Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Koolaburra Uggs

Well, this depends much more on your choice. You may choose to use socks with Koolaburra UGGs and also may not choose to wear any.

The truth is that Koolaburra UGGs are made especially not to be worn with any sock. The shoe comes with special features which are amazing and using a sock with Koolaburra UGGs can limit the comfort and satisfaction you could get from the shoe.

A lady once was told not to use her Koolaburra UGGs boot with a sock but she wondered “why should I use a boot without a sock!” So she decided to try it out and this was what she said afterward…

“I could hardly feel the warmth from my Koolaburra UGGs and the fit was now too tight anyway.â€

Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Koolaburra Uggs

This is something anyone should expect when using socks with Koolaburra UGGs and many users that have tried using Koolaburra UGGs with socks also said the same thing.

There is always a drop in the warm experience you should have gotten if you had used the boot without socks.

Koolaburra UGGs are made with a quality leather upper and THE inner is made with sheepskin wool which is responsible for regulating the temperature inside the boot.

This is the reason why the boot keeps you warm and this is one thing you need when using your Koolaburra UGGs especially during the winter.

But the sheepskin wool can only regulate the temperature inside the boot if it has direct contact with the feet.

So using a sock with Koolaburra UGGs boots means there is no contact between your feet and sheepskin wool in the boots and this reduces the temperature regulating the ability of the shoe.

And that is why Koolaburra UGGs are much warmer when worn without socks than when worn with socks.

Using a sock with your Koolaburra UGGs also affects the fit of the boot especially when you are using your correct size.

The socks might make the boot a little bit tight and this would obviously affect the comfort you should get from the boot.

What exactly is the Koolaburra Brand?

Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Koolaburra Uggs

The Koolaburra brand is a product from the UGGs under the Deckers brand and is one with great quality and comfort.

It all started with a beautiful collection of female footwear from the Koolaburra brand and now we have various Koolaburra footwear for the whole family (both males and females; Koolaburra got awesome footwear for you…).

Koolaburra UGGs footwear are made with a strong dedication to the quality of the footwear. They are made to give the user a wonderful experience and fitted comfort.

The bedrock of the brand that has kept it standing till this day is the value of the footwear that they have provided to the marketplace right from day one of been launched

And this is the major reason why people like the Koolaburra UGGs footwear (especially their boots which provide a good warm effect to your feet).

There is also close attention given to details in the production process of Koolaburra UGGs footwear and all this is done to give you the best footwear.

Now, hearing that you shouldn’t wear Koolaburra UGGs footwear with socks…

How then should I wear Koolaburra UGGs boots?

Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Koolaburra Uggs

Life in the winter season can be fun when the right apparel is used. Only with the appropriate fashion style can you enjoy the winter season.

But what should you wear?

Well, when it comes to choosing footwear to put on, Koolaburra UGGs is the best you can ever think of.(and you know that.)

So to use Koolaburra UGGs boots and enjoy the best comfort you deserve, always put on your Koolaburra UGGs boots without socks.

Koolaburra UGGs are made to be worn without socks and this is just so you get comfortable using them.

Well, there are also some complaints made by some users that the boots might end up with odors if not worn with a sock.

But this is not a true assumption because Koolaburra UGGs boots are made with enough space for optimum breathability to keep your feet dry and safe.

Even if there is any case whereby your feet begin to sweat, the sheepskin wool in the inner of the boots dries them up instantly.

So there isn’t going to be any case whereby your boots begin to smell after use.

All you have to do now is to go ahead and use your Koolaburra UGGs boots without socks and enjoy the warm experience and comfort Koolaburra UGGs has for you as a user.

You do have to note that Koolaburra UGGs have no ability to clean up previous odor or dirt from your feet so it is important that you clean your feet well enough before using your boots.

By doing this, you reduce the chance of having a smelling boot after use because I believe that is something you don’t want to have.

It is also important to make sure that you clean your Koolaburra UGGs boots often in other to get rid of dirt.

Also, make sure that the boots are properly dried and are not moist before they are stored or used again to avoid any form of odor from the shoe.

Using a Koolaburra UGGs boot is one thing everyone loves and enjoys doing. You to can be one of them, just purchase your own Koolaburra UGGs boot and use them just as I have told you to use them in the above sentences.

(Click here to purchase your Koolaburra UGGs footwear; just make your choice).

Also, one myth common during the winter is that which says “you can not dress in a stylish way and also be warm in the dress…”

That isn’t true at all. You can obviously dress in stylish ways and be warm in the dress and that is why Koolaburra UGGs are the best choice.

With the beautiful and awesome varieties of well-designed footwear from Koolaburra UGGs, you can be sure to appear stylish and still be warm in the same boots and outfit.

Now, this brings me to some suggestions of dresses you can use your Koolaburra UGGs boots with in the winter and still enjoy a warm experience all through.

Choosing a dress to put on is a choice you would have to make for yourself (I can’t do that for you).

But if you truly want to dress stylishly during the winter and still have a warm experience, here are some of my suggestions.

You should try them with your Koolaburra UGGs boots.


Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Koolaburra Uggs

One common piece of clothing worn during the winter is the coat. They are worn by both males and females and do a good job at keeping the user comfortable and warm.

Using your Koolaburra UGGs boots with a coat would even make you appear in a more professional manner and this is something you would love.

So when looking for a dress to put on during winter, try using your Koolaburra UGGs boots with a coat you are going to love it; trust me on this.


Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Koolaburra Uggs

Whether it be tight jeans or a loose one, Jeans are one of the stylish outfits you would need to try out during winter.

For both males and females, Jeans with beautiful and stylish designs are available and you just have to purchase yours.

Using Jeans with a Koolaburra UGGs boot is a combination that is not only comfortable, it is also a stylish fashion style and it is sure to serve the purpose you needed it for (and that is to keep you warm).


Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Koolaburra Uggs

For the females, you can also try out using your Koolaburra UGGs boots with a skirt of your choice.

Just pick up your favorite skirt, be it a miniskirt or a mid skirt, and put on a blouse of your choice with a nice scarf.

And then back up everything with your Koolaburra UGGs boot.


Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Koolaburra Uggs

Blazers are also one of the clothes which are suitable for use during the winter season.

You can choose to put on blazers on your top to had to your fashion style of the day and also include your Koolaburra UGGs boots.

Using a blazer would also make you feel warm and this is very important to everyone during the winter season.

You can decide to go outside the box and explore various outfits with your Koolaburra UGGs boot and enjoy the wonderful moment all through winter.

But you might wonder, what exactly is the difference between Koolaburra UGGs and the regular UGGs that you see around.

Yes, there is a slight difference between the regular UGGs footwear and the ones from the Koolaburra brand by UGGs.

Since they are both from the UGGs brand you should know that one is an advanced version of the other.

It all started with the regular UGGs footwear and years after, the Koolaburra brand by UGGs was introduced into the marketplace.

Now let’s identify the 3 major differences between the Koolaburra UGGs and the regular UGGs.

Major Differences between the Koolaburra UGGs and the regular UGGs

Difference The Regular UGGs The Koolaburra UGGs
Where they are manufactured. Initially made in Australia Made in Vietnam
Quality Of a higher quality Of a lesser quality
Price Of a higher price Of a lesser price

Where they are manufactured

The regular UGGs were initially made in Australia. The brand was founded by a young Australian surfer in the year 1978, just on the shores of Southern California.

Because they were made in Australia then, they were first called UGGs Australia.

Since they were only made in Australia at first then it was fine to call their footwears UGGs Australia.

But now that the brand has grown its reach and now have various branches in many other countries like El Salvador, Vietnam, the USA, and many more…

…adding Australia to the name of their footwear is no longer relevant so they are now called UGGs.

While the Koolaburra UGGs are currently made in Vietnam but are said to have been made in other counties in the past.

The Koolaburra brand was founded in the years 1991 but in the year 2015 was acquired by the Deckers brand, a brand under which the regular UGGs was.

And that is why they are called Koolaburra by UGGs.


There is a difference between the quality of Koolaburra UGGs and the regular UGGs.

Among all the footwear under the Deckers brand, Koolaburra UGGs are just like a little sister to the UGGs.

The UGGs have been under the Deckers brand long before the Deckers brand acquired the Koolaburra brand and made new designs of footwear under the name Kookaburra by UGGs.

The Koolaburra UGGs are of lesser quality when they are compared with the quality of the regular UGGs and they are made this way for a reason which I will explain to you in the next difference between these two wonderful footwears.

Does this make the Koolaburra fake?

No, Koolaburra UGGs are not fake footwear and I am not the only one saying this. The reviews from different happy customers also affirm this.

Everyone says that the Koolaburra UGGs are not fake so you don’t have to worry about their less quality.


Due to the fact that Koolaburra UGGs are of lesser quality than that of the regular UGGs, there is therefore a difference in their price range.

The price range for the UGGs footwears are higher because of their high quality while Koolaburra UGGs, a little sister to UGGs is of a lesser price range when compared with the UGGs.

The Koolaburra UGGs were made to be of lesser quality so that those who can’t afford the regular UGGs but also want to enjoy the same warm experience and comfort can have a chance to get it.

The Deckers brand wants to satisfy its customers with high-quality footwear for optimum performance even during the winter.

But because of the high price of UGGs, they made Koolaburra UGGs be a second choice to the regular UGGs.

Now there is something you really need to know of before going ahead to purchasing your pair of Koolaburra UGGs footwear and that is…

Do Koolaburra UGGs run big or small?

Koolaburra UGGs footwears run a full size or sometimes ½ a full size small and this is one till you need to hold in mind whenever you want to purchase any Koolaburra UGGs footwear.

So if you use a size 7 for your regular footwear, going for Koolaburra UGGs boot of size 7 might turn out to be tight and small for you. And this is so because they run small in size and what this means is that you would have to order a bigger size, at least one size up.

Like the example I gave before, if you are using size 7 you would have to order size 8 to have a boot that would perfectly fit your feet.

Though they might feel too big for a while, you are rest assured that they would be 100% comfortable and warm as well.

My final thoughts on all this

About putting on socks with your Koolaburra UGGs boot, I believe you not only know that you are not to use any socks but you also know why you should not use it.

And all this is just for your good and comfort which is a priority to the Koolaburra brand.

A guide to using your Koolaburra UGGs boot is also provided above so all you have to do is to go through it and play alone.

The fact that Koolaburra UGGs and the regular UGGs are different from each other doesn’t mean that Koolaburra UGGs don’t have their unique features and benefits which you stand to get from using them.

Koolaburra UGGs are still one of the best producers boots that are awesomely designed to keep you warm during the winter season

And if you haven’t given Koolaburra UGGs boots a try at all, I would advise you to do and you would be glad you did.

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