Chacos vs Bedrock: Similarities & Differences

Sandals are the best pair of shoes for traveling, sport, or even a vacation. They are the best pair for hikers, water sports, and long walks.

These footwears are lighter than boots, very easy to pack, easy to clean, and free of odor. They are nice for outdoor activities and hot weather conditions.

Chacos and Bedrock are sandals for outdoor events and tough terrain. They are made to keep the feet comfortable throughout daily activities.

The major difference between the Chacos and Bedrock is that Chacos’ footbeds are made of polyurethane compound while Bedrock footbeds are made of Vibram.

Are you a lover of outdoor events? Are you a hiker or a camper or someone that loves to be simple and fashionable? Do you value the comfort of your feet and still want them to look stylish? A pair of Chacos would be of great help.

Why is Chacos Better?

Chacos vs Bedrock

Chacos is a pair of sandals that is mainly for outdoor adventures and tough jobs. It is quite durable and provides optimum support and comfort to the wearer.

It can last for a reasonable amount of years enabling the wearer to enjoy its comfort and support. The sandals have a webbing strap that gives a firm grip and maximum comfort to the feet.

With this strapping style, the feet are held in order and cannot slip while working.

This sandal is best for outdoor activities and heavy duties like camping, hiking, boating, biking, traveling. This is because it has an aggressive sole that withstands rough environments and terrains. Its footbed is replaceable and very strong such that it gives ample support to the feet.

It also has firm straps which provide the wearer’s feet with arch support. It is the perfect pair of sandals for hiking and camping. The sole of the sandals is so strong that it cannot wear off easily.

Furthermore, it is very easy to maintain. Dirt and stains can be washed or easily wiped off using a brush.

It is inevitable to have dust and dirt on your sandals after hiking or a long day job, the best solution is to soak your pair of sandals in soapy water, wash and dry, you’ll have your sandals as good as new.

This sandal can be worn with any outfit of your choice. If you want to look casual or simple but fashionable, you can put on a pair of Chacos and you are good to go.

It can be worn for any kind of water sport like boating, kayaking, rafting, and so on, the reason being that it has a firm grip on the feet and hold the feet tightly such that the feet would not slip when carrying out any activity in the water.

Features of Chacos

Chacos vs Bedrock

It can last long

Chacos is durable, it has been known to last long for most of its wearers is made of quality material and an aggressive sole that withstands a rough environment. It also has a robust and strong sole to make it last longer.

It provides comfort and support

Chacos are known to have a webbing strap system that makes it fit firm and gives comfort to the wearer. The sole also helps it to be comfortable and durable for all outdoor activities.

Chacos is recommended for hikers

It is great for people who love adventures. It is helpful for those that always go for long walks and heavy-duty hiking.

With a strong and replaceable footbed and firm strap which gives arch support to the feet, your outdoor activities are made fun and enjoyable.

It has a strong footbed

This pair of sandals has a very strong footbed that helps to mold the feet and gives arch support.

It is also great for water sports

It can be worn for any kind of water sport like boating, kayaking, rafting, and so on because it has a firm grip on the feet.

Chacos has a webbing strap system

Just like the term “web” implies, Chacos is made in a web-like style, such that the straps are connected to each other. Apart from the back heel strap that is not adjustable, there is just a piece of webbing around the sandal.

The straps give it a firm and strong grip on the feet to prevent the wearer from slipping or falling during tough outdoor activities.

Features of Bedrock

Chacos vs Bedrock

It is good for outdoor adventures

Bedrock sandals are made with strong and quality materials that can make outdoor adventures enjoyable, comfortable and fun.

It can be worn by campers and hikers, it is simple and light and capable of handling anything out on the trail.

It has a simple thong styled strapping

If you have seen a pair of Bedrock sandals before, you would know that this is a perfect way of describing this sandal.

It is styled in a thong strapping way to give a firm grip on the feet when hiking. This design helps the feet to stay put and not to slip.

Durable and comfortable

The materials are strong and repairable. It was made to last long for the wearer. It is more durable, functional, and comfortable especially for traveling, hiking, and camping. Its straps, toe loops, and quality footbed also give ample support and comfort.

Strong footbed

Its strong footbed protects the feet from harsh terrain. The footbed is thin and firm that molds the feet perfectly, it also has a thin sole which makes it lightweight for the feet.


Bedrock is highly versatile, it serves a wide range of purposes and each of its purposes is carried out effectively.

It can be worn at any season of the year and to any occasion. It is good for heavy-duty, tough environments, traveling, sporting, and so on.


Due to the quality materials used in making the footwear to ensure that it is durable, comfortable, and supportive, Bedrock is strong and tends to last long.

