Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Comparison

Are you a boots lover in the room? The fashionista who’s drip is incomplete without wearing the boots. If this is you, then you might have been wondering which is better between the Dr. Martens platform boots brands, Molly or Jadon.

Truth be told, trying to choose one from the two could be very tricky as both boots are dope! But now we are going to compare both boots for the sake of your fashion. You do not want to spice up your swagger with the wrong pair of boots.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon

If you want to know which pair of boots, either The Molly or the Jadon fits you best, keep reading.

What is the major difference between Dr. Martens Molly and Jadon?

While Molly and Jadon have some similarities – which we will talk about in this article – they both vary in different ways. Here are some of the major differences between both boots;

The Molly boots are aimed at women and come in various women’s sizes, while the Jadon is unisex, although they come in numerous larger men’s sizes too.

The Molly boots have six wide eyes with ribbon laces and original laces, while the Jadon has 8 eyes, but do not come with ribbon laces, they have standard laces.

Also, the height of the Jadon platform is higher than the Molly. The Jadon platform height could be as high as 1.75inch for standard Jadon and 2.2 inches for Jadon Max.

The platform of the Molly is also high, at 1.5inch, but that’s lower than the Jadon platform’s height.

The Jadon boots have zippers by the side while the Moly does not.

What is Dr. Martens Molly Best For?

Dr. Martens Molly Boot is one of a kind. Cute looking and comfortable. Built for fashionable women, the shoe is very stylish and genuine.

With six wide eyes, the iconic boot comes in both original lace and ribbon lace. When worn with ribbon lace, the Molly brings out the beauty of the wearer because of its elegant and grand-looking design.

A lady rocking the Molly boots with ribbon lace

The Molly boots go well with the various outfits and only the creativity of the wearer could be the limit.

Would it not be cool to add an extra 1.5inch to your height? The Molly boot platform is 1.5inch high and the heel is about 2 inches high as well.

So, Molly boots are great for those that want to look taller than their original heights.

The Molly boot is best for winter seasons and also, “they are great for riding bikes…” a buyer’s review once raved.

Young ladies want Molly for Christmas. For them (women), you can rock a Molly with Jeans, gowns, joggers, pants, and even skirts.

What is Dr. Martens Jadon Boots Best For?

If you are looking for a show with the versatility of a loafer, the height of a tall boot, and the comfort of a sneaker, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Martens Jadon Boots. Jordan. Built for both men and women with rich fashion taste.

While most high platform boots can take too much effort to walk in them, the Jadon boots make walking effortless.

Jadon platform boots come with eight eyes and standard laces. Some Jadons like the Jadon Hi Stud come with 10 eyes. So even if the boot runs bigger than you, and you’re just a size smaller, it still fits well and is painless for navigation.

And not to mention the heights! Jadon boot’s platform is as high as 1.75inch for standard ones. Other models like the Jadon Max boot have a platform that is as high as 2.2inches with a towering 2.5inches for the heel.

Wearing them – no matter your height – makes you feel on top of the world.

Another iconic feature of Dr. Martens Jadon is the classic zipper by the sides. The zippers enable quick fastening and removal of the boots while adding grandeur to the wearer’s dope look.

The Jadon boots have become an internet sensation with many celebrities rocking them on Instagram. They are the cutest platform combat boots ever.

Also, Jadon is unisex, made for every gender, men and women are rocking this Doc Martens model every single day.

Also, the boot is suitable for any kind of occasion or season, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, you can rock your Jadon in autumn, spring, summer, or winter.

No wonder they quickly go out of stock.

As for what outfit they are best for, the Jadon is the one boot that fits all kinds of wear. You can style your Jadon platform boot in a thousand different ways.

Whatever you put on, be it Jeans and T-shirts, Jackets, Pantsuits, or even blazers, heck yes, Jadon goes well with all.

