15 Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees (in 2023)

If you work in a restaurant, the back and forth, bending and brisk walking to fulfill your responsibilities as a restaurant employee takes a toll on the muscles of your feet and back, and on your entire wellbeing. The shoes you wear can have a great impact on your work.

To make selecting a good restaurant shoe easy for you, I have put together a list of the best.

Here are the 15 best shoes for restaurant employees

Top shoes for restaurant workers Features
Nonslip Chef Shoes Oil Resistant Kitchen Work Shoes Best non-slip shoes for kitchen work
KEEN Utility Women’s PTC Nonslip Shoe Best utility women’s shoe for kitchen
Crocs Unisex On The Clock Clogs Best unisex clog for kitchen
Amoji Unisex Worker Clogs Best Amoji clog for kitchen workers
Skechers Women’s Food Service Shoe Best food service shoe for kitchen
Men’s Balder Clog Best shock-absorbing shoe for clog
Yungprime Non-slip Resistant Clogs Best kitchen shoe for traction
Dansko Wayne Loafers Best loafers for kitchen
Birkenstock Women’s Foam Sandals Best Birkenstock women’s sandals for kitchen
Sticky Women Work Shoes Best sticky work shoes for kitchen
Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs Best Dansko clog for kitchen worker
Laforst Women’s Nonslip Sunbrella Shoe Best kitchen shoe for breathability
Crocs Unisex Adult Bistro Clogs Best Bistro Clogs for restaurant
Skechers Men’s Nampa Groton shoes Best Skechers shoes for kitchen
Dansko Women’s Neena shoe Best Dansko women’s shoe for kitchen

Nonslip Chef Shoes Oil Resistant Kitchen Work Shoes

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

One of the factors that qualify a shoe to be used by restaurant employees is that it must be oil-resistant and non-slip. These shoes are a cross between a croc and clogs, they are not just functional but also stylish.

The slick uppers are made of ethylene-vinyl acetate and that’s a material that resists oil, which makes this shoe a great pair for chefs.

The material of the sole is rubber making it ideal for linoleum floors of restaurants. Specifically designed for chefs it can be easily maintained. They are easy to clean, the insoles are breathable keeping your feet fresh in the warm temperature of the kitchen all day.

The manufacturer used EVA material to make it extremely lightweight as you don’t need to log too much weight around as you work.

It is very important that restaurant shoes be non-slip and these shoes were built using slip-resistant technology in the outsole to keep you on your feet every time. It comes with a strap at the back to keep it on so that you can take them off easily.

This shoe is made by the company called DisRun founded in 19993 and located in Busan, South Korea. They specialize in making slip-resistant shoes and they made this particular pair one of the best ones for restaurant use.

A look underneath this pair and you’d see the stud-shaped pattern that helps give the shoe the much-needed grip to make your work in the kitchen safe and comfortable.

KEEN Utility Women’s PTC Nonslip Shoe

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

A high foot arch is one of the hallmarks of a supportive shoe. Restaurant employees are expected to be on their feet most of the day.

Chefs are always standing around the cooking stoves, waiters are always roaming about the tables taking orders. They need a shoe that supports their weight properly and the Keen Utility Women’s shoes do just that.

It is a low-profile work shoe that offers all-day comfort and stability. The shoe molds against the arch of the feet so that every step that is taken rises and falls without hurting the feet.

The plush footbed pampers the sole of the feet keeping it comfortable. It is oil and slip-resistant making it ideal for chefs, and for waiters. The leather upper is water and stain-resistant, this way you can appear before customers without drawing the wrong attention.

The sole is rubber so that your feet always feel a soft landing, reducing the shock waves peculiar to walking. Regardless of your station in the restaurant, the shoes allow you to stand and walk in them all day without feeling tired.

And you avoid the cumulative stress that comes with wearing the wrong shoes while working. The shoe comes with a lace-up closure to secure it on your feet.

Crocs Unisex On The Clock Clogs

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

Here comes a product from Crocs for employees who work in restaurants. This Crocs lets you have the best of both worlds: functionality and style.

One of the factors that make this Crocs ideal for restaurant workers is the enhanced arch support and molded footbed. This is a work specialty shoe.

The upper is made of thermoplastic elastomers which enhances protection from spills. While this Crocs protects your feet from hot oil or other hazards in the restaurant, it is also easy to clean.

