10 Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome (in 2023)

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Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

Quickly, take a look at my very best shoes for Piriformis Syndrome for you.

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If Piriformis Syndrome is a kind of disorder that causes the Piriformis muscle in the buttocks area to irritate the sciatic nerve, then there are questions in the minds of searchers that hover around it, like; what is the main cause of Piriformis Syndrome?

How long does Piriformis Syndrome last? Can you still run with Piriformis Syndrome? Where does Piriformis hurt? How do I release my Piriformis muscle? And a host of other questions.

This article is sure to answer the aforementioned questions and give a key recommendation on the best shoes that will help you to bring your Piriformis Syndrome to a halt.

Follow this recommendation as it has been strategically structured to serve as an easy guide to help you bring positive results.

Note: The best shoes for Piriformis Syndrome are the ones specially designed to neutralize all pressures that are the core causes of buttock and lower back pain. As such, these shoes must have;

  • A good midsole
  • Dual-density foam insole
  • Sock liner ( MemoryTech Foam type)
  • Shoe tongue

It is a good thing that all the shoes on my list have these qualities.

See a detailed review of my top 10 shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

Mizuno Women’s Creation Waveknit 2 Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

Why this shoe came first on the list is because of the Waveknit 2 upper technology adopted in its design.

This gives it an added quality of being able to offer absolute cushioning on larger landscapes of varying topographies.

How does it help to neutralize shock? It comes with a shaft that has a low top just right at the arch which has been professionally designed to make it shock-proof when running with Piriformis Syndrome.

Another interesting thing about this shoe is its U4icX midsole technology – it is the key feature that puts this shoe in a state of being both extremely lightweight and shock-free so that every step you take while running, walking, or simply jogging comes with nothing short of a smooth ride.

While other shoes come with the limitations of not being compatible with different foot shapes, the Mizuno Women’s Creation Waveknit 2 Running Shoe is a type that has a lace-up closure option.

This makes it possible to have a personalized fit, and compatibility with different foot shapes.

However, it goes on to also feature a tad bit long tongue, a padded one that in turn, remedy the muscle imbalance of Piriformis Syndrome during use.


  • U4icX midsole technology
  • It has a breathable lining (textile)
  • Aid smooth ride
  • Has a great lace-up closure
  • Lightweight
  • 100% sock free
  • Dual-density foam insole
  • Weveknit upper


  • Relatively expensive

ASIC’S Men MetaRide Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

The second shoe on the list here is the ASIC’s Men’s MetaRide Running Shoe.

It is no news that this shoe takes pride in its FlyteFoam propel technology and as its key feature behind its excellent bounce and during use; whether running, walking, or jogging.

The positive impact of the elastomer compound cannot be overemphasized.

Another great reason why a large number of testers gave positive feedback on this shoe is because of the infused advanced technology cushioning system that spurs the attenuation of chock.

According to these testers, this goes a long way to help reduce the extent to which the muscles in the buttocks area irritate the sciatic nerves, and lead to the eventual dying out of the said Piriformis Syndrome.

It should also interest you to know that the foam insole it comes with is a very good moisture absorbent, such that your shoe and feet are moist and odor-free.

The genius of its designers to have featured a rubber outsole that gives it the quality of being anti-slip on varying terrains is also commendable.

This footwear is designed to give you an experience of a very smooth transition. And this is owing to the sole’s subtle curvature.

And there is also a clutch counter that wraps your ankle in a way that allows careful control of movement so that you’re able to retain your muscle energy. Especially after having covered a long distance.

The shoe pays much importance to cushion, for your comfort, to the extent that, if the first advanced technology cushioning system is not enough, then there is an additional cushion comfort brought by its knit upper, fashioned in a circular way to help more.

The summation of all these quality tech features forged into one great style gives you one of the best running shoes for Piriformis Syndrome you will ever have.


