Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes?

A sock is a fashionable underwear that makes a huge statement about your fashion style no matter how small they are.

Your choice of socks color can either make or mar your dress code so you must be careful while choosing one. The color of the shoe can also influence the choice of socks color.

White shoes for example are very versatile and can be worn with different colors of dresses, fabric, or attire and still fit perfectly.

Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

However, a wrong choice of socks to go with them will make them lose their elegance and look odd.

Wearing white socks with white corporate shoes for example will be a very wrong decision. White socks are best for sports and physical activities so can be worn with white tennis shoes or white sports boots but styling them with white shoes for a business meeting will be very odd.

Due to the versatility of black socks, they can be a perfect fit for white shoes on different occasions and different dress codes ranging from corporate events, casual wear to even hiking or any other physical activity.

Reasons why it is okay to wear black socks with white shoes

The versatility of black socks is one of the main reasons why it is a great match with white shoes.

Other reasons include:


Black socks have a nice touch of contrast which ensures that they don’t take the attention away from the white shoe, unlike white or colored socks.

Noticeability of Stains

Unlike white or colored socks, black socks make stains less noticeable, so you don’t have to worry about blood being visible to onlookers when you sustain an injury on your leg or the stain gotten from a coffee spill on them being noticeable.

Matching Colours

Undoubtedly, black trousers and gowns look great when worn with white shoes. However, having a black sock will be an added boost to the elegance of the dress code.

In addition, the length of the black sock worn should be based on the shoe worn, the season, and the activity it will be used for.

So, let us look at the various shoe lengths and how to style them.

No-Show Socks

Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

These socks are low-profile and invisible. They can be worn when you want to show off your ankles or when you want your shoe to be the main attraction while also putting on socks which will protect your feet from foot infections, an unpleasant odor which can be caused by wearing your shoes without socks.

Since no-show socks are invisible when worn, plain black socks will be a perfect choice here as opposed to colored and stylishly designed socks which are primarily created to depict beauty and elegance.

No-show socks can be best be worn with sneakers while putting on chinos trousers, black jeans, blue jeans, or any other casual wear.

They can also be worn in the summertime and during warm periods.

Ankle Socks

Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

As the name implies, they cover the feet up to the ankle region. It is longer than the no-show socks but shorter than the quarter-length socks.

They are very simple and be used for taking a walk, exercising, or carrying out other sporting activities hence you can wear them with sports boots, tennis shoes, hiking shoes, or even sneakers if you decide against showing off your ankles with the no show socks.

Quarter Length Socks

Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

This sock is about six inches tall and is longer than the ankle socks.

They are good for hiking hence can be worn with hiking shoes and high-top shoes.

Crew Length Socks

Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

These socks stretch as high as the upper calf. They are very versatile and can be worn with corporate shoes and casual wear.

However, you must endeavor to confirm its sizing before purchase because oversized crew-length socks will fall to your ankles when worn, which could be very annoying and embarrassing.

Over The Counter (OTC) Socks

Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

As the name implies, the length of these socks goes above the calf and a little below the knee.

And unlike the crew length socks, you don’t have about the OTC socks falling ur ankles due to the firm grip it has on your calf.

They are very dressy and versatile. They can be worn with suits, jeans, chinos, and casual wear. They also offer great warmth to the feet making them a great product for the winter season.

However, you can also check out the Over The Knee socks and Thigh High socks if you want to show off your legs.

It is also important to note that despite the numerous advantages of putting on black socks, it also be a good environment for the generation of bacteria and also a great platform for the development of athletes feet if left sweaty for a long while or worn in hot conditions for a whole day without cleaning.

In addition, the accumulation of excess sweat in your feet can cause them to stink.

So, you must endeavor to pull off your socks once you get home from work and wash them thoroughly and allow them to dry properly cause putting on cold socks can also cause your feet to stink.

You must also note that there are no smelly socks, there are only sweaty feet. Socks only stink when they are worn on smelly feet, no sock automatically stinks more than the other.

Best types of shoes to wear black socks with

White Sneakers

Sneakers are a great way of styling black socks. Whether long or short, they fit perfectly with this type of shoe and give you the perfect casual look.

White Hiking Shoes

Hiking is an activity that involves a lot of walking so it could lead to sweaty feet, but having a sweat-wicking and breathable black sock on will help keep your feet dry.

Black socks will also prevent the stains gained from the dusty area from being noticeable while you walk.

White Corporate Shoes

Black socks are a perfect choice if you have your shoes on for work. They are high in contrast which means they can offer full protection to your feet without being noticed when you cover them with your suit’s trousers.

