Can You Wear Crocs to Work at Starbucks?

Yes, you can wear your favorite Crocs to work at Starbucks as long as they are anti-slip and do not possess any holes or straps. The heels must be covered so as to represent some good professionalism which is a reflection of the Starbucks Company.

My favorite go-to Crocs work shoes is the On the Clock Croc Flats and it is suitable for workers in Starbucks due to its excellent grip, graceful weight, and cool design.

Can You Wear Crocs to Work at Starbucks
On the Clock Croc Flats

Some other great brands to wear to Starbucks as an employee are the Neria Pro LiteRide, Women’s Kadee Workflats, SwiftWater Mesh Wave, and then the Crocs LiteRide Pacer Sneaker.

Can You Wear Crocs to Work at Starbucks
Crocs LiteRide Pacer Sneaker

Some people do ask me about the Bistro clogs. They are really nice pair of crocs, in fact, one of the best and they do possess some fantastic grip but they don’t just cut it at Starbuck. Why? Because they have straps and their heels aren’t covered.

Although workers in Starbucks do not need a full uniform, they are provided with customized aprons that make them look more casual and attractive than most coffee house team members which for me, is awesome as hell.

When this aura is crowned with some good Croc shoes, it becomes way more wholesome than it already is.

What other shoes can I wear to work at Starbucks?

Like I have mentioned, you can wear your Croc Clogs to Starbucks for a fun-filled workday but it should have some solid back heel coverage. To put it in simpler terms, only Crocs Clogs are allowed in the Starbucks team like On the Clock Croc Flats.

In this section, it doesn’t end there. Starbucks does have some color recommendations for their dress code even down to the shoes.

Aside from Crocs slogs, Starbucks recommends some really awesome shoe styles for you so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking dapper while going to work.

There is also a wide range to choose from. The shoes should be either black, gray, or brown with some reasonable amount of accented colors as well. It should also possess some real support, safety, and comfort too.

JOUSEN Men Classics

An example is JOUSEN Men Classics, most people like this shoe for their versatility and they are pretty nice shoes to wear to work at Starbucks. They are kind of lightweight, slip-resistant, and very comfortable on your feet for long periods. Vans are also affordable for budget and they blend well with any dress code for men. Great work shoes!

Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

Another common shoe for the Starbuck team is sketchers for women. These are splendid work shoes that will surely leave you purring after wearing them to work in the first week. It is made from leather so it already fits the recommendations.

Bruno Marc Men’s Moccasins Shoes

Let’s take a look at the Bruno Marc Penny Loafers for more professionalism. This shoe can even be worn on suits and any other work type. With some nice faux leather upper and slip-resistant design, this lightweight shoe is amazing for work.

Measures have been put in place to ensure workers don’t face the risk for injuries especially on a busy day where a kitchen object might accidentally fall on your toes. That is why the closed-toe flats and closed heels should have some really good coverage.

I will also advise some hosiery or sticking to go with your Crocs. They blend in well with the clogs in terms of fashion touch and also keep you warm during colder days. Make sure the Crocs Clogs you are choosing also possess some good anti-slip design which is always easy to detect from the soles treading.

If you are not still sure, try them in any tiled flooring you can find even in your bathroom floor and see either it will do the trick.

Does Starbucks have a dress code?

Yes, Starbucks does have a dress code despite the fact that they are no uniforms. They even have a Dress Code Look Book for workers to get a clearer view of the values of the company and how they need to look in order to connect with customers.

In this Look Book, you will discover a broader explanation of all the recommendations for the dress code for the Starbucks Company which I will be explaining later on. From personal wear to the apron, color themes, hairstyle, and tops, to bottoms, shoes, hats, and accents.

There is no need whatsoever, to spend a huge sum of money to tweak or alter your wardrobe because you got a new job at Starbucks. The most important thing to know is what fits your shape and personality. Make sure that they fit the color pallets, and every other recommendation stated by the Starbucks company and you are good to go.

There are sometimes though, that one or two of your outfit colors do not match the recommended color pallets, but that does not mean you are going to lose your job.

You might be lucky to have a lenient employer and you will be allowed to wear them If not you will only be giving a warning. In the latter case, it’s simple, don’t just wear them to work again!

What is the Starbucks Dress Code in 2021

I earlier promised I will be taking you on a tour through the Starbucks Dress Code for 2021 and then here we are. Let’s begin, shall we?

Personal outfit

For personal outfits, you should always appear clean, and professional with every single shift. Your personal clothes should also look wrinkle-free and hemmed. This will be further explained as we proceed.


For the apron, a customized green Starbucks apron has already been supplied for all workers and it is now your duty to take good care of them by always keeping them wrinkle-free and undamaged.

The Aprons must be worn full-length and should only be taken off during breaks, while taking out the trash or when going to the restrooms.

Color themes

Back to the personal look, what good is there in looking great without some color blend? Yes, Starbucks has their own customized theme colors for personal clothing.

They are Black, charcoal, gray, navy, brown, khaki, and white. For the materials, Starbuck recommends polyesters, cotton, canvas, leather, denim, wool, and straw materials for their worker’s outfits.


