Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Which is Better?

Lamo shoes and Hey Dudes are different in many ways and they share some similarities. Which is better between the two? Let’s first have an overview and a first glance view of these shoes.

The first thing you notice about a shoe is what will attract you in the first place to find out more about that shoe.

Lamo shoes are basically made from sheepskin material and it goes through Lamo tanning technology added with a quality dye. Hey Dude shoes, on the other hand, are designed from recycled fibers from marine waste, suede, and leather. 

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: First Glance

At first glance, you will notice Lamo’s sheepskin signature, the rubber sole, and also the sockless design.

You will also notice the fine construction of these shoes with attractive soles. Lamo looks stylish and comfortable. For comfort, there is the insertion of a footbed.

The Hey Dude materials are what give them the look they have. At first glance, Hey Dudes are available in beautiful colors, they are lightweight and they are flexible.

You will also notice that Hey Dudes are elastic in nature. Hey Dude shoes are also made to be breathable and comfortable. The fine materials used for Hey Dudes are surely attractive.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Comparison

To further compare these shoes and determine which is better, we will consider the stitching of these shoes, the leather used to design them, the price, the build, the insole, the sizing, the style, and the pros and cons of these two shoes and then we’ll give an overall verdict on which is better.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Stitching

The stitching of a shoe is what gives the shoe its unique design and outside look. For Lamo shoes, most of its stitches are done with the Lamo technology.

The stitching forms part of the design of the shoes. The stitches are neatly done and they are made attractive.

Hey Dude does its stitch with the Flex and Fold technology. With this, the shoe isn’t just flat on the surface, it forms a peculiar design that adds to the beauty of the shoe.

Here also, the stitches are neatly done and they form beautiful patterns.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Leather

Leather is another important thing to consider when purchasing a shoe. The leather used for any shoe will determine how long that shoe will last and it also determines the weight of the shoe.

Lamo shoes are made from sheepskin material added with the American tanning technology. Some are made with suede and some with canvas.

Because of the leather used, Lamo shoes are durable and they are one of the most comfortable dress shoes out there.

Hey Dude shoes are made with recycled fibers, suede, and leather. The leather used is lightweight leather.

That is why Hey Dude shoes are so lightweight. Hey Dude shoes are also elastic in material and because of the fabric used in making them, they are biodegradable.

This means that they can be decomposed by some biological process when you discard them. When it comes to leather fabric, both shoes are unique and durable.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Price

The pricing of a shoe can make you defer to purchase your favorite for another just because your budget didn’t meet that. This is to get you prepared when going to purchase any of these shoes here.

For Lamo, they are quite affordable, more affordable than Hey Dudes. You can find Lamo shoes in the price range of $23 to $50.

Believe me, they are worth the money. In stores like Amazon, the price differs with size. So, this is just the average price. If you wear a large or extra-large size, you should go with a higher amount.

Hey Dude shoes are also affordable, but they are a little expensive. You can find Hey Dude shoes within the price range of $50 to $59.

Here also, this is the average pricing. You should know that Hey Dudes are worth the price.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Build/Quality

The build of a shoe constitutes everything used in making that shoe. The build can make the shoe beautiful, nice or durable. Lamo shoes are designed with the Faux Fur Lining.

This gives the shoe a fur look and feel. This is peculiar to most women’s shoes made by Lamo. Lamo shoes are generally designed as dress shoes.

They are designed for office work and also casual work. Also, they have a generally nice look and comfortable feel.

On the other hand, Hey Dudes are designed with flex and fold technology. Also, they are designed with a rounded toe for space and easy navigation of the toe. This adds to the comfort the shoe provides.

Hey Dudes are built to last and they might as well last longer than Lamo. Hey Dudes are also designed as dress shoes. Also, Hey Dudes are stretchy and this makes them stay comfortable over time.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Insole

The insole of any shoe determines how comfortable that shoe will be. The insoles of Lamo shoes are inserted with a memory foam footbed.

And this foam is made from polyurethane material and other chemicals. Some of Lamo’s shoes are inserted with leather hypercushion footbed. This makes Lamo very comfortable and comfy.

Hey Dude shoes are inserted with the famous EVA material insole. Hey Dudes are also embedded with other polymeric materials.

Some of Hey Dude shoes are embedded with removable memory foam footbed. This shows how comfortable Hey Dudes are. When it comes to comfort in relation to insole, Lamo shoes are better.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Outsole

When it comes to choosing a shoe that has the best outsole, you need to check the history of that shoe brand. How has Lamo or Hey Dude been when it comes to durability over time?

Lamo outsoles are made with natural rubber material. Some of Lamo’s outsoles are built with slip prevention technology.

We also have Lamo outsoles built with EVA  outsole construction. Moreso, some of Lamo’s shoes are built with the Lamo TPR outsole. All of these add to the durability of Lamo shoes.

Hey Dude outsoles are basically made with EVA outsole material. Some of Hey Dudes are made with the UltraLIGHT outsole technology.

