What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different?

Volleyball shoes are designed specifically with features for volleyball sports. It is constructed for high performance with a unique structure likely not to be found in other footwear.

The noticeable distinctive peculiarities of volleyball shoes are the outsole and arch support features for good traction, support, and relaxation.

Even though you can get a kick out of indoor volleyball sport with your barefoot, it stresses your feet and doesn’t provide the flexibility you need for an outstanding play.

8 things that make Volleyball shoes different?

What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different

Volleyball is a rapid, bodily sport that involves strength, skill, and hasty footwork on a court. Its shoes are not just crucial for every volleyball play, because a bridge in suitable footwear can harm your foot.

Just like every sport requires certain rules and kits, volleyball shoes (like this one on Amazon) are sensitive and grip the grip firmly, as a result of this, you do not need special shoes for volleyball sports, volleyball shoes are the perfect shoes you need.

Volleyball shoes are designed for sideway running, jumps, and sideway moves, volleyball shoes are stable, possess great support, are well-ventilated, appropriately designed, and durable.

For board-to-board movements and frequent jumps, volleyball shoes are indeed different because they possess the following details which are for:

Boost in performance

Volleyball shoes make an impressive game during volleyball sports. It provides balance, confidence, and comfort for volleyball athletes.

The shoes are well-ventilated due to the nylon or net material used to make the upper. It has cushions at the top of the feet which makes the shoe reliable and gives it an impressive jump feel.

Generally, it is light in weight, reduces moisture, preserves the feet in a cool temperature, and keeps the feet comfortable during sport.

The sole holds flat surfaces forcefully and reduces risks such as injuries.

Protection from injury on and around the feet

For volleyball games and practices, it is most suitable to make use of volleyball shoes to make the game straightforward, safeguard your ankles, and reduce damage such as; blisters, wounds, and swellings on your feet.

Increased grip for movement

Similar to sneaks, volleyball shoes offer greater support and considerable hold during movement.

These shoes enable you to gain control when changing positions, moving forward, backward, and sideways on the ground.

The major markers that enable grip for a satisfactory volleyball shoe are a sticky rubber outsole, round toe-box, sides and heel, and a smooth base.


The players of volleyball sport move over the court and jump about in different directions, for this reason, the shoes are constructed to be very stable.

For every direction the ball goes, whether to the front, back, or side, the volleyball player is expected to run along and this can lead to injuries on the feet as the joints twists and turn for easy motion.

These shoes are flexible with great traction and grips for high-impact movements.

Support and Cushion

The interior insole of volleyball shoes is very supportive and soft. The shoe is padded the well-cushioned at the top with spare foot pads for comfort.

These components make the shoe reliable during long-hour games and training.

The middle is strong, sensitive, flexible, and soaks up shock, giving the shoe a supporting and balanced feeling.


It is normal to feel the heat under your feet during volleyball activities, but volleyball shoes are breathable and keep your feet dry during games.

This also makes you comfortable, less overly conscious about your feet and makes you comfortable.

Design and fit

Volleyball shoes are designed for jumps, side movement, light runs, and to accommodate adjustment.

They are flexible and adequate for wide and normal feet since they have an actual fit that is not too open or too tight to allow the feet to move properly.

This makes the shoe less painful when worn all day and reduces blisters on the feet or fractures.

They are built to be comfortable and cope with terrific action during sports.

Durability and lightweight

Volleyball shoes are usually light in weight, allowing you to move freely and fast when playing. They are put together with quality materials which makes the shoe last longer and stay balanced.   

Why are volleyball shoes important?

As a result of the hyperactive nature of volleyball sports, the ideal shoes for athletics are volleyball shoes. They are highly responsive, enhance performance during sports, and shield the feet from harm.

 Its distinguishing features from other shoes are the soles and incredible ankle support. The soles are made up of rubber which is advantageous for good grips on volleyball courts while the ankle aid protects players from attack and injury.

For jumps and constant sideways moves, volleyball shoes are stable and possess great support. They are well-ventilated, designed appropriately and durable.

