Five Ten vs Vans: Comparison

Whether you are the overly, laid-back but tenacious mountaineer, hiker, a mountain biker, or on the other hand you are that classy, vibrant, and interesting skateboarder whose mojo affects every person you encounter.

One thing resonates among every sports person: The Charm in their Shoes.

The major difference between Five Ten and Vans is that Five Ten is wholly for mountain sports while Vans is highly versatile; think skateboarding, fashion, and as casual footwear.

Five Ten vs Vans

From their stealth S1 soles to the premium upper material of these shoes, true fit to size, and wet weather protection, it is undeniably clear that though different, Five Tens and Vans are unique in their own way.

First impressions

Having the right footwear at an affordable price, and meeting the standard or criteria you have set can be quite a challenge as many brands offer choices that sometimes aren’t in alignment with your preference, a close study of the most popular shoe brand would guide and hopefully influence your decision to purchase them. 

Five Tens and Vans are one brand that hangs on the lips of shoe lovers and here are reasons why they do so:

Five Ten

  • Made with the best suede and mesh material.
  • Authentic Stealth S1 Sole fitted with pins for gripping
  • The durability of 8-12 months.
  • True to fit

Five Tens as a case study is almost every mountain biker’s first choice when it comes to shoes that can withstand wet weather, enhanced gripping, rigidity, breathability, improved longevity, and fit true to size while putting into consideration, pricing.

Made with a stealth S1 rubber size sole, most Five Tens offer a 50%-80% rigidity and effective gripping; Five Tens brand like Free riders, Sleuth, and Trailers brand comes in sometimes a plain upper material with a comfortable Velcro to adjust breathability.

Other brands and more fashionable Five Tens sport a mid-sole made of comfy leather and upper material made of suede/mesh.


  • Made with the highest durable canvas and suede.
  • Highly vulcanized synthetic rubber to improve friction
  • Comfy Insoles.
  • Life span of a year or more.

Speaking of fashion, Vans, unlike the former is one shoe that represents fineness, elegance, and flexibility hence building its popularity in the secular sphere.  

From their Slip-on, Authentic, Era, and Oldskool brands, the materials used in making them are nothing but top-notch, to the skateboarders, a pair of Vans contributes to their foot and joint balance when skating.

The grip that the soles have on the skate is a result of a highly vulcanized construction of the soles with synthetic rubber thereby providing a thrilling skateboarding experience.

Other extreme sports like parkour have their patrons patronizing the Vans brand.

To the artiste, rocking a pair of vans on stage not only adds a touch of beauty to the performer’s outfit but allows for smooth mobility around and down the stage in order to connect to fans present, thanks to the durable outsole.

Vans’ breathability and comfort, when worn over socks and with its no mid-sole, increases its demand from fashionistas and the fashion world at large.

It is highly compatible with virtually any outfit worn, not forgetting that it also fit true to its size.

Vans vs Five Ten: Comparison

When asked to choose from any of Vans or Five Tens, making haste to pick any might not be in your best interest as each brand is perfectly tailor-made for specific purposes.

Vans’ uniquely stylish and comfy sole would not be a mountain biker option nor for a hiker as they both transverse jagged and a rough path filled with bumps.

Inversely, Five tens on the feet of a skateboarder wouldn’t only restrict skating but might as well damage the board due to the extent of gripping and dotty sticky rubber sole under its soles, hence the need to make an informed decision when choosing the right brand to wear.

The table below highlights an interesting comparison between both products in the most comprehensive way possible.

Please note that while these shoes serve various functions, the reasons why these brands remain sought-after cannot be ignored.   

Features Five Tens Vans
Leather Made with the best suede and mesh material Made with the highest durable canvas and suede
Sole  Authentic Stealth S1 Sole fitted with pins for gripping Highly vulcanized synthetic Rubber to improve friction
Durability An average of 8-12 months depending on usage. A long life span of two years or more
Price Prices range from $20-$200 Price varies from $20-$250
Insoles Mostly of a low-quality Ortholite Insoles are varied and quite comfy
Sizing/fit Most Five Tens are true to size  Vans are known for being true to size
Style Less fashionable than the Vans  Very Fashionable with different sub-brands crafted beautifully yet simple


Made with an authentic Stealth S1 rubber outsole to aid gripping and tension when climbing, riding, or hiking on rough terrains, the Five-Ten takes the credit for the right shoes for such a task.

Its smooth EVA modeled injected midsole serves as an absorber against unwanted hill runs and edge climbing.

The upper materials also consist of a water-resistant rubber and a split suede leather providing toughness against wet weather.

