12 Best Shoes for Broken Toe (Reviewed in 2023)

Forty-two days; that’s how long it took my broken toe to heel last year. If you are in such a situation, I am sure that you will have to do some walking during the healing process.

It is not recommended to wear regular shoes at that stage unless the fracture is minimal. Even at that, wearing special walking shoes uniquely made for those with broken toes will help boost the healing process.

The best shoes for broken toes will be special orthopedic shoes, usually made of hard plastic. You will also need one with a rigid or at least semi-rigid sole and designed with straps for closure for easy put-on and take-off.

I strongly believe this Birkenstock sandal is the best shoe for anyone with a broken toe, not just because it helps mold your feet into the shoe footbed, but also because I have used it and had no bad experiences.

But in addition, we will look at other options that would better suit your outfit, taste, budget, and preference.

List of the 12 top shoes for a broken toe (with detailed review)

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

This article provides you with the twelve best shoes for broken toes that suit your needs. Below is a quick view if you are in a hurry, but a deep review of the individual product has been explained below.

  1. Birkenstock sandals –  Softbed Cocoa Nubuck for Men and Women
  2. Complete Medical Darco Med-Surg Shoe – Black Square-Toe for Men’s
  3. New Balance 928NB MW928 Walking Shoes for Men
  4. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op ShoeSquared Toe Post-Op Shoe for Men and Women
  5. MBT (Rocker-Bottom Soled Shoes)Running, Walking Shoes Z-3000 for Men’s healing broken toes
  6. BraceAbility Post-op Shoe – Orthopedic Sandal with Hard Sole for Women
  7. Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Shoe – Non-Weight Bearing Medical Boot for Men and Women
  8. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe BootProtection and Healing after Foot or Ankle Injuries (XS)
  9. Drew SurgeHeel stabilizers for Men’s
  10. Vive Post OpLightweight Medical Walking Boot for both foot Men’s and Women’s
  11. Mars Wellness Premium Square ToeFracture Square Toe Walking Shoe for Women’s
  12. Aircast SP Short PneumaticBrace/Walking Boot for men and women

Birkenstock sandals

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

I used this Birkenstock sandal throughout my healing weeks and even after my toe was healed. It is characterized by the iconic usual Birkenstock sandal features: Cork, leather, and a buckle.

As you walk in these shoes, it molds your foot, thanks to the footbed that evenly distributes your body weight over the whole foot. By this, you get the optimal support for faster healing.

The same comforting, supportive footbed in other Birkenstock designs isn’t omitted, but in addition to that is the strap behind the heel, which is very important for a broken toe.

The support that comes with Birkenstock shoes is equal, if not more than, the medically prescribed orthotics.

Following my experience, I won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who has a broken toe and needs something casual, light, and comfortable.


  • It offers extra room for your toes until the swelling goes down.
  • Strap present in the back of the heel
  • The rigid, curved soles
  • Superbly well-made and very attractive.
  • Buckles for adjustment in any area


  • Some people may find them a bit expensive.

Complete Medical Darco Med-Surg Shoe 

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

The fully customizable insole of these shoes is double-padded and removable to accommodate the Peg, which blows my mind.

But the interesting part of this shoe is the Square toe design that offers a very helpful additional protection to your toes as you walk.

The rigid control under the metatarsal heads that we see in this shoe is another critical feature to aid the benefit we are looking out for in an ideal shoe for a broken toe.

In addition, thanks to the Staples Closure eliminates buckle pressure on the forefoot.


  • The large toe box offers more space and protection
  • Better cushioning thanks to the double padded sole
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear and take off


  • It doesn’t run true to size, will demand extra care when selecting a size.

New Balance 928

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

New balance 928 is one of the shoes that usually come up in a list of recommendations for those with one-foot problems. It is also recommended for those already experiencing progress in toe healing.

The comfort of these shoes is second to none, and they can easily get personalized to your own feet, and you will be able to wear their full day.

If you have a broken toe and are healing from it, these shoes offer the ideal support and stability for long walks.

The lightweight synthetic proves the perfect companion and thick rubber sole for cushioning and grip. It features a well-padded collar and tongue for comfort.


  • Rigid rubber sole
  • Great cushioning
  • For long hours of walk
  • Versatile


  • Not ideal for critical fractures

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

The next pair ideal for broken toes is this affordable ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe that can be worn either on the left or right foot.

It has been constructed with all the necessary features to aid improved healing of your fractured toe.

But what sticks out is Square toe design acts as a bumper and provides additional room for the toe box and, ultimately, comfort for your foot.

Another essential feature in this ProCare shoe is the high ankle strapping. This will help maintain your foot in the proper position as you walk.

It is also good that the rigid rocker sole eases ambulation and pressure reduction as you walk in them. The only drawback is that it doesn’t look like a good pick for small feet.