  • Anti-Slip
  • FlyFoam propel technology
  • Advanced technology cushioning system
  • Lightweight
  • RearefootGel technology
  • Breathable upper
  • Soft knit textile upper


  • It weighs 8 oz

Atika Women’s Outdoor Hiking Sandal

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

If one must get a Sandal that should be compatible with Piriformis Syndrome or help ease the pain that comes with it, then it should be a type that first tackles the issue of comfortability right from the foot.

It is for this reason that the Atika Women Outdoor Hiking Sandals are made with the intent to deliver ultimate comfort.

As such, it is built with high-quality materials to last, and also comes with an ergonomic foot design; one that puts your feet in positions that keeps them supported all day.

The two primary features of this shoe are; first, comfort, then style. To know that this sport sandal is made with a 3D design contour footbed, plus a rubber outsole that helps with shock absorption, is a plus.

This quick adjustable sandal is also one that features fast-drying traps and hook, plus an upgraded type of padded inner sides that still add to the shoe’s shock absorbance.

To add that it also has an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsole for a good form of fitting, delivery of comfort and minimization of fatigue, arch support, and for all-round foot protection sounds incredible but true.

Its use and versatility cuts across its sufficiency for hiking, walking, beachwear, camping, kayak fishing and a host of other outdoor activities.


  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsole
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable
  • 3D contour footbed

Teva Men’s Forbay Sandal

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

The Teva Men’s Forbay Sandal merited this list for the best shoes for Piriformis Syndrome because of some of its features that help to tackle pricking issues that relate to people with the said syndrome.

Some of which are; the cushioned man-made footbed that gives a therapeutic underfoot comfort and an outsole made of rugged durabrasion rubber, which in turn, allows for excellence in both durability and comfort.

And for easy adjustability, so that you’re able to get a personalized fitting; one that sees that the sciatic nerve is not faced with further upset, there is the hook and loop strap that helps for that and excellent integrated toe protection.

Have you had experience in time past with shoes that oozes out bad odor at the slightest use? How do you feel?

Well, here’s one with microban protection, zinc-based, that kills the growth of odor-causing fungus and bacteria so that your shoe is entirely odor-free.


  • Microban protection
  • Odor-free
  • Cushioning system
  • Personalized fittings

Vionic Women’s Walker Shoe

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

One of the major reasons women suffer from Piriformis Syndrome is owing to the complicated nature of biological physiology.

It has been reported to be more severe when it gets to women. The main reason that this shoe was worth being on the list of the ten best shoes for Piriformis Syndrome in this review, and the best walking shoe for the same, is its dual-density midsole.

This midsole gives an underfoot balance and is very pivotal to making sure your foot is offered excellent support and outstanding cushioning so that the possibility of your sciatic nerve being irritated gets completely eradicated.

Another key factor that adds to its overall quality is the quality PU shoe base that elevates the extent to which your foot gets stability and comfort.

A friend had once confessed, from a place of satisfying user experience, of its durability. Thanks to the 100% impressive pure leather adopted for the modeling of its upper.

To know that the designers were comfort-minded enough to have had the other part of the upper fashioned using breathable mesh so that your feet get as much breathability as possible is just awesome.

Its sole quality, made of synthetic material. This material is used so as to have your feet kept away from moisture when running, jogging, or walking in wet areas.

This is because it is capable of weakening moisture, hence, your feet are kept moderately dry.


  • Dual-density midsole
  • Durable
  • Features a cushioned like sock liner


  • Relatively costly
  • Weighs 10 ounces

Mona Flying Leather Oxford Shoe

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

Are you a lover of classic footwear but have been finding it difficult to locate shoes that are compatible with your Piriformis Syndrome?

Well, here you have your yearning delivered to your doorstep as the Mona Flying Leather Oxford for Piriformis Syndrome is just perfect as it gives you the opportunity to maintain both your classic look and not neglect your health.

The classic footwear is specially designed to accommodate your feet with balanced technology that gives it the free-to-move feature which puts it on a higher scale of both style and comfort.

