Are Crocs Slippery When Wet?

Knowing if Crocs are slippery when WET depends solely on the particular Crocs you are talking about; you know some particular models have features that make them non-slip.

Some popular Crocs like the Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs, ChayChax Unisex Clogs, etc, are known to be slippery when wet because they are not advertised to be non-slip, but my favorite non-slips like the Classic Animal Print Clog, Crocs Girls Beach & Pool Flip Flops, Bistro Graphic Clogs, Crocs Unisex-Adult Crocband Clog, amongst others are never to be caught slippery.

This is because they have certain features that make them anti-slip. Plus, they are advertised to be slip-resistant.

Over the years, Crocs have become very popular and are usually worn by people on different occasions and for different reasons.

They could be worn by restaurant workers, health workers, and even for a walk on the beach amongst many other occasions, especially when you find yourself in slippery conditions.

Ordinarily, you’d expect that the manufacturers of Crocs state if their products are slip or not. However, they (the manufacturers) wouldn’t clearly state if Crocs are non-slip, apparently for safety purposes from the law.

You know, to boycott being held by the Law. I guess your question now is How do I know if my Crocs is/are non-slip? Simply follow through with this article, I’d answer that.

Although I am not a dedicated fan of Crocs, I own a few of them which I wear sparingly; when I go for a walk on the beach, when I need to shower or when I need to move around the house. Oh! Maybe I’m a dedicated fan of it then. Lol

How do you prevent your Crocs from getting wet?

  • Avoid wearing them where and when you’re likely to come across water, especially when it is raining
  • You could also avoid using them in the shower
  • Avoid going far beyond the seashore if you’d be wearing a pair for a beach walk

But wait! Would your Crocs actually get wet? I mean, WET. Remember that Crocs are made of a material called Croslite.

Croslite is a soft and extraordinary resin material that helps in providing maximum cushioning and thus, wouldn’t really slip.

Perhaps, we should define what our WET is. We’d usually say something is wet when it is all covered with water; as in, it has really absorbed water.

Do Crocs absorb water? Absolutely not! What only happens is if after washing them or after wearing them in the rain, they usually have a little amount of water over them which should dry in very little time.

However, to prevent your Crocs from getting wet (it seems really simple though), you could avoid wearing them where and when you’re likely to come across water.

For instance, you should not wear them out there while it is raining, you could also avoid using them at the shower or avoid going far beyond the seashore if you’d be wearing a pair for a beach walk.

But come to think of it, where else would you wear a pair of Crocs if not any of these places? I mean, these are the sort of ideal places to wear your pair of Crocs at.

When I wear mine to shower, they of course get wet, as in, water being all over them, but in just a little time, they’re dried up.

As it stands, you may not be able to prevent your pair of Crocs from getting wet as the situations in which they are worn suggest so.

You could however leave them to dry once they get wet, it’s just in a very short while.

What should you do when your Crocs get wet?

Well, what I’d recommend that you do is dry your Crocs with a piece of cloth or rag. Ensure you have it cleaned with a dry piece of clothing or a rag once it gets wet.

Moreover, due to the material, it is made of, water wouldn’t stay on it for long; in just a little time, they’re dried.

However, to speed up the whole process, you could dry them up with a rag as I earlier mentioned; this is if you would be wearing the same pair of Crocs out.

But if you have separate pairs for the shower and going out, great! You’ll definitely have the former dried in a short while.

It is important to note that extended high-temperature exposure or sun drying your Crocs could damage them sooner than later.

This is why you are advised to store it in a cool/dry place.

Are Crocs slip-resistant?

Now, this is the real deal; the reason for which we’re here!

YES! Crocs are Slip-resistant, but NOT ALL of them. You’d have to check for certain features to assert that they are non-slip.

Slip-resistant shoes generally are very important, as slipping off could cause you to dislocate or even break your bones, thus, making your foot more medical bills.

If you work under hard unavoidably harsh conditions such as a wet floor, chemical or oil spillage, etc., getting the proper slip-resistant Crocs is a must.

A slip-resistant pair of Crocs when bought would be stated on the label; a straightforward and easy way to know if your pair of Crocs is slip-resistant.

This means, if a particular pair of Crocs has the slip-resistant feature, it will be stated on the label that comes with it when bought new.

Ergo, the need to read closely, every information you are provided with on the label.

While the manufacturers of the product may not state if they are slip-resistant, there are a few other methods to identify whether or not your pair of Crocs is slip-resistant.

Take a quick look at them;

Check the tread

Tread, the grooves on the bottom of a shoe or other footwear, used to give grip or traction are also a way of identifying if your pair of Crocs is slip-resistant.

A higher number of smaller treads will suffice, compared to a lesser number of larger treads. Look out for this feature beneath your Crocs

Examine the sole

To check for slip-resistant features, the sole of your Crocs is another place to examine.

As opposed to a flat-surfaced sole which could trap oil and every other liquid, a rough-surfaced sole would be slip-resistant, hence, examining the sole of your Crocs would pay off.

