How to Become a Sock Model (Best Ways in 2023)

In this blog post, we will be talking about how to become a sock model. First, you must have a good personality, then you need to have a lot of personality.

You also need to be fit, healthy, and young. You need to be in great shape and eat and drink and sleep and whatnot.

Then you need to have a great modeling agency and a great agency manager.

How to Become a Sock Model

Let’s get into further details of other ways to become a model.

7 important ways to become a shoe model

  • Understand who a professional sock model
  • Acquaint yourself with sock model remunerations
  • Work on your nails and skin
  • Do some research
  • Get a modeling portfolio
  • Work alone and acquire more gigs
  • Decide whether you want to go freelance or work for a company

Understand who a professional sock model

A sock model is someone who wears socks for a living. She/he models for photo shoots, commercials, and sometimes even runway shows. The pay is usually pretty good as well.

A sock model is a simplified version of contemporary modeling expertise. Someone has to test, showcase, or use these sock brands before is it enters the market. The things that models use to help people understand better are usually their physical traits. In this case, however, it’s their feet.

Sock models are people who are willing to pose in fresh, clean socks for clothing photography. Professional sock models find it important to have a contract.

Both the photographer and the model would sign the contract before pictures are taken. The model will then be paid either by check or bank transfer, usually about $50 bucks an hour, which translates to about five bucks a minute.

A model specializes in form rather than function. In the old days, one way to become a model was by being tall. This is not true anymore. In the old days, a model was a person who modeled just clothes. This is not true anymore either.

The goal of sock modeling is to use models with great feet to make sense of what we are about to buy. The things we observe in photo shoots or video commercials come true in the world.

Acquaint yourself with sock model remunerations

A sock model makes a great part-time job or a long-term career. A sock model can earn from $50 to more than $1,000 per day for modeling for a sock company. The men and women who appear in socks print ads do get paid for their appearance.

How much they make depends on the scale of the contract. In major cities such as Los Angeles and New York, models who appear in ads for major brand name companies can make up to $50 USD per hour.

The most successful sock models get paid about $500 to $1,800 per day. This will include a few photoshoots, 7 days of work. On average this is between 20 and 45 hours of work.

Work on your nails and skin

One of the most important things you can do to become a model is work on your nails and skin.

There are plenty of reasons modeling seems like a good career for someone with attractive feet: the money, the clothes, the travel, and all that.

But there’s one factor that many women don’t appreciate enough: that you get to be constantly evaluated by “the model attraction”. How to do this? Simply work on it.

Sock modeling is a business based on the attraction appeal of the foot, and sexual attraction is mostly about physical appearance. The shape does matter but this depends on the agency mind.

It is another vital reason you should do some thorough research. Just know those good feet are key to this journey.

The only thing more important than whether you have good-looking feet is how good-looking they are relative to other people around you or peopled you will work for. Aspiring models who know this have a chance at a big career.

Before you can even get into a modeling agency, you have to impress them with your feet. If they think it isn’t pretty enough they’ll just reject your application form.

If they do accept you, then when they’re trying to decide which models to hire for which jobs, again your nails and skin will matter most of all.

Do some research

To work as a sock model, you’ll not only have to send your portfolio to some modeling agencies, you’ll need to do adequate research on the internet before throwing your portfolio around.

Another thing you should do is do more research. Find the best agencies in your country and visit their website to see how they select their models. Check their requirements for new models.

They usually require pictures of new models, so you must have pictures taken by professional photographers. Those pictures should be of high quality and show your best sides.

You can find photographers through modeling agencies or through online search engines like Google or Yahoo! When searching for photographers, be sure to choose someone who has experience with glamour photography of women or men.

Once you have found a photographer, contact him or her directly and discuss the details of your photo session. Most photographers will offer you packages with several shots at different poses for a reasonable price.

Get a modeling portfolio

The world of modeling is competitive, which means it is not easy to get in. One of the most important things is your portfolio. Your portfolio is what will make the difference between you getting an agency or not.

A typical modeling portfolio should include about 12-15 photos that are professional grade, and some agencies would prefer them to be at least 5-10 years old.

Other agencies want to see your other work on full-body modeling as a requirement. You can take any style of modeling shots that you like, but the most common shots are nail shots, full feet shots, and action shots.

Make sure that your clothing is appropriate for modeling; no logos or crazy styles. Don’t bother taking more than one set of each kind of photo. If you have any photos from school plays or stage performances, these are great to include as long as you are wearing something appropriate for modeling. You should also have a couple of dance videos if you dance.

