Crocs Roomy Fit vs Relaxed Fit: Comparison

Wearing Crocs as casual footwear seems like the only pair of comfy slip-on shoes that really offers that comfort one needs at the feet all through the day.

Truth is, not everyone has the same foot type and finding good Crocs that fit especially for a wider foot is GOLD.

So, when comparing the Crocs roomy fit and relaxed fit options, both offer similar features, and this makes one eager to know which is best and why is it so.

Crocs roomy fit is designed to be the only version of Crocs that offers the most room for space around the perimeter of the feet, that’s why they are purposely designed for comfort.

Relaxed fit, on the other hand, is designed for work, as it is made to provide a more secure fit than other roomy Crocs styles by hugging your feet at all the right places.

Crocs Roomy Fit vs Relaxed Fit

In this article, you will get to know who needs a roomy fit and a relaxed fit when it comes to wearing Crocs. With these, you can choose from the one that offers you the best comfort that your feet and lifestyle desire.

So, are you ready?

What does roomy fit mean on Crocs?

Roomy fit on Crocs means that the Crocs have more space around the perimeter foot as opposed to other models for extra comfort.

These crocs are made in such a way that your toe does not touch the front, and even if you have a wide foot, it won’t meet at the sides of the shoe.

These versions are more generous in space when it comes to the length and breadth of your foot. They also have a spacious toe box to provide that extra comfort.

And roomy fit Crocs tend to have a heel-hugging strap at the back to give you that extra stability while walking so that you won’t slip off and fall.

But it tends not to be a universal fit for all, because a person with narrow feet may find it difficult to walk at ease because of the extra roominess, as opposed to a wide foot which is more suitable for the design.

So, the roomy fit is the most generous fit you will get from Crocs. From width to length, the Crocs are designed to have no short ends especially when it comes to comfort.

And you don’t have to worry about the Crocs coming off your feet as you walk as some of the models feature a sturdy back strap to provide you with more stability.

What does relaxed fit mean on Crocs? 

Crocs that are designed to have a relaxed fit will have a slight amount of room for space around the perimeter of your feet.

The good thing about these Crocs is that they give a more secure fitting. This does not mean that your toes will be at a disadvantage because there’s a bit of room provided around that area too.

Unlike the roomy fit, it doesn’t give that comfortable fit for all feet. Because of the little space provided, the sides of your feet may occasionally meet the shoe walls as you walk. So, these versions pack in less room to ensure a rather secure fit instead.

Crocs with a relaxed fit design also feature the use of heel-hugging laces or straps at the back, which will make you feel extra stable on both feet as you walk.

So, this particular model does not offer much room as the roomy fit model. Thus what you get is a more tight fit.

However, the toe box area is a bit spacious so that your toe does not touch the top of the Crocs. And finally, contrary to the roomy fit, your feet will touch the side of the shoe walls.

When do you choose a roomy fit?

Deciding on choosing a roomy fit can be hard, because of how versatile and adaptable the footwear is.

However, the following are some of the things you may need to consider before splurging on this model. So, you can opt for the roomy fit Crocs if:

  • It offers minimal-to-no slipping during movements
  • The Crocs do not ride up and down
  • It offers your heel a resting place
  • It’s not way too loose on you
  • It has a wide toe box so that your toe does not touch the front
  • You have wide feet that need that extra space for comfort
  • You want a Crocs that is not tight-fitting
  • The shoe provides that easiness you require while recovering from a feet condition (Bunions, swellings or pains)
  • The Crocs improve your stability and do not make you fall
  • You need a Croc that your feet do not meet at the side while walking
  • You need a Croc that is not tight-fitting
  • You don’t have narrow feet because you will find it difficult to walk at ease

So, if the Crocs meet the above qualities you desire then you can comfortably buy them, if not consider the relaxed fit option then.

When do you choose a relaxed fit?

As opposed to the roomy fit option, this model is suitable for running errands at home and navigating through different tasks at work.

