, you would have noticed something among most skateboarders, and that thing is that they all wear Vans for skating.

The high friction level between the skateboard and Vans soles

Why they do so is because of the high level of friction that the Vans soles have. You also need to know that this was built intentionally for the purpose of skating.

If you want to go skating, you cannot make use of a shoe that has a very smooth sole, if you allow that to happen, you may end up slipping off the skating board or even falling off and having a severe ankle injury.

The good thing about this is that Vans are actually the first brand to specially design a shoe made specifically for skateboarding, that is why skaters prefer Vans as a skating shoe. These days, you will hardly see any skateboarder that does not make use of Vans for skating.

If you are a skateboarder, and you are going to a shoe store to get skating shoes, you should look out for Vans shoes, if you get something different from Vans you may not enjoy your skating experience. Other shoes out there may not have soles that are very grippy like the Vans.

If the shoes you want to get for skating is not Vans, you should hold on and make sure that you look for Vans. Aside from Vans being built with a very grippy sole, they are also built to last, as long as you are taking care of it properly. Vans will definitely last longer for you.

This is another advantage you get and that is why skaters prefer vans as a skating shoe.

The material is durable and affordable

Another reason why skaters prefer Vans as a skating shoe is because vans are more reliable than suede and at the same time they are cheaper than leather. Vans are also very affordable, this is another reason that encourages skaters to buy Vans for skating.

You could go into a shoe store for $100 or even less and get yourself a very good Vans that will last so well for you and also serve you while you wear the Vans for skateboarding. Finally, skaters prefer Vans as a skating shoe because of the double stitch that was used to build the Vans for better durability.

With Vans shoes, while skateboarding, because of the grippy soles it has, you will be able to perform any skill or tricky move with your skateboard.

What makes Vans all-purpose shoes?

Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

The Vans brand of shoes are shoes used for skating; however, they are also all-purpose shoes. This means that you can use your Vans shoes for much more than just skating, it can also be worn as a fashion accessory.

The reason why Vans are all-purpose shoes is because of how comfortable they feel when you wear them.

When you wear Vans it happens to fit you so well and also it happens to make your leg comfortable. Also, Vans shoes happen to be a very good combination when you are putting on a casual outfit. If you are putting on a casual outfit, probably a T-shirt and pants, when you rock it with Vans shoes, it is so stylish and fits well.

They are sturdy and grippy and this helps balance

The multi-purpose function of the Vans makes it possible for you to go to a shoe store and pick a Vans brand of shoe and still rock it so well with your casual wear. They are also made with canvas and the sole is made with rubber which is very sturdy and grippy.

You will not slip when putting on these Vans shoes. If it rains and the road seems a little bit wet, with Vans shoes, you have nothing to worry about because it gives you a firm grip on the ground, while others may slip or fall, with your Vans shoes you could just walk comfortably and not have any reason to fall or slip.

The grippy sole causes friction while walking which is why you cannot easily fall when you are walking on wet ground. Others with shoes without a grippy sole may find it difficult walking on wet ground. Another thing that makes Vans an all-purpose shoe is the fact that you can wear Vans with virtually everything and it will still fit you so well.

They are both for sports and for fashion

Another good thing about Vans is that you can wear them in casual offices, you are not so restricted when you are making use of Vans. This is something that you will so much enjoy. Vans are very good shoes that do not prevent you from making use of them on several occasions.

For casual and official occasions, casual still fit and they are also very stylish no matter the outfit you put it on. The stylishness and the comfort it gives you are what make Vans an all-purpose shoe.

What are the best ways to rock your Vans?

Like I have said earlier, Vans are shoes that you can use for more than just skateboarding, you can make use of Vans for casual outfits too. If you are traveling, you can just take along with you a pair of Vans and it is going to suit you so well.

There are various ways that you can rock your Vans shoes, this is something that will benefit a lot of people out there that are looking for outfit ideas for rocking your Vans. Take a look at some of these major ways that you can rock your Vans.

I will also add some images that will enable you to understand better how you can rock the Vans.

With casual shirts

Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

Vans is something that you can wear with virtually any casual outfit. I will explain how you can rock your Vans with casual shirts. If you have causal shirts and you are wondering or asking the question if it is possible to rock your casual T-shirts with your Vans.

It is very possible.

How to do that is to get yourself a white or blue T-shirt and you should make sure that the collar of the shirt stands erect even when you open it up to the third button and also when it is fully buttoned up.

Wearing your Vans with a casual shirt of preferably white or any bright color casual shirt. You can get yourself a casual white shirt here.

With casual jackets

Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

This is another good way to rock your Vans. You can rock it with casual jackets. A lightweight casual jacket is very fashionable and when you wear it with Vans, it fits so well.

The combination of the lightweight casual jacket and the stylish Vans shoes gives you a very relaxed look. You can get a casual jacket here. Black casual jackets will also fit you so well, when you rock it with black Vans or white Vans, you would so much like how you will look.

With Chinos

Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

Chinos is a very excellent outfit to combine with your Vans shoes. Wearing a casual shirt with chinos and then combining it with your Vans shoes will change your overall appearance. The best color of chinos that you can rock with your Vans is the navy color, the khaki color, etc.

This will change your looks and make you look so smart.

With polo shirts

Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

This is another stylish outfit that you can use to rock your Vans. You can not go wrong when you combine your polo shirts with your Vans shoes. It will make a very good combination and also make you look amazing. You should try it out. Get yourself a polo T-shirt here.

Does wearing Vans as a fashion item make you seem like a poser if you don’t skate?

The answer to this is NO! wearing Vans as a fashion item does not make you seem like a poser when you do not skate.

It is very important that you are aware of this. Vans shoes are there for everybody and anybody to wear regardless of if they use them for a particular purpose or not.

What this means is that even if you do not skate, you can still go get a Vans and rock and it will not mean anything. You will not seem like a poser.

If you go to the shoe store to get shoes for yourself and you come across Vans that you so much like and you feel like going for it, you should go for it and nothing should stop you from going for it.

If you love Vans, but them and rock them with some of the outfit ideas I gave earlier, if anyone sees you wearing Vans and you are asked if you skate, all you need to do Is to simply tell them no that you do not skate.

There is nothing bad there and there is nothing to be ashamed of as well.  Because Vans are classed as skaters shoes does not mean that you need to be a skater before you wear them. Sometimes, some people who wear Vans cannot even stand on a skateboard.

Are Vans actually designed for skateboarding?

The answer to this question is Yes! Vans are actually designed for skateboarding. Why this is so is because Vans have thick rubber soles that are very grippy and allows you to skate freely without bothering if you are going to fall or no.

The grippy sole provides very good friction and balance for you as a skater, you can simply stand on your skateboard with your Vans shoes and skate freely and without so much hassle.

You will definitely enjoy making use of Vans for skateboarding. One amazing fact about Vans that a lot of people do not know is that Vans are actually the first brand to specially design a shoe made specifically for skateboarding, that is why skaters prefer Vans as a skating shoe.

These days you will hardly see skaters that do not use Vans, the majority of them make use of Vans to ensure their safety while skating. If you are a skater and you do not have Vans, you should go get one for yourself.


I would like to conclude by saying that Vans are really great shoes and also all-purpose, that is why you can wear Vans even if you do not skate, it is stylish, fashionable, affordable and also very comfortable when you put it on.

When you have Vans, you can rock it with different outfits like Casual T-shirts, casual jackets, chinos, and polo shirts, you can never go wrong if you choose to wear Vans with any of these outfits, I have made mention of.

Try it on and see how different and cool you will look. The affordability of the Vans shoes also makes them stand out.

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