Differences between Chacos and Bedrock

Chacos vs Bedrock

Its footbed made out of polyurethane compound Its footbed is made of Vibram
Thick rubber sole Thin and thick sole
It has webbing straps It has thong styled straps system
It has sizing for both adults and kids It only has sizing for adult

Chacos are made of thick rubber soles while Bedrock has a variety of thick and thin rubber soles

Bedrock sole is thick enough to withstand rock environment but also thin enough to give a reasonable amount of “trail feel.

The sole is 9mm or 7mm thick. Its sole helps it to last for a reasonable amount of time.

The sole makes it possible for the wearer to have an enjoyable experience during the period of the work, it gives comfort to the feet when walking on rough or rocky terrain.

Chacos has a thick rubber sole which is of top quality, it helps the feet to be comfortable on tough and rocky ground and also gives arch support to the feet.

Chacos are styled with leather straps while Bedrock are thong-styled strapping system

Chacos are styled with either leather straps or fabric webbing on the top. It has a webbing strapping style that makes it look quite unique and nice on the feet.

It keeps the feet in place and prevents it from slipping out of the footwear, it holds the feet firmly especially during water sports like boating, rafting, kayaking.

Whereas Bedrock has a thong-styled strapping system. Its rounded cord runs between the toes of the wearer. The cord is very much comfortable compared to the webbing style of Chacos.

Its strap too like the Chacos holds the feet firmly and prevents it from slipping out.

Chacos has sandals for little feet while Bedrock does not

Chacos has shoe sizing for men, women, and children. Kids Chacos sandals are made to help little feet get comfortable while they are playing to carry out any activity.

It is all-day wear that gives the kids a certain level of independence, they do need their parents’ attention when they want to put on their pair of sandals.

Whereas Bedrock only has shoe sizes for the man and woman, it does not have sandals for little feet.

Chacos footbed is made out of a durable polyurethane (PU) compound

The sandal is built with a ‘Luvseat’ footbed and designed with a contoured arch, this footbed is made to give ample support to the feet.

That cradles and supports the feet. Chacos have a contoured compressible polyurethane footbed Chacos sandals are supportive, comfortable, and durable, they promote healthy alignment and arch support for all-day wear.

Whereas, Bedrock footbed is made from a material called Granite grip. These materials make it possible for the footwear to provide ample support and super comfort to the feet.

Similarities between Bedrock and Chacos

  • Great for outdoor adventures
  • Made of quality materials
  • Simple and easy to clean sandals
  • Both Bedrock and Chacos are comfortable sandals
  • They all have a strong footbed
  • They are Unisex
  • They can be worn with socks

Great for outdoor adventures

Chacos and Bedrock are made for lovers of outdoor adventures. Both footwears are great for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, boating, biking, traveling, or for a vacation.

They are both made for wild adventures and can be used for treks or strolls. They secure the feet and can withstand things like kid-filled, mud-puddle life on suburban and country streets.

If you are an adventurous person, then you need to get a pair of Chacos or Bedrock to give you an enjoyable experience.

Quality materials

The sole, the strapping, the footbed are made from top-quality materials that are durable. The materials add to the comfort and support which the sandals give

Simple and easy to clean

Dirt and stains on Chacos and Bedrocks are very easy to get rid of. There is no need to worry about having a stain on the sandals because they can be washed and dried or easily wiped off with a brush.

They can be worn to any occasion in any weather condition, they are not “outfit selective”. They are simple footwears that can be worn with a casual outfit like a cotton T-shirt and slouchy jeans or with a sundress and a jean jacket for a summer party.

Durable and comfortable

We all need footwear that are not just comfortable but also footwear that can last long.

These two features can be seen in Chacos and Bedrock sandals. They offer optimum comfort to the feet and at the same time can be supportive and protective.

The webbing straps of Chacos and the thong-style strap of Bedrock make the footwear comfortable and give a firm grip to the feet of the wearer. The footbed and the sole give arch support, mold the feet and protect the feet from harsh terrains.

They both have strong footbeds

They both have a strong footbed that provides the feet with maximum arch support.

With this, the sandals are able to absorb shock and tough temperatures. Their footbeds are study and super comfortable.

They are Unisex

They can be worn by both males and females alike. They look gorgeous on ladies and also look great on guys.

They can be worn by both the young and the old who love outdoor activities.

They can be worn with socks

Both sandals can be worn with socks. A pair of socks with your Chacos in cold weather can keep you cozy and warm.

Whether they are worn with or without socks, they can still look great.


Sandals are the best pair to fit casual and simple outfits, it is even more appreciated when it is light weighted, comfortable, durable with quality sole and footbed.

Chacos sandal is embedded with all of these features and more. One interesting thing about this sandal is that it is the perfect footwear for outdoor activities.

Due to its tough, strong, and quality materials, the footwear does not wear out easily. It can also be worn when traveling or going on vacation, it makes walking easy and less tedious or stressful.

It ensures that the wearer has an enjoyable experience while carrying out a long day job.

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