Here are some tricks to observe to help you quickly decide:

  • If you don’t want to worry about your Crocs slipping off from your legs
  • You have a narrow feet
  • If the sides and arch of the Crocs hug your feet nicely
  • You need a Crocs that is tight-fitting
  • You don’t want a Crocs that is too loose on you
  • If the Crocs give you that stability while walking
  • If you want a Crocs with a fitting toe box
  • You don’t want a Crocs that feels constricting
  • Choose the relaxed fit if you are in a working sphere that requires you to be up and doing
  • If the Crocs do not meet at the sides of your feet while walking

So, the Crocs with a relaxed fit is your best if you want a perfect secured balance amidst comfort and functionality.

Which one is better, roomy fit or relaxed fit?

This would actually depend on two things. One is your foot type and the second is your lifestyle.

The roomy fit model caters well to people with a wider foot and other feet concerns, as it provides that optimum space around the perimeter of the feet.

Roomy fit is better than relaxed fit because it does not compromise comfort by fitting too tightly instead it offers you that roominess you need to joggle in between your day.

The relaxed fit option has its own advantages too. Unlike the roomy fit, which may feel loose on you, the relaxed model fits best for people with a narrow foot shape by providing a more secure feel.

It is made to be the only slip-on Crocs that fit not too tight or too loose, giving you that perfect fit similar to the shape of your leg.

Having relaxed Crocs at work is an add-on, as you don’t need to worry about falling when you are in a hurry or your Crocs going off your feet whenever you switch from your professional shoes.

So, whether the roomy fit is better than the relaxed fit or vice-versa, what determines both is the feet type of different individuals and where it is being worn.

The Crocs Unisex Duet Clog is a perfect example of roomy fit Crocs while this Crocband II Clog is your relaxed fit.

Crocs size chart

In choosing the right fit, the first step is to check the available model which we have already looked at above i.e. the roomy fit and the relaxed fit options.

Both of which are designed based on their specific usage and needs amongst men, women, and even kids.

Next, is to consider the sizing and the size chart guide below should help you find the perfect fit for Crocs that is available online today:

Men Crocs size chart

Europe United States United kingdom
39-40 M7 6
41-42 M8 7
42-43 M9 8
43-44 M10 9
45-46 M11 10
46-47 M12 11
47-48 M13 12

Unisex Crocs size chart

Europe United States United kingdom
36-37 M4/W6 3-4
37-38 M5/W7 4-5
39-40 M6/W8 5-6
41-42 M7/W9 6-7
42-43 M8/W10 7-8
43-44 M9/W11 8-9
45-46 M10/W12 9-10
46-47 M11 10-11
47-48 M12 11-12
48-49 M13 12
49-50 M14 13

Women’s Crocs size chart

Europe United States United kingdom
35-36 W5 3
36-37 W6 4
37-38 W7 5
38-39 W8 6
39-40 W9 7
41-42 W10 8
42-43 W11 9

Kids Crocs size chart:

Europe United States United kingdom
19-20 C4 4
20-21 C5 5
22-23 C6 6
23-24 C7 7
24-25 C8 8
25-26 C9 9
27-28 C10 10
28-29 C11 11
29-30 C12 12
30-31 C13 13
32-33 J1 1
33-34 J2 2
34-35 J3 3


Crocs generally are the epitome of comfort and the go-to slip-on for running errands not only around your house but also at work, as it does cater differently for each individual.

As seen above, the roomy fit model suits better at providing comfort for individuals with a wide foot by providing that extra space both at the toe box and around the perimeter of the feet.

The relaxed fit model is better for individuals with a narrower foot, who needs Crocs that secures the feet and does not slip off while walking.

So, whether your love for Crocs is geared towards comfort or just a way of dressing casually both at home and in the workplace, you now know what the roomy fit and the relaxed fit means, and how each shoe can help you maneuver your daily activities seamlessly without compromising comfort.


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