It is interesting that this edition of Crocs doesn’t have the customary holes in them which provides more protection against the elements of the kitchen. Chefs will especially love the Crocs.

Waiters can enjoy the freedom of being able to wiggle their feet in the wide toe box. They can enjoy the convenience which allows them to easily take the Crocs off at lunch break to get some air.

While working you can enjoy comfortability as the two holes in the sides keeps excess moisture out of the shoe.

You don’t have to worry about your feet on those long shifts because Croslite foam in the shoe provides soft care for your feet all through.

Amoji Unisex Worker Clogs

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

Designed for work, this shoe is most ideal for the back of the restaurant where the heat is. Chefs would love this one for its versatility and comfortability. You can easily wear them and then take them off.

The shoe is shaped in a way that makes it fit perfectly around your feet. They can be worn with the clasp on or off, turning it into a slip-on.

The material is ethylene vinyl acetate, soft and waterproof. Being waterproof means moisture can be trapped in the shoe but that little disadvantage is made up for by the wide toe box and the open slip.

The outsole has stud-like patterns that make it non-slip. This shoe is recommended for all manner of restaurant employees.

Skechers Women’s Food Service Shoe

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

From Skechers comes this powerhouse of a work shoe recommended for women who work in restaurants. This is for the multitasking lady who waits tables, takes the dishes off, and cleans the tables.

One look at this Sure Track-warfell shoe and you can easily spot all the attributes that make great footwear for restaurant employees: it is designed as a slip-on making it easy to put on and off, its athletic silhouette gives it stability.

Inside the shoe is a memory foam to provide your feet with comfort, the uppers provide complete protection from oil or hot coffee spills, regular accidents in restaurants.

The outsole is rubber and it is lined with tiny studs for grip on a slippery floor. With this shoe you enjoy traction making you feel safe all through your work shift.

Check inside the shoe to see the Skechers proprietary name printed on the soft memory foam insole. The upper and inner materials are synthetic making the shoe lightweight.

The sporty look and feel of the shoe give you confidence all day. One of the benefits of wearing slip-ons while at work is not having to worry about your shoelaces coming undone which can lead to accidents if they get in your way.

Men’s Balder Clog

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

Skechers understands how it gets for your feet when you stand all day on it in a restaurant where you earn your living. They made these shoes for men, chefs, and male waiters who need protection and comfort for their feet at work.

The shoes are lightweight, the EVA midsole is soft and durable keeping your feet comfortable from hour to hour. The Footbed is also shock-absorbing, the collar is padded to protect your skin from blistering.

Two ventilation ports on the sides to keep the clogs aerated and reduce moisture in the clogs. And you can remove the PU comfort insole when you need to clean it.

The fabric is all synthetic and easy to maintain, the sole is rubber for proper traction and grip around the kitchen for safety. You can trust the Skechers brand name to provide quality shoes for restaurant employees.

This clog is one of many in the line of utility shoes from the brand. Trend savvy chefs and restaurant workers can wear this clog in and out of work, you may not take them off when you clock out.

Yungprime Non-slip Resistant Clogs

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

The Yungprime company prides itself on providing its customers with the best experience from using their work shoes. They make shoes that maximize performance at work.

Restaurant employees spend long hours being busy throughout the day. The less they worried about their feet, the more efficient they perform. Footwear for them is a great deal, this is why I’m recommending this clog for men.

It comes with a wide toe box so your toes are not cramped so you can focus on work. To enhance your productivity and reduce fatigue the clog is fitted at the bottom with high-quality shock absorbent.

The outsole is made with eight different levels of patterns to give you traction in different floor conditions. You are able to bear long hours because the EVA material in the insole is designed with holes in it for air and cleaning purposes.

And you are allowed to remove the insoles to install any of your choices. They are purpose clogs that give you the freedom to be yourself even at work. This shoe’s weight is just 0.5lb, they feel like walking on the clouds.

With this clog, you are able to focus on work even on the most hazardous of kitchen and restaurant floors. Your feet are giving maximum protection from spills of all kinds.

Dansko Wayne Loafers

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

The Dansko Wayne Loafers are a cross between casual and work shoes. This is an update on Dansko’s original style.

With a moc-stitch style, this shoe offers polished leather for an appealing style for men. You have to wear the shoes to get a taste of great comfort and pleasure while standing all day.

