10 Best Knee High Riding Boots (Reviewed in 2023)

In this article, we will be reviewing the field boots which are more convenient for riders and most recommended.

They are flexible enough to allow the rider’s ankle to move freely while riding. Let’s take a look.

10 Top Knee High Riding Boots

Best Knee High Riding Shoes Unique Features Ratings
Cosplay Knee High Boots Solid stitch & Rubber heel and sole 4.5/5
GLOBALWIN Knee High Boots Cool & Practical, easy on and off 4.5/5
Ellie Shoes Knee High Boots Versatile Use 4.5/5
Aerosoles Knee High Boots Synthetic Upper & Breathable lining 4.5/5
TuffRider Baroque Knee High Boots Spanish Cut Toe & Premium Leather 4.5/5
Dr. Scholl’s Riding Boots Inside full zip with finished pull 4.5/5
Ellie Knee High Boots Side Pockets & Adjustable Straps for Fitting 4.5/5
DREAM PAIRS Knee High Boots Fur Lining & Smooth PU Leather Upper 4.5/5
Army Tactical Knee High Boots Non-Skid Outsole & Rubber sole 4.5/5
WHITE MOUNTAIN Knee High Boots Cushioned Insole & Quilted design 4.5/5

Cosplay Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

The first on my list is the Cosplay Men Knee High riding boots that come with a 4.5/5 Stars review and are followed by a lot of recommendations.

These are good pairs of boots, merely looking at them you, will notice that they are not made of renowned leather material but they still make the cut.

Also, based on their durability amidst the functionality they come with, they earned the top spot on the list.

Their sizing is incredible, I actually thought they will run a bit smaller, but they happen to fit just perfect for me and I wear a size 9.5. the outer material is not rough and it takes little time to break into a perfect shape.


  • They are made with the artificial outer material
  • They have rubber soles
  • They are extremely versatile
  • The stitches are solid for durability


  • They are not waterproof

Globalwin Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

I remember a cousin of mine who had a heart attack and was unable to walk for some time, after some therapy sessions she learned to walk again but she suffered pains when she walks due to nerve damage in her calf.

I got her a pair of these as gifts because they have a normal fit, she wears a size 10 and they fit perfectly, their width is not too much and they have normal calf size and a zip for easy fitting.

The great news is she is a lot better and can even ride a horse in one of these, she says they are perfect for ladies because apart from being medically beneficial because of their arch support.

They have really nice interiors and well-cushioned insoles to last the whole day feeling fresh and looking sleek.


  • Built for all-day comfort
  • They come with double pairs of strap buckle for an enhanced fitting
  • They have arch support
  • They come with zips in case of wide calf
  • Straight lined circled top
  • They are versatile and durable
  • They are made with vegan synthetic leather material


  • They are not waterproof

Ellie Shoes Men’s Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

The love of adventure has made a lot of fellas spend money on costumes that might end up not lasting up to the required time.

This pair of knee-high riding boots is value for money, they are versatile and long-lasting.

They are made of Polyurethane and synthetic rubber material which are among the finest on the market.

Riding should have gotten better if you have one of these. If you don’t, ensure you do because the feeling is Super!


  • Perfect adventurous Riding Boots
  • Dark black color, versatile
  • Heel height of approximately 1 inch
  • 100% Polyurethane and synthetic sole
  • They have arch supports
  • Thick toe box
  • Straps for a customized fit

Aerosoles Women’s Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

(Advised to seek medical assistance on heels measurement before purchase)

Stand out and stand tall in one of these, this is a remodeled version of riding boots. they are sleek and straight up, there is no need for unnecessary designs and combinations with this.

They are in form of a whole cut piece which means they will be back in shape and form whenever they lose it with just a clean wipe and polish.

Their shiny nature makes them attractive and a bonus is that they are super comfortable inside. They have an opening of 16 inches which is a crazy one.


  • These have synthetic upper material
  • They come with a recommended low heel for specific prescriptions
  • They are made with breathable lining
  • They have an opening of 16 inches
  • They have heels 1 inch high


  • The heel may be too low for some buyers

TuffRider Baroque Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

These are stunning riding boots, I must say, I am glad I bought them and I’m hoping to get more of them soon. I think the only problem I would have had with them is the fact that they are not waterproof.

You can have your way if you only clean them with water or expose them to just a little water, but submerging them will cause damage to the leather.

For the price, you might probably not find a better fitting and durable riding boots that come with all these advantages like the zip behind for firmer grip after wearing them and also the calf-like curving on them to ensure a perfect customized fit.

