Genuine Dickies: All You Need to Know

Genuine Dickies is a well-known cloth brand that sells pants/trousers, tees, beanies, denim, shorts, and different outerwear and accessories, available through selected vendors and online retailers.

The truth is that Genuine Dickies produce wears that are also manufactured by Dickies, a similar popular cloth brand, but at a more affordable price.

genuine dickies

Customers and buyers usually have questions on the production line of both brands, especially ones that revolve around the essential details of each of their wears.

This article focuses on Genuine Dickes and what you should know about most of their production line.

If you purchase apparel produced by Genuine Dickes, you should be exposed to certain salient information in helping you make a great buy.

Genuine Dickies products – What you should know

Although Genuine Dickies, just like Dickies, is popularly known for its pants and trousers, they also make other wear like jackets, shoes, shorts, leather wallets, belts, etc.

Those who purchase wears from branded merchandise will agree that they are only available on selected vendors’ platforms, including Thrift Stores, Wal-Mart, and Target. We barely find it on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Genuine Dickies has many similar products that are closely similar to the regular Dickies style, which makes it tricky to differentiate between them.

However, we have tackled the striking distinction and how to identify them in a recent post HERE.

In addition, it is widely believed that one of the things that separate Genuine Dickes products from ones made by Dickes is quality.

That is, Dickies pants and other products are more quality than Genuine Dickies. How true is this across various of their wears?

Detailed Review on Genuine Dickies 

Genuine Dickes shirts

Genuine Dickies

Genuine Dickies sells shirts, some of which are gender-specific, that can be worn to stay cool all season long.

Most short-sleeve shirts with the Genuine Dickes logo usually have a front chest pocket where essential pocket-friendly items can be carried.

Having tested most Genuine Dickes shirts, I have observed the intentional use of UPF protection and moisture-wicking material, which helps to stay comfortable.

If you can make a good buy, original Genuine Dickes cloths are fade-resistant

They are also offered various colors to suit individual styles, just like their best-selling shirt – Genuine Dickies Short-Sleeve Performance Tee Shirt.

Most of their shirt style replicates the original Dickes shirts design. However, they are much cheaper and often seen as lower-end quality. Nevertheless, they equally serve as an essential staple for an everyday casual outfit.

Sometimes, their shirts are packaged in a 2-pack for convenience, while others are sold in single. Genuine Dickes are known for their actual size fitting, unlike Dickes.

This also reflects their shirt styles with the generous fit, which offers maximum comfort for all-day wear.

Shirts sold from Genuine dickies aren’t limited to certain ages of individuals as they are mostly classic-looking tee.

Genuine Dickes wallets

Genuine Dickies

Just like how Dickes metamorphoses from a small bib overall company to a large workwear manufacturer, including the production of wallets for men, Genuine Dickes also has a record of the wallet production line that has enough card slots.

Most of their wallet designs are structured to allow you to organize all of your debit, credit cards, and working ID badge neatly.

They take the shape of the popular Dickes wallets by being slim with two front pockets in most designs. However, the Genuine Dickies’ iconic logo indicates the difference.

Unlike wallets produced by Dickies, the material of wallets from Geniune Dickies may not feature genuine heavy-duty leather.

Although, most of their interior is lined with quality nylon fabric for safe and secure storage of your belongings.

In some unique Genuine Dickies wallet styles, we can see magnetic clips and generous storage space such as up to four card pockets.

However, the unique RFID blocking technology seems to be missing in many genuine dickies wallets. It is always seen in the actual Dickies wallet styles to enhance protection from scanning theft.

Generally speaking, wallets made by Genuine dickies are characterized by a minimalist style, slim fit, generous space, and being a gift idea for any special Him in your life.

Genuine Dickies belts

Genuine Dickies

It is easy to conclude that Genuine dickies, although largely believed to always be an alternative to actual dickies, stand out in areas of belt production – particularly when their strap and swivel buckle is considered.

The sturdiness of both features in their belts provides the ultimate support needed when working long hours on trousers.

Although Genuine Dickies may not be able to boast as much as Dickies and similar merchandise in areas of premium craftsmanship, most of their belts are reliable for simple use.

Belts are naturally made to be versatile accessories. So it is expected that ones made from Genuine Dickes can be paired with various work pants and their colors. In addition, they require low maintenance.

The good side of buying belts from Genuine dickies is that their sizes are usually actual. Unlike Dickies belts, you are better off purchasing belt size 2 inches larger than your pant size for the best fit.

Genuine Dickies shorts

Genuine Dickies

Those looking to upgrade their spring and summer wardrobe are not left out from Genuine Dickies production line as they offer Relaxed Fit Multi-Use Pocket Shorts, mostly for men.

Most shorts from Genuine Dickies are similar to those produced by actual Dickies. However, they feature a slanted multi-use pocket that offers functional utility for the storage of phones and other personal items for a much more affordable price.

Shorts with the genuine dickies logo are easily identified by their relaxed fit for everyday comfort. They are also machine-washable and do a good job resisting wrinkles and stains, making them easy to maintain.

Most Genuine Dickies branded shorts have a longer length with a 13-inch inseam and are presented in a wide range of colors.

Genuine Dickies Jackets

Genuine Dickies

Genuine Dickies offer branded jackets that can be worn to work, casual events, or just a night out. I particularly like the outer construction of their canvas shirt jacket made with a brilliant blend of cotton and polyester fabric.