It is constructed to support the arch of your feet, and provide stability, control. The polyurethane material of the midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption as you walk from table to table serving customers.

The footbed is removable to allow you to clean the shoes or replace them with anyone of your choice.

Birkenstock Women’s Foam Sandals

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

From Birkenstock comes these sorbet sandals designed to meet the needs of restaurant employees. It comes with a wide toe box for a comfortable internal movement, for splaying your feet when it standing a long time leaves you feeling stiff.

It offers great arch support too for stability and protection from sprains, muscle fatigue, and back pains. With a thick Alpro-foam footbed, you can walk and stand in the slip-ons for hours on end.

Restaurant workers need their feet to be properly covered around the front. These sandals offer the protection and comfortable wear that chefs need in the kitchen. You can wear the sandals with uniforms or with other casual clothes.

Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes For Women

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

Built for the stylish waiter and the confident lady administrator, this slip-on has all the attributes a restaurant employee needs to get through every workday without losing enthusiasm for her job.

This shoe is nonslip and waterproof, best for work as a waitress. The restaurant where the customers sit and eat is usually well aired, and the floor is always dry, nevertheless, a waiter can never take chances with anything that might cause a slip. This is why I recommend these shoes.

The outsole rubber is designed with patterns that act as little studs that grip the floor, keeping the shoes stable. The outsole is waterproof so that you can keep it dry easily in case of spills at work.

It is for this reason also that the shoe is easy to maintain. The footbed is made from an absorbent material to minimize the moisture that accrues inside it during your working hours.

Since the shoe is waterproof, it also means moisture is trapped inside it, but this issue is solved by the absorbent footbed. This allows the shoe to stay dry all the time.

Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

Another pair of great shoes for restaurant employees from the Dansko brand, this one is for women, waiters who work out in the frontline of the restaurant.

This shoe is designed to last, with leather uppers, and sturdy outsoles it is guaranteed to serve its purpose for a long time. The instep is padded to protect your skin from developing blisters.

The slip-resistant outsole protects you as you walk over wet, dry, and oil-stained surfaces. The toe box is roomy to allow you to wiggle your toes comfortably.

The lightweight EVA midsole provides stability as you walk, reducing fatigue, and also helps to absorb shock with every step you take.

The removable dual-density footbed caters to your foot arch with the aid of Dansko Natural Arch technology. Great arch support provides support all day preventing muscle pain in the feet and back.

The memory foam keeps your feet cushioned so that you don’t feel the burden of standing or walking through your work hours. I highly recommend these shoes for you if you are a restaurant employee.

Laforst Women’s Nonslip Sunbrella Shoe

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

I reserved this shoe for last for the reason that it is specially made for waitresses, the women who are out on the frontline making sure customers experience premium satisfaction and great service.

Waitresses deserve a shoe that allows them to do their work both in style and comfort. The shoe is lace-up, designed to match up with smart dressing.

They are also suitable for restaurants where the workers wear uniforms. They can be styled with trousers like jeans, and with dresses. The shoes are water-resistant which makes them great for waitresses because it means the upper material is breathable.

Wearing shoes for most of the day, and depending on weather conditions can be a drag, but with these shoes, you don’t have to worry as the sunbrella fabric got you covered.

The design takes into consideration the fact that waitresses spend most of their time on their feet taking orders and delivering them so the inside of the shoes has to be comfortable, especially for people who are naturally sweaty in their feet.

The shoe is lined inside with fabric to solve these issues. You can actually wear the shoes for the whole day and not feel mushy between your toes. The rubber outsole is designed for multiple benefits.

They allow for flexibility when you need to make those frequent dashes between tables and the kitchen, they give your movement grip and traction on the wet and oil-stained floor.

The grip helps you enjoy overall safety at work. With this shoe, you get the guarantee for durability, flexibility, and safety.

Crocs Unisex Adult Bistro Clogs

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

Crocs at work, Crocs at play. Even in the restaurant, Crocs give the best value for your money. This ones are Bistro Clogs are built for life in active service behind stoves and for scouring restaurant floors. Waitresses will love the comfortability this Clogs provide.

The enclosed toe design prevents oil and water spill from touching your skin, the strap around the back keeps she clogs lock on your feet, allowing you to enjoy your shift without interruptions.

