At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Vans?

You can wear your Vans at any age. Whether you are a teen at 16, an adult at 30, or a senior at 65, you can rock your Vans anytime, and anywhere you like. The shoes are specially designed to transcend age and time. 10, 20 years from now, Vans will still be as fashionable and timeless.

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Vans

I have been wearing my Vans since I was a toddler and honestly, I intend to wear them into my early sixties.

If there is something I’ll ever carry along with me is the idea of wearing Vans all through to old age, like I can’t imagine what casuals such as t-shirts and jeans would be like without them [ha ha!]

Although, living with a health problem like a foot or back problem as an adult can lead to some kind of restrictions as to what kind of footwear to walk with, so following your doctor’s advice on this, will seem like the perfect thing to do.

If not why despise the idea of putting on Vans as a casual way of dressing or maybe you are the “not so Vans sneaker typeâ€

But seriously, wearing Vans especially among older adults doesn’t have to be a hard nut to crack because the age limit knows no classic footwear as Vans like I have been rocking these footwears right from birth!).

So, this article is all about everything you need to know about the stereotyped wearing of Vans amongst older men.


Do You Even Need To Stop Wearing Vans At All?

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Vans

No, you don’t need to stop wearing your Vans as you age, so long you can style appropriately and you aren’t having any foot problems, then you are very good to go.

Although many adults in the age range of 30 and above, stigmatize their fellow adults who still love and rock these low-tops as not dressing their age.

Let’s think like an adult now or picture it this way, wear what makes you comfortable to walk in, suits the season of the year (summer or winter), and of course, makes you look fashionably good on it (don’t you admire your 80-year-old grandfather wearing slip-on Vans?).

So, if you are to continue in this trend of “adult Vans rockers†without necessarily looking old-school or the unfashionable type (especially to young dudes because impression matters a lot), then be on the lookout for the inconspicuous Vans that are not so brightly colored.

This, of course, should be the low tops types, then you are good to rock these footwears with any casual outfit in your wardrobe.

Shoe Trends You Aren’t Too Old To Wear In 2021

Let’s talk about the age-appropriate men’s shoes that are actually trendy amongst men and even appropriate for older men. Thus, the saying, once a gentleman always a gentleman, is actually true.

So, there are shoes for a particular occasion that don’t cease to consider age but just classic style and beauty.

The following trendy men’s shoes actually have been selected for the fit and ease of wear; it has already gained momentum among guys and even older men.

Athletic Shoes

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Vans?

These are designed to relieve joint stress and also provide a comfortable movement.  The sole is made from rubber material and it can resist slipping off the ground.

An example of my favorite Shoes for Seniors is the Skechers Men’s Go Max-Athletic Sneaker.

Old Daddy Running Shoes

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Vans

This is highly recommended for all elderly who really want to take their foot health seriously but still want a regular active life.

These trainers provide a natural foot movement, so it is very comfortable to run with and it is constructed to support your every footstep.

My Dad’s go-to running breathable shoe is the popular JABASIC Men’s Knit Sock Running Shoes. You’ll love it.

Work Boots

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Vans

The all-time favorite footwear in the rainy season, built with a foam-padded tongue and removable insoles.

They are very much durable and with the grooved bottom, it provides stability even on wet surfaces.

It still takes its trend this 2021 and beyond. One of my favorite work boots is the diig Work Boots for Men.

Men’s slip-on shoe

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Vans?

This shoe type is actually perfect for those older members of the family that may find it difficult putting on a laced typed shoe.

They come in different neutral colors, so they could look classic and not flashy.

They are really lightweight on the feet and have removable insoles that you can comfortably replace with your own orthotic sole.

I love my Skechers Men’s Slip-On Loafer. Who wouldn’t?

Hook and Loop Shoes

They are surprisingly lightweight, keeping your ankle or foot a grip to walk on. It also has a removable insole that you can of course replace with an orthotic.

This is actually a great everyday shoe that is best for standing all day. So you don’t need to worry about the weakening of the outsole because it is made from a strong and durable solid rubber material that can withstand uneven surfaces.

But the key feature about this hook and loop shoe for the elderly is that it has a removable sock liner that you can replace with orthotics.

The New Balance Hook and Loop Walking Shoe fall exactly into the category of Hook and Loop shoes that I love.

Walking Shoes

A lot of seniors don’t like being kept indoors all day long. So getting a walking shoe is really a great option, but why should you choose this pair of shoes?

They are very good shock absorbers when walking and interestingly these have an inbuilt odor-controlled insole.

Thus they are very good breathable shoes, comfortable to walk with, and affordable as well.

The Skechers Walking Shoe is one of the shoes that fall into this category.

Multipurpose Outdoor Shoes

These classy loafers have a strap for closure that you can use to tighten or loosen the grip on your foot.

You can try them on different outfits except for suits.

Most importantly, they are very good slip-resistant as the soles are designed with plenty of grooves to give you grip while walking even on slippery surfaces.