For example, Genuine Dickies Quilted Lined Stretch Canvas Shirt Jacket gives a tough, durable, and robust attitude that assures longevity.

GD jackets are easily identified by inner poly chest lining that offers the right warmth in terms of inner quality. Again, jackets sold by the branded merchandise are known to have inner snug fit on the wrist to keep the cold air out.

On popularity, there are many Genuine dickies canvas shirts jackets in the market than other styles. This is presumably because of its heavyweight, durable and comfortable attributes.

Some of their other jacket styles, just like the canvas designs, have two chest pockets and an inside cell phone pocket that improves their functionality.

Jackets are a versatile and functional staple piece of outerwear. However, the insanely affordable price of Jackets made by Genuine dickies usually points to less quality which is not always the case.

Genuine dickies work pants

Genuine Dickies

Buying work pants from online vendors or retailers is a serious challenge, especially in fitting and getting products delivered to you in the right color and details. This is where most work pants branded Genuine dickies come into the positive light.

Workwear pants from Genuine dickies argue to be strong, durable, and of excellent quality even though they remain an alternative to purchasing the actual Dickies pants. Either way, they are good choices as you get through your toughest jobs.

Another advantage of these branded work pants is that they are machine washable for easy care. Reviews across major online shopping sites also indicate them being wrinkle-resistant and easy to maintain.

Depending on the style, work pants from Geniune Dickies usually feature 65% Polyester/ 35% cotton, Stain Release Fabric, Wide Belt Loops for Waist Adjustments, and a tack Button Closure for fit.

Genuine Dickies dungaree jeans

Genuine Dickies

Dungaree jeans are stapled wardrobe wears that effortlessly make you versatile in your outfits. However, it is better not to have Jungaree jeans than one that is not of the right quality and fit.

For quality, dungaree jeans made by genuine dickies may not be known for high quality as prominently as the actual dickies. However, stylish apparel is better ordered from the former when fitness is a priority.

For example, their popular Genuine Dickies Men’sMen’s Flex Duck Dungaree Jean is made of 98 percent Cotton with 2 percent Spandex for added flexibility and ease of movement.

I like the dungaree jeans offered from the Genuine Dickies brand, particularly because they have a regular fit and decent quality. In addition to their overall aesthetics is a close on the front with a zipper fly and one button.

It is almost impossible to design staple jeans without including utility pockets. A staple feature of Genuine Dickies jeans is the multi-use pocket on the right leg that brings a convenient location for pocket-friendly items.

Genuine Dickies Boxer brief 

Genuine Dickies boxer brief

The deal behind genuine dickies is to reduce the production cost to penetrate the fashion market with cheap prices.

While this has translated into the reduced quality of Genuine Dickies, it also helps to cover other apparel made by Dickies.

An example is boxer briefs which are a must-have when building top drawer. Genuine Dickies Boxer Briefs typically feature a pull-on style with a stretch waist that moves with you comfortably.

For example, the height of popular Men’sMen’s Boxer Briefs is 6’1″, 6’1″ with a waist that measures 30-1/2″ and Chest: 37″ and 45″ measurements of shoulders.

Their boxer briefs feature the pull-on style, with an elastic logo waistband of genuine dickies. The fabric material used for their boxers makes it machine washable and long-lasting. 

Genuine Dickies Boots

Genuine Dickies boots

There is a lot to say about the distinctive features of Genuine Dickies boots when placed side by side with that produced by Dickies.

To begin with, Many GD boots are constructed to be durable and ready for lots of use. An excellent example is those styles made with a technology known as Dri-Tec, which allows the leather of the boot to remain waterproof.

In addition to this, they are offered in a wide range of shoes sized for men and designed with smart step cushions and constructed outsoles.

Depending on the design, Genuine dickies integrate steel protection at the toe of their boots shoe to protect feet, especially in their work boots, making it the right choice for working in hazardous environments.

They may not be able to boast of longevity in durability as seen in boots made by Dickies. Still, they sure share similarities in odor shield/control linings, removable PU comfort insole, lightweight flexibility, 100 percent rubber outsole for solid traction, and a wide variety of sizes.

You can never go wrong by choosing Genuine Dickies work boots for comfort and affordability. They offer rugged builds designed to perform even in the most hostile conditions.

Genuine Dickies Beanie

Genuine Dickies beanie

The production line of Genuine dickies, as an affordable extension of dickies brand, also extends to comfortable beanies. This comes in handy for those whose work takes them outside into the cold.

Offering purpose and protection, most beanie styles offered by Genuine dickies are made with Temp Control warming fleece lining that traps in enough heat to keep you warm when you need it.

The one size fits most, and temp Control warming technology, coupled with the fleece-lined interior, appears to be the three main selling points for many Genuine dickies beanies.

Final thoughts

Genuine Dickies is an entirely separate brand from the popular Dickies cloth brand. However, they produce and sell apparel that the latter company sells, at a cheaper price, to penetrate the market and reach more buyers.

Purchasing items from Genuine Dickies should be done with the understanding that there is likely a sacrifice of high-end quality in your items.

Recognized with the bold “Genuine Dickies” inscription label, products from the branded merchandise are known for their actual fit, affordability, and accessibility in Thrift Stores and Wal-Mart.

In the article above, we’ve touched on most of the apparel produced by the branded merchandise and how they measure up across all considerable standards.

Dollar to donuts, buyers’ perspectives towards items offered by Genuine dickies are influenced by the price, branding, sizing, quality, design, and vendor.


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