Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy Dress Shoes: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Florsheim and Johnston and Murphy shoes is the Goodyear welt construction prevalent in virtually all Florsheim shoes while Johnston and Murphy’s shoes are built with Blake stitching.

Let’s get to the first glance of these shoes.

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy

Florsheim dress shoes first impressions

Florsheim dress shoes are renowned for outstanding quality. They are designed as luxury shoes with an array of inexpensive and standard quality.

The soles are stitched using a Goodyear stitching construction that supports your feet. Because the soles of Florsheim shoes are not directly sewn to their tops, they are waterproof.

From top to bottom, they are made of cow leather which makes their quality second to none and is insulated with a pad that helps to balance body temperature.

At first glance, both the outer and inner parts of the shoe are made of genuine cow leather which makes it durable and breathable. It has a closed-lacing system alongside perforations designed to give a classic statement.

There is a 360° welt construction that moves around the sole. The upper part is attached to a welt and both are stitched to the sole.

Johnston and Murphy’s first impressions

Johnston and Murphy dress shoes are one of the popularly known dress shoes.

They are renowned for not mincing the quality they put out when their dress shoes. Their outsoles are made from leather and their heels are from tough rubbers which give you good traction.

Their soles are stitched with the top of the shoe, this gives them a very flexible feel. They are built for men who desire a very comfortable, flexible, lasting, and affordable pair of dress shoes.

At first glance, before opening the box, you already have a feeling of excitement because of its excellent boxing.

On to its looks: It has an Oxford presentation which makes it look official, its shining leather gotten from a polished calfskin makes it look sharp and dashing.

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Comparison

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Stitching

Florsheim dress shoes are constructed using Goodyear welt stitching. This is a type of stitching, where the upper leather, Inner lining, and welt are stitched to the sole of the shoe.

This type of stitching makes it possible For the outsole to be removed or changed easily. Due to the nature of  flourishing shoe’s stitching, they are not flexible, this is because the insole has padding which makes it stiff

Johnston and Murphy dress shoes are built using Blake stitching. This means that the sole is stitched onto a welt.

During its construction, the outsole is stitched directly to the insole so that when it wears out, it can not be replaced time and time again.

Also, the Blake stitching makes the shoe have a slimmer appearance because there is no padding between the outsole and insole.

 The direct stitching of the insole to the outsole very makes it  flexible and impossible for  It to be resoled

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Leather

Florsheim dress shoes are made from full-grain cow leather and this leather is the highest quality of leather you will find.

It is gotten from the outer part of the cow’s hide just below the hair. It undergoes a couple of processes which is intended to make it perfect and also have a porous property responsible for making it breathable and not stocking up moisture in the shoe.

The leather used in producing Johnston and Murphy dress shoes is gotten from calfskin.

Because it is gotten from a young cow’s skin, it has a higher content of collagen than other leathers.

Although It is not thick, it has a more desirable look. The collagen content makes it have a fleece feeling and makes it durable.

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Price

Florsheim shoes are high-end luxury shoes normally in the $125 range for what you get, they are worth the price.

Johnston and Murphy dress shoes are a premium brand and not a luxury brand. Although Johnston and Murphy make a lot of dress shows below $200 and is an investment for some men.

It is expected that expensive shoes should last longer than cheap shoes but in Johnston and Murphy dress shoes, the price and quality are not relative. Simply because it costs a lot does not make it a more quality shoe.

These dress shoes with lesser prices have proven to have more quality than the ones with higher prices. If you can’t afford a $400 dress shoes, then Johnston and Murphy is a good choice.

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Build quality

Florsheim dress shoes are made with full-grain leather. This means that from the top of the show to both the uppers, insoles, and outsoles are made with genuine cow leather.

The Good year welt construction was used in building the outsoles and this makes the lifespan of the shoe infinite as the sole can be for as many times as you desire.

Johnston and murphy dress shoes are made from calfskin leather. This makes them very soft on the feet and attractive.

While building them, a Blake stitching construction was used and this makes them so flexible.

The Blake stitching makes it more of permanent stitching because the upper part of the shoe is directly stitched to the sole, making it impossible to be resoled.

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Insoles

Florsheim dress shoes are built with a comfort technology that uses cushioned footbeds and soft materials.

The insoles of Florsheim shoes are made with an Ortholite footbed which makes them removable.

They are also made with a breathable leather lining that perfectly molds to your feet.

They are your best shot if you have underlying foot problems or hate uncomfortable shoes because the insoles provide you with ultimate comfort which is second to none.

The insoles of Johnston and Murphy dress shoes are made from sheepskin. Its footbeds give the adequate cushioning the feet require and this keeps your foot in place while you are walking.  

