10 Cheaper Teva Lookalikes (Reviewed in 2023)

Teva makes hiking sandals, water shoes, boots, sneakers, and more. The idea for the company was born in 1984 in America’s Grand Canyon a tour guide strapped two velcros to old flip-flops causing them to float down the river.

Since then, Teva has made footwear that allows you to go on that adventure with freedom, without fear.

Teva Lookalikes

Teva footwear doesn’t come cheap though so in this article I’m going to show you 10 cheap Teva lookalikes for that much-craved alternative.

Take this ride with me.

Teva Knockoffs Teva Shoes
Muboliy Women’s Water Sandal Alternative to Teva Y Hurricane sandals
Kubua Unisex Slip-on Alternative to Teva ReEmber MOC Moccasin shoe
Amidewa Men’s Outdoor Sandals Alternative to Teva Omnium sandal
Nortive 8 flip-flops Alternative to Teva M Mush ll
Luffymomo Women’s Hiking Sandals Alternative to Teva Tirra CT
KaDeePar Sports Sandal Alternative to Teva’s Men’s Hudson Sandal
Joomra Men’s Supportive shoe Alternative to Teva Men’s Highside Hiking shoe
Atika Women’s Outdoor Hiking Sandals Alternative to Teva Sirra Women’s sport sandal
Arkbird Hiking Shoes Alternative to Teva Men’s Ridgeview RP shoes
DLGPA Men’s Aqua shoes Alternative to Teva Men’s Gateway Swift Sneaker

Muboliy Women’s Water Sandal

Teva Lookalikes

This is a water sandal from the brand called Muboliy. Except for a few details like the outsole detail, it would take you a few moments to recognize it for what it is, a lookalike. It looks like the Teva Y Hurricane sandals.

The Muboliy sandals are functional however, they do their job well carrying you through wet terrain without losing your stride.

The upper is a polyester webbing fabric that allows it to dry out faster after being in the water. The footbed is EVA material for absorbing impact as you trudge through rough terrain, or jump from rock to rock while crossing rivers. It also reduces excess pronation.

The heel straps are padded for comfortable wear, the hook and loop closures make it easy to put on and off in urgent circumstances.

The outsoles are antiskid to help you run and walk, guaranteeing your safety throughout your adventure.

They can be styled with shorts and skirts, trousers and shirts of all kinds. This summer, if Teva sandals are too pricy for you, buy this cheap Muboliy.

Kubua Unisex Slip-on

Teva Lookalikes

These dual heel shoes share a striking resemblance with Teva ReEmber MOC Moccasin shoe. It is a loafer and can also be worn as slip-ons.

They are purpose shoes that are designed for indoor and outdoor use. The sturdy outsoles allow a wide range of outdoor activities in different conditions too. Forest walk can be more fun as you do worry about getting punctured by sticks.

The insole is designed for comfort, terry lining provides soft cushioning and keeps the feet dry from moisture. Your toes and heels are protected from fatigue and pressure from either standing or walking.

Nonslip outsoles provide traction on slippery surfaces and terrain. And they are fashionable, stylish. They are ideal for the working women who have to drive to work.

Amidewa Men’s Outdoor Sandals

Teva Lookalikes

This shoe for beach walking is a lookalike of the Teva Omnium sandal. It’s got the same silhouette and features.

It is safe, comfortable, and great for outdoor life. The crash-proof toe cap gives your feet protection in accident-prone terrain, the adjustable no-tie closure gives your feet the covering and fit that you need for hiking conditions.

It’s got an insole that is nonslip which offers a massaging texture for your feet, and for keeping the shoes dry after walking in water.

The outer mesh is high quality, genuine material, PU Nubuck. They are dry and breathable, keeping your feet feeling fresh all through your activities outdoors.

These shoes are great for hiking, walking, fishing, climbing, and beach activities. They can be styled with casual dresses too.

If your budget is too tight for Teva sandals, head to Amazon and purchase these Amidewa sandals for $39.99. which is several times cheaper than Teva.

Nortive 8 flip-flops

Teva Lookalikes

These sandals are Teva M Mush ll lookalikes but are of course way cheaper than the $25 Teva.

The Nortive flips have everything that makes flip-flops comfortable: memory foam keeps your feet cushioned from the shock of impact when you walk, long-lasting canvas lining that keeps your toes off the ground, protecting them from being hit, EVA midsole provides support and shock absorption.

The rubber outsoles are rubber, nonslip, for outdoor activities. They also provide excellent traction on surfaces and terrains. They are built for the rough terrain when you don’t want your feet encumbered with the weight of sandals or shoes.

They are designed to withstand daily life on the move, indoors or outdoors, in the garden or at the beach, house parties or just taking a walk to the grocery store.

Styling comes easy with these flips. They can be worn with shorts and t-shirts, women can wear them with any garments they choose. They are functional and can be used at work outback in restaurants, or even in the garden.

Luffymomo Women’s Hiking Sandals

Teva Lookalikes

This is the closest lookalike of Teva Tirra CT sandal. They are cheaper but are as durable as the Teva. These sport hiking sandals are built for the harsh terrain. They have a unique silhouette like the Tirra sandals.

Breathable mesh upper straps not only hold your feet in place but also ensure that moisture doesn’t build up, that air flows on and out keeping your feet comfortable.

Rubber soles make the sandal rough terrain ready. They are studded with traction patterns that make the sandals your ideal footwear for hiking and mountain climbing.

