Can You Wear Thrasher If You Longboard?

There is actually nothing bad in wearing Thrasher if you longboard. In fact, you can wear whatever you like as a longboarder. Just ignore anyone that calls you a kook or poser. I mean, who cares anyway?

There is obviously no consequence if you choose to wear Thrasher or other clothes with skate logos on them when all you do is ride on a longboard.

While the companies that produce these Thrashers will be delighted about your every purchase, you will be cool in your Thrasher shirt.

But to be realistic, there is nothing that happens when you wear skate brands until you get asked if you skate. So what would be your reply?

Can You Wear Thrasher If You Longboard

Well, what I have observed is that there is a fair number of people who do not skate, but actually wear Thrashers for the sole impression of looking like a skater. This set of people choose to wear Thrasher, not necessarily because it looks cool because it would make them look like a skater, which looks cool.

This has tarnished the image of Thrasher in the eyes of actual skaters to a great extent.

But that is not you, I believe…

You longboard, and you want to choose to rock a Thrasher hoodie …

Generally speaking, there is no consequence, but if you are intending to put on a Thrasher just to look like a self-glorified skater, then you should have a rethink.

This all boils down to how skaters see longboarders, anyway. There is surely a yawning gap between these two skills that you probably do not know and it now has a rub off on how one wears the attire of each.

How do skaters see longboarders?

A general ground on which I can begin with is that skateboarding requires an incredibly long time for one to become proficient and the slams are pretty brutal. In short, it is hard because they’re a lot of skills to learn and things to figure out.

On the other side of the coin, Longboarding seems to be a little easier. Not that it is extremely easy to do even the basics, but being that you have the potential to get better once you know how to turn left and right and do power slide variations, grasping the fundamentals is indeed quite easy.

Skateboarders who use longboard may be at greater risk for severe injuries, compared to those who use regular skateboards.

Longboards are more ideal for beginners than skateboards, and this indirectly reflects how skateboarders see longboarders.

When it comes to clothes, longboarders and skateboarders wear whatever they want. But since when it became rampant that people who were not serious boarders became labeled posers for donning clothes from the clothing line, clothes have become an issue in the skateboarding industry.

All and above, there is obviously animosity between a fair number of skateboarders towards those who ride longboards. And in return, there are longboarders who dislike skateboarders too.

There is a sense that longboarders who do not respect skateboarders are delusional, on the basis that skateboarding is more technical than longboarding.

This will definitely influence the general speaking on whether or not you can wear a Thrasher as one who rides on longboards.

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing that happens when you wear skate brands, until you get asked if you skate. So what would be your reply? So let’s look at ways you can style your Thrasher as a longboarder for fashion.

How to style your Thrasher as a longboarder for fashion

Thrasher has a large array of clothing collections that can be worn by even anyone who does not skate. With the styling ideas I will be showing you now, you do not even need to have a skateboard to rock any of these Thrasher clothes.

It is true that clothes have become an issue in the skateboarding industry, but if as a longboarder you know how to style your Thrasher for fashion, then you will be able to wear it with your full chest.

  • For example, the Thrasher flame sky blue short-sleeve T-shirt can be worn with cropped trousers and sneakers. This shirt collection comes in varying colors at the Thrasher store.
  • There is Tiki sand, which will go well on brown chinos, there is the all-black design, Argentina navy, and the skate mag spider dye T-shirt which is actually my favorite.

Other collections like the Gonz T-shirts are not really advisable for non-skaters since they have the skater icon printed on them.

Thrasher flame sky blue T-Shirt
The Tiki Sand Tee

A simple way to rock Thrasher even as a longboarder is by going for the Godzilla crew neck sweatshirt or skate mag hoodies. You can pair this with their fire logo beanie.

For shoes, there are some you can wear even if you are not a skateboarder and still style it into fashion. Many of the cool ones you will find in Thrasher stores are super cool in collaboration with Vans skate shoes and Addidas.

Should I Wear a Helmet While Longboarding?

Yes. Longboarding is a high-intensity sport that obviously involves substantial risks of injury, making helmets one of the most essential protective longboarding gears, depending on your longboarding activities, you need to focus on what helmet you will be using.

There are standard skateboarding helmets that most boarders use and it is generally recommended. Not only is it usually lightweight, but it also offers the right protection for your head. The only downside is that it will not protect your face, jaw, or eyes during a fall.

On the contrary, the full Face Longboard Helmet is what some boarders use for full-face protection. This type is designed with a full-face visor, which still allows you to have a clear view of their path even when you are longboarding at great speeds.

If you do downhill longboarding, then the full-face helmet is ideal. Bottom line, both a professional and a newbie or anyone in between will always need a helmet to protect the head and prevent serious injury when longboarding.

Can you wear Thrasher If you rollerskate?

The same thing we have discovered also applies here. There is actually nothing bad in wearing Thrasher if you roller skate, only that you might be looked upon as a poser or kook.

I mean, why wear such an iconic skate brand when you don’t skate? Nevertheless, there is obviously no consequence if you choose to wear Thrasher or other clothes with skate logos on them if all you do is a longboard.

Can you wear skate clothes if you don’t skate?

The straight answer is Yes, you can wear those clothing brands even though you do not skateboard.

Is Thrasher a bad brand?

Of course not! Over the years, Thrasher has proven to be a long-standing, respected, and authentic skateboarding brand. Interestingly the brand originally started as a magazine decades ago.

Today, Thrasher has expanded into providing clothing and accessories to skateboarders of all types so they can now rep the magazine that helped shaped their lives.

Why is Thrasher clothing so popular?

Yes, the Trasher brand is a popular one. Especially among the skateboarding community. When it comes to the skateboarding industry, there is no publication that is as iconic and trusted as the Thrasher Skateboarding Magazine.

This is not only because they have been producing groundbreaking skateboards, but also because of the wide assortments of items they offer ranging from classic hoodies and t0shirts to stickers and blankets. These obviously are products that will attract nonskaters.


All in all, the fact remains that Longboarders can definitely wear Thrasher. And, as a matter of fact, longboarders and skaters can wear whatever they want.

Originally started out as a magazine wholly about and skateboarding, the Thrasher brand has gained popularity such that the company now produces merch like clothes along with other items and memorabilia which can be bought and worn by nonskaters.

Recall that since when it became rampant that people who were not serious boarders became labeled posers for donning clothes from the clothing line, clothes have become an issue in the skateboarding industry.

But in the end, you wear what you want. But for me, if all I do is a longboard, and I want to at the same time want to wear Thrashers, I will have learned to do more tricks and have a few bad slams before I wearing something that shows that I skate.

Over to you, do you longboard? Skateboard? How freely how do you use Thrasher? Share in the comments!

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