Can You Wear Dickies If You Don’t Skate?

The sole reason why Dickies are popular among skaters is that it is known for its comfort, style, and durability. These pants are originally designed to handle any skate session. However, if you don’t skate, but choose to wear skating clothes, Dickies and cargo pants can be an obvious choice.

Yes. You actually can wear dickies if you don’t skate, but we recommend wearing chinos which are more wearable take. Chinos are more versatile and comfortable as well.

Can You Wear Dickies If You Don't Skate

Nevertheless, you need no one to tell you today that Dickies workwear is now an essential fashion statement, not only among skaters. Dickies can be seen sported by celebrities e.g Justin Bieber

But how do you dress like a skater guy with dickies?

How to dress like a skater guy with dickies in 2021

Apart from Dickies, the majority of the skate trousers are made with thicker fabrics which serve as protection to prevent skaters from having shredded knees.

But when you wear dickies as a nonskater, you won’t consider these features primary. If you want to rock dickies and want to dress like a skater guy without being called a poser, it is pretty simple.

  • The carefree aesthetic with dickies design can be easily revamped into modern wardrobes without the focus on the original purpose of the pants.
  • Now, to look like a skater guy in dickies, we recommend you pick a wide leg design that has cropped ankle. You can as well roll up a straight leg pair into a cuff above your ankle to ice the cake.
  • Those who go with denim will do well picking straight-leg jeans rather than baggier styles. When it comes to warmer months, you’d want to consider opting for long, wide-cut cargo or chino shorts

Why do people love skating in dickies?

Skaters simply want something durable that allows them to land their tricks and move freely without sacrificing style. They also want something that put on the street, and any other terrain conditions, and that is why they love skating in dickies.

Let’s look at other reasons why people love skating in dickies.

They look really great

There is this attention magnetic that comes with wearing Dickies while you skate, and if you are in doubt, watch out when next you skate to see how people actually watch you.

This has influenced even nonskaters that they wish to wear dickies to make heads turn when they pass by.

Even if you do not skate, and have little or no interest in skating, you will want to take pride in your appearance when you pull up in new dickies.

If a skater wants to look great and wants to look like an actual skater dickies are not only perfect for skating but they are also convincing.

They are comfortable

Skate trousers manufacturers understand that whatever needs to be worn for skating has to be flexible and roomy. This also applies to other works’ clothing that puts us in various sorts of unnatural positions.

Particularly, skaters get into a lot of unnatural position while doing what they love to do, this is why emphasis is laid on the importance of comfort for skate clothing, and dickies has it all in their pants products.

Most of its designs which nonskater now love to wear have plenty of room in it that allows the wearer to move.

When kick-flipping, grinding, or sliding down, it is trousers like this skaters will love to wear for comfort.

Very durable

Dickies starting point in making pants for skateboarders was durability, understanding the importance of durability when designing clothes for people who work in factories, forests, mines, and workshops.

Skaters love the toughness that is found in virtually all of Dickers clothing’s DNA. This is also one of the influencing factors that has made the industry of clothing eventually streetwear.

Dickers offer skateboarding pants that would survive many a scrape along with concrete, steel, timber, and asphalt, and that is the beautiful reason why a lot of people love to skate in dickies.

Dickies for nonskaters FAQs

Do skaters wear Dickies?

Yes, and the Dickies 874 Work Pants is a popular favorite. Dickies are particularly famous among skaters for their strong resistance.

It is one of the popular skateboarding brands as it has long been producing clothing that allows skaters to move freely and feel much comfortable wearing these traditional fit pants.

Can I wear Thrasher if I don’t skate?

Bottom line is that you can wear Thrasher whatever you like, and you do not necessarily have to be a skater to wear any skate clothing. So, feel free to wear what you want to wear but be aware that you might be called a poser or kook for dressing to be like a skater when you are not.

There are of course ways you can style your thrasher for fashion as a nonskater which I have explained extensively in a recent post.

Do Dickies soften?

So many people who do not skate but choose to wear dickies often come online to ask whether Dickies pants be softened by wearing them.

It is important that you know that the stiffness in dickies can break down over time by wearing the work pants, especially if you are always active with them.

While this may not be a major concern for nonskaters who wear dickies, a proper machine wash with a fabric conditioner can bring them back to their lost glory, provided you tumble dry with a softening sheet.

Are Vans shoes only for skaters?

Vans are originally designed for skateboarding. They are shoes designed with really grippy flat soles and long-lasting durability compared to other shoes. For the record, it is the first shoe brand to design shoes that are uniquely for skateboarding and skateboarders.

However, there are some casual Vans shoes that are now worn by nonskaters, and a lot of fashion style ideas in lifestyle blogs and show the use of Vans shoes in modern dressing. But yes, they are specifically and originally designed with skateboarders in mind.

Are Dickies comfortable?

As mentioned earlier, it is a really cool thing that dickies trousers are both comfortable and flexible, but without being baggy. All these are not at the sacrifice of function and durability.

Take for example the Dickies 873 trousers which sit between the 872 and the 874 in leg width, really roomy.

Are Dickies stylish?

We need no one to tell us today that Dickies workwear is now an essential fashion statement, not only among skaters.

As mentioned earlier, you will even see celebrities sporting dickies, I mean the likes of  Justin Bieber and A$AP Rocky.

Remarkably, Dickies is one of the first workwear brands to become fashionable, and many skaters wear dickies because of their comfort, durability, and style.


Can You Wear Dickies If You Don't Skate

The main reason why many skaters choose to wear dickies to skate is that the brand boasts great comfort, style, and durability.

Being that it is durable wear that allows one to land their tricks and move freely without sacrificing style, it is okay to want to wear dickies even if you do not skate.

It is in fact streetwear, tranny, and also on-trend in any other terrain condition.

There is absolutely nothing bad in wanting to wear skating brands even if you do not skate, only that you might be called a poser or kook.

Since when it became rampant that people who were not serious boarders became labeled posers for donning clothes from the clothing line, clothes have become an issue in the skateboarding industry.

But bottom line, when it comes to clothes, skateboarders wear whatever they want, and you can wear whatever you want to wear.

That brings us to the end of this post and I hope you have been exposed to the ways you can dress like a skate guy with dickies, and also whether or not you can wear dickies if you do not skate.

There are of course various opinions to this – nonskaters wearing skate clothing. Share your views in the comments!

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