Observe the grooves

Now you know how to identify whether or not your Crocs are slip-resistant; promise fulfilled!

Regardless of all of these features, one could still slip off on any footwear at all if they perhaps step on banana peels unbeknownst to them.

This is why it is expedient to watch your steps and take them carefully when in the public space; you wouldn’t want to slip off. (Even Crocs with the slip-resistant facility may not be 100% safe).

Meanwhile, if you discover your pair of Crocs not having any of the non-slip features, you could deliberately decide to make them slip-resistant. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Runs the Soles of your Crocs through a rough terrain

The non-slip feature is mainly attached with the sole of footwear; hence, if you have a flat-surfaced sole and intend to make it slip-resistant.

One way to achieve that is by scuffing off the sole of your Crocs such that it turns rough. You could walk with them on rough or gravel-filled terrain. At this, the soles become rough and non-slip.

Another way of achieving this is by scuffing off the sole bottom using sandpaper till they turn rough. To complete the whole process, you could as well use puff paints.

Although they may seem to be decorative items, puff paints would also make your Crocs slip-resistant by you simply applying them on the already rough sole.

What slip-resistant Crocs can you buy?

I bring to you, the best of slip-resistant Crocs that be; check them out!

Product Description Features Remarks Where to Buy
Classic Animal Print Clog Suitable for use by men and women alike, it is ideal for the beach, pool, gym, shower, and for a walk. As a matter of fact, it could be used by gardeners and other industry workers who seek non-slip footwear It comes in a variety of colors and designs; hence, you’re able to select which design suits your cravings

It is designed in Snake, Zebra, and Leopard prints

While placing your order, you should pay close attention to the size you are ordering for to ensure that you do not get an undersized or an oversized pair of Crocs PURCHASE
Crocs Girls Beach & Pool Flip Flops  Made specifically for girls, this product could be used as beach sandals. In fact, it could also be worn around the house It comes in different colors as well; find the color that resonates with you.

Meanwhile, it isn’t really expensive

All of the reviews on Amazon for this product are just as breathtaking. Love it? Hit the purchase link to get yours! (get one for your girl too… winks) PURCHASE
Crocs Unisex-Adult Crocband Clog Sporty, stylish, and comfortable, this product with mouth savoring design comes in different colors, and guess what? It isn’t any expensive Being multi-use slippers, this particular product helps you look sophisticated, male and female alike Durable! PURCHASE
Bistro Graphic Clogs Worn on different occasions, this product is as well non-slip and is durable. A unique feature this product has is the graphic design it which makes it exceptionally beautiful. However, you should properly maintain it as the graphics could peel off if not properly maintained Elegant! PURCHASE

There are several other Slip-resistant Crocs out there in the market, but I have carefully selected these ones as I can at least attest to their effectiveness; I, together with a few friends (male and female alike) have used them and we all can testify to the efficacy of the anti-slip features present in them.

If you find them super-attractive and appealing to you, why not place an order already? They are readily available.

Simply hit the purchase link attached with each of them and find your beautiful!

Can you wear Crocs in the rain?

Absolutely! Yes, you can. Remember I told you that Crocs are made of a material called Crostile which helps your crocs to be non-slip.

Since they are made of Crostile, they cannot be damaged by water; this is why you could as well use them in the shower just like I do.

With the non-slip facility, you are sure to remain upright even if you make use of shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

In the rain, you’d also remain upright since the road is tiled. If there are no tiled roads where you are, you do not need to fret, the slip-resistant facility that came with the Crocs or that you have made will suffice.

While every other person is treading with trepidation, you would tread confidently because you are putting on a pair of Crocs, slip-resistant Crocs at that!

Final Thoughts

In addition to these, putting on a pair of socks alongside your Crocs is ace. Although some persons may think it is berserk, for me, it is dynamite!

Especially when rocked with a color that complements your outfit (you’re most likely to get wooed due to your looks, Lol).

Asides from the fact that it makes you look more attractive, putting on a pair of socks alongside your Crocs also saves you from having sweaty feet which by extension could result in foot odor.

You of course do not want your feet smelly; more reason you should accompany your Crocs with a pair of socks.

Although the manufacturers do not claim that Crocs are non-slip, they produce several slip-resistant models which outnumber the ones without the non-slip facility.

You are therefore obliged to observe the soles, grooves, tread, and label to identify the anti-slip feature.

If your pair of Crocs does not have any of the anti-slip facilities, you could make them as I’ve recommended in the course of this article; simply refer to it for the steps to follow.

I hope that you found this piece interesting and helpful. Are your Crocs slip-resistant? What models are they? How long have you used them? I’d like to know in the comments section.

If you’ve got any thoughts at all to share with me; suggestions, questions, etc, simply scroll down, the comments box is open.

Also, do forget to share your experiences with me after you’ve followed the steps I recommended, your submission could be of great help; simply drop them in the comments.

Thanks for engaging.

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