What is the difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies?

It is important for you to note that, while Dickies is the original brand “Dickies” producing work and other clothing apparel as far back as 1922, Genuine dickies is a different and cheaper brand named “Genuine Dickies” that is sold by a lot of retailers in the US and around the world.

difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies
Check out the Dickies and the Genuine Dickies Logos

A lot of times, customers and buyers find it difficult to distinguish between these two pants. How can you tell real dickies? Are dickies high quality? Are dickies worth the money? Which is better?

There are multiple questions racing through your mind. You will want to invest in durable products.

However, here are easy ways you can tell the difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies.

Differences between Dickies and Genuine Dickies

difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies

Factors to Consider Dickies            Genuine Dickies
Vendor Dickies Website, Stores, Licensed Distributors, and Retailers Thrift Stores, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target
Price Not as cheap as genuine Dickies Cheaper
Design Six-Pocket Styling Plus Welt Pocket Work Pants Stretch and Regular Pants
Quality Superior Quality Lower End Products
Branding The label comes with a “Dickies” Inscription The label has a bold “Genuine Dickies” inscription
Sizing Trimmer, loose fit, tight crotch, baggy Actual Size

Dickies and Genuine dickies have similar features that may make it difficult for you to figure out differences.

The truth is, Dickies and Genuine dickies are different brands. Genuine Dickies produces pants similar to the Dickies designs but at a cheaper price.

Both Dickies and Genuine dickies are cloth brands. Their production line goes beyond pants/trousers. Dickies produce a wide range of clothes in different styles and technology.

For instance; there are the Dickies Ranger pants, tees, beanies, denim, shorts, and different forms of outerwear and accessories.

Dickies runs a wide establishment of branded merchandise that cuts across jeans, outerwear, kiddies wear, chef, sports, hunting, and medical wear. This includes accessories like belts, eyewear, backpacks, socks, and hats, etc.

On the other hand, with the Genuine Dickies work pants, Genuine dickies double knee, genuine dickies has lots of similar products that have close similarities with the regular Dickies style.

However, being able to differentiate both Dickies and Genuine Dickies will help you decide which one works for you.


The vendor difference between Dickies and Genuine dickies might not make many differences. However, both cloth brands have unique vendors that market them.

Dickies is exclusively sold by authorized dealers with different outlets around the globe. You can get Genuine Dickies in walk-in thrift stores, Wal-mart, or Amazon online stores.

Except in cases where you are not observant, you can inquire from the vendors on which of the brands you are purchasing.

You can only get Dickies from authorized distributors, retailers, and licenses on local and international markets.


One of the easiest ways you can identify the dickies brand and the genuine dickies is the selling price. Genuine dickies are usually cheaper than the Dickies brand.

The price of genuine dickies is usually split to half the price of Dickies. The price ratio between Genuine Dickies and Dickies price spreads through (50:20).

Design and Branding

Dickies and Genuine Dickies are not specifically the same thing. They do not come with the same logos. Genuine Dickies has a customized and attractive logo on its tail pocket.

Genuine Dickies also does the same, but the difference is that Genuine dickies comes with “Genuine dickies branding.

The styling is also different. Most Dickies pants have a six-pocket styling and a cell phone pocket. Such features are absent from genuine dickies.

The Dickies logo is in the form of an oval shape, with a Bold “D” affixed into it, a Dickies inscription running on a straight line.

On the other hand, Genuine Dickies Logo comes in the form of a parallelogram, split into two sides, with the Genuine written on one half of the logo, and Dickies written on the other half.


Dickies and Genuine Dickies brands offer amazing quality. But, if you wish to purchase high-end clothing at the available prices, then Dickies is your best choice. Genuine dickies are low-end products.

They fit the gap of reducing most Dickies collections, but with affordable prices. The need to reduce the production cost, while aiming at penetrating the market with cheap prices is a major factor in the reduced quality of Genuine Dickies.