Vans leather is premium and contains most of its upper material, a reinforced toe cap that prevents wear and tear.

Although most Vans used leather in their material composition, it is not unusual to have some made of cotton.

The end result as always is to have you feel its comfort and its flexibility.


Five Tens are not the best for nothing when it comes to the kind of sole they make.

The stealth S1 polyurethane Five Ten sole provides certain firmness and gripping to the ground for climbers that surpasses most mountain climbing shoes.

Van soles are typically made of rubber and for a reason. The abrasion resistance given by these rubber soles makes them skateboarders’ favorites.

Not only that, flexibility is an important factor to consider for dancers, skaters, and other energetic-based activities.

Vans rubber soles provide that flexibility these groups would need, providing not only flexibility but a cushioning effect to feet and joints.


The average life span for Five Tens usually last 7-8 month and depending on usage might be less. Notwithstanding, some Five Tens tend to have a longevity of up to 2 years.

Vans usually take two years to wear off, thanks to their highly vulcanized soles and premium leather and suede materials.


What can beat a good deal with a fair price? As far as shoes are concerned and patronage paramount, Five Tens shoes are good deals when it comes to their price tag.

With shoes ranging from as low as $20 and as high as $200, what better deal is fair enough?

Like its counterpart, Vans shoes tend to be slightly higher than most Five Tens, one is likely able to purchase a Van for as low as $30 and high as $250


Vans are perfect when it comes to true to size as most of the foot ware when purchased according to buyer’s feet measurement fits exactly, the same fact holds true to most Five Tens.


The fashion quality of a Five Ten might be great but not as regal as Vans.

Five Ten shoes are basically rugged and made for extreme or tough conditions, hence little attention is paid to the style of such footwear, this is not to say that there aren’t fashionable Five Tens, although recent Five Ten shoes come off as quite fashionable.

Another reason why Van tops the shoe chart list accounts for the elegance and amazing aesthetic of its brands.

Sportspersons, entertainers, and even notable public figures rock a van majorly because of its alluring yet simple design and beauty.

As for fashion and style, Vans shoes stand out as the best when compared with a Five Ten.


Judging a Five Ten as better than Vans without putting into consideration their usage would be unfair as both in their right have their specific purpose.

Placed side by side with other brands specific to their usage, one would tell that most Five Tens if not all stand out as the best mountain biking shoes in vogue.

The precise crafting of the footwear to perfectly suit any rough terrain, mountain or long distances makes it a name to be reckoned with.

The astuteness in the making of its soles, an insole made to not only provide comfort but enhanced the overall thrill of hiking or mountain riding is far more reason to have a huge collection of this footwear.

Vans when compared to their rivals stand the highest chance of being preferred anytime, any day.

Who wouldn’t want footwear that doubles as multipurpose? Footwear with a record of class, sleekness, and popularity.

From the Skate Park to the music stage, the fashion runway to the construction site Vans can be spotted in almost nine in ten people in that profession. The more reason why getting a Van counts.

Why you should buy a Five Ten

Tired of having to get your feet sore? A Five Ten is definitely for you. Looking for that hiker’s and rider’s footwear that provides breathability, wet weather performance, durability, and a strong grip on your mountain bike? Five Ten to the rescue.

Most brands promise better, Five Ten does best.

Check out the links below for our Five Ten collection:

Why you should buy Vans

Rocking a Van not only adds to your collection as a fashionista but what Vans does is increase your popularity.

Vans speaks of culture, versatility, and simplicity. Almost anyone can have a van as it is quite affordable.

Speaking of comfort in wearability, Van’s got it all, an insole made of the finest material and an unbeatable rubber outsole to provide the grip and foot friction needed while soothing the heels and foot, you should get a Van if you are thinking versatility and true comfort

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Final Words: Which Is Better?

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the right pair to go with the activity you are engaged in.

Out in the woods, mountainside, or on mountain climbing, and in need of that Footwear with friction to assist your mobility, rock climbing, and hiking experience?

Try five tens. In need of footwear that provides your foot and heel with protection against careless rocks and falls from a crooked path? Try Five Tens.

Tired of constantly changing your shoe soles due to continuous wear? Try Five Tens.

If simplicity resonates with you and you love the thrill of skateboarding, having Vans slide right on skates is the best thing ever.

Are you the fashionista, looking for a classy yet authentic shoe to match your fashion sense? Or that cool college kid who wants to wow the ladies with his mojo? A pair of Van is the answer.

Think true to size, flexibility, comfort, compatibility, breathability; pocket friendly, casual yet classy, think Vans.


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