Hey Dude shoes are made with outsoles that make them to be balanced on the ground and they are also lightweight. Another thing you should know about Hey Dudes is that they are durable.

So, when it comes to durability due to the type of outsole used, Hey Dudes are better.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Fit & Sizing

Sizing is what will finally make you purchase that shoe you admired from afar.

Lamo shoes are generally true to size. They may be snug at the beginning, but they will eventually conform to your feet over time.

If you are in between sizes, you will do well to size up in order to get the desired fitting. Lamo’s shoes for women are generally comfy and comfortable.

For Hey Dude shoes, they are also true to size. As a result of the stretchy nature of Hey Dude shoes, they sometimes stretch and that might affect the sizing of the shoe.

For a better experience in sizing, you are advised to size down because the shoe will eventually stretch to fit your feet. But, generally, Hey Dudes stay true to size. When it comes to fitting, Hey Dudes are better.

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Style

The styling of a shoe relates mostly to the personality of people. Some people like to stand out in the crowd when in any pair of shoes, some just like the compliments the shoes they wear bring them.

Others may just like to look feminine or masculine when putting on a shoe. Lamo styling is similar to Hey Dudes. The only difference is in the women’s category.

These shoes are stylish and best for dress shoes. Lamo shoes are styled for office work and casual outfit. You can just wear Lamo’s shoes around the house.

They are made to be comfortable enough for that. Lamo’s are stylish and it suits modern-day fashion.

The styling of Hey Dude shoes are no great different from that of Lamo. Hey Dude shoes are styled for office work and casual outfit.

They are very comfortable and durable. They are styled to be eco-friendly. The major unique thing about Hey Dudes is that they have beautiful colors.

That is what will most likely attract you to them first. Hey Dudes are really stylish and they are suited for the 21st-century person. When it comes to style, Hey Dudes are more stylish than Lamo.

Pros of using Lamo shoes

In general, there are advantages to using Lamo shoes. One is that Lamo shoes are affordable. Yes, there are the kind of shoes that you can easily choose over Hey Dudes if your budget is moderate.

Also, Lamo shoes are made with memory foam insole which provides the best comfort to every user. Another advantage is that they are true to size.

They are also made with EVA outsole which makes them durable, they are built with Faux Fur Lining for added comfort, they are made with fine sheepskin with good construction.

Also, the Lamo TPR outsole gives Lamo shoes the fine construction they have and they also have sockless design.

Cons of using Lamo shoes

Lamo shoes also have disadvantages. One being that, they are snug at first wear. Not everyone will have the patience to stay through until they conform to size.

This alone can discourage a customer from buying if he/she is to try it out before purchase. Another downside to Lamo shoes is that they are not altogether durable.

Hey Dudes are more durable than them. Aside these, Lamo shoes are great dress shoes and you can go ahead and get a pair for yourself.

Pros of using Hey Dude shoes

When the advantage of a thing is more than the disadvantage, I think it is worth trying out. Hey Dude advantages are numerous. One, they are aesthetic. They have beautiful and colorful designs.

Another being that, they are durable, more durable than Lamo. Also, they are comfortable, having the EVA footbed technology provides a great deal of comfort.

The UltraLIGHT outsole adds to the durability of Hey Dude shoes. Another advantage is that they are eco-friendly. Also, they are biodegradable.

You should also know that they are lightweight and flexible. There is also a toe space for comfort and flexibility. Hey Dudes are also advantageous when it comes to the sole, it provides balance.

Cons of using Hey Dude Shoes

One very noticeable disadvantage you will easily notice about Hey Dude is the price. They are more expensive than Lamo.

Even with this, they are sure worth the price. Another thing is the insole, regardless of the EVA footbed embedded in them, they are not as comfortable as Lamo.

Another downside to Hey Dude is that they may easily stretch and get oversized. But, you can avoid this if you follow the sizing instructions.

Apart from this, Hey Dudes are great dress shoes that you easily slip in and out. Consider getting one for yourself.

Overall Verdict: Which is Better?

Everyone wants to be sure he/she is making the right choice even when it comes to the shoe they purchase. Both Lamo and Hey Dude are nice dress shoes. But, we all want to know which is better.

When it comes to stitching, Hey Dude does it better. Hey Dude also has a great leather combination than Lamo.

When it comes to price, Lamo is more affordable than Hey Dude. Both are great in build and quality.

Lamo offers more comfort through the insole used for its shoes. For durability, Hey Dude is more durable than Lamo.

Both Lamo and Hey Dude are true to size. Hey Dude has a great styling of beautiful colors, a lightweight sole, and flexible toe space.

Hey Dude is more advantageous than Lamo. Lamo shoes are great shoes and they are even more affordable.

But, if you have the money to spend and you want something of better quality, then Hey Dude should be your choice. Regardless of the higher pricing, they sure do worth the money.

In all, Hey Dude is better than Lamo.


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