  • Not pricey like others
  • Longevity score is high
  • Very comfortable to wear and take off
  • Accurate sizing options.


  • Not ideal for those with small feet

MBT (Rocker-Bottom Soled Shoes)

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

The MBT Z-3000 running shoe is a sporty athletic running shoe that offers another level of cushioning and shock absorption, particularly for athletes healing from broken toes or any foot pain.

In addition to the breathable air mesh upper finished with a removable footbed for even weight distribution, the shoe also features a Density rocker sole and high abrasion rubber outsole for great traction.

You will enjoy the Cushioning profile as it is ideal for those who need a shoe with maximum cushioning with the softest feel during training while recovering from a broken toe.


  • Great buy for athletes with broken toes
  • Great stability
  • Durable sole with great upper breathability
  • Activity-based rock levels


  • Not ideal for deep fractures

BraceAbility Post-op Shoe

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

This BraceAbility Post-op Shoe has been built for those with broken Foot or Toe. It is also a medical and surgical Walking Shoe for stress Fracture Brace and is considered an orthopedic Sandal with Hard Sole.

The nonslip traction on the rubber sole provides extra stability after surgeries for broken toes. Thanks to the rigid rocker bottom that offers support to the arch and relieves pain and pressure on the forefoot.

Strapping is essential in shoes for broken toes; This one features three adjustable medical-grade fastener straps that allow for bandaging and swelling, coupled with the square toe box that acts as a bumper to protect the toes.

The semi-open style and airflow-friendly material indicate brilliant breathability for all-day comfort during rehabilitation. It is lightweight and easy to wear.


  • Post Surgical or treatment protection
  • Comfortable immobilization
  • Innovating strapping
  • Square toe design for more space
  • Nonskid tread

Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Healing Shoe

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

This next pair of medically recommended shoes have been specifically made for people healing from a broken toe, metatarsal fracture, and diabetic foot.

The shoe protects your forefoot and toes with its 15-degree Dorsi-angle bottom. When you move about in this pair, your weight is moved to the heel and not your toe.

Another important reason this is a good pick is the lack of pressure on the front of your foot and toes. It will help accelerate recovery and reduce the pain drastically.

It features a square-toe design that enhances comfort and acts as a protective bumper against further damage. And, of course, it is not complete without the medical-grade fastener straps to allow for swelling.

If you prioritize soft, durable, and breathable material for your shoe as someone healing from a broken toe, then you won’t go wrong choosing this one.


  • No pressure on your toes for reduced pain and speedy recovery
  • Square toe bed provides
  • Breathable and soft material
  • Shock absorption
  • Sufficient cushion on the inner side.


  • It is not ideal for walking all time since there is not enough balance.

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot 

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

Another medically approved pair of shoes, boot this time, that you might want to consider if you have a broken toe is this Braceability short, broken toe boot. It is clinically proven to protect and treat a broken toe.

The only issue with the shoe is that it is not a type you can wear while you go about your functions, except you will be spending the most time at home during the healing process.

Still, it is a recommended and approved shoe for those with metatarsal fracture, stress fracture, sprain, and even post bunion surgery.

This boot’s wide toe bed and open toe design allow room for swelling and bandaging, which is a critical feature for any ideal shoe for a broken toe, as present in all the pairs we have seen above.

But in addition to this, the shoe features a low-profile rocker bottom that gives you a more natural step, plus the medical grad fastener strap that can be easily adjusted right to the high-top level.

Ultimately, the shoe features the right polymer plastic representing a shell for protection against obstacles to your foot or ankle.

I particularly like the deluxe foam liner that guarantees premium comfort with the reasonably wide toe box that enhances comfort.

As you heal from your broken toe, you want that natural walk without exposing the toe or having to bend as you walk. Hence, the low-profile feature of this medically approved shoe seems to be a great buy.


  • The shoe is open at the toes and features a wide space for the toes.
  • The semi-rigid rocker sole will not allow your broken toe to bend as you walk
  • Easily adjustable straps

Drew Surge

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

Made with 100% flexible and incredibly breathable leather, this Drew Men’s surge shoe features a ridged rubber sole and accommodates orthotics.

It works well as a pair to wear for some selected foot problems like a broken toe during your healing stage.

The built-in heel cushion provides enough comfort as you walk for long hours or stand with your predicament.

It has also been built with heel stabilizers for even distribution of your weight such that pressure is taken off from your toes and down to your heel, thereby allowing your toe to heel faster and lessening the pain.

The sporty style is not detrimental to the comfort required while you heal from the injury. It is a recommended pair for athletes who break their toes during sporting activities.

This is one of the few clinical recommended shoes for broken toes that features a traditional lace-up front that will provide the best fit and accommodate swelling.