Dickies are more durable than Genuine dickies. Dickies comes with a reinforcement backed up with advanced clothing technologies.

These include; Duratec, repel pro finishing, cooling temp-iq, this makes it a reliable and durable brand, with sturdy clothes that handle harsh conditions and adapt to external factors.


As a first-time buyer, you might experience little difficulty figuring out your real size. However, Genuine Dickies run on an actual size fitting, whereas Dickies are loosely fit with enough space on the pants.

Genuine offers a smart fitting that wraps around your body. Dickies pants give a closer grip on the grundle, with a tighter crotch and a baggy feel.

What are the similarities between Dickies and Genuine Dickies?

  • They are clothing brands
  • They both make comfortable apparels
  • Style and design are similar

They are cloth brands

The truth is Dickies and Genuine dickies are cloth brands. They are all brand names of different cloth lines. It’s just like different sides of the same coin.

Dickies and Genuine Dickies have similar cloth names and tags for work pants, carpenter jeans, etc. You might hardly tell the difference between the names.

Although Genuine Dickies produce a cheaper version of Dickies products, both brands are into cloth production.

They are both comfortable

While price and quality might differ, Dickies and Genuine dickies provide comfort to the users. Dickies might look loosely fit, while Genuine Dickies offers a body-tight smart fitting.

The endgame is to ensure that users are comfortable in what they wear.

They have similar style and design

This is the line where most users find it difficult to differentiate dickies from genuine dickies. Both brands have similar designs especially when it comes to work pants.

You can hardly tell the difference in style except you take a closer look at the design and logo.

How can you tell the real dickies?

  • By the logo
  • By the fitting
  • Dickies are only sold by authorized dealers like Amazon
  • Dickies are not ridiculously cheap

The easiest way to identify the real dickies is by spotting the authorized branding and design features.

Here are some observable factors that will help you tell the real dickies.


difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies

The first thing you should look out for when purchasing Dickies products is the logo. Dickies always brands all its clothes with its logo, in specific areas.

Dickies logo features a bold yellow “D” letter with dotted lines along its curve, this sits on a red background with a blue “Dickies” inscription on a white background.

While the Dickies logo has a supposed round figure, Genuine dickies pose with a near-rectangular shape.

Any alteration to this trademark should tell you that it is not Dickies.


From the Dickies work pants, regular pants, and cargo pants, Dickies is synonymous with a specific fitting. Dickies pants offer users enough spacing around the crotch area.

This makes the trouser comfy, eradicating any chances of discomfort. Dickies runs on a true-to-size fitting. You are free to order your usual size.

The Dickies Denim pants come in a 100% cotton material, Dickies work pants come with 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton with tunnel belt loops.

All Dickies pants run on a straight leg fitting. Down to Dickies shirts and beanie, what you order is what you get.

Only sold by authorized retailers

You shouldn’t expect to see dickies in a cheap thrift store, except they are fairly used. Dickies works to maintain its trusted brand name and the performance it has recorded in the clothing industry.

This makes it put in extra care to release clothes that beat market demand. This through design and selective use of durable materials creates a big distinction between the real dickies brand and other brands.

Some users end up complaining of receiving something less in quality than what they purchased. They ordered from budding brands that have much interest in making profits rather than delivering the right product.

They are not ridiculously cheap

Spotting ridiculously cheap dickies should serve as a red flag to you. Real Dickies are not so cheap and you wouldn’t find them in thrift stores.

Real Dickies comes in fade-resistant colors and a machine-wash care feature.

The level of durability and long-lasting features achieved with Dickies makes it difficult for them to settle on cheap prices. In the same lane, dickies are not as costly as they sound.

They are one of the cheapest sets of cloth lines in the kind of quality that they offer.

With features of cotton and polyester blend, tunnel belt loops, rugged materials, wrinkle, and stain-resistant, you have the assurance of getting great value for the price.