If you have any special skills that would benefit modelings, such as horseback riding or water skiing, be sure to mention this in your portfolio. These will give you a higher chance of securing the contract.

Take photos of yourself with good lighting conditions and good quality (use a digital camera). These photos will be the ones that will be used in your portfolio. Try different poses and feet expressions with the best socks brands.

Work alone first

If you want to be a model, there is one reliable way to get started; work freelance. This will help you expand your network before you finally get the golden opportunity to work for a modeling agency.

The way most sock models begin is by doing some kind of freelance activity that may or may not eventually lead to paid modeling work.

For example, they might show up at the most popular sock company on the town’s social circuit, meet someone who asks them if they’re interested in modeling, and then take that person’s business card.

Or, they might go around wearing their best clothes, strike up conversations with strangers at parties, and hand out their business cards.

Decide whether you want to go freelance or work for a company

Another thing you need to know is that there are two different ways to become a model: You can work for a modeling agency or you can work freelance.

The difference is crucial because if you work for an agency, they will handle all the business aspects of your modeling career for you; but if you freelance, you will have to do everything yourself, including paying taxes.

And yet most of the people who think they want to become models don’t realize this.

There are also two different approaches that agencies take. One is to hire professional models; the other is to sign up aspiring models and train them themselves.

The advantage of working for an agency that hires professional models is that these models already know what they are doing; they make more money, and the agency takes care of all tax questions and other business details for them.

Top foot modeling agencies in the US

How to Become a Sock Model

DT Model Management

In 2012 David Todd launched DT Model Management. In a short time, the agency has gone from strength to strength.

DT Models have appeared in US Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ Magazine as well as other high-profile fashion publications. The agency has a strong presence in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The agency has a strong affiliation with the entertainment industry and continues to break new talent into the international fashion industry. It is one of the leading agencies in Los Angeles and New York with over 150 models on its books.

DT Model Management works with both male and female models all around the world, with clients including Ralph Lauren, Paco Rabanne, American Eagle Outfitters, GQ Magazine, and more.

Storm LA

Storm is a full-service modeling agency in Los Angeles, California. It has been creating a platform for the modeling industry since the 1980s.

In our time, there is no other high-end agency that can offer its clients such a diverse portfolio of services.

With the help of Storm, you get to meet some of the most in-demand models and photographers in the country in order to build your portfolio.

After signing with the agency, you will be in good hands as they will look over your book and develop an appropriate plan to market your images.

At the forefront of the industry, they represent both model and artistic talents like Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford.

They are also well known for representing the best models in the business but also for investing time in all their artists; actors, directors, photographers, etc.

Storm LA is known for its hard work when it comes to sourcing new talent for its clients. Their goal is to ensure that all their models reach their full potential through personal coaching, seminars, workshops, and networking events.

Q Management

With the majority of their clients represented by some of the biggest names in the industry, Q Management is renowned for its distinct approach.

The agency is well-known for having founded the careers of some of the industry’s biggest names including Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Kate Moss, and Coco Rocha.

With offices in both New York and Los Angeles, Q Management is renowned for its distinct approach to managing everything from bookings to marketing strategies.

Q Management has also worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including Chanel, Apple, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and even Playboy magazine.

Freedom Models

This is another top USA modeling agency that provides on-site and on-call services. They have a solid portfolio of successful models and they are constantly striving to provide a first-class service.

Their success is due to the continued effort of their staff to provide a truly professional service from sourcing new talent, to managing current models’ portfolios, as well as providing the best possible training for models new and old.

With their offices based in Miami, their portfolio of models is diverse and includes some of the most stunning girls from around the world.

Their team is dedicated to providing a first-class service for all who need it; from designers, photographers, and commercial clients, whilst still offering this service at competitive rates.

They offer a full range of services including high-end fashion modeling, swimwear modeling, commercial print modeling, bridal styling, commercial acting work, and more.


It’s worth thinking about the alternatives, though, because there are plenty of people who would like to be models but don’t know how to. And that is not surprising.

Sock modeling is hard to get into and hard to stay in. And even if you do manage it, you will be making a lot less money than you think.

A more efficient approach these days is to put together a good portfolio and post it on the internet. If you do this, be sure to include several pictures of yourself posing so people can see your foot type.

Models have very little bargaining power because there are always lots of young people willing to give it a try. So know that the only way an agency makes money is by being better than its competitors.

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