The shoe is better when you are at an improved stage of healing from the injury and is not ideal for critical fractures.

It features a padded heel collar, tongue, and insole that offers just the right cushion for every step.


  • Padded heel collar for comfort
  • Does a good job in sucking moisture to eliminate odor
  • Breathable upper material
  • Adjustable lacing system for a customized fit
  • Stylish


  • Gender-specific
  • Not ideal for critical fractures or the initial stage of broken toe treatment
  • Not accurate with sizing; pay attention to the sizing detail.

Vive Post Op

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

Like many of the medically approved shoes we have reviewed earlier, these Vive Post Operation shoes have a square toe design that will fit both right and left footwell.

So, you don’t have to spend money on both feet if the broken toe is only one foot.

But the best part is that this surgical walking boot can accommodate casts or bandages easily and helps keep bandages dry and dirt-free.

The shoe can be used by both genders on any foot and for any foot-related injuries, including those with broken toes. The nonskid rocker sole of this shoe takes the stability needed while walking to another level.

After surgery, you need shoes like this that feature a rigid rocker sole that will support the arch and relieve the pain and pressure on the toe and even on the heel.

Most importantly, it is a huge plus that the shoe is lightweight and yet comfortable. Aside from making it suitable for both feet, the square toe box design also serves as a bumper to protect your toes and allows for space to accommodate swelling or bandages.


  • Nonslip and rigid sole for better traction
  • Managing and swelling convenience with the adjustable straps
  • Ideal for both feet and both genders


  • Many complain about cutting the straps since they are always too long for the shoe.

Mars Wellness Premium Square Toe

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

If any dressings are made to help heal your broken toe, these designed shoes help keep them clean and dry.

The shoe’s selling point is the stable protection offered, which is essential for anyone who has just undergone operative procedures and forefoot trauma.

The square toe of the orthopedics serves as a bumper and added protection for the toe area to encourage speedy recovery and reduce pain. In addition, the pair features an adjustable ankle strap and padded heel.

In other words, you can wear this shoe with the confidence that there is no slippage, and then your foot is positioned properly.

Another important feature of the shoe, as seen in all the ideal shoes for a broken toe, is the rigid Rocker sole and traction soul to reduce pressure significantly.


  • It can be worn on both left and right foot, so you don’t have to buy a complete pair
  • Removable and replaceable insoles
  • Adjustable straps for bandaging convenience.

Aircast SP Short Pneumatic

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

The primary functional utility of this shoe with the importance of footwear for individuals with broken toes is that it has been uniquely built to aid mobility, protection, and pneumatic support for day-to-day activities while recovering from your toe injury.

It is a recommended bracing boot for those suffering from stable fractures of the foot and ankle, those experiencing severe ankle sprains, and even works well for soft tissue injuries.

Hence, the versatility of this boot spans beyond toe injury.

If you will get this medically approved footwear, keep in mind that the pair comes with a hand bulb air pump that allows you to customize the level of support needed. This is coupled with trimmable, semi-rigid shell protection.


  • Does not limit mobility
  • Provide protection and pneumatic support
  • Fit and secure support
  • Hand bulb air pump
  • Ample room for dressings in the foot base


  • This one seems to have one small noise problem that can be fixed to make it perfect.

What I looked out for when selecting the best shoes for broken toes

One thing that is common in all the best shoes for a broken toe, as earlier reviewed, is that they all offer great protection, especially in the toe box area, and then rigidity in a hard sole.

A similarity among all the ideal shoes is that they are studied and designed to accommodate bandaging or sweeping convenience for the toe and the foot.

In other words, when enlisting the shoes that will make it to my top twelve best footwear for broken toes,

I zero my attention to a few features that must be present. This consideration also accounts for what you should look out for when picking the right shoe.

First, you want to make sure that the shoe keeps your toes straight such that the pressure of walking or standing is taken off your toes, and then the ball of your foot will allow for the fracture to heal quickly and lessen the pain.

Secondly, I ensured that the shoes to be reviewed as best for broken toes are ones that give enough room to accommodate swelling and bandaging.

Some of the shoes are open-toed designs or with no cover on the upper. The strapping system also plays a pivotal role here.

In addition to this, the right shoe needs to offer protection to the toe while it is healing. This is why most shoe designs have a large spacious toe box that acts as a bumper for protection.

Another important aspect I paid attention to is the functional unity of these shoes. First, you want to establish whether or not you will be wearing these shoes to work, for long walking and standing hours, or to protect your feet as you heal.


It Is not easy to find the perfect footwear for you, especially when shopping online. If you are searching for a specific shoe ideal for broken toes, not to mention.

However, I hope you have found the right footwear that will be a lifesaver as you heal from your injury with this short buying guide.


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