How Did Crocs Become So Popular?

Everyone in my family loves Crocs. From my favorite Bistro Clog to my sister’s Huarache Flat, we fell in love with the brand and now here we are representing everything Crocs stands for.

I am sure the manner we fell in love with Crocs did not apply to my family alone. I have since seen other families and friends get so much into the brand.

Crocs popularity did not just start today, they’ve been around for some time and so continued their upward trend till date.

So, how did Crocs become so popular?

  • Crocs became popular because of their unique shape and design.
  • Crocs became popular through celebrities endorsements and collaboration
  • Crocs became popular because of its multipurpose functions
  • Crocs became popular because of how comfortable it is
  • Crocs became popular due to the previous lockdown
  • Crocs became popular due to social media promotion using influencers
  • Crocs became popular because of JIBBITZ.
  • Crocs became popular because of many brand endorsements.
  • Crocs became popular as a result of praises from users
  • Crocs became popular because it is the only shoe that is fully water-resistant

Let’s get into the details of Crocs’ popularity.

Crocs became popular because of its unique design

How Did Crocs Become So Popular?
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This is one of the reasons why Crocs has grown to become one of the most popular shoe brands in the fashion market today; most especially when it has to do with shoes and sandals.

Crocs comes with a unique “MONSTROUS†design which a lot of people resented at first when it came out in early 2002. However, over the years, Crocs has stood out among the rest of the shoes because of its unique design thereby giving it an edge over others.

It does not take less than 1 second to know if a shoe is Crocs or not. Just looking at the design and shape would answer the question.

The unique way Crocs was made is responsible for its widespread popularity which started in late 2006 before it skyrocketed in 2015 downwards.

A lot of people called Crocs UGLY, however, this ugliness has gone on to become what made this amazing brand stand out.

Crocs became popular through celebrity endorsements and collaborations

This was one of the greatest steps that led to the major breakthrough and widespread acceptance of the Crocs brand.

Between 2002 and 2010, the Crocs brand suffered a lot of ups and downs with a major setback most especially in 2010.

However, a new record of success started to break out when the brand took up the initiative to collaborate with certain celebrities like JUSTIN BIEBER, BAD BUNNY, POST MALONE, CHRISTOPHER KANE, LEBRON JAMES, NICHOLAS BRAUN, LUKE COMBS, NICHOLAS McLaughlin, and others.

These collaborations and endorsements from celebrities skyrocketed the sales of Crocs shoes which led to a lot of sell-outs. This was one of the major steps that brought such a huge success to the brand. Crocs became very popular as a result of this action.

The director of product line management for the shoe brand made a statement that reveals that the collaboration would lead to a widespread acceptance of this brand. Can you imagine Justin Bieber endorsing Crocs?

His followers would definitely follow the same trend which keeps making Crocs popular and trendy. Endorsements from celebrities and Grammy awards winners put Crocs in the limelight which has been growing ever since.

Crocs became popular because of its multipurpose functions

There are a lot of shoes out there like Vans, Converse, Adidas and so on which are specific in the type of shoes they make.

Whenever you hear the word “Pumaâ€, sporting shoes come to your mind. Whenever you wear “Vans†or “Converseâ€, sneakers and casual shoes come to your mind.

This has made certain brands of shoes limited in their reach. If I love corporate shoes, I would not go for Vans or Converse which automatically means that I would not be their fan.

However, the narrative is different for the Crocs brand. Crocs has a lot of shoes that serve a lot of purposes. The recent invention is the Crocs Heels for ladies.

I was blown away to see such an invention. Crocs has shoes that spread across every sphere. Initially, Crocs was known for nurses, health practitioners, and maybe kitchen staff.

However, the Crocs brand began to evolve by creating a lot of shoes that are suitable for casual and corporate purposes. For example, the CROCS unisex bistro clog (see here on Amazon) is one of the many multipurpose shoes that come from the Crocs brand.

This makes Crocs ECONOMICAL. This unique function has also made it gain widespread acceptance and productivity over the last 6 years.

I don’t need different shoes if I have one Crocs that can do different things; this makes sense to a prudent man or someone with an average income.

This is another reason why the Crocs brand gained widespread popularity and fame.

Crocs became popular because of how comfortable it is

Crocs shoes are made of croslite foam which is very soft and tender; even though it is firm and strong for all purposes. Crocs is one of the most comfortable shoes a lot of users have found useful in recent times.

The material used in producing this brand of shoes is light and very supportive which makes it easy for you to walk around with no stress or pain.

This simply means that a lot of people purchased Crocs just to serve as an alternative to other shoes and when they realized how comfortable Crocs is, some had to switch to using Crocs fully.

The popular celebrity CHRISTOPHER KANE also made a statement about how comfortable Crocs is.

He said “Crocs are arguably the most comfortable shoe. I love that they are slightly awkward and might be perceived by some as ugly. They have a very naive and childlike shape, which I especially like when they look extra clunky on the foot.â€

The Crocs brand are known to produce what a lot of people call “SOFT SHOES†or “RUBBER SHOES†or “PLASTIC SHOES†or “CLOGSâ€. These names are used to describe how light these shoes are and how comfortable they make you feel.

