Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Which Is Better?

How we get to see the “Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460” as popular internet searches prove that this curiosity has not been satisfied.

It is pretty easy to tell the difference between both boots by people who have either used or read about them.

This article is an inroad that gives you a clear picture of the technical differences, sizing/fitting pattern, material quality, durability differences, fashion quality, and overall quality of both boots. 

The main difference between Dr. Martens Awley Vs 1460 is that the 1460 model is made with corrected grain leather, it is characterized by yellow stitches, the stitching is mostly single and it is over 7 inches tall, and has a synthetic sole.

Dr Martens Awley vs 1460

Meanwhile, Dr. Martens Awley on the other hand is made of full-grain leather, it has a lace-up closure, has a shaft height of about 6 inches, and has a rubber sole.

Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Let’s get to the comparison

Features Dr. Martens Awley Dr. Martens 1460
Leather Awley is made of full-grain leather. 1460 is made of corrected grain leather.
Sole Awley has a rubber sole. 1460 has a synthetic sole.
Durability Awley is more durable than 1460 because its full-grain leather material is the best of leather.  1460 is a durable boot, however, its durability is no match for Awley.
Insole The insoles of Awley have just a moderate comfort level. The insole of 1460 has a gel pad that betters the fitting and comfort of the shoe.
Fit/sizing Awley runs true to size. Albeit it sometimes runs a half size large because it has a rounded toe. 1460 is true to size and had an almost snug fit.
Prize An average Awley sells for 120 to $170. An average 1460 sells for 270 to $200
Fashion quality Awley is not very big on fashion quality. 1460 has a glossy outlook and a better fashion quality.
Overall quality Awley wins for overall quality. 1460 is a quality boot, it is no match for Awley.

Dr Martens Awley vs 1460: First glance

The appeal a product has at a first glance is very important as it is most likely to boost sales. Quality products are good nonetheless.

However, the outer appearance must come in a positive light to get the attention of potential buyers.

Dr. Martens Awley

A first glance at this shoe will have you notice the combat style and the round toe. Taking a closer look, you’ll also notice the topstitched welt construction and the pull-up leather closure.

There is the lug grip sole too. Although the shoe is not very shiny and all, it has a pretty nice appearance.

Dr. Martens 1460

This 1460 Dr. Martens looks very shiny because it is made of corrected grain leather.

At a first glance, you’d see that it doesn’t have that much of a good shape. And its yellow stitching is obvious there to see and a squishy rubber sole.

Dr Martens Awley vs 1460: Leather

The leather used in most shoe designs tells you to a great extent the feel, break-in period, durability, and overall quality.

This is the reason shoes differ in quality as not all are made of materials with the same strength.

Dr. Martens Awley

The Awley model of the Dr. Martens boots is made with a full-grain type of leather. And this leather sits atop the hierarchical order of durable leathers.

This is because it is obtained through three vital stages. They include preparation, tanning, and crusting. Other finishing may be added but that is optional and not done in every case.

Dr. Martens 1460

1460 models of the Dr. Martens boots are made with corrected leather. While they are durable, they do not match the durability of full-grain leather.

This type of leather has been buffed and sanded. The outer part is altered with artificial grain that gives it a shiny look. Although it is unnatural, it has a great aesthetic appeal.

Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Sole

What foundation is to a house, the sole is to a shoe. A sole will go a long way in determining the comfort extent, construction, and other times, the longevity of a shoe.

This is because that is that part of a shoe that is subjected to the worst of all harsh conditions that a shoe faces.

Dr. Martens Awley

The sole of Dr. Martens Awley is made of rubber material. It is designed to be “toothed”. It is rigid and rugged to withstand terrain that can cause skidding. It can withstand oily surfaces too.

They are lightweight too such that they can be used for several hours without resulting in foot fatigue or footsore. This can be used as an everyday boot.

Dr. Martens 1460

The sole of this 1460 model of Dr. Martens is made with synthetic materials.

It offers better balance and has very good traction too. It is not very heavy as you can walk all day in it. Although it is a tad bouncy and has some extent of energy return that keeps you on the go.

Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Durability

While good fitting, aesthetic, and weight are to be considered in shoes, the extent to which all of these last is paramount too.

The long-lasting quality of a product is equally as important as the quality itself. However, quality varies among products.

Dr. Martens Awley

Dr. Martens Awley, compared to 1460, is more durable.

What accounts for this is the leather type and sole material used. It beats that of 1460.

The full-grain leather is the most durable as it goes through thorough processing. And this is the leather used for this Dr. Martens iteration.

Dr. Martens 1460

While the Awley iteration may be of more quality than the 1460 model, this model is also a quality one too.

It is just a matter of relativity as 1460 too surpasses most boots even with this circle of Dr. Martens and other brands. The corrected-grain leather is known to be durable too.

Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Insole

When it comes to a shoe’s comfort, no other feature beats the insole. The insole usually is directly in contact with the foot. So this gives it an edge to determine the cushioning and arch support extent.

All qualities, ranging from appearance to durability, are put to nothingness if one is not comfortable on a shoe.

Dr. Martens Awley

When it comes to insoles, the Awley has a comfortable and nice insole, made of light leather material that is breathable and gives good fitting.

But then, compared to 1460, it is less comfortable. This stems from their different construction and technical designs. 

Dr. Martens 1460

The insole of the 1460 iteration has a breathable and lightweight construction. This is for the enhancement of fit and comfort.

It also has a gel insert on the inside that works for absorption of impact. It is made to be removable too just so you have the luxury of choosing to insert one of your choices. 

Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Fit/Sizing

The sizing of both iterations is positive – Awley and 1460 all run true to size.

Although it is important to have a good grasp of their respective size charts so you have a better understanding of how it pertains to your specific location.

This way, you have reduced the error margin of purchasing the wrong size. 

Both shoes fit well too, although Awley has a more round toe cap, so this makes it more spacious on that end, this sometimes makes it run half a size large.

Some users have experienced this. 1460 on the other hand has an almost snug fit. It holds the foot in a not too tight but confident grip.

Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Price

Demand will always influence the price. That demand is spurred by customers’ satisfaction. Now customers’ satisfaction is also traceable to the value that a shoe offers.

This means from all the analysis made, it is only logically correct to have Awley be pricier than 1460.

However, shockingly, this is not the case here as 1460 is pricier than Awley.

This clearly spells out the fact that quality is not always associated with price. For example, while you can get an average Awley for 120 to $150, an average of 1460 goes for as high as 170 to $200.

We are not ready to crack this puzzle.

Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Fashion Quality

Is it not obvious? 1460 had a better fashion quality than Awley.

What do you expect from a shoe made from corrected grain leather that needs to be sanded and buffed, where the outer part has also tampered with synthetic leather grain for the sole purpose of making it astonishing.

The essence of corrected grain leather is for a better aesthetic. This makes it difficult for other leather types to beat it in this regard. Although Awley is fashionable too, it is not a match for 1460. 

Dr. Martens Awley vs 1460: Overall Quality

The overall quality of every is dependent on the quality and construction of every component.

Judging from the material used and the outsole, Awley wins for overall quality. Even though 1460 is more comfortable, the comfort margin between them is not very large.

Final words

Trying to tell apart the difference between two products from the same manufacturer could at times be difficult. Especially if they have somewhat similar features.

This article stems from our understanding of this. While 1460 has a better appearance and comfort, Awley is more durable and has better construction.

This means your choice between these two should stem from an angle of priority. In all, it is our wish that you make your choice from a place of better understanding such that your needs are exactly met. 


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