Need ideas on how to style your iconic Jadon, the following images would set your juice flowing;

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon

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What Similarities do both Boots Share?

Both were manufactured by Dr. Martens, of course

Both models (The Jadon and The Molly) are both manufactured by Dr. Martens, also commonly known and called Doc Martens.

Doc is a footwear and clothing brand with headquarters in Wollaston in the Wellingborough district of Northamptonshire, England.

They are one of the most popular British shoemakers famous for designing shoes that are durable and very stylish.

They are the designers of our amazing case studies today – Molly and Jadon.

Another similarity between the two sides is that they look like combat boots

Combat boots are military boots with close-fitted lace-up with the back leather extending above the ankle and having a rather high platform.

To be clear, Molly and Jadon are not military boots, they just look like them

They are for fashion’s sake, but who knows, if you are a soldier reading this, you could try to wear them to war, they are high-quality leather and durable – you could be the sexiest soldier on the battlefield.

Another feature in these boots that would be impossible not to notice is their high platform.

Molly and Jadon make the wearer taller

The platform height ranges from 1.5inch to 2.2inches. Want to increase your height without naturally growing taller? then you should be wearing the Molly or Jadon boots.

Now let’s get into more details about their comparison

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Function

Before we can know the full function of these boots, one thing we should keep in mind is these are platform shoes.

In the past, as far back as the 15th century, platform shoes were created in Zoccoli, Venice. In order to avoid wet feet in times of flood, platform shoes were created to lift its wearer’s feet off the muddy ground.

Over the centuries, there have been various uses of platform shoes in the past, most times to represent people of the upper class. The main idea of platform shoes is to raise heights, like the literal platform or stage.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Height

The Molly Leather Platform Boot has a platform that is 1.5inch high, and is capable of making the wearer look and feels taller.

The Jadon Platform Boot is higher(1.75 – 2inches). So if two people of the same height – one wearing a Jadon and the other a Molly – stood side by side, the Jadom guy would be taller.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Confidence

Also, people who wear boots portray a degree of confidence. They sure look like a combat boot, used in the military.

Yeah, when you see someone in boots, especially Doc Molly or Jadon boots, you’ll perceive them as energetic and having a good fashion taste.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon
A lady looking confident with the Jadon boot

Now women can portray a more powerful and classy look with the Molly high platform boots. And because of the Jadon, Men are not left out too. Jadon platform boot is unisex.

Both men and women can now feel taller and look strong, and still, high rates drip with quality and class. Not to mention the confidence that comes with it. You are literally walking in the clouds, head high! No wonder celebrities love them.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Comfort

“These shoes are surprisingly comfortable…” a Molly Platform Boot buyer on Amazon raved.

The sole of Dr. Martens Molly Boot is designed for comfort and endurance. You could literally wear them all day without feeling any form of pain. Also with the same with the Jadon boot, and a plus.

The Jadon boot eight to ten eyes offers a well-fitted lace-up, providing an excellent grip for the wearer. This makes the Jadon ideal for work boots.

In addition, the inner ankle zipper by the side of the Jadon boots helps your feet settle in comfortably and fit well closely in the boot.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Fit

Doc Martens shoes tend to come in bigger sizes. When you are going for a Molly boot, if you are in between two shoe sizes, go for the smaller size. This is recommended by the Dr. Martens brand. 

Both boots’ models come in various sizes to fit market demands.

The following charts are the Size Guide from the Dr. Martens official website;


5   3 36 22 9.21″
6   4 37 23 9.54″
7 6 5 38 23.5 9.88″
8 7 6 39 24.5 10.21″
9 8 7 41 25.5 10.54″
10 9 8 42 26 10.80″
11 10 9 43 27 11.22″

Doc Martens women’s shoe size guide


4 5 3 36 22 9.35″
5 6 4 37 23 9.68″
6 7 5 38 23.5 10.02″
7 8 6 39 24.5 10.35″
8 9 7 41 25.5 10.68″
9 10 8 42 26 11.02″
10 11 9 43 27 11.34″
11 12 10 45 28 11.69″
12   11 46 29 12.03″
13   12 47 29.5 12.36″
14   13 48   12.70″
15   14 49.5   12.03″
16   15 50   12.36″

Doc Martens men’s shoe size guide

Visit here to view the full chart.