Crocs has a breathable feature which is very important for every feet and toes that need comfort. From the Crocs with furs to crocs without furs, all Crocs shoes are made with comfort as a major feature.

This is one of the reasons why Crocs has gotten very popular.

Crocs became popular due to the Covid 2020 lockdown

The pandemic led to one of the greatest successes Crocs have recorded so far since they started operation in 2002. Normally, Crocs was always known as a home-based shoe which a higher percentage of people didn’t really bother about.

However, when the pandemic hit in early 2020, a lot of people were forced to stay at home, work from home, and literally stay fixed at home for months.

This was the best time to consider Crocs because of the unique feature of comfort it brings (just as I stated in the previous point). A lot of people started paying attention to this shoe.

Known generally as a comfort-based shoe, Crocs became popular during the pandemic in such a way we have never seen since it started operation.

The reason for this was because people needed a comfortable shoe in order to be able to walk around the house, run to the grocery store, visit friends, Crocs fit into this category.

So, people had no choice than to pay attention. From statistics, Crocs recorded a 64% gain in the first quarter of 2021 due to the effect of the pandemic on their brand awareness and ultimately sales.

It is hard to say what would become of crocs during the post-pandemic era. However, a lot of people know about Crocs than we have ever seen because of the widespread desire for a comfortable shoe during the lockdown.

Crocs became popular by the use of social media promotion by influencers

This is also one of the reasons why Crocs has gotten so popular lately. Crocs has focused on leveraging on the online market and generating massive sales from it in recent times.

This strategy has gone ahead to become one of the largest platform through which Crocs now makes sales. The online market has given Crocs a larger hedge on the international market.

One of the strategies designed and implemented by the Crocs brand includes creating brand awareness through the use of social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram; this is known as social media promotion.

Currently, on TikTok, Crocs has a total of 1.6 billion views. This is HUGE. This insane growth came to be as a result of leveraging on influencers.

Crocs employed the services of influencers who posted videos of themselves dancing in their crocs shoes, talking about their crocs shoes, walking with their Crocs shoes, running with their Crocs shoes, or posing in their crocs shoes.

This simple strategy brought Crocs into the limelight across the international market which also began to lead to sales that brought in huge revenues and profit for the Crocs brand.

Furthermore, Crocs focused on the Asia market using social campaigns with the services of influencers and celebrities which have gone ahead to be the longest growth opportunity that has lasted.

Crocs became popular because of JIBBITZ

JIBBITZ is a collection of beautiful little objects of different shapes that can be attached to the surface of your Crocs for added beauty. There is no shoe with this type of initiative before the Crocs brand came into existence and eventually invented this charming object.

The JIBBITZ gives you the opportunity to style your Crocs anyhow you deem fit. This amazing invention first got Crocs accepted by little children before it started gaining acceptance among young females and eventually males.

The JIBBITZ gives you the power to choose how your Crocs looks which is unique but amazing. There is something that causes people to be endeared to your product by giving them the power to determine how they make your product look on them.

This is what the Crocs brand decided to implement which led to a massive break for them. JIBBITZ led to a major acceptance among little kids and then spread through to older people as well.

Crocs became popular because of many brand endorsement

Beyond collaborating with individual celebrities like Justin Bieber and so on; Crocs also took it a step further by collaborating with huge brands like Balenciaga, KFC, and Chinatown market, and so on. The collaboration was not limited alone to the fashion industry.

The aim of these collaborations is to spread the influence of Crocs across all industries thereby gaining the trust of the people who interact with these industries daily.

For instance, having the KFC endorse Crocs automatically means that Crocs is good for employees in a food service store and Crocs is good for the kitchen generally.

This was a strategic move by Crocs as well.

This collaboration established a strong mutual relationship among these brands which helped Crocs gain widespread popularity in the market.

One of such high successes came in 2017 when Balenciaga’s creative director as at then called DEMNA GVASALIA sent a pair of bright pink Crocs with custom charms down the runway at Paris fashion week.

This single act changed the perception in the heart of people about crocs. This strategy is still being used by crocs. Furthermore, it has contributed to the widespread popularity of the crocs brand.

Crocs became popular because of praises from its users

Because of how comfortable crocs made people feel, a lot of users started giving positive feedbacks with proofs about how comfortable crocs is and how beneficial this shoe has been.

A lot of users took to social media to talk about this brand of shoe. This single act of Crocs fans helped to boost brand awareness in a massive way.

Crocs became popular because it is the only shoe that is fully water-resistant

The material used in creating Crocs is water-resistant. The reason for this is because Crocs were originally referred to as “BOAT SHOES†which are meant for wet areas or beaches and all sorts.

The water-resistance feature of this amazing brand makes it bacteria resistant because your sweat cannot be absorbed by your Crocs; this has also brought the Crocs brand into the limelight because this feature is unique to the brand.

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