UltraCush vs ComfyCush: Which is Better?

Comfycush is better than regular Ultracush Vans because it’s more comfortable. Comfycush is better than rubber-induced cushions because it will make you happy when you stand in it. The idea for ComfyCush came from the inventor’s observation that, although some people like foam more than others, everyone likes it more when it is softer. That’s … Read more

Why are my Slip-on Vans so Tight?

So, you got yourself a new pair of slip-on Vans sneakers and found out that your shoes feel a little too tight for you to wear on your feet? That can be a very unfortunate situation to be in, especially when you are really eager to test out your new shoes. You don’t need to … Read more

Vans Era vs Vans Authentic: Who is the Winner?

For a more modern look, serious padding, and comfortable feel, Vans Era edges the Authentic. Vans Era is my sure winner. I suspect that Vans Era is better than Vans Authentic. Also, the price of Vans Authentic is lower than the price of the Vans Era. In this case, people will think the cheaper price … Read more

Vans vs Air Force 1: Similarities & Differences

Vans and Air Force 1 are two different shoe brands with excellent features. Legendary Air Force 1 is an athletic shoe manufactured by Nike; a multinational company. It was first worn by basketball players. Sticking to its root, Nike’s Air Force 1 first launched the Nike Air technology far back in the 1980s. I’ll explain … Read more