You might be wondering, hairstyle? Yes, your hair is a fundamental part of your outfit. If you didn’t know, you know now. All you need to do is keep your hair tidy, and brushed away from your face.

For safety, no sprays, glitters or temporary products should be applied during work hours. Long as should also be tied back with a band so it won’t come in contact with food.


Here is simply referring to your shirts and whether they fit with the Starbucks recommendations. Since the company has allowed you to wear personal clothes unlike other coffee houses where you are only allowed to put on uniforms like Chick-Fil-A, things are supposed to be easier especially for those with strong fashion sense.

Simply makes sure your top has a touch of the recommended colors that are gray, navy, dark, denim, brown, black, or white. It mustn’t be solid plain colors but once your top is accented with any of these, then you are highly welcomed to the table.

I will recommend some really tighter low contrast patterns for those who love striped, plaid, or flannels like me.

Then there is the case of undershirts which will have to match any of the color pallets. Always appear clean, smart, and friendly. Avoid wearing shirts that carry inscriptions that might be sensitive even though it matches the required colors. There are also promotional tees too

As a waiter or waitress, you will always need to wear a top that allows for free movement and safety from hazards when coming to work. This doesn’t only ensure efficiency, but also severe comfort in carrying out your tasks.

Always contact your Starbucks manager if you are finding it hard to make a choice.

Also, be careful about sweatshirts, hooded shirts, and V-neck tees. Not all will be condoned by your employer because the detailing or embroidery might be distracting albeit they fit the recommended color palettes.

Manufacturer logos can be present on your shirts as well, but to be on a safer side, make sure they are not too visible.


For your bottoms, I will always advise some very durable, well fitted, and comfortable for you. You wouldn’t want to be stranded at work walking around in uncomfortable jeans. Speaking of jeans, darker-toned denim and hues are allowed at Starbucks crew along with wear pants.

It is important to know that your bottoms should be free of rips, tears, or patches. Also, athletics, leather, and, leggings, prints, saggy jeans are strictly not condoned at Starbucks. For the ladies, skirts and dresses are allowed obviously, but should all be longer than four inches above the knee or more.

Let us not forget the color recommendations for bottoms. They are; brown. Khaki, navy, black, and gray.


For the hat lovers who will like some nice top-offs, I will recommend baseball caps, fedoras, and bowler hats for your outfit because they are cute and allowed to wear in Starbucks.

Baring the recommended color palettes in mind, flat caps, panamas, trilbies, and newsboy are all allowed on both plain and solid colors.

For the no list for hats, berets, or bucket hats and anything with a manufacturing logo emblazoned on it will also not be condoned.

There are some state locations that require you to wear hats and if you do not have any, Starbucks will give you one; a straw hat with a Starbucks logo on it. Might be hideous to me, but not too many.


Leather, suede, rubber, and clogs are allowed to be worn to the Starbucks working station and should be either of the color pallets mentioned too.

There are no space for flip-flops, open heels, UGGS, and classic Crocs shoes. For Croc users, forget about your white clogs, canvas, meshes, open toes, open backs, or sandal-styled crocs.

Looking for the perfect Crocs Clog to blend with your outfit on your first day at work? Try Yukon Vista Clogs. They fit in both in color and shoe type. Truly perfect!

FAQs on work clothes at Starbucks

Can you wear jeans at Starbucks?

Yes, you can wear jeans at Starbucks but they should be in darker tones and hues. The lighter ones are not allowed for easy clarity of stain or dirt. They should also be comfortable and well-fit for easy movements. They should also have pockets for carrying cell phones and pens too.

Can you wear hoops at Starbucks?

Starbucks has some stringent food safety regulations and wearing your wedding or charm ring is definitely okay. This is only condoned if your hoops possess no stones and are a plain band. No watches, bracelets, or wristbands are allowed. Although this depends on your employer. Some employers are lenient enough to allow this sometimes, as long as it’s safe around the meals.

Can you wear earrings at Starbucks?

It’s a definite yes, although you should be wearing more than two piercings per ear. Also, gauges aren’t allowed along with body piercings or tongue studs. There is room for a nose ring though.

Can you wear jewelry at Starbucks?

Aside from the earrings and nose rings, jewelry such as necklaces are condoned as long as it has a simple design and it also health safe too. Your jewelry must be worn under clothing to avoid distractions and professionalism.

Does Starbucks provide shoes and uniforms?

At Starbucks, uniforms are not provided unlike many other coffee houses, and workers are given the opportunity to express their personality and customer relationship with their dressing.

With only a green customized apron to be worn, the company further provides some recommended color and dress sense for a more uniformly measured and professional outlook. From tops, bottoms, to shoes and hats, you can virtually wear anything but only prescribed by your employer.

Final Words

Croc shoes are some really trendy shoes for some really stylish and efficient on-the-go outfits given their lightweight, soft footbed and accurate comfortability.

Crocs are allowed at Starbucks’ work table but even though professionalism is more required for dress codes, given it is more personalized, only Croc clogs are allowed to be showcased due to their effective cover and professional look.

There are so many clog shoes to lay your hand on when you think of getting a new pair for your new job at Starbuck. Just makes sure you know your size and whether it is good enough to be comfortable for you and whether it also fits your outfit.

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