I love the Nunn Bush Men’s Casual Loafer because it is a casual yet multipurpose loafer that falls into this category of outdoor shoes.

What to Consider when buying seniors or elderly footwear

Now, you probably don’t want to end up sobbing for your money after buying a shoe for maybe your grandparents and it was not valuable.

Here are some of the few things to take note of when searching the stores for durable fitting shoes.

Lace-free shoes

Many seniors actually want shoes that could stay firmly on their feet while walking and so they want to avoid bending down to tie or fiddle with shoelaces.

So, take note of this while buying a shoe for an elderly person in your family.

A wide opening

This actually makes it easier for you to get your foot inside your shoe.

But they are very good to put on, especially if your legs tend to swell up, because of the available space it has.

Removable insoles

This is so important to look out for in the shoes, especially for older people with foot-related problems like arthritis.

A shoe with removable insoles can easily be replaced with orthotics, thus it’s a good shoe worth buying.

Adequate padding

Shoes with enough padding tend to protect one’s ankle from strains, especially if you tend to bump your foot against objects on the ground like stones frequently.

Can A 50 Year Old Man Wear Vans?

Yes, a 50-year-old man can surely wear Vans. Clocking 50 doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for Vans or being stylish unless maybe there are age-related foot problems that will demand that precaution be taken note of, so it’s based on preference on health first.

If wearing Vans at the age of 50 does not cause significant footwear problems then it’s all good to try it out.

Besides the so-called ‘impression’ that will be created in the minds of people, a man of such age has actually lived and made intelligent choices, so this choice of trying out Vans is not a bad one.

Though there are age-appropriate shoe styles for older men, resulting from the fact that most Vans brands are not made with excellent arch support, and because they are generally flat, they could heighten feet-related problems in older men.

What Should You Not Wear After 50?

  • Do not mimic the younger generational style
  • Your shoes shouldn’t only be orthopedic shoes
  • Avoid jackets with too many bright colors
  • Avoid Bright Colored Shirts too

Sixty is the new forty!

There is a fine line to walk between looking classic and looking old-fashioned.

So you can actually appear stylish and still look comfortable at the same time.

When it comes to what should be in your wardrobe as a 50-year-old, then a philosophy to personalize is that less is actually best [in terms of quantity and styling].

Reaching such a phase in life means that the time to start chasing and following trends is kind of limited [if not over] and so go for outfits that don’t play off the insouciant look of youth [untucked shirts, tousled hair, and so on].

So, here below are a random list of some of the characteristics of the outfits you should probably avoid at your age and also makeover fashion tips that will blend with your own personal style.

Do not mimic the younger generational style

Let me say this before we continue. Do not try so hard mimicking the trends of younger dudes because it will make you look as though you are a child.

I know there is a lot trending in the fashion world as we see in their blogs or even magazines.

So just be careful when you start reading stuff about fashion because oftentimes they are targeted towards the younger dudes.

Anyways, try as much as possible to avoid oversized trousers or even high-rise sweatpants with too many pockets, colors, or even zips. This does not speak well of your age.

Also, make sure to keep everything in the trouser section very plain and simple, using a combination of both casual and formal styles.

So, an example of the kind of trouser being illustrated here is, a classy brown jean made from fabrics.

For your chinos, try not to cut them too short especially at the ankle level.

Go for jeans, especially the dark wash types. Like it goes with almost about any shirts you combine it with.

Your shoes shouldn’t only be orthopedic shoe style

I know you may be thinking of orthopedic loafers types. But that’s not all about stylish shoes for older people. Go for soles made with a rubber-like material and the top or body embedded in fine leather.

You will be much more comfortable walking on it.

Avoid jackets with too many bright colors

Be minimalistic about this part, because you can get a jacket that serves both as a cardigan and still looks business as well.

If you are looking sharp and taking care of your appearance by investing in good clothing, it’s easier for an older man with grey hair to move about confidently and with respect as well.

So, jackets will do just that for you.

Avoid Bright Colored Shirts too

The secret here is to, look deliberately stylish. So you have got to be careful with your choices and of course, feel free to add your own accents to make it obvious that you deliberately dressed stylishly rather than give the impression that you are trying to disguise your age.

So, try on pattern t-shirts that have the perfect blend of colors. Avoid the sharp colored ones and instead, go for the under colored ones.

Be free to wear inner colored polo inside the t-shirts should in case you want to look a bit casual.


At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Vans?

So, this is it!

This article was all about wearing Vans amongst older men and some age-appropriate styles for men above 50 years.

Also, every myth about wearing Vans among 50 years old and above, whether it is childish or maturity was answered. Plus the requirements to check when buying shoes for seniors or the elderly at home.

However, you were able to discover other alternative trending shoes in 2021 that will really look good on you even if you are old.

So, whenever you want to look stylish, do it intentionally by adding some of the unusual traditional clothing styles, and also don’t neglect to get your shirts tucked in well-fitted jeans, instead of trying so hard to fit with the crowd.

Comment down below on how the whole experience of wearing Vans went.

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