Vans Return Policy: 9 Important Questions Answered

Finding the right pair of Vans can be a daunting task. You have to consider fit, color, quality, and style, not to mention how that pair of Vans will affect your feet.

When trying on different pairs of Vans, it’s important to be sure to try on the shoes from the same brand!

Vans Return Policy

Most shoe companies have a return policy in place, so you know what to expect when a pair of shoes doesn’t fit or you need a replacement.

Let’s get to the Vans Returns Policy, should we?

What exactly is the Vans return policy and what does it entail?

A return policy is basically a written statement issued by a company in case of complaints from the customers.

The Vans return policy clearly gives the customer full authority to return an item or product purchased if it doesn’t meet their standards or if it wasn’t what they had in mind.

If the color is wrong or the size is incorrect, or if the product or item is damaged or it is not the exact item that was ordered.

The conditions that were placed on the return of already delivered goods are:

  • The item must be unworn and unwashed
  • The item must have its original packaging box and original tags attached to it
  • The item must be in the original state wherein it was delivered.
  • The item must be returned within 30 business days after receipt.
  • The package should be sealed and a returning address placed with it.
  • In the case of custom shoes, the issue or problem must be written on the designed picture.
  • Your name, phone number, return address, and refund form must be delivered alongside the product if it is an in-store refund that is being placed.

Can you return Vans that has been worn?

According to Vans shoe returns policy, you cannot return a Vans shoe that has been worn.

Vans allow the return of nearly all items. It is said that the company will allow the return of its product as long as it follows Vans’ return policy.

According to their policy which is explicitly stated, if you wish to return a product purchased online you will have to do it via the U.S postal service and vans will provide you with a prepaid return label for in-stock orders.

You might also need to pack up the product with its original bought-in packaging/ shipping box, put down your name, your number, and return address on the shipping label, remove the old labels on the box, and drop it off at any post office.

Now according to the return policy, you have a time frame to return a product whether you bought it online or in a store.

The product will have to be taken back within 60 days of its purchase and the product must be both unworn and unwashed.

Can you exchange Vans without a receipt?

According to Vans, due to the high volume of fluctuations, they do not offer exchanges.

If Vans already bought needs to be exchanged either because the size doesn’t fit or the color doesn’t match what you wanted or ordered, you will have to use the most efficient method which is to return the item using their return policy and placing an order for a new one.

This will consolidate you getting the item as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Vans policies rarely offer an exchange on its items especially without the receipt but if you can make use of the return policy, you have to return the item to the store within 60 days of its purchase for your refund, and it must be unwashed and unworn.

The only downside of this whole thing is that Vans do not offer exchanges just returns.

The only way a product can be exchanged is if it was bought from a Vans retail company and this depends on the manager of the store.

If you ordered online and would like to make a return of the item and you do not by any chance have the receipt, you must reference the order number which you can reprint from the order status page or through your order confirmation mail.

Can I return Vans outlet items to the regular store?

Yes, you can, according to the Vans Return Policy, so far the item is unused it can be returned, even if it is gotten from an outlet store.

If you decide that you no longer want the product, you can return it either in-store or by mail as long as you have the receipt of the transaction.

Use your store locator app to be able to find any Vans-owned retail store around you and bring your product to the store with its original packaging and also your return form which is supposed to contain your name, phone number, and return address. It will be processed and your money returned to you.

All returns will have to be refunded to the original credit card that was used if credit was used for the purchase.

It may take longer to process the return order if a credit card was used and even longer for it to appear on your statement.

However, other regular stores might not offer a return on items that were not purchased from their store, to begin with, especially if it has passed the timeframe for return.

Can you exchange Vans without a receipt in-store?

The answer is No, you cannot exchange Vans with or without a receipt as the Vans policy does not allow for exchanges due to the uncertain market conditions.

The only way you can successfully pull off an exchange is by returning the item whether it was purchased online or in a store and replacing it with another other.

In this situation, you will have to follow three basic most important steps for your return order to be processed.

  • Step one: you must return the item within 30 days of purchase if it is an in-store return.
  • Step two: you must have not used the item, it must be returned in perfect condition, unused and unwashed with its original tags attached.
  • Step three: you must make sure the item or items are in their original packaging and in their original condition.
  • Orders that are not found in their original state will and cannot be refunded, also orders that have no receipt will not be accepted.

In-store purchases are eligible for return within days and may be exchanged for other items provided a receipt is available.

Are Custom Vans Refundable?

In some cases yes, custom Vans are refundable but rarely.

Vans’ return policy is different for customized products. According to their company, any custom product that has an image on it or embroidery is not refundable.

In some cases though, returning custom shoes by mail has to go through the following steps

  • Step one: all of the custom Vans orders must be returned with the original paperwork they came with
  • Step two: item must be returned, unused with 30 days of receipt, any return after 30 days will and cannot be accepted.\
  • Step three: on the document containing the picture of the design, it must be indicated the reason for the return of the item, such reasons include a wrong picture, wrong color, incorrect item, etc.
  • Step four: make sure to package and seal your return address securely inside the original package if possible and please make sure to include all of the original paperwork involved in the ordering of the item.
  • Step five: mail the item to VANS, Inc, attach the order number and the address you are mailing it to.

You can also contact their customer service for guidance.

Can you exchange Vans without a box?

Another question that has always been asked is if an item from VANS can be exchanged without the original packaging /shipping box it came with and this is a No.

First, Vans have no exchange policy meaning there is hardly an exchange granted to items that have already been purchased and delivered. The only thing which can be done is for it to either be returned or re-ordered.

And the Vans return policy does not allow for an item to be returned without its original shipping/packaging box and its original tags.

The shipping box is a must-have before you even consider returning an already purchased item, in some cases if the product is in good condition and its receipt of purchase is on hand it might be accepted depending on the store in which it is being returned.

But you might only get a refund and instead of store credit.

All in all, exchanges rarely occur when you have already purchased a product, especially if the product is without the packaging/shipping return box it was delivered in. that is why this question and answer article was created.

What was the Vans return policy during Covid?

During the COVID 19 pandemic, the Vans return policy remained a 30-day return policy but excluding the days that stores and post offices were closed.

Vans offers a full refund minus the original shipping cost on all of their items but during the coronavirus pandemic, the refund usually took up to 8 to 14 working days due to the covid 19 situation.

Various modes of refund during the coronavirus pandemic includes

If the mode of payment was through credit cards, you have 8 to 13 business days and the original form of payment will be refunded.

If the mode of payment was through Paypal, Klarna, Apple Pay (if returned to a Vans company-owned retail store), you will get the refund in form of an item credit or exchange of the product with another product of the same price

If the mode of payment is through a Vans gift card, it usually takes 8 t0 13 business days, and a refund is always gotten through the original form of payment.

The covid 19 pandemic return policy for vans only excluded the days were Vans-owned retail stores were not open.

Does Vans refund the shipping cost of a returned product?

No, Vans does not make any refund on the shipping charges involved in ordering an item or product from them.

Refunds are majorly analyzed or processed based on the product and its tax charge, original shipping fees are not refunded. Returns without the receipt of the purchase must reference the order number as I stated earlier.

According to the Vans return policy that permits the return of products or items within thirty business days of purchase allows for a full refund to be issued if the shoes are returned in the perfect condition, wherein it was delivered does not allow for a refund of the shipping charges issued on the product or item.

The only time a company/ store should be made to pay for shipping charges is if the products or item that was ordered comes damaged or not as seen and cannot be used for the purpose wherein it was purchased.

If this happens or if this is the case, their customer service should immediately be contacted and the proof of purchase damage be explained and shown clearly to them.

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