The insoles give commendable support to the arch, they are removable and can be replaced.

They have a wide insole suitable for men with wide feet who find it difficult to find dress shoes that accommodate their feet type. Although this is not so favorable for men with smaller foot sizes.

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Outsoles

Florsheim dress shoes are built without minimizing their quality. Both the outsole and heel are made from leather which is rich in mineral salt that provides tenacious strength and resistance to heat.

The sole is sewn to a welt, using a good year welt construction to ensure longevity.

A pad is placed slightly above the sole because leather easily absorbs water and this can make your feet cold and this is where the relevance of the pad comes in. It keeps the shoe insulated from every cold.

The outsoles of Johnston and Murphy dress shoes are made from full-grain leather.

While the heels are made from tough rubbers which do not allow them to deplete easily.

This type of outsole construction keeps you in an erect position as it prevents you from falling by giving you a nice grip on wet surfaces.

There is no padding in-between the outsole and the insole because it is constructed using Blake’s stitching which makes it flexible.

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Fitting and sizing

Florsheim dress shoes are built to accommodate a wide range of sizes, they produce even smaller sizes up to size 6 and are readily available.

Florsheim dress shoes are built in true sizes which makes them your exact size, so they do not have a loose fitting.  

To give a comfortable fitting, Johnston and Murphy dress shoes are built-in half sizes which makes them a little spacier so they are not so tight

Florsheim vs Johnston and Murphy: Style

Florsheim dress shoes have a classic style and a closed lacing system. This style makes it have a brogue look with Perforation designs and cap toes.

Its cap toes have been modified for contemporary use it has a wingtip and an Oxford-style which makes it versatile for any event.

Florsheim shoes go with the English/US traditional style of shoe.

Johnston and Murphy brand has lasted for a long time and they have been innovative over the events years their style reflects the American classic root.

The classic style of Johnston and Murphy brand dress shoes is not for those who love fashion trends because they have a classic pattern and timeless look but they never go out of style.

Johnston Murphy dress shoes go with the European style of slim slender shoes.

Pros of wearing Florsheim shoes

  • Built with a comfort tech range to give ultimate comfort to your feet
  • The soles are replaceable because of their Goodyear stitching.
  • They are insulated and can protect your feet from cold.
  • Its cowhide leather quality is top-notch.
  • They can withstand rough terrain without wearing out.
  • They break in easily without a feeling of discomfort.
  • They have a great fitting for any type of dress.
  • Their true size feature gives you a good fit.
  • They are water-resistant

Cons of wearing Florsheim shoes

  • They are quite expensive and are an investment for people who can’t afford it

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Pros of wearing Johnston and Murphy dress shoes

  • They provide ultimate comfort right from the box as they do not require breaking periods
  • They have a more desirable look because they are made with genuine calfskin.
  • Their wide toe box feature gives your feet balance and allows the toes some wiggle room.
  • They are built with high-quality materials which will make them last for years even with consistent wearing.
  • Their versatility makes them match every outfit in your wardrobe.
  • They are built in half sizes so they don’t become too tight on your feet.
  • They have a wide range of sizes.


  • The Blake stitch construction makes the shoe too flexible to withstand rough terrains.
  • Water can penetrate the shoe through the sole

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My Verdict: Florsheim or Johnstone and Murphy Dress Shoes?

Both shoes are comfortable dress shoes that can be used for everyday wear, ranging from office to dates and even special occasions but Florsheim dress shoes are better.

You will want to consider the Florsheim dress shoes because of their stitched with Good year welt construction.

This stitch construction makes it padded before stitching the upper part of the shoe to the welt to the sole.

When it gets rainy, the leather absorbs water and this makes your feet get cold, but the padding keeps the shoe insulated while in Johnston and Murphy dress shoe.

The upper part is stitched directly together with the sole and this makes it easy for water to pass through the holes which the stitches make.

The good year welt construction feature also looks and feels tough, making it possible for the shoe to withstand very rough grounds and protect your feet even when you mistakenly dash your foot against a rough surface.

On the other hand, the Blake stitch construction in the Johnston and Murphy dress shoes makes it possible for you to feel the bumps beneath your shoe when you walk through rough surfaces because it doesn’t have a rugged construction.

Also, you will want to consider the fit Florsheim dress shoes give. They are built with your exact foot size to fit you perfectly. While Johnston and Murphy dress shoes are built with more spaces which gives them a loose fit.

Finally, unlike Johnston and Murphy dress shoes which have higher prices with less quality, Florsheim dress shoes give you more superior value for what you pay.


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