Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock Sandals: Which Is Better?

Their functionalities, fittings, and comfort levels will determine the preferred choice between Dr. Martens and Birkenstock. “Which sandal is better” will result from the one that best meets users’ needs.

The major difference between these sandals is that Dr. Martens are made with Vegan, patent, Hydro, and Brando leathers. Birkenstock on the other hand have over 40 models of sandals, they have more comfortable footbeds, better aesthetics, and have EVA soles.

Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock

Dr. Martens and Birkenstock are great brands, hence you always find this comparison as people with different stances would want to tell which is the better choice.

Oftentimes their submission is more likely to be emotional than logical. This is because people are more inclined to speak from their sheer respective realities than talk with respect to the real analytical submission.

Not to worry, this article takes home no bias as it stands on neutral ground to give the right details of these sandals in their exactness.

This is so that in the event that you wish to make a choice, you should have a sound knowledge of what you’re opting for.

What Does The First Glance Say About Dr. Martens and Birkenstock Sandal?

The first glance at any sandal from these two brands is most likely going to have your attention tuned to their channels.

They are catchy and have this aura that screams quality and calls you from afar. This is one reason it is easy to find first-timers tilting towards these sandals among pools of sandals from other brands.


Birkenstock has many styles, patterns, models, and varying iterations to choose from. This means you have more luxury of choices here.

A first glance at Birkenstock? You’ll notice the glossy types, the beautiful hues, the nice soles – all of which make you want to try it out.

Dr. Martens

While Dr. Martens has not had many sandal styles, a first glance at the few ones reeks of quality.

The material used usually tells this. It is often said that quality speaks for itself – both in user experience and in looks. And this is true as Dr. Martens’ sandals are a perfect embodiment of this submission.

Comparison Between Dr. Martens And Birkenstock

Features Dr. Martens Birkenstock
First Glance Rigid looks, yet classy. Not overly glossy but has mature and darker hues. You’d notice its brighter colors and nice buckles.
Sole The rubber soles make the sandals anti-skid and resistant to slips. The sole of this sandal is made of synthetic materials.
Durability Dr. Martens’ sandals are durable. It boils down to relatively. Birkenstock makes durable sandals that beat many out there.
Size Dr. Martens’ sandals usually run surprisingly large. Potential buyers are advised to size down by a whole number. Birkenstock sandals are true to size. You’re almost always going to get your ordered size.
Fit Dr Martens’ sandals are a tad spacious even when sized down. Although they stay nicely. Birkenstock has a bit of snugness in its fitting. It is neither too tight nor loose. It maintains a good balance between the two.
Prize Dr Martens are pricier. The average sandal sells within the range of $99 to $250. Birkenstock sandals are not very pricey. Although they have a very wide price range.
Fashion Quality The sandals of this brand are not very fashion inclined. Birkenstock sandals are the home of beautiful designs.
Overall Quality Dr Martens’ sandals win for overall quality. Birkenstock sandals do not match the quality of Dr Martens’ sandals.

Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock: Material/Leather

The leather used in the design of every footwear is the major determinant of the quality that a shoe would have.

The processes involved in obtaining leathers differ. So it is only logical that the quality of each type varies too. While some are gotten naturally from animal hide, some are synthetically made.

Dr. Martens

Comparatively, Dr. Martens has better materials than Birkenstock. This is why Dr. Martens’ sandals are more long-lasting.

The list of material Dr. Martens use for its sandals is usually Patent, Vegan, Brando, Hydro, and mostly Full-grain leather.

These are the same materials used for their boots too. They have darker hues with a fine blend of class and decency.


The leather used for Birkenstock has a strong touch with durability too. These materials are mostly oiled nubuck, suede, and sometimes, full-grain leather.

The brand uses synthetic materials to that range from birko-flor patent, birko-flor nubuck, and birko-flor. These synthetic types are on the same hierarchical level as Dr. Martens’ vegan materials.

Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock: Sole

The sole is the heartbeat of every shoe. It is the component that is meted with a first-hand harshness more than any other component can be faced with.

This means deciding the right sole material is paramount as that part is also saddled with a fraction of the willpower of deciding the longevity of footwear.

Dr. Martens

The model of each Dr. Martens sandal determines what material is adopted for the sole. It is an end-to-end relay between rubber and other synthetic polymeric materials.

In all, the soles have good ground grip, however, the rubber type has better traction because of its polymer properties that make it anti-skid.


Some Birkenstock sandals iteration insoles are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). Some are made of synthetic materials.