The fact that it pays attention to cushioning that gives no room for further escalation of your Piriformis Syndrome is a core reason that puts it on this list.

It is also breathable, with a well-carved wedge that makes sure your feet get all the comfort they deserve.


  • Comfort
  • Cushioning
  • Balanced technology
  • Classic

New Balance Men’s V2 Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

One of the first reasons that attention is paid to, for any shoe to be worth being good for persons with Piriformis Syndrome is one that gives comfort, hence, a featured quality collar and tongue which are strategically padded.

The New Balance Men’s 840 V2 Walking Shoe also had an ABZORB insole as a key feature responsible for pressure and shock absorption.

So that your feet get offered space where they are comfortable enough to be able to stand for a longer period of time.

This shoe is designed with a wide toe box and a quality support system where the rollbar design was adopted just so that your comfort is ensured when climbing the stairs, running or walking.

The upper is moderately breathable so that your feet are moderately warm and dry, and in the best of air and blood circulation that betters your user experience.

Its versatility and compatibility with varying types of grounds and floors is guaranteed with no negative side effect(s) as the C-CAP midsole is present.

This also is a major contributor to the excellent arch support and exceptional cushioning the shoe has.


  • Adequate Cushioning
  • Exceptional arch support
  • C-CAP midsole technology
  • ABZORB insole
  • Roomfy toe box
  • Sleek design


  • It weighs 12 ounces

Reebok Women HIIT Cross Trainer

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

People fail to understand that there are quite a number of muscles that the Piriformis Syndrome affects, they range from; hamstring, glutes, hips, and others.

But the fact that this shoe is designed with a 3-piece stability system that helps to cushion your foot in its entirety, in a way that rolls up to positively affect the aforementioned muscles, is an excellent feature that should be commendable.

This shoe has been reported to have gained massive dominance over the years as people have discovered its ability to even remedy other misalignments, is orthopedic worthy, and an excellent deliverer of therapeutic massage.

It is an awesome performance booster and helps greatly in lowering the impacts of tissues and joints.

How great can a shoe be suitable for Piriformis Syndrome if not one that has a cooling technology to help keep stable during high-intensity workouts? Well, here you have it.


  • Easy circulation of blood and air
  • Offers good cushioning
  • Therapeutic
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not easily sufficient for a narrow foot

Ryka Women’s Cross Trainer

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

The ninth shoe on today’s review is the Ryka Women’s Cross Trainer. It made it to the list for a number of its amazing features.

The first of which is the N-gage that provides a credible return of impact energy. Just perfect for people who have Piriformis Syndrome and for people with the “Runner’s Knee.”

Whoever has Piriformis Syndrome definitely wouldn’t undermine the importance of the need to have a shoe that supports easy movement. Definitely.

Isn’t it just perfect that the Ryka Women’s Cross-Trainer was well designed to have a traction outsole and rubber sole that eases the pivot joint, such that it suffices just perfect for people with Piriformis Syndrome? Great.

This shoe takes your exercise game to an entirely new dimension.

The heel cushioning and rubber sole are key features that give it the distinguishing characteristic of having a truly unique fit.

Also, the footbars, and the powerful pivot joint, put in on a scale of pivoting amplitude. This, in turn, creates room for flexibility in different directions.

The Ryka Trainer keeps your feet firmly planted to the ground during exercise sessions on the field and track. And also at work.

The effects of direct fuse layers, the foam midsole of dual-density, and the flex foil are the rare qualities embedded in this shoe that keep you standing and working for long hours without the slightest feeling of any type of ache or pain.


  • Dual-density midsole
  • Flex foil
  • Pivot points (dynamic)
  • Footbars (for pivoting amplitude)
  • Powerful energy return


  • Not often true to size

ASIC’s Men’s Gel Kayano 27 Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Piriformis Syndrome

The tenth Shoe on my review is the ASIC’s Men Gel Kayano 27 Running Shoe that is fashioned with Forefoot and Rearfoot ultra-modern technology that overwhelms you with a plush type of cushioning, just as perfect as your feet need to survive with the Piriformis Syndrome.