Let’s examine the make-up and features of volleyball shoes together:

First Glance

Upper: The upper is made of nylon or knitted material which is breathable and might be damaged when worn outdoor.

What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different

Toe-cap: The toe cap of volleyball shoes supports your feet and allows you freely adjust your big toe.

Heel: The heel gives your feet support and keeps them balanced. It is made of plastic and is reliable. 

What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different

Tread: The stride of volleyball shoes is set up on the sole of the shoes. When you wear them outside, the threads could disintegrate.

Bendable grooves: This provides the shoe with maximum flexibility during volleyball sports. This part of the shoe contributes immensely to the shoe’s high performance during lateral moves.

Cushioning and weight: Unlike other shoes, volleyball shoes are not well-cushioned in the insole. For volleyball activities, volleyball shoes have sufficient cushions to accommodate the jumping and moving to and fro that the sport requires.

What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different

The Interior cushions are usually gel-like or in a squeezed mold and it aids sensitivity. When jumping, the foams absorb shocks and permit you to move freely and fast during movement. It also reduces volleyball wounds.

Cushions of volleyball shoes are designed in a way that they offer protection for your ankles and knees

Lightweight: Volleyball shoes are light in weight, allowing players to move effortlessly on the court.


Outsole: Made of rubber

What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different

Volleyball shoes grip easily as a result of their gummy rubber sole.

The rubber used to make volleyball shoes is a little bit transparent, just like the ones used to make tubes. It is smooth, soft and elastic, and flexible for action.

Midsole: The midsole supports the earth of the shoe. It is strong, sensitive, and relaxed.

Durability and Quality

Volleyball shoes last long when they are used indoors as designed rather than for outdoor activities.

When the joint support of the shoe begins to shrink and the sole no longer clasp like it used to, it needs a change.


A pair of volleyball footwear costs $100 to $150, relying on when the shoe was manufactured.


Simply like other shoes, a set of volleyball footwear should fit you properly without hugging or tightening your feet and allow you to move your feet in it.

During sport, every volleyball player should be equipped to move freely without feeling uncomfortable.

For more accuracy, before purchasing, use a sizing guide.

What other sports can volleyball shoes be used for?

Individually, performers are expected to play in different postures in the courtyard, from protective encirclement to jumping high to strike the ball.

Other players pick positions like fast hopper, hitter, hasty runner, and other styles according to the rules and for fun.

During games like basketball, players gurgle the ball downwards and sprint while running. The jumps and energetic activities require a heavier and more cushioned shoe.

Here are other sports volleyball shoes can be used for:

  • Quick sprints
  • Jumping
  • Gymnastics (Front, back, up, and down) training
  • Lifting activity

Volleyball shoes are modeled for indoor athletics. When they are used for some other high-impact activities, they tend to get damaged and not last as long as they should if used as designed.

Most athletic shoes do not possess the exact kind of rubber sole used in producing volleyball shoes.

The gummy sole of volleyball shoes does not perform well on different surfaces like adhesive, rough and very sticky ground as the soles and pads may be ruined in the process.

After this review, I’m sure you need a new pair or a replacement for your old volleyball shoes. 

If you desire to purchase a pair of shoes that will permit you to perform more than one sport and last long, get a cross-trainer.

Two volleyball shoes you should really check out

ASICS GEL-Rocket 9


GEL-Rocket 9 is made of a net upper for proper ventilation. The forefoot region is well carved out with a tongue opening cushioned for running on the court.

Built with sophisticated rubber technology added to the outsole of the shoe, it is stable and grips hard.


  • Well-cushioned
  • Light in weight
  • Stable
  • Durable

Mizuno Wave Lighting Shoes


As a result of its cushioning, most popular volleyball players prefer this shoe for their training and games.

Added to this shoe are some features of technology of parallel lines designed to spread the impact to the whole part of the shoe and Dynamotion for swift movement, balance, and flexibility.

Its arch support is impressive. Generally, the shoe is not burdensome to wear, it is easy to move around with.


  • Flexible
  • Stable
  • Outstanding cushioning
  • Light in weight
  • Arch support


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