What are the different types/categories of Dickies pants

Work Pants

What is the difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies

Work pants are one of the most popular Dickies pants in the market. Dickies work pants come in different categories and types.

Some types of Dickies work pants include;

  • Double knee work pants
  • Flex Work Pants
  • Slim Straight-fit work pants
  • Slim Taper Fit Work Pants
  • Multi-Use work pants
  • Cargo Work pants
  • Regular Pants
  • Relaxed Fit Flannel Linen Work pant
  • Relaxed Fit Twill Work pant
  • Skinny Straight Work Pant

The different types of work pants (like this one on Amazon) have slight variations and colors that make each unique in its style.

Work Pants usually run in the fabric combination of 65% polyester and 35% Cotton with a 30 inches inseam. As the name goes, the primary goal of Dickies work pants is to provide comfortable workwear for men.

Flat-Front Pants


The Dickies flat front pants come in a fabric combination of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The Dickies flat front pant is the best choice for any user that desires regular fitted pants.

It provides a smart fitting that runs through the thigh with a tapered leg that goes from the knee to the bottom leg opening. This gives the wearer a professional look laced with simplicity.

The cotton-polyester blend ensures durability, comfort, quality. Dickies flat front pants have an innovative reinforcement, backed up with reprieve fiber technology, dual-action stain repel and release and wrinkle performance.

If you need a business casual, with a blend of professionalism, then the flat front pants are for you.

Flame Resistant Twill Pants


Dickies is always committed to rolling out innovative technology to support the clothing industry.

The rollout of the flame-resistant twill pants is to offer protection against electricity arc-flash and flash fire hazards.

The Flame resistant technology supports durability and ensures that clothes are long-lasting even after constant laundry.

The goal of Dickies flame resistant is to offer users security against fire hazards. To boost confidence and drive the mantra for customer satisfaction, there is a refund policy on Amazon.

This is for customers that are not satisfied with the performance of these clothes.

The Flame Resistant runs in 88% cotton and a 12% nylon fabric type with a 32 inches inseam. The flame-resistant Twill pants have certifications to the NFPA 2112 and 70E testing standards.

These pants go through rigorous processes to ensure that they meet high standards.

Slim-Fit Chino Pant

What is the difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies

Slim-fit chino pants are produced with 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex. Its fabric composition, blend, and style support comfortability and ease.

The Slim-fit Chino Pant is the kind of pants that you will love to rock to work on a weekend. With your Vans Shoes and a blended shirt, you are good to go.

These Dickies Chinos are toned to achieve a high level of softness and comfort. Coupled with its spandex stretch, you can handle your daily activities in them while looking fit.

The stretch works perfectly in the waist region, eliminating the possibility of pains over long usage. These chinos pants are flex washed, with a taper fit, the precision to quality is second to none.

Tough Max Duck Carpenter Pant

What is the difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies?

The Dickies tough max duck carpenter pants run in 65% cotton, 30% Polyester, and 5% Lycra Spandex. Tough max carpenter pants offer a higher level of durability and fabric strength.

It is reinforced with a tough max technology that achieves exceptional performance. This reinforcement makes it 2x stronger and more durable than the normal cotton-made pants.

With its refined polyester-wrapped-up yarns, the Tough Max Duck Dickies Carpenter pants offer high-level flexibility and abrasion resistance.

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Which is better, and why?

Judging which is better between Dickies and Genuine Dickies boils down to your choices. Every buyer is interested in a lot of things.

Dickies are a better option when it comes to quality wear. However, if you need cheaper clothes, then genuine dickies are a better option.

The differences between Dickies and Genuine dickies are cemented in their production line.

Dickies employ more tech-innovative techniques in the production of their clothes.

The availability of features like flame resistance, stain, and shrink resistance makes Dickies a better option. At the same time, you might not like the loose-fit offered by Dickies, you could go for Genuine dickies.

Dickies assures you that you are getting more value at an affordable price.

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