They both offer awesome cushioning while driving and improved arch support – this gives a better overall balance and results in a real cool gait.

Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock: Durability

The durability of every footwear is the accumulation of the quality of each component used in every specific shoe model.

Albeit, the large determining factors are materials and soles, the footbed also contributes to this too. Other parts seldom make any difference.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens makes more durable sandals than Birkenstock. Their materials and sole material account for this.

Dr. Martens beats Birkenstock in this regard as they use the best quality leathers in their shoe design. They are usually tough and rigid to withstand the worst of hard conditions.


The synthetic materials used for most Birkenstock sandals are durable too. Albeit, it is as a result of relativism that Birkenstock Sandal soles are of lesser quality.

Aside from that, they beat many other sandals in terms of sole quality.

Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock: Sizing/Fit

Of what use are the “good” features of any footwear if they wouldn’t fit well and result in annoying discomfort?

You see that, right? This means the fitting and sizing of every shoe are as good as the great features that they are equipped with.


When it comes to better-fitting, Birkenstock sandals lead in this end. They are true to size and have a very nice fitting. They are pretty comfortable too. This is because their footbed has five comfortable layers.

The first is the jute layer, followed by latex and cork, then another jute layer before a foam insert. Stepping on this footbed with all of these layers in place gives this therapeutic sensation. Perfect!

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens’ sandals have a good fitting. But that is just on a moderate level. It is comfortable and all. But relative to Birkenstock? It is far behind.

Many users have reviewed that Dr. Martens’ sandals run ridiculously big as opposed to their boots that run true to size. With this, you may want to go a full size down when making Dr. Martens sandal purchase.

Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock: Price

The price of every shoe depends on the quality of the materials that are used in the construction.

This, in the end, decides the overall quality, and when enjoyed by users, leads to high demand, and demand is the mother determinant of price. 

Now, having known that Dr. Martens’ sandals are more quality than Birkenstock makes sense that Dr. Martens is pricier than Birkenstock because of the values embedded inside of it.

Dr Martens’ sandals sell mostly from $99 to $250, whole Birkenstock on the other end sells for just $15 to $100.

Now the unbelievable thing is there are certain iterations of Birkenstock, although few, that sell for a whopping sum of over $1,000.

Birkenstock has a wider price range. It is up to you to decide what model fits your budget.

Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock: Fashion/Style

Style is a great deal to most people even though it holds fewer values to others. There’s beauty in the diversity of choices.

It is a good thing that the sandals from these brands hold different aesthetic appeals to meet the varying needs of different users.


Birkenstock sandals have a more fashionable outer appearance than Dr. Martens. This is because it outnumbers Dr. Martens in styles and models.

Besides, these models of Birkenstock sandals are geared towards being more fashionable than having sophisticated construction.

There are Arizona, Mayari, Boston, Madrid, and Florida models. These are just a few of the bestsellers among the 41 Birkenstock existing sandal models.

Dr. Martens

The designs of Dr. Martens’ sandals take sophisticated construction and durability into consideration more than artistic motifs.

Although these sandals are a tad more mature and carry the aura of advanced functionality. They mostly have darker hues and easily go well with different dresses and dress patterns.

Dr. Martens vs Birkenstock: Overall Verdict

Dr. Martens wins for overall quality. This is from the fact that it beats Birkenstock on both leather and sole quality – these two areas are the core determining factors of footwear durability and overall quality. 

Besides, the best leather so far is the full-grain type. The processes it goes through before it is obtained make it strong and tough.

So, it makes sense that Dr. Martens’ sandals should have better overall quality as this is the common leather type used in Dr. Martens’ sandal design.

Why you should choose Birkenstock?

As we have seen,  Birkenstock gives you a much wider range of options to pick from – it offers you the luxury of choice.

So, it makes sense to go this way if you’re a more fashion-inclined person.

It also makes sense too if you value comfort over quality. The footbed of most Birkenstock sandals is designed to be very comforting. They offer better cushioning and give some good arch support to keep you on the go. 

Why you should choose Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens’ sandals become the go-to guy if your preference is “quality over looks.” Dr. Martens, although makes some nice-looking sandals too, however, are geared to be more quality and long-lasting than being aesthetically pleasing.

Final Words

Making a sound and right decision on what sandal to get has to come from a mind that has a good understanding of the respective differences that exist between them – both as it relates to functionality and style.

While this might not be exactly an easy thing to figure out, following this guide will give you a clear picture of the ideal place to invest your money.


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