The anti-collision toe box protects your feet even further. The hook and loop allow you to adjust the sandals to your size so they are more comfortable.

You are assured of maximum protection while hiking in the forest or rough terrain, roots sticking out of the earth, tree roots and hard objects have nothing on you.

KaDeePar Sports Sandal

Teva Lookalikes

This sandal is a lookalike of Teva’s Men’s Hudson Sandal which you might want to check out to confirm. It’s also cheaper by a lot. But don’t worry the price has nothing to do with the quality of this sandal.

These KaDeePar sandals have arch support which makes them supportive of an active lifestyle if you’re one who spends time outdoor. The uppers are made of quick-drying materials so that you can use the sandals for boating, walking, and seaside vacation.

Nonslip outsoles allow you to enjoy pleasurable walks on any surface. The insoles are made of shock-absorbing foam that keeps your feet comfortable and every step safe.

The sandals are not just functional but also trendy. The sandals come in different colors which makes styling fun.

They can be worn with casuals like shorts, lightweight pants. They can be styled with baggy jeans and shirts. They are ideal for hiking through rough terrain too.

If you are searching for cheap lookalikes of Teva then look no further.

Joomra Men’s Supportive shoe

Teva Lookalikes

This Joomra shoe looks like Teva Men’s Highside Hiking shoe. They resemble each other in silhouettes, the uppers have a little difference in material but overall both are good hiking shoes.

The shoe features a padded collar and lace closure, a special patch on the upper prevents the lace closure from wearing out and tearing.  Density foam in the midsole provides lightweight response and long-lasting durability.

The lower heel-to-toe drop allows for a more natural running experience. The rubber outsole provides incredible durability and grip.

It’s a trendy, sporty shoe that can be used for running, workout at the gym, walking, and more. The shoe is definitely not Teva but you can find a space for it in your collection.

Atika Women’s Outdoor Hiking Sandals

Teva Lookalikes

This is a lookalike of Teva Sirra Women’s sport sandal, and also cheaper too. The look is in the silhouette and construction of the sandal with a little variation in the straps. They are designed of outdoor activities.

The sandals don’t just look tough, they are sturdy sandals with a functional construction sure to provide utility for a woman’s active evening.

It is built to absorb the barrage of shocks from walking or running throughout the day. Restaurant workers are definitely going to find the freedom the sandal gives as they wait tables.

Not recommended for use in the kitchen though on account of the exposed uppers.

The Velcro straps keep the sandals fit around your feet. You get comfort wearing from the abrasion prevention lining. They can be worn even in water.

Boating seasons see you approaching the hubby with confidence. Summer seasons are more enjoyable with these sandal companions.

The sole is rubber so you have a great grip for traction as you walk on pavements. Both rough and smooth terrains, your safety is guaranteed.

Arkbird Hiking Shoes

Teva Lookalikes

This Arkbird hiking shoes share a resemblance with Teva Men’s Ridgeview RP shoes. Only this one is cheaper and looks ready to give Teva a run for their money.

These shoes are sturdy, mixed uppers comprised of genuine leather and suede, and a splice of net cloth. This makes this shoe lightweight.

The internal construction helps it support the arch of the foot properly, cradling the feet properly for a good fit. This gives you all-day comfort.

It is envisaged that hikers would be on the move most of the time, and for miles. They’d need foot support that wouldn’t require they make many stops which slows them down.

Hikers need the high traction outsole that the Arkbird provides. This allows for unstopped mobility through rough, rocky surfaces and mud. The insole provides cushioning that keeps the feet fresh and comfortable.

Depending on where you hike, you are likely to come upon bodies of water that will require crossing. Instead of having to take off your shoes every time, the Arkbird continues to keep your feet protected because it is waterproof. Capture every moment and miss out on nothing with these boots.

These boots are designed for indoor and outdoor life. You can wear them while doing your gardening, trimming your trees, or working in an environment where you are likely to hurt your feet.

It is also recommended for outdoor sports like hiking, hunting, camping, climbing, mountaineering, and so forth.

DLGPA Men’s Aqua shoes

Teva Lookalikes

This shoe is a spitting image of Teva Men’s Gateway Swift Sneaker. They are functional shoes built for those whose lives are not far off the edge of bodies of water.

If you love to have a good time on the beach while having your feet covered, or you love boating, then you need this shoe in your collection.

The lightweight shoes are the super ideal shoes for seaside life because they are quick dry on account of the mesh upper material.

The mesh also provides breathability, allows water to sip out of the shoe easily. All you need to do is leave them for a bit and they are dried out completely, ready to wear again.

You are not afraid of your shoes flying off your feet because of the ComforDry sockliner which not only provides cushioning but also a firm fit around your feet without blistering your skin.

Its got specially engineered outsoles that allow water to filter out from under it, provide grip on both wet and dry sand. You aren’t afraid of slipping and falling on wet pool sides or in the gym, the grip of the shoes have you covered.

The solyte midsole gives your feet a caressing cushioning that keeps your feet comfortable all the time. Note the unique shoelace design which allows you to size the shoes as you feel.

The market of knockoffs isn’t all a bad thing after all. With them, you have an expanded body of options to choose from.

This collection of Teva lookalikes is sure to provide you with all you need not miss out on wearing your favorite shoes even when you are on a budget.

Take a dive and see which of these best suits your indoor or outdoor needs.


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