The slip-resistant treads below allow you to move across any floor without slipping in a fall. They are easy to clean; just wash with soap and water, allow for a quick-dry and jump in your next shift with ease.

You can wear the Bistro with socks or with barefoot. Chefs will appreciate the three hopes on the sides for ventilation. This Crocs are your next favorite from season to season. It is made of thermoplastic elastomers for durability.

When ordering for your pair, chose a size down for even greater satisfaction.

Skechers Men’s Nampa Groton shoes

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

This shoe is for male waiters who love to appear smart without being officious. It was designed to give a smart fit. It also allows you the freedom to style yourself everyday of the week in different clothes. You can wear them with casuals or with formal dresses.

They look as great with pants as with jeans. Enjoy an athletic form at work, and comfort with the Memory Foam footbed that allows you to stand from shift to shift without fatigue.

The outsole is studded with grip treads that allow you to enjoy traction on any floor. I do not recommend for chefs in kitchens as the shoe is bound to get hot in there.

But it makes a great pair in a well-ventilated restaurant hall. They are easy to slip on and off because of the short elastic pad on each side of the tongue.

Dansko Women’s Neena shoe

Best Shoes for Restaurant Employees

From Dansko comes Neena, a working woman’s shoe. It is a shoe that features top-notch arch support. One look at this beauty and you see why every waitress should have this in her collection.

The durable upper leather are guaranteed for durability, the EVA footbed will give your feet and arch adequate support all through long shifts.

The design also allows you to enjoy shock absorption; the EVA midsole is lightweight, allowing for a dual purpose of returning energy from your heel and spreading it all around the base of the shoe.

The shoe’s design was inspired by the sport footwear, hence the type of lace-up. The slip-resistant outsole makes skidding impossible so if you’re trying to moonwalk after work, forget it.

Good news is you are guaranteed to be the last woman standing when everything is coming down. But if you do like a good run in the mornings before clocking in at work, or you love to go to the gym, this shoe serves the purpose as well.

If you lift weight in your free time or you play squash to keep fit on weekends, you’ll enjoy the grip and support of Neena.

You can style yourself for an evening in the town with the shoes too; with dresses, trousers, jeans or shorts.

Why Shoes For Restaurant Employees are Important

Restaurants have inherent hazards that are seldom talked about. Consider some reasons why employees in restaurants should consider shoes as important:


From the main floor where customers eat and back to the kitchen, restaurants are fraught with potential hazards. In the kitchen, chefs need not only protection for their bodies but also their feet.

If there’s a spill of hot oil, it may miss your body but not your feet if they are not properly covered. Hot coffee may spill on your improperly covered feet if you as a waiter do not cover your feet well.


Comfortable footwear in the restaurant goes a long way to make your job easier and reduces incidents of fatigue and sore muscles at the end of each workday.

Working barefoot for example exposes your feet to injuries, muscle cramps along the arch of your feet, and eventual back pain that may incapacitate further productivity.

What I considered before selecting these shoes for you

A study in 2012 confirmed what I have always suspected: that waiters and employees in restaurants accumulate a huge stack of steps every day. The study says waiters are among the most active among 10 professions.

The study by Jenny Craig found that waiters took 23,000 steps a day, which is more than double what is recommended for physical fitness. Hence they need good shoes. I looked at shoes that are:


It has to be comfortable, with soft cushioning for insoles. The heels must not be too high and must have rubber soles.

They must also support the foot arch properly in order to protect body structure, reduce instances of back pain, sore feet, tired muscles, and general fatigue.

The shoes must reduce the occurrences of having to take shoes off in the middle of work by having wide-toe boxes so you can wiggle your toes.

Stability and grip

The shoes must have outsoles made from rubber for grip and traction. Restaurants have nice tiled floors that are cleaned periodically throughout the workday. Sometimes liquids are spilled too.

For safety, you need shoes with good grip to prevent accidents. There can occur oil spills in the kitchen as well, chefs and waiters need to protect their feet from such eventualities.


The shoes have to be affordable because taking 23,000 steps in a day can take a toll on the shoes. Good shoes take the trouble toll off your feet and bear all the shock. Most good restaurant shoes only last a couple of years and you need to change them again.

Next time you are sourcing shoes for your restaurant job you have this list here and my reasons to guide your purchase.


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