Another cool thing is the space trusstic technology that is specifically for the reduction of the sole unit’s weight, while still giving credence to structural integrity and stability, such that you have the soothing feeling of walking on clouds.

The outsole made with PU is lightweight, and it is a great all-round shock absorber, plus an excellent composite material that ensures an all-round comfort.

Another key feature is the Duomax system employed to elevate stability and work for increased platform support.

There are also heel Stretch bands laces, cradle tight type, wider ones, they are there to eliminate the possibility of slipping no matter the speed of your movement.


  • Shock-proof
  • Arch support
  • Duomax system for increased comfort, support, and stability
  • FlyteFoam Propel technology ensures bounce
  • Lightweight PU midsole


  • It has a narrow toe box

What is the main cause of Piriformis Syndrome?

Factually, Piriformis Syndrome results from contraction or compression of the Piriformis muscle or some other parts of the sciatic nerve.

There are some other common risk factors that range from traumatic experiences from sports activities, unhealthy doses of sports activities, and lots more.

How long does Piriformis Syndrome last?

There’s no specific time as it is relative to specific individuals with the said syndrome. Now, it all boils down to you being able to cut down, or completely stop all forms of sporting activities that get the sciatic nerve irritation.

It is advised that you reach out to your healthcare providers so they make recommendations on the specific types of exercise that will spur your healing process.

Nonetheless, on a general scale, a not-too-serious injury will get healed in just a few weeks. But severe injuries take six weeks and more.

Can you still run with Piriformis Syndrome?

Yes. You can. It’s okay to run as long as you are not feeling pain.

Nonetheless, take heed to long-distance race, especially on slanted surfaces, as it is a strong fatigue-causing factor that will elevate the rust of misalignment of the pelvis, which will, in turn, intensify your Piriformis Syndrome.

Where exactly does Piriformis hurt?

The Piriformis Syndrome starts with a pang; a kind of numbness or tingling, usually around the buttocks area. In the long run, it further escalates down to the height of the sciatic nerve, also known as sciatica.

This pain results from the Piriformis muscle having been compressed by the sciatic nerve at times when you’re running or sitting in a car.

How do I release my Piriformis muscle?

If you must release your Piriformis muscle, then know it is medically advised to begin from the left side.

Start by putting your elbow flat on a mat or floor. What happens when you do this is, it brings stability to your upper body.

Now what you do next is to place the foam roller just right underneath the extreme back of your hip side – just right under your Piriformis, then go on to roll back and forth. Repeat the process to get the tension in the muscle released.

Key features you must look out for on getting the best shoes for Piriformis Syndrome


Ensure you’re getting a shoe that has thicker heels that are compatible with Piriformis Syndrome. Ones that will help also with shock absorption.

Avoid flat-heeled shoes and ones with no ankle support as they are sure to escalate pain and cause strain on your Piriformis Syndrome.

Good back counter

Make sure you’re getting a shoe that has a good and high back counter. One that just wraps comfortably on your heel area such that you’re able to get natural support of the inward curve of your feet.


Do well to select a shoe whose material is of the soft leather type. Or heavy-duty canvas too. But definitely not one with stiff leather.

You want a roomfy shoe so that the walls of the shoe do not compress the Piriformis muscle.


Shoe soles play great roles as they are good determining factors of balance. Get a shoe with an anti slip feature and one that offers good cushioning too.

Avoid spongy sole shoes, they only help escalate your already existing problem.

Toe box

Make sure the shoe you’re getting has a sufficient toe box, one that allows you to conveniently wiggle your toes.

Do not go for shoes with narrow toe boxes, avoid them. They will only add pressure to your toe and worsen your Piriformis Syndrome.


As trivial as the idea of shoe-shaped may sound, do not undermine its importance. Get a shoe with an asymmetric shape, never one with a symmetric shape as it is sure to cause irritation.

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