You should look them up!


  • Footwear made by TuffRider
  • They come with a Spanish cut toe
  • A moderately high heel
  • They are made with premium leather
  • They have zips at the back for a firmer grip


  • Not waterproof

Dr. Scholl’s Women Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

On reading the reviews made on this shoe from customers who have worn them, I decided to not order my usual size because I wear a size 8.

So, I ordered a size 9 and they fit perfectly I would advise you to use the same method but that is of course if you have wide feet like me.

I love the fact that the design is simple and plain for riding shoes, after all, designs on shoes are sometimes hard to notice when you are riding due to speed and all.

These are also ideal shoes to wear for other occasions apart from riding, they are lightweight and come with cool memory insoles.


  • These have a decorative matte finished buckle
  • They have inside full zip with finished pull
  • They have a cool fit because of the memory foam
  • They have a whole cut style vamp
  • Sleek silhouette with stud details
  • Lightweight and flexible with a durable sole


  • They may run a little bit small
  • They are not waterproof

Ellie Men Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

These are very unique and way too quality for their price. They are among the first boots I have purchased actually.

I initially bought them for the sole purpose of riding with them but then after they arrive and I took a close look at how they looked, I got crazy ideas of what I could use them for.

They are very functional; their versatility level is amazing. Apart from the fact that they are one of the best riding boots there is, they are also regarded and recommended as one of the best male costume boots ever.

They have a perfect display of master Craftsmanship, it’s like professionality is written all over them.


  • Best male costume Boot
  • This comes with side pockets for more display of master craftsmanship
  • They have straps for a more customized fitting
  • They have solid rubber soles
  • A perfect and professional display of skin and leather


  • Not for a wide foot
  • Beware of fakes!!

Dream Pairs Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

I kind of fancy these particular Boots because I ordered them for the sole purpose of using them for an adventurous vacation to Ireland.

After purchase, I must say the experience is one better felt by the individual self. I used them to walk in muddy terrain and in rain and they served in an outstanding manner.

I am forced to give them a special recommendation. Although I would advise ensuring you check the height of the size you are buying so they won’t run short for you after purchasing.

This is especially for people with long calves. Other than this, they are perfect for riding under any kind of weather condition.


  • They come with retro buckle strap
  • These Feature gorgeous diamonds quilting on their sides and backs for a perfect design display
  • Smooth PU Leather Upper
  • Outstanding Rubber sole
  • These have Faux fur lining
  • Lightweight wear-resistant outsole
  • They are waterproof


  • Some designs might be short

Army Tactical Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

These are better than whatever you are expecting. They are not completely made of leather but they are surely durable and versatile.

The manufacturers made this in a professional way and I believe we can all agree that it took a great amount of time and energy in crafting them into the shape and form they are.

How often does one come across boots with straps and zips all to ensure a perfect fit and firmer grip just like a soldier’s footwear?

If anything, they have a fitting name and they truly serve their purpose and extra.


  • They have a rubber sole for traction sole
  • Exists as one and only military lace-up knee-high boots with Straps for a more customized fit
  • They come with a speed hook lacing system
  • Adjustable strap and cap toe
  • Added confidence and wearability
  • They have non-skid outsoles


  • These are not waterproof
  • These do not have a perfect fit, Advisable you order a large size down

White Mountain Knee High Boots

Best Knee High Riding Boots

I saved the best for the last. this is for those ladies who love to look sleek at all times including while riding a horse or even a bike as the choice of adventure may be.

Their sizing is perfect, they look nice when you have them on, and the design on them looks like crocodile skin, the designer really did a remarkable job making these look like this.

Let’s talk about the high heel accompanied with a rubber sole, you have a chunky block heel to balance your feet with a little lift and lots of comforts, not to mention the perfect grip and fit you will have when you insert your feet into the Stirrup.

These are my reviews and experience on the best riding knee-high boots for ladies, you should consider getting a pair or two with different designs for yourself.


  • They are made with synthetic rubber sole
  • They have credible buckle detail
  • They have Well cushioned insole
  • They have a quilted design
  • The boot opening has a measurement of 14 inches round


Riding is a great adventure, even with that we shouldn’t be carried away by the fun in it and forget to dress for the occasion.

Protecting yourself should not be an arguable option it is a most and I believe I just made that clear for you and fun and also interesting.

Riding shouldn’t be risky and boring anymore if you get a pair or two of the boots reviewed here when you can even look classy and stylish engaging your activity and other adventures and feeling maximum comfort.


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