You can use the chart as a guide for purchasing your next Molly or Jadon.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Quality

On all the major e-commerce stores, Amazon, eBay, Zappos, etc. Doc Martens Molly and Jadon have received multiple five stars ratings. Which means they make quality shoes!

The Molly was made with the classic Dr. Martens DNA, grooved edges, visible stitching, and heel-hop.

Its original leather – buttero in color – is smooth and coated with satin gloss, to increase its supple feel. Also, the sole is air-cushioned, making it oil and fat-resistant.

The Jadon on the other hand is made with 100% leather. Its platform sole is designed with rugged tread which adds extra empowerment.

The Jadon “Air wait” sole is also cushioned, giving it the ability to resist fat and provide good abrasion and slip resistance.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Durability

Both boots are highly durable. Popularly known as “Built to pound the pavement boot”, the upper leather and sole are heated-sealed together to achieve highly exceptional durability.

You could wear these boots for years. According to various sources, Doc boots could last for 20 years or more.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Waterproof

The Doc Martens Molly boots are not waterproof. However, the boot can handle all kinds of bad weather. Molly boots are made of leather, and leathers are naturally porous materials.

Although the boot is quite water-resistant when it comes to rain and puddles, it’s not your typical rain boots.

Even the Jadon boots too could withstand rain and snow for an impressive limited time. The boot can also handle light rainfall.

Also, it is worthy to note that the Jadon boot is capable of protecting your feet from getting wet.

But if you keep your boots in the water, you can dry them, clean them and polish them.

Do you know you can increase the waterproofness of your Molly and Jadon boots using waterproof sprays, was, etc?

The Jadon and Molly are secret rain boots capable of withstanding both good and bad weather, however, they might not do the real job of a standard rain boat.

Dr. Martens Molly vs Jadon: Price/Cost

The Doc Martens Molly Leather Platform Boot is a bit pricey. But it was worth it. On Amazon, they cost from around $200 –  $370.

While the Jadon price also varies based on the model. The Jadon 8 -Eye Leather Platform Boot(unisex) comes in three models of colors.

Black polished smooth, White polish smooth, and Black patent lamper. They cost from around $179.95 – to $276.60.

Another Jadon Model, Dr. Martens Jadon Max, which comes in Black and Oxblood, ranges from $219.95 – $313.5.

Another Jadon Model: Jadon Max Hardware Leather Platform Boot cost $154.

The Jadon Hi Leather Platform Boot, which is a freaking 10 eye lace hole cost 189 euros.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dr. Martens shoes

Do Doc Martens Pascal’s sole stretch in length?

No. The Sole doesn’t stretch. The leather upper will stretch a little as you wear them often for a long period to fit you, but that won’t make the boots longer.

You might have to buy a new boot in your proper size.

Which is more popular between Dr. Martens Jadon and Molly

The Jadon is way more popular than the Molly, as it comes in multiple models than the Molly and is unisex. Molly on the other hand is less common.

Is Dr. Martens Jadon worth it?

They are more than worth it, considering some of the benefits we talked about in the function section. Adding to the fact that they are very durable.


Here you have it. Quite an interesting journey, right?

So which would you choose? The Molly or The Jadon.

As for me, I would go for the Jadon, maybe because I’m a man. But the Jadon is sturdier than the Molly. Also, there are various choices to choose from as Jadon comes with various models.

With extras like 8 to 10 eyes and side zippers, various killer models, and unisex appeal, the Jadon is the clear winner.

No wonder, I repeat it is usually always out of stock.


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