My top 5 socks brand

Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

When it comes to sock brands, it is impossible to pick out which one is the best due to the uniqueness that each brand brings to the tables so, for this article, I will be highlighting my top 5 brands, in no particular order.

Before rating a sock brand, there are certain qualities that you must check out for even before purchasing any of their products.

Some of these qualities include:

  • Grip
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Warmth
  • Dryness
  • Durability and
  • The materials which it is made up of.

The material in which socks are made determines their overall quality, so let us look at some of the materials in which socks are made up of.

  • Cashmere: Cashmere is undoubtedly one of the smoothest fibers in the world. The expensive price tag placed on socks made with this fibre might seem outrageous but its quality makes it worth every penny.

It is soft and nicely built with a hollow design which makes it as weightless as a feather. Furthermore, it is very warm and very antimicrobial.

  • Merino Wool: Merino wool is a very soft, durable, and synthetic fiber material.

Socks made with this material are very breathable hence keeping your feet very dry and sweat-free.

It also has a protective structure that is bacteria-resistant and also prevents your feet from blisters.

  • Cotton: Cotton is a very soft and stretchable material and socks made with them are very comfortable. They are breathable and wick away sweat from your feet, keeping them dry at all times.
  • Wool: The major highlight of socks made with this material is their ability to keep your feet warm during cold weather. This makes them great for the winter season.

They are also wrinkle-resistant and stretchy. They are very durable, so you don’t have to worry about getting a new sock any time soon.

  • Silk: Silk is a strong and elastic natural fiber.

Socks made from them are lightweight, smooth, and wick moisture. The only downside of this material is its less durability compared to other fabrics.

  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a soft and gentle material. Socks made with it are comfortable and lightweight. They are also durable and dry up rapidly when washed or soaked with moisture.
  • Bamboo Rayon: Popularly known as bamboo material, this material is used to produce hypoallergenic socks.

This fabric is antimicrobial and breathable. They are soft and offer a smooth feeling when worn. They are also comfortable and last for a long time.

  • Modal: Also known as HWM Rayon, Modal is an eco-friendly,bio-based, and semi-synthetic material derived from beech-tree pulp.

They are soft, stable, durable, and flexible.

They also wick moisture.

  • Alpaca Wool: Alpaca wool is a sturdy material that is gotten from the Suri Supaca tree. They are water-resistant, lightweight, soft, and moisture-wicking. They are also one of the warmest fabrics used in producing socks.

Having stated the materials used in producing socks, let us look at my top 5 socks brands.


Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

Popularly styled as BOSS, this German fashion company is one of the biggest names in the socks production industry.

Over the years, their products have been known for their great designs and standard quality and its socks ain’t an exception.

Their socks are a perfect blend of style and quality and can be used be worn with both corporate and casual wear.


Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

Named after the Darn Tough Family which are its owners, this U.S.A-based company is a go-to when you need socks that can lower your risk of contracting blisters and which are great for all weather conditions.

Their socks are made from synthetic fibers like nylon, spandex, and merino wool which ensures their long-term use.

They are properly cushioned and stretchable.


Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

Nike isn’t a new name when it comes to fashion and clothing. The American company further depicts its elegance in its bold, comfortable and functional socks. They are comfortable, durable, and sustainable.

Their appearance is classic and trendy and their structure is sweat-wicking and non-slip.


Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

Calvin Klein is a U.S.A fashion company with a long list of trendy and colorful socks with diverse patterns and many stylish and classic designs. Their socks are also sleek and long-lasting.


Is It Okay to Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

The Happy Socks brand is a brand that has been spreading happiness with the adventurous and colorful design that its socks offer.

Each of them is made with high-quality fabric and a vibrant bold pattern that makes a statement every time you put them on. They are also comfortable and stretchy.


Despite this article being centered on highlighting the versatility of the black socks and how they can be perfectly styled with the white shoe, you must note that the white shoe is very versatile and can be styled with other colors of socks depending on the activity and type of shoe worn.

The aim is to prevent a mismatch in colors.

In addition, you must endeavor to resist the urge to wear shoes without putting on socks cause this could lead to several complicating issues.

Our feet sweat a lot on daily basis, so the absence of socks in your shoe will lead to the generation of blisters, foot infection, athlete foot amongst others.

It could also lead to the massive increase and rapid spread of bacteria in your feet and could also lead to an unpleasant odor in your feet.

However, all these can be prevented if you can wear clean, breathable, and sweat-wicking socks that offer protection against them and further offers comfort and support to the feet.

Also, if your shoes are oversized, you should go for thick socks with cushion and padding but if your shoes are fit then you should go for a thinner sock.

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