Do White Crocs Turn Yellow?

Yes, white Crocs turn yellow and this is mostly caused by dirt, the absorbance of sweat, and air.

To be more succinct, the word to use here is overuse and Crocs are one of the most used footwear and are very much vulnerable to it. There is also the case of bad maintenance.

Oxidization is another common cause. It is the process for the case of air changing your Crocs’ color and this happens naturally. Also, these issues go beyond mere natural circumstances.

Do White Crocs Turn Yellow?
White Crocs turned yellow

Maybe you have been using the wrong type of soap or cleaning agents on it. This washed away the white of my Vent Clogs in an amazingly short amount of time.

They were my work shoes and after my experience with this issue, I realized the main causes are washing, and also lack of maintenance.

Constant washing or use of bad detergent practically washes away the white pigment of my Crocs shoes and I never allowed that to happen again.

How you can get your white Crocs white again?

I have heard of so many different ways to get my Crocs shoes back white again. There is even the makeup and paint method. Well, I didn’t try out those ones but I am going to be including them on my list.

Here are some of the most effective ways to get your Crocs shoes sparkling white again.

Use some magic Eraser

This cleaning tool from Real MR Clean Products works like literal magic. It is a white foamy cube that contains melamine, sodium bisulfate, and formaldehyde.

It has been tested and trusted to get soles of converse and sneakers glowing white.

The Magic Eraser is truly a great option for your Crocs shoes. Just try adding it with a little bit of water and get cleaning.

Your Crocs shoe doesn’t hold water for that long and they are extremely easy to clean, so this will be like a stroll in the park.

Apply baking soda with detergent

We are headed back home this time and all you need for this method might just be lying in the confines of your kitchen cabinets.

Baking soda is an extremely good bleaching agent and the detergent helps clean out the old dead stains which have turned yellow over time.

Grab a small brush and work some homemade hack! All you need is to mix both materials with similar quantities, then gently brush your Crocs with the mixture.

You don’t want to apply as much pressure with any other shoe brand and you will need to be patient as you scrub.

You will notice some of the dirt and yellow are washing away. After this, rinse with warm water and immerse it into your washing machine.

Do not forget to use some towels for the washing process so as to even the load. Vinegar is another good supplement option with baking soda.

40 Volume Creme is bliss

This one really caught my fancy when I seek to whiten my fuzzy clogs sometime ago.

This cream product is sold at any local store and it is extremely affordable at about $5 to $10 depending on your location.

After beautifying your Crocs shoes with some 40 Volume Creme, you will then need a lot of heat and there is a plastic bag for you.

Wrap them into one each and lay it under the sun to dry up. After this step is completed, take the bags off and rinse your shoe with warm water.

Your Toothpaste can be used

Here is another great hack that is quite common nowadays. Your toothpaste contains whitening components and if it could capably brighten up your cavities, why not your shoes?

Simply get an unused brush and some paste and brush gently over your Crocs shoes, although this time there will be more demand for the paste.

Rinse with warm water and dry under the sun for like an hour or two. You will need some tissues for drying. Cover up your Crocs with tissue paper so as not to damage the material.

The tissue will then turn yellow after drying, taking out the pigment with reaction to heat. Do not sundry for more than three hours, the shoes might shrink!

Micellar Water is magic water for getting your Crocs back to white

The Micellar water is a skincare product that is meant for toning skin but quite exceptional for suede, rubber, and leather footwear.

This is also identified as another revolutionary stain remover and will be very efficient for whitening your Crocs. The product is friendly with Croslite material as you gently rub.

The water components inside will help create moisture which is always needed for the whitening process.

Add some salt to warm water

Salt is one of my favorite whitening hacks because it is one of the most effective while you don’t have to set out to the stores to buy a product.

It is right inside your kitchen and you only need a little quantity compared to other whiteners.

All I did when using the salt solution was fill a bowl with hot water and then add 1 tablespoon of salt. After stirring, I unleashed a toothbrush and brushed it gently with the solution.

I noticed my Crocs were gradually changing back to white as I scrubbed on. Keep scrubbing until the yellow shade is all gone.

This won’t take more than five minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Causes of white Crocs turning yellow

Do White Crocs Turn Yellow?

The major reason why your Crocs shoes are turning yellow is due to the exposure to agents which can cause fading and deformation of color pigments.

Everyone wants a white shoe right now because of course, it is a current fashion trend. Even Crocs shoes are involved.

The only type of color that is faced with this problem is white, most white shoes are exposed to tendencies that their shoes will turn yellow over time.

Most people do not know why this happens and we are going to be looking at some of the reasons why.

You have washed with a wrong detergent

Another strong claim on why Crocs shoes are turning yellow after washing is due to the fact that some detergent residues are still existent even when drying.

Detergents can cause the color of clothing materials to change over time. Have you ever wondered why your t-shirts fade due to over-washing? The same logic applies to your Crocs.

Whenever you put them out for washing, try as much as possible to rinse thoroughly so as to keep them completely free from detergent residues.

Also, there are some common cases where the detergent used in washing is not compatible with shoes.

Instead of using the common detergent you use for clothes and pants for your Crocs, use the special shoe cleaners for rubber types.

You can also try glass and dashboard cleaners. I find these sprayers the most effective.

When it is too dirty

Like every other type of footwear, there is no preventing your shoes from coming in contact with soil, except you live and work indoors!

Wearing Crocs for long periods and exposing them to mud, sand, and grass could easily cause them to change color before you even know what is happening.

There are other stains like sweat and splashes of food substances.

This calls for high maintenance of your Crocs. They are easy to maintain which is one of their most common strengths.

This leaves no excuse for not being clean at all times. The Croslite material doesn’t hold much water and dirt and they can be dried easily.

Crocs soles retain water

Some Crocs wear like the Crocbands have thicker soles that tend to hold more water and detergent than the rest of the shoe. This is obviously another medium where yellowing can still occur.

There are cases where no matter how much you rinse, there is still some water left and they are likely to contain soap residues too.

I suggest you use a towel to clog your Crocband’s sole or any other Crocs shoes with sturdy parts after rinsing.

Also, you can monitor the drying process and still find out whether you drained out the water completely.

Drying can also make your Crocs turn yellow

After washing your shoes and want to set out for drying, what measures will you put in place to prevent them from turning yellowish?

Drying is a major cause of this fading and both air and heat pose at its agent.

A little too much sun

First off, I want to wrap our minds around the issues of chemical reactions. As we tend to use our Crocs shoes, we directly expose them to the sun. They are also going to get dirty and they will need some washing.

After the wash, it is back to the sun again. This consistent contact with the sun is bound to cause some serious chemical reactions with heat, air, and sunlight playing important roles in Croslite transformation.

The shoes tend to oxidize while they are also exposed to the air.

This is why I have earlier advised that when drying your Crocs after washing; try to apply some tissue for protection from these yellowing agents in excess.

When you use a hand dryer

I have suggested numerous times to friends that when drying your white shoes. Hand dryers are good options for shrinking and expanding in case of resizing.

But when you apply this with white-colored Crocs shoes, it might be disastrous. The intense heat might cause burn patches and the yellow pigments start to show.

How to clean white Crocs with fur

For the Santa Cruz Loafers which is made of suede or wool, you can easily maintain it by gentle cleaning of the upper part with a brush.

Apply a waterproofing spray to keep it as dry as possible in order to avoid moisture and sometimes, bacteria.

There are other options like cleaning with a damp rag especially when it is not too dirty.

Fur-lined Crocs shoes like Blitzens are built for the winter. They help to keep your feet warm and have the tendency to absorb sweat and dirt.

When not properly maintained, fur-lined Croc shoes become more chaotic than the usual classic Crocs.

These types of varieties can be done in a washing machine but I highly recommended you do this manually.

This is due to my fear of heat because too much heat will certainly damage the texture of the fur over time.

  • A good amount of antiseptic and water is perfect for washing both the shoe and the liner.

You could easily do this by lifting the liner up and then disassembling the rivets before washing them separately.

  • Apply a good amount of pressure while washing the liner with warm water but make sure it’s not too hot to damage the fur.
  • Scrub any dirt you find and rinse the liner thoroughly.

Never use a hand dryer on any Crocs with a fur design. This will definitely burn the fur and it will never feel compatible on your feet again.

Final thoughts

Do White Crocs Turn Yellow?

As an ardent Crocs user, you need to acquire profound knowledge as to why they turn yellow in the first place so you will know which measures to be taken to avoid them.

Know the best ways to dry them without too much oxidization and fading.

Not all detergents you have will work for your Crocs shoes. Try purchasing cleaning products only mean for shoes.

There is also the need to understand how furry Crocs shoes work with cleaning because it is quite different from the regular cleaning technique and then is when things get tricky.

Although all colors of Crocs shoes will eventually change due to age and lack of proper maintenance, the white color remains the most common victim.

Your Crocs shoes can last for as long as you want them only if you keep them maintained.

In terms of smell and color, all Crocs shoe problems can be